The importance of open-source integrative genomics to drug discovery.

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Database-Management-Systems, Drug-Delivery-Systems, Drug-Discovery, Genomics, Humans, Information-Dissemination, Information-Storage-and-Retrieval, Internet

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Curr Opin Drug Discov Devel 2010 May; 13(3):310-6.


Researchers investigating many areas of disease recognize the value of integrating large-scale genomic experiments across species and experimental methods. Analysis methods have been developed to make use of the breadth and depth of data from new technologies. Current paradigms of data storage, sharing and analysis are not yet ideal for these purposes. Open-access and analysis-enabled repositories are critical to progress, as they put the global integration of genomic data within reach of individual expert investigators. Current analytic approaches use the full scale and scope of data, but require data sharing, interoperability and community recognition of the value of shared information.

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