An Overview of Typical Infections of Research Mice: Health Monitoring and Prevention of Infection.

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Curr Protoc Mouse Biol 2015 Sep 1; 5(3):235-45.




There are many reasons to keep research mice healthy and free from infections. The two most important of these are to protect the health and welfare of research mice and to prevent infections from negatively impacting research. Just as the genetic integrity of a mouse strain will influence the reproducibility and validity of research data, so too will the microbiologic integrity of the animals. This has been repeatedly demonstrated in the literature of laboratory animal sciences wherein the direct impact of infections on physiologic parameters under study have been described. Therefore, it is of great importance that scientists pay close attention to the health status of their research animal colonies and maintain good communications with the animal facility personnel at their institution about mouse health issues. This overview provides information about animal health monitoring (HM) in research mouse colonies including commonly monitored agents, diagnostic methods, HM program, risk assessment, and animal facility biosecurity. Lastly, matters of communication with laboratory animal professionals at research institutions are also addressed. © 2015 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Curr Protoc Mouse Biol 2015 Sep 1; 5(3):235-45.

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