Submissions from 1967

Albinism and mouse behaviour., J H. Abeelen and H W. Kroes

Effects of uracil mustard on dna, rna, and protein biosynthesis in tissues of a/j mice., C W. Abell, L A. Rosini, and J A. Dipaolo

Electrical shock stress and the incidence of spontaneous tumors in multiparous c3h mice. Abstr., R D. Abrams and N Molomut

Effect of bp8 ascites (sarcoma) tumours on glycolipid composition in kidneys of mice., E P. Adams and G M. Gray

Metabolism of glucose by c57bl/6 mice., J T. Adams, P A. Kitos, and J A. Weir

Some aspects of the antitumor activity and pharmacology of anthramycin. Abstr., R H. Adamson

Mutagenic action of caffeine in an ascites tumour strain of mice. Cytogenetic investigation., I Adler and J Schoneich

Uptake of sodium fluorene-2-selenonate-75se by spleen and of sodium n-7-fluorenylacetamido-2-selenonate-75se by tumor in mice., K C. Agrawal and F E. Ray

Altered recuperative potential in previously irradiated mice. Abstr., E J. Ainsworth and R M. Larsen

Studies on cyclophosphamide-induced tolerance to sheep erythrocytes., A C. Aisenberg

Immunological tolerance induced by cyclophosphamide assayed by plaque spleen cell method., A C. Aisenberg and B Wilkes

Erythroleukemic phase of mouse myeloproliferative syndrome., S Albert, P L. Wolf, I Pryjma, and J Vazquez

Effect of 5-fluorouracil on early teratomas in mice., J T. Aldrich and L C. Stevens

A quantitative assessment of mesenchymal contribution to epithelial growth rate in mouse embryonic ling developing in vitro., T Alescio and E C. Piperno

The role of dna lesions in the processes leading to ageing in mice., P Alexander

Lack of urothelial topical tumorigenicity and cotumorigenicity of schistosome ova in mice., hussaini M. Al and D F. Mcdonald

Increased tumour induction by adenovirus type 12 in thymectomized mice and mice treated with anti-lymphoctye serum., A C. Allison, L D. Berman, and R H. Levey

Observations on thymectomy and carcinogenesis., A C. Allison and R B. Taylor

Some characteristics of 19s and 7s mouse isoantibodies in vivo and in vitro., B Andersson, H Wigzell, and G Klein

Ultrastructural features of anterior horn cell degeneration in the wobbler (wr) mouse. Abstr., J M. Andrews and D S. Maxwell

Autoradiographic localization of radioiodide in the thyroid gland of the mouse., G Andros and S H. Wollman

Rejection of lethal ascites tumors after subcutaneous inoculation. A phenomenon of antigenic expression., C A. Apffel and J H. Peters

Lambda bence jones proteins of the mouse. Chemical and immunological characterization., E Appella, K R. Mcintire, and R N. Perham

Inhibition of cancer growth in mice by a normal metabolite., M A. Apple and D M. Greenberg

Normal cell metabolites which arrest growth of a variety of cancers in mice. Oxypropanals. Abstr., M A. Apple and D M. Greenberg

Role of macrophages in antibody production. Immune response to sheep red blood cells., B F. Argyris

Distribution of 131i iodoquin in animals with melanomas. Abstr., I M. Ariel, G T. Pack, and D Galey

Neoplastic sequelae of allogeneic disease. Iii. Histological events following transplantation of allogeneic spleen cells., M Y. Armstrong, R S. Schwartz, and L Beldotti

Schwann cell proliferation in developing mouse sciatic nerve. A radioautographic study., A K. Asbury

Lysergic acid diethylamide. Effect on embryos., R Auerbach and J A. Rugowski

Sequence of igm and igc antibody synthesis in mice., I Auzins

The fetal membranes as a barrier to transplantation immunity., G B. Avery and C V. Hunt

The homogeneous gamma-immunoglobulin produced by mouse plasmacytoma 5563 and its subsequent heterogeneity in serum., Z L. Awdeh, B A. Askonas, and A R. Williamson

Experimental carcinoma of the endometrium., N Baba and E Von haam

A change in growth potential of cells after conversion by rous sarcoma virus., J P. Bader

Effect of heterologous antibody on tolerance to bovine gamma-globulin in cba mice., B A. Badgett and J L. Tong

Adoptive transplantation disease in recipients of sensitized cells and target cells., G O. Bain and J D. Alton

Immunologic aspects of the sjl/j mouse lymphoma. Abstr., R F. Bakemeier and H A. Farquharson

Brevity of the inductive phase in the immune response of mice to capsular polysaccharide antigens., P J. Baker and M Landy

Metabolism of aniline mustard. Abstr., C R. Ball and M E. Whisson

Acquired radioresistance of tumour cells., S B. Balmukhanov, M L. Yefimov, and T S. Kleinbock

Duration of dna synthesis in hyperplastic alveolar nodules of c3h/he mouse mammary gland., M R. Banerjee and R J. Walker

Variable duration of dna synthesis in mammary gland cells during pregnancy and lactation of c3h/he mouse., M R. Banerjee and R J. Walker

A phase and electron microscopic study of dystrophic muscle. I. The pathological changes in the two-week-old bar harbor 129 dystrophic mouse., B Q. Banker

X-linked hypochromic anaemia of mice., R M. Bannerman and P H. Pinkerton

Allotypic specificity of serum protein in inbred strains of rats., A Z. Barabas and A S. Kelus

Ribonuclease activity in the ehrlich ascites tumour., G R. Barker and J G. Pavlik

Effects of irradiation and antigenic stimulation on circulating haemopoietic stem cells of the mouse., D W. Barnes and J F. Loutit

Haemopoietic stem cells in the peripheral blood., D W. Barnes and J F. Loutit

Aplastic anaemia in sublethally irradiated mice given allogeneic lymph node cells., D W. Barnes and R H. Mole

Serum antinuclear factor and the influence of environment in mice., R D. Barnes and M Tuffrey

An effect of cold exposure at birth on the reproduction of mice., S A. Barnett and K A. Borland

Early stimulation and maternal behaviour., S A. Barnett and J Burn

Mouse thymus in hereditary pituitary dwarfism., C Baroni

Thymus, peripheral lymphoid tissues and immunological responsiveness of the pituitary dwarf mouse., C Baroni

Age dependency of the primary immune response in the hereditary pituitary dwarf and normal snell-bagg mouse., C Baroni, N Fabris, and G Bertoli

Influence of pituitary homografts on the weight of seminal vesicles in castrated mice., A Bartke

Prolactin deficiency in genetically sterile dwarf mice., A Bartke

Changes in the immunogenetic relationship of the b-16 melanoma to the c57bl/6 mouse., P C. Bartlett

The reversed dose-rate effect with fast neutron irradiation of mouse spermatogonia., A L. Batchelor, R J. Phillips, and A G. Searle

A probable case of mitotic crossing-over in the mouse., A J. Bateman

Effect of spontaneous carcinogenesis on in vivo glucose-u-c14 incorpo- ration in c3h mice., K V. Batra and G T. Okita

Les immunoglobulines de la souris., H Bazin

Les immunoglobulines de la souris. II. Etude des anticorps synthetises dans les differentes classes d'immunoglobulines en reponse a l'injection de deux antigenes proteiques solubles., H Bazin

Homograft rejection by neonatally thymectomized grem-free mice., P M. Bealmear and R Wilson

Effects of position in the uterus on fetal mortality and on response to trypan blue., S L. Beck

Radiation response of mammalian tumor cells. I. Repair of sublethal damage in vivo., J A. Belli, G J. Dicus, and F J. Bonte

Antigens of the liver plasma membranes and mouse hepatoma., T D. Beloshapkina and N I. Khramkova

Effect of friend virus infection on the distribution of injected lymphoid cells. Abstr., M Bendinelli and D R. Bainbridge

Haemolytic plaque formation by unimmunized mouse peritoneal lymphocytes., M Bendinelli and N Wedderburn

Studies of effects of t-alleles in the house mouse on spermatozoa. I. Male sterility effects., D Bennett and L C. Dunn

Characteristics of a newborn runt disease induced by neonatal infection with an oncolytic strain of reovirus type 3 (reo3mh). II. Immunological aspects of the disease in mice., J G. Bennette, P V. Bush, and R D. Steele

Characteristics of a newborn runt disease induced by neonatal infection with an oncolytic strain of reovirus type 3 (reo3mh). I. Pathological investigations in rats and mice., J G. Bennette, P V. Bush, and R D. Steele

Studies on the possible role of peritoneal macrophages in the induc- tion of immunity to allogeneic ascites tumour cell homogenates. Abstr., J G. Bennette and R D. Steele

Hemopoietic precursor cells of the mouse spleen incapable of self- -replication. Abstr., M Bennett and G Cudkowicz

Experimental studies in mice on the late effects of radioactive and nonradioactive contrast media., J P. Bensted

Time-dependent immunosuppressive effects of anti-thymoctye serum., M C. Berenbaum

Glycosaminoglycans in experimental amyloidosis. Abstr., G S. Berenson and E Dalferes

Observations on the kinetics of hemolytic antibody response by localized hemolysis in gel over frozen sections of mouse spleen., S E. Berglund, P A. Markey, and S E. Mergenhagen

Effect of various amino acids on the incorporation of 14c-l-luecine in the tissue proteins of normal and dystrophic mice., L Berlinguet and U Srivastava

The ultrastructure of erythroblastic islands and reticular cells in mouse bone marrow., I Berman

The effects of cytotoxic agents on mouse bone marrow stem cells. Abstr., I Berman, B Mccabe, and M Dauer

Erythropoietic response of bone marrow cells cultivated in diffusion chambers., I Berman and E J. Newby

On the nature of transplantation immunity in the adenovirus tumor system., L D. Berman

Occurrence of a soluble mammary tumor antigen and its relation to spontaneous mammary tumors in mice., P Bernfeld and R E. Bieber

Cytophotometric evidence of change in nucleolus associated chromatin during the initial stages of skin carcinogenesis by 3,4-benzpyrene., J L. Bernheim

'small Clones' in irradiated tumour cells in vivo. Kinetics of re- -growth of murine leukaemia cells surviving irradiation with x rays, fast neutrons and accelerated charged particles., R J. Berry

Survival time of mice receiving x-irradiated mouse lymphoma cells., R J. Berry

Variations de la deshydrogenase lactique du serum chez les souris greffees de sarcome j., E H. Betz

Hemagglutinin production in whole-body irradiated mice grafted with isogenic bone marrow. Abstr., E H. Betz and L Simar

Ovariectomised balb/ccbse mice., C Biancifiori, F Caschera, F E. Al, E A. Oestrone, and F C. And

The inheritance of a non-hemoglobin erythrocytic protein in mus musculus., F G. Biddle and M L. Petras

A holder to facilitate the intravenous injection of mice., T A. Billings

Ultrastructural alterations of alveolar tissue of mice. II. Synthetic photochemical smog., R F. Bils and J C. Romanovsky

The effects of repeated injections of certain adjuvants on chemical carcinogenesis., E Bingham, K L. Stemmer, and H L. Falk

Diatomaceous earth and cancer etiology. Abstr., F Bischoff and G Bryson

Electron microscopic studies of thymus graft regeneration and rejection. II. Syngeneic-irradiated grafts., W R. Blackburn and J F. Miller

Electron microscopic studies of thymus graft regeneration and rejection. I. Syngeneic grafts., W R. Blackburn and J F. Miller

The mammary fat pad as a privileged transplantation site., P B. Blair and R L. Moretti

Balb/cy and cc57w/y with respect to coat-colour genes. (russ., Eng. Summ.), Z K. Blandova; V E. Kirsanin; I A. Al; E G. tolbovaya'; and I T. Akr/y,