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JGM, Male, Female, Humans, Chromosome Deletion, Iran, Comparative Genomic Hybridization, Phenotype, Cytoskeletal Proteins, Adaptor Proteins, Signal Transducing, Ubiquitin Thiolesterase, Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factors, Chromosomal Proteins, Non-Histone

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J Cell Mol Med. 2023;27(4):496-505.







This study was supported by NIH NHGRI U24HG011449 and Medical Genetics Research Center (MGRC), Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran.


We describe a 3.5-year-old Iranian female child and her affected 10-month-old brother with a maternally inherited derivative chromosome 9 [der(9)]. The postnatally detected rearrangement was finely characterized by aCGH analysis, which revealed a 15.056 Mb deletion of 9p22.3-p24.3p22.3 encompassing 14 OMIM morbid genes such as DOCK8, KANK1, DMRT1 and SMARCA2, and a gain of 3.309 Mb on 18p11.31-p11.32 encompassing USP14, THOC1, COLEC12, SMCHD1 and LPIN2. We aligned the genes affected by detected CNVs to clinical and functional phenotypic features using PhenogramViz. In this regard, the patient's phenotype and CNVs data were entered into PhenogramViz. For the 9p deletion CNV, 53 affected genes were identified and 17 of them were matched to 24 HPO terms describing the patient's phenotypes. Also, for CNV of 18p duplication, 22 affected genes were identified and six of them were matched to 13 phenotypes. Moreover, we used DECIPHER for in-depth characterization of involved genes in detected CNVs and also comparison of patient phenotypes with 9p and 18p genomic imbalances. Based on our filtration strategy, in the 9p22.3-p24.3 region, approximately 80 pathogenic/likely pathogenic/uncertain overlapping CNVs were in DECIPHER. The size of these CNVs ranged from 12.01 kb to 18.45 Mb and 52 CNVs were smaller than 1 Mb in size affecting 10 OMIM morbid genes. The 18p11.31-p11.32 region overlapped 19 CNVs in the DECIPHER database with the size ranging from 23.42 kb to 1.82 Mb. These CNVs affect eight haploinsufficient genes.


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