Submissions from 1961

A comparison of glucose utilization by mouse liver and by the transplantable hepatocarcinoma c954., S Abraham, I L. Chaikoff, and P Cady

Cytotoxicity of heterologous immune chicken serum to normal and neo- plastic mouse tissues in culture., P Abramoff, J W. Jr, and M T. Gasseling

The action of tumours on their hosts., D H. Adams

The effect of tumours, of leukemia, and of some viruses associated with them, on the plasma lactic dehydrogenase activity of mice., D H. Adams, K E. Rowson, and M H. Salaman

The effect of nitrogen on the erzymatic pattern of strain l cells., F O. Adebonojo, K G. Bensch, and D W. King

The effect of pseudomonas pyrogen on survival of irradiated mice., E J. Ainsworth and P D. Forbes

Effect of foster nursing on morphology of lymphatic tissue of mice., S Albert and E Podolak

The effect of litter rank on the secondary sex ratio., S Albert, K Tomson, and R R. Small

Mouse lymphoma cells with different radiosensitivities., P Alexander

The histochemistry of glucose-6-phosphatase in the epididymis of the mouse., J M. Allen

A cytochemical analysis of the lactic dehydrogenase-diphosphopyridine nucleotide-diaphorase system in the epididymis of the mouse., J M. Allen and J J. Slater

A cytochemical study of golgi associated thiamine pyrophosphatase in the epididymis of the mouse., J M. Allen and J J. Slater

Neurohistology of two mammalian mutations., F D. Anderson and P J. Harman

Testicular tumors in mice after removal of stilbestrol-drolesterol pellets., H B. Andervont, M B. Shimkin, and H Y. Canter

An electron microscope study of age changes in the liver of the mouse. Abstr., W Andrew

Effect of air pressure on carcinoma 755 and sarcoma 180 in c57bl mice. Abstr., W Antopol, C Chryssanthou, and S Kooperstein

Induction of acquired tolerance with heavily x-irradiated spleen cells. Abstr., B F. Argyris

The capacity of x-irradiated spleen cells to produce acquired tolerance but eliminate runt disease in newborn mice. Abstr., B F. Argyris

Effect of ehrlich ascites tumor on mammary glands of mice of low and high mammary-cancer strains., B F. Argyris and T S. Argyris

Mechanism of mammary duct stimulation by tumor transplants., B F. Argyris and T S. Argyris

Effect of unilateral nephrectomy or damage on mitotic activity in the contra-lateral kidney. Abstr., T S. Argyris

Evidence that the secretory apparatus in the thymus of mice is not aberrant thyroid tissue., K Arnesen and P B. Kierulf

The effect of growth hormone and acth on a transplanted tumor., M S. Arons, A S. Ketcham, and N Mantel

Experimental studies with etheron sponge, effect of implantation in tumor-bearing animals., M S. Arons, S M. Sabesin, and R R. Smith

Effect of neonatal injection of chicken erythrocytes on natural heterohemagglutinin titer in mice., D R. Ashford, F M. Fairfield, and G O. Bain

Epithelial and stromal roles in carcinogenesis. I. Histological changes and ultimate fate of internally transplanted skin and component parts separated by tryptic digestion., C A. Ashley

Epithelial and stromal roles in carcinogenesis. II. Tumor development in internal transplants of skin and epithelium treated with 3-methyl- cholanthrene., C A. Ashley

Serum b-globulin polymorphism in mice., G C. Ashton and A W. Braden

Preservation of mouse bone marrow at -79 (degrees) c with dimethyl sulphoxide., smith M. Ashwood

A study on globulin formation by plasma-cells neoplasm (5563) trans- plantable in mice., B A. Askonas

An investigation of closely related gamma-myeloma proteins and normal mouse gamma-globulin by partial enzymic degradation and starch-gel electrophoresis., B A. Askonas and J L. Fahey

Formation of bence-jones protein and myeloma protein in vitro by the plasma-cell tumour mpc-2., B A. Askonas and J L. Fahey

The distribution of antigenic groupings on mouse gamma-globulin molecules., B A. Askonas and J H. Humphrey

Effects of transplantation on thymus lymphoid differentiation. Abstr., R Auerbach

Experimental analysis of the origin of cell types in the development of the mouse thymus., R Auerbach

Genetic control of thymus lymphoid differentiation., R Auerbach

The cytological effect of chemicals on tumors. XI. Effects of thio- -tepa and actinomycin-c on normal and neoplastic cells in vitro., A Awa

Effect of age on thymus cell number, histology, and susceptibility to induction of lymphoma by gross passage a virus in c3hf/bi mice. Abstr., A A. Axelrad and H C. Gaag

Effect of oxygen tension on the in vitro and in vivo sensitivity of normal tissues and tumor cells to alkylating agents. Abstr., N Back

The effect of the antibiotic spiramycin on a spectrum of animal tumors. Abstr., N Back, R R. Shields, and A E. Munson

The effect of the antibiotic spiramycin on a spectrum of trans- plantable animal tumors., N Back, R R. Shields, and A E. Munson

Protection chimique locale et generale contre l'epilation par le rayonnement x., Z M. Bacq, M Beaumariage, and D V. Radivojevitch

Changes in the mouse adrenal following intravenous administration of x-irradiated ehrlich ascites tumor cells. Abstr., R N. Baillif

Morphological changes in the host associated with successful defense against the ehrlich ascites tumor. Abstr., R N. Baillif

Diazoderivati di aminoacidi e peptidi come possibili chemioterapici antineoplastici. Vii. Azoine anticancerigena sperimentali della n-isopropiliden-diazoacetilamino-acetoidrazide., L Baldini, G Brambilla, and F Mattioli

Diazoderivati di aminoacidi e peptidi come possibili chemioterapici antineoplastici. Viii. Mancata azione antitumorale della diazo- acetilglicilglicina-etilestere e della diazoacetilglicilglycinamide., L Baldini, G Brambilla, and F Mattioli

Actions of betaine and carnitine on dietary fatty livers of mice. Abstr., C R. Ball

Reduction of x-ray lethality in mice by agents affecting the reticuloendothelial system., H Balner, L J. Old, and D A. Clarke

Carcinoma della cervice uterina nel topo (balb/cf/cb/se substrain) da 20-metilcolantrene., G Barbieri, M Olivi, and I Paoletti

The effect of pituitary isografts on the mammary glands of inbred strains of mice. Abstr., C W. Bardin and A G. Liebelt

Cytologic studies of cultured cells of the cloudman s-91 mouse melanoma., R Barishak, S R. Wellings, and B V. Siegel

Inbred mice in teaching elementary genetics., E B. Barnawell

'secondary Disease' in lethally irradiated mice restored with syngeneic or allogeneic foetal liver cells. Abstr., D W. Barnes, J F. Loutit, and H S. Micklem

Protection by inorganic condensed phosphates against the lethal effects of x-rays., J H. Barnes and J S. Philpot

Some effects of breeding mice for many generations in a cold environment., S A. Barnett

Punishment and preshock as determinants of bar-pressing behavior., A Baron and J J. Antonitis

Haemoglobins of foetal c57bl/6 mice., J Barrowman and M Craig

Haemoglobins of foetal cba mice., J Barrowman and K B. Roberts

Modification of characteristics of an in vitro mouse cell line after an increase of its tumor-producing capacity., G Barski, J L. Biedler, and F Cornefert

Effect of estrogens on the basement membrane of normal and neoplastic vaginal epithelium in mice., W Bartoszewicz and K Dux

Two-emulsion autoradiography for the simultaneous demonstration of precursors of deoxyribonucleic and ribonucleic acids., R Baserga

Cell-proliferation in tumor-bearing mice., R Baserga and W E. Kisieleski

The antigenic properties of some fractions of ehrlich's adenocarcinoma of mice. II. The study of the antigenic properties of tumor fractions by means of the precipitation reaction in jelly and vaccination experiments in mice., I S. Bashkaev

On the heterogenetic antigens of ehrlich's tumor., I S. Baskayev

Simultaneous eradication of three ectoparasite species from a colony of laboratory mice., N Bateman

Sombre, a viable dominant mutant in the house mouse., N Bateman

Constant relation between blood level of thyrotropin and total thyro- tropin in thyroidectomized mice., R W. Bates and M M. Garrison

Observations on murine monocytic leukemia induced by a virus isolated from s37 sarcoma., R Bather

Osservazioni al microscopio elettronico sul melanoma di cloudman s91., S Battaglia

Derivations of isatin beta-thiosemicarbazone with anti-viral chemo- therapeutic activity against ectromelia infection., D J. Bauer and P W. Sadler

Genetics of mammalian gametes., R A. Beatty

Iodothromines et irradiation totale de la souris au moyen de rayons x., M L. Beaumariage and G Barac

Essai de radioprotection chez la souris par deux derives de l'anitine., M L. Beaumariage, hutter S. Liebecq, and S A. Freire

A system of polydactyly in the mouse. Abstr., S L. Beck

Genetic contribution to the eyeless phenotype. Abstr., S L. Beck

Relation between water permeability and integrity of sulfhydryl groups in malignant and normal cells., M Belkin and W G. Hardy

Dye-sensitized photoinactivation of tumor cells in vitro., J S. Bellin, S C. Mohos, and G Oster

Preservation of mouse marrow. Abstr., M A. Bender

A chromatographic study of abnormal urinary amino acid excretion in mutant mice., D Bennett

Miniature, a new gene for small size in the mouse., D Bennett

Mammogenic activity of miroestrol., G K. Benson, A T. Cowie, and Z D. Hosking

Haemagglutinin production in preimmunized mice exposed to continuous gamma-radiation., J P. Bensted

Regression of sarcoma 180 (s-180) caused by adrenalectomy. Abstr., D A. Benton

The action of antimitotic substances on the immune response., M C. Berenbaum

Failure of bone marrow to interfere with the augmentation of x-ray leukemogenesis by urethan., I Berenblum, F E. Rewald, and N Trainin

Leukemogenesis by wrethan in c57bl mice bearing isologous tissues from x-irradiated mice., I Berenblum and N Trainin

Chromatography of ehrlich ascites tumor cell high molecular weight ribonucleic acid on calcium phosphate., G Bernardi and S N. Timasheff

Tumor and strain specificity of abnormal plasma proteins in mice. Abstr., P Bernfeld and E E. Miller

Recent studies of the hormonal influence in mouse mammary tumori- genesis., H A. Bern and S Nandi

Genetically controlled degeneration of the nucleus pulposus in the mouse., R J. Berry

The inheritance and pathogenesis of hydrocephalus-3 in the mouse., R J. Berry

Quantitative relationship between radiation dose and the reproductive capacity of tumor cells in a mammalian system in vivo., R J. Berry and J R. Andrews

Essai de transmission passive de l'immunite chez les souris greffes du sarcome j., E H. Betz and V Smoliar

Modifications du sarcome j apres transplantation sur des souris hybrides., E H. Betz and V Smoliar

Ovarian and mammary tumours in intact c3hb virgin mice following a limited dose of four carcinogenic chemicals., C Biancifiori, G M. Bonser, and F Caschera

Precancerous changes in the breast of balb/ccbse mice induced by four chemical carcinogens. In morph. Precursors of cancer, conf. Held at perugia 26-30 june, C Biancifiori and F Caschera

I tumore nelle vergini (cba/cb/se x balb/cf/cb/se substrain)f1., C Biancifiori and R Ribacchi

Elution pattern and isotope content of dna from s35-6-mp treated sensitive and resistant tumors. Abstr., S Bieber, R Orsini, and G H. Hitchings

Chromosomal lesion associated with carcinogen-induced tumours in mice., J L. Biedler, L J. Old, and D A. Clarke

The role of hormonal factors in the development of tumours induced by 2-aminoflourene and related compounds., F Bielschowsky