An in vivo screen of noncoding loci reveals that

Christian C D Harman
Will Bailis
Jun Zhao
Louisa Hill
Rihao Qu
Ruaidhrí P Jackson
Justin A Shyer
Holly R Steach
Yuval Kluger
Loyal A Goff
John L Rinn
Adam Williams, The Jackson Laboratory
Jorge Henao-Mejia
Richard A Flavell


Haematopoiesis relies on tightly controlled gene expression patterns as development proceeds through a series of progenitors. While the regulation of hematopoietic development has been well studied, the role of noncoding elements in this critical process is a developing field. In particular, the discovery of new regulators of lymphopoiesis could have important implications for our understanding of the adaptive immune system and disease. Here we elucidate how a noncoding element is capable of regulating a broadly expressed transcription factor, Ikaros, in a lymphoid lineage-specific manner, such that it imbues Ikaros with the ability to specify the lymphoid lineage over alternate fates. Deletion of the