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Distribution of aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase inducibility in cultured human lymphocytes.

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Cells-Cultured, Enzyme-Induction: de, Female, Human, Lung-Neoplasms: en, et, Lymphocytes: en, Male, Methylcholanthrene, Seasons, SUPPORT-U-S-GOVT-P-H-S

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Cancer Res 1977 Jun; 37(6):1829-37.


We measured aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase (AHH) in cultured human lymphocytes. A striking seasonal variation in AHH activity was observed with induced AHH activity levels from January through May measuring approximately 20% of the values during the remainder of the year. AHH inducibility was determined by comparing lymphocytes from the same person cultured with and without the inducer 3-methylcholanthrene. If measurements are limited to the summer and fall seasons when AHH activity is high, AHH inducibility is reproducible for most persons with repeat determinations on the same person averaging 11% from the mean. The values of AHH inducibility in 53 persons ranged from 0.9 to 5.0, but the distribution of values did not fall into three distinct, nonoverlapping classes as reported by others. We were not able to determine the distribution of AHH inducibility in lung cancer patients since lymphocytes from less than half of the patients tested could be successfully cultured.

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