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Development of B lymphocytes. I. Cell populations and a critical event during ontogeny.

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Animal, Antilymphocyte-Serum, Autoradiography, B-Lymphocytes: im, Binding-Sites, Cell-Membrane: im, Erythrocytes: im, Female, Fluorescent-Antibody-Technic, Immune-Sera, Immunoglobulins-Fc, Immunoglobulins-Surface, Iodine-Radioisotopes, Lymphocytes: im, Mice, Mice-Inbred-C57BL, Rabbits: im, Sheep: im, Spleen: cy, SUPPORT-U-S-GOVT-P-H-S, T-Lymphocytes

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J-Immunol. 1975 Jun; 114(6):1730-5.


The ontogeny of Ig(+), theta(+) and "null: (Ig-, theta-) lymphocytes in the mouse spleen was followed. An event was found at about 10 days after birth when the percentage of Ig(+) lymphocytes in the spleen begins to rise sharply, and the percentage of "null: lymphocytes falls. The Ig(+) lymphocytes before and after this event were then evaluated by four criteria pertaining to B cells. Three of these, the presence of C3 receptors, "capping: behavior, and the amount and/or disposition of surface Ig distinguished the Ig(+) lymphocytes before the event described from those present afterward. The fourth criterion, the presence of Fc receptors, did not distinguish between the early and mature forms of Ig(+) lymphocytes.

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