Generation of mice with a conditional null allele of the Jagged2 gene.

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Blotting-Southern, Cleft-Palate, Craniofacial-Abnormalities, Embryo-Mammalian, Genes-Lethal, Homozygote, In-Situ-Hybridization, Integrases, Limb-Deformities-Congenital, Membrane-Proteins, Mice-Knockout, Phenotype

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Genesis 2010 Jun; 48(6):390-3.


The Notch signaling pathway is an evolutionarily-conserved intercellular signaling mechanism, and mutations in its components disrupt embryonic development in many organisms and cause inherited diseases in humans. The Jagged2 (Jag2) gene, which encodes a ligand for Notch pathway receptors, is required for craniofacial, limb, and T cell development. Mice homozygous for a Jag2 null allele die at birth from cleft palate, precluding study of Jag2 function in postnatal and adult mice. We have generated a Jag2 conditional null allele by flanking the first two exons of the Jag2 gene with loxP sites. Cre-mediated deletion of the Jag2(flox) allele generates the Jag2(del2) allele, which behaves genetically as a Jag2 null allele. This Jag2 conditional null allele will enable investigation of Jag2 function in a variety of tissue-specific contexts.