CbGRiTS: Cerebellar gene regulation in time and space.

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Dev Biol Jan 1; 397(1):18-30.




The mammalian CNS is one of the most complex biological systems to understand at the molecular level. The temporal information from time series transcriptome analysis can serve as a potent source of associative information between developmental processes and regulatory genes. Here, we introduce a new transcriptome database called, Cerebellar Gene Regulation in Time and Space (CbGRiTS). This dataset is populated with transcriptome data across embryonic and postnatal development from two standard mouse strains, C57BL/6J and DBA/2J, several recombinant inbred lines and cerebellar mutant strains. Users can evaluate expression profiles across cerebellar development in a deep time series with graphical interfaces for data exploration and link-out to anatomical expression databases. We present three analytical approaches that take advantage of specific aspects of the time series for transcriptome analysis. We demonstrate the use of CbGRiTS dataset as a community resource to explore patterns of gene expression and develop hypotheses concerning gene regulatory networks in brain development. Dev Biol Jan 1; 397(1):18-30.