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Alzheimers Dement (N Y). 2023;9(3):e12417.






National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Aging, Grant/Award Number: U19AG074866; University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Grant/Award Number: UPMC-ITTC IPA 2019 NO.16


INTRODUCTION: Our limited understanding of the mechanisms that trigger the emergence of Alzheimer's disease (AD) has contributed to the lack of interventions that stop, prevent, or fully treat this disease. We believe that the development of a non-human primate model of AD will be an essential step toward overcoming limitations of other model systems and is crucial for investigating primate-specific mechanisms underlying the cellular and molecular root causes of the pathogenesis and progression of AD.

METHODS: A new consortium has been established with funding support from the National Institute on Aging aimed at the generation, characterization, and validation of Marmosets As Research Models of AD (MARMO-AD). This consortium will study gene-edited marmoset models carrying genetic risk for AD and wild-type genetically diverse aging marmosets from birth throughout their lifespan, using non-invasive longitudinal assessments. These include characterizing the genetic, molecular, functional, behavioral, cognitive, and pathological features of aging and AD.

RESULTS: The consortium successfully generated viable founders carrying

DISCUSSION: By establishing marmoset models of AD, we will be able to investigate primate-specific cellular and molecular root causes that underlie the pathogenesis and progression of AD, overcome limitations of other model organisms, and support future translational studies to accelerate the pace of bringing therapies to patients.


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