Submissions from 1964

Renal immunofluorescence in nzb/nzw mice., I Aarons

Electron microscopy of the thymus lesions in nzb mice., A Abbot and F M. Burnet

The in vivo reaction of sulfur mustard with protein and ribonucleic acid isolated from the tissue of a/j mice. Abstr., C W. Abell

Homotransplantation antibodies detected by mixed agglutination with cell culture monolayers., C J. Abeyounis, F Milgrom, and E Witebsky

Further studies on the chemotherapy of adenocarcinoma 755 with 6-thioguanine., D H. Adams

Some aspects of the pharmacology of vincristine. Abstr., R H. Adamson, L Crews, and M Ben

Immunity and susceptibility toward cheek pouch transplants of a mouse leukemia., R A. Adams

Heterotransplantation of a mouse leukemia in the newborn syrian hamster. Abstr., R A. Adams and D W. Hallett

Effects of thyroidectomy upon i 131 uptake by the submaxillary glands in a2g mice., F R. Alberti, M S. Cantis, and A B. Houssay

With experimental mouse gliomas., F P. Aleu and F L. Edelman

To 3,4-benzopyrene and 3-methylcholanthrene., L J. Alfred, A Globerson, Y B. Al, F T. Normal, and N C. Vitro

Heme synthesis in normal and genetically anemic mice., K I. Altman and E S. Russell

Tumor ribonuclease activity in regression of lymphosarcomas. Abstr., E Ambellan, J Delaine, and V Hollander

Transplantation antigens in mouse, rat, and man., B Amos

Combined effects of vibration and ionizing radiation., Z I. Ananasenko and M A. Kuznetsova

Lethal alleles in mus musculus. Local distribution and evidence for isolation of demes., P K. Anderson

Introduction of a lethal allele into a feral house mouse population., P K. Anderson, L C. Dunn, and A B. Beasley

Fate of the c3h mammary tumor agent in mice of strains c57bl, i, and balb/c., H B. Andervont

Further studies of the mammary tumor agent of strain riii mice. Abstr. Lillia babbitt hyde found. Conf. On mammary tumor virus, inverness,, H B. Andervont

Occurrence of mammary tumors in castrated agent-free male mice after limited or repeated exposure to diethylstilbestrol., H B. Andervont and T B. Dunn

Autoradiographic localization of iodide 125 in the thyroid epithelial cell., G Andros and S H. Wollman

Suppression of growth of sarcoma 180 by hormone antisera in conjunc- tion with chemotherapy., L Anigstein, D M. Anigstein, and E G. Rennels

Social reinforcement of bar pressing in mice., J J. Antonitis and A Baron

The role of ph in the carcinostatic activity of a factor from liver and serum. Abstr., C A. Apffel

Acquired tolerance to skin homografts in mice. Iii. Role of immune status of host in induction and maintenance of tolerance., B F. Argyris

Acquired tolerance to skin homografts in mice. II. Role of donor cell population in inducing and maintaining tolerance., B F. Argyris

On the mechanism of hair growth stimulation in wound healing., T S. Argyris and M E. Trimble

The growth promoting effects of damage in the damaged and contra- lateral kidneys of the mouse., T S. Argyris and M E. Trimble

Effect of infectious murine ascites on experimental tumors. Abstr., R N. Arison

The effect of cortisone on the lipid pattern and the cytology of the adrenal cortex in mice with spontaneous adrenocortical lipid deple- tion., K Arnesen

Tissue metabolism in infection. Biochemical changes in mice treated with cord factor., M Artman, A Bekierkunst, and I Goldenberg

Serum lactic dehydrogenase in experimental mouse leukemia (in japanese)., K Asano, T Matsuura, and M Ono

Low temperature preservation of mouse lymphocytes with dimethyl sulfoxide., smith M. Ashwood

Studies on the immunology of spontaneous mammary carcinomas in strain a mice carrying the mammary tumor virus. Abstr. PH.d. Thesis, univ. California (berkeley), 1964. 108p. Diss. Abstr., M A. Attia

Effects of disturbances in the hormonal status on experimental brain tumors., A P. Avtsyn and L Y. Yablonovskaya

From the viewpoint of cell-genetics and virus., I Awano, S Toshima, F T. Al, and P. Leukemo

Proliferative brhaviour of cells from 'spontaneous' akr and gross virus-induced c3h lymphomas. Abstr., A A. Axelrad

Assay for friend leukemia virus. Rapid quantitative method based on enumeration of macroscopic spleen foci in mice., A A. Axelrad and R A. Steeves

Induction of tolerance to skin homografts by administering splenic cells to pyridoxine-deficient mice., A E. Axelrod and A Trakatellis

Polyoma virus genetic material in a virus-free polyoma-induced tumor., D Axelrod, K Habel, and E T. Bolton

Elevation of liver neuraminidase activity in the tumor-bearing host. A biochemical approach to the mechanism of cancer invasion and metastasis formation., T Baba, M Ishii, and K Aoki

The inhibition and potentiation of toxicity of alkylating agents by radioprotective chemicals. Abstr., N Back, T J. Bardon, and A E. Munson

Role of clasmatocytes in cell defence mechanisms against trans- plantable mouse tumors., O Badinez, F Loebel, and G Gasic

Untersuchungen zur frage teratogener wirkungen des thalidomids im tierversuch., G Badtke, K Degenhardt, and H Stengel

Genetically modified survival time of grafts from mice bearing x-linked histoincompatibility., D W. Bailey

Estimates of the number of histocompatibility loci at which the balb/c and c57bl/6 strains of mice differ. Abstr., D W. Bailey and L E. Mobraaten

Clearance of plasma enzymes in normal and ldh agent infected mice., J M. Bailey, J Clough, and M Stearman

Plasma enzymes erythropoiesis and r. E. S. Function in mice following infection with an ldh agent., J M. Bailey, J Clough, and M Stearman

Effect of neo-natal and adoptive immunization on tumor transplant susceptibility in mice., J M. Bailey and K Merrill

A systemic transfer reaction in mice., G O. Bain and J D. Alton

Hepatomegaly in hybrid mice from parental spleen cells., G O. Bain and J D. Alton

'red' Skeletal muscle fibers. Relative independence of neural control., E Bajusz

Glucose metabolism and bicarbonate turnover in dystrophic mice., N Baker and R Huebotter

Glucose metabolism in mice., N Baker and R Huebotter

Uptake of alpha-aminoisobutyric acid by muscle of normal and dystrophic mice., R D. Baker

The interconversion of purines by tumors and the action of anti- -purines., M E. Balis and J S. Salser

Actions of betaine, carnitine and choline on the pattern of hepatic liposis in mice fed a high-fat, low-protein diet., C R. Ball

On the statistical distribution of epidermal papillomata in mice., J K. Ball, T Y. Huh, and J A. Mccarter

Early lymphatic regeneration in thymectomized radiation chimeras., H Balner and H Dersjant

Functional properties of the acentric chromosome fragments of mouse leukemia cells., M R. Banerjee

Studies in the teratogenic properties of trypan blue and its components in mice., A N. Barber and J C. Geer

Histochemistry of adenosinetriphosphatase in murine muscular dystrophy. Abstr., H Barden and S S. Lazarus

Histochemistry of adenosine triphosphatase in normal and dystrophic mouse muscle., H Barden and S S. Lazarus

Effect of hypophysial isografts on the mammary glands of intact and hypophysectomized mice., C W. Bardin, R A. Liebelt, and A G. Liebelt

Comparative interchangeability of mammotropin and somatotropin in the induction of secretory activity in organ cultures of mammary tissues from several mammalian species. Abstr., E B. Barnawell

A quantitative comparison study of immunizing ability of different tissues., A D. Barnes

Role of the thymus in the radiation chimera., D W. Barnes, J F. Loutit, and J M. Sansom

Heterozygosis and the survival of young mice in two temperatures., S A. Barnett

Mice in a cold climate., S A. Barnett

Hematological changes in mice. In m. F. Barnothy (ed.) Biological effects of magnetic fields. N.y.,, M F. Barnothy

Reduction of irradiation mortality through pretreatment. In m. F. Barnothy (ed.) Biological effects of magnetic fields. N.y.,, M F. Barnothy

Acute effect of gamma radiation on dna synthesis., C P. Barnum, M S. Scheller, and N P. Herman

Suppression of exploratory behavior by aversive stimulation., A Baron

The antigenic specificity of spermatozoa. I. An immunofluorescent study of the histocompatibility antigens of mouse sperm., R F. Barth and P S. Russell

Histology of the anterior hypophysis, thyriod and gonads of two types of dwarf mice., A Bartke

Pregnancy, parturition and lactation in an ames dwarf mouse. Abstr., A Bartke

High effectiveness of chronic neutron exposures for the induction of specific locus mutations in mice., A L. Batchelor, R J. Phillips, and A G. Searle

Studies upon tumour-specific antigens., J R. Batchelor, M A. Tuffrey, and A James

A study of the progeny of mice descended from x-irradiated females with special reference to the gonads., B K. Batra and B N. Sridharan

Alterations in the fine structure of liver cells during depressed catalase synthesis in the mouse., J H. Baum and E Tnishimura

Etude microscopique des radiolesions du systeme pileux chez le souriceau expose aux rayons x., M L. Beaumariage

Radioprotection du pelage du souriceau par l'anoxie., M L. Beaumariage

Effect of strain of dam on response to trypan blue. Abstr., S L. Beck

Sub-line differences among c57 black mice in response to trypan blue and outcross., S L. Beck

The role of complement in the passive cutaneous reaction of mice., efraim S. Ben and B Cinader

Chloroform sensitivity of mice., R A. Bennet and A Whigham

Action of isoimmune serum on peritoneal cells in vitro., B Bennett and P Licursi

The phagocytosis of tumor cells in vitro., B Bennett, L J. Old, and E A. Boyse

Selection toward normality in genetically taillesss mice, and some correlated effects., D Bennett

Repeated occurrences in the mouse of lethal alleles of the same complementation group., D Bennett and L C. Dunn

Protective role of transplanted mesenteric node against mammary tumors in c3h mice., C C. Berdjis

Antineoplastic effect of vee virus in mice. The effect of attenuated venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus on mouse leukosarcoma l1210., C C. Berdjis, D L. Howie, and W Frank

Dose-response relationships for agents inhibiting the immune response., M C. Berenbaum and I N. Brown

Radiation, urethane, and a 'transmissible factor' in experimental leukaemogenesis., I Berenblum

Interconversion of cortisol and cortisone by normal and leukemic murine lymphocytes., M L. Berliner and T F. Dougherty

Increased brain uptake of mercury induced by 2,3-dimercaptopropanol (bal) in mice exposed to phenylmercuric acetate., M Berlin and R Rylander

Further studies on abnormal serum proteins in tumor-bearing hosts., P Bernfeld and J Wan

The abnormal serum protein in tumor-bearing mice. Abstr., P Bernfeld and J Wan

Transmissibility of the c3hf noduligenic agent. Abstr. Lillia babbitt hyde found. Conf. On mammary tumor virus, inverness,, H A. Bern

Some effects of ddt on reproduction in mice., R F. Bernhard and R A. Gaertner