Submissions from 1972

Binding of dnp-protein conjugates to mouse lymphoid cells. Abstr.

Handbook of materials and methods.

Standard karyotype of the mouse, mus musculus.

Gedragsgenetica. Een beknopt overzicht van het vakgebied., J H. Abeelen

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Serological properties of horse antimouse thymocyte serum., C Abeyounis, K Judd, J Trentin, and F Milgrom

Quantitative coagulation studies in mice., C F. Abildgaard, J P. Lewis, and J Harrison

Density profile and sulfhydryl content of erythrocytes from mature and old mice. Abstr., E Abraham and J Taylor

Insulin sensitivity in muscle and adipose tissue of obese hyper- glycaemic mice. Abstr., R R. Abraham and chain A. Beloff

Characteristics of cells dissociated from mouse mammary glands. II. Metabolic and enzymatic activities of parenchymal cells from lactating glands., S Abraham, P Kerkof, and S Smith

Effect of specific igm antibody on number of igg producing cells in primary immune response., S Abrahams, R Phillips, and R Miller

Purification of a poly (adp-ribose) protein complex from ehrlich ascites tumor nuclei. Abstr., P Adamietz and H Hilz

Hydroxyguanidine and hycanthone-two new antitumor drugs - rationale, evaluation and activity. Abstr., R H. Adamson

Hydroxyguanidine--a new antitumour drug., R H. Adamson

In vitro reconstitution by purified t cells of nude mouse spleen antibody response to srbc antigen., P B. Adams

Evidence that autoimmune renal disease and tumour formation in nzb/w mice are due to separate defects., S Adams and D Adams

Acceleration of kidney disease in nzb/w mice injected with kidney extract., S Adams and D D. Adams

Reconstitution of the in vitro immune response of congenitally thymusless (nude) mice., D P. Aden, N D. Reed, and J W. Jutila

The transfer of colloidal particles from the peritoneum to the mediastinum containing implanted tumors in mice. Abstr., L Adlersberg and J M. Singer

The interactions of mitogens with lymphoid cells and the effect of neuraminidase on the cells' responsiveness to stimulation., W H. Adler, B O. Osunkoya, T Takiguchi, and R T. Smith

Specific enhancement of the cytotoxic titre with regard to complement source and cytotoxicity test systems., H Adolphs

The participation of spleen and bone marrow in mice erythropoiesis as a function of age., M Aggio, N Giusto, M T. Bruzzo, and M Montano

Studies on the action of possible irreversible inhibitors of ribonucleotide reductase. Abstr., K Agrawal, B Booth, E Moore, and A Sartorelli

Effect of splenectomy on mammary tumor and lymphomas produced by 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene (dmba) in mice. Abstr., Y Akamatsu and B Barton

In vitro studies on transplantation immunity. I. Mif production by sensitive lymphocytes in mice., askari S. Al and H S. Lawrence

The effect of somatotropic hormone and triiodothyronine on the degree of expression of the ocular retardation gene in mice., E I. Alekseev and B V. Konyukhov

Implantacao intracerebral experimental de sarcomas. (eng. Summ.), A Alencar

Hydrocortisone-increased glycogen deposition and its dependence on tissue interactions in mouse embryonic lung developing in vitro., T Alescio and A M. Dani

Interactions of antibodies and effector cells in immunity against tumours., A C. Allison

Depression of delayed hypersensitivity by pretreatment with freund- -type adjuvants. Iii. Depressed arrival of lymphoid cells at recently immunized lymph nodes in mice pretreated with adjuvants., G Allwood and G Asherson

Facilitation of the long-term store of memory with strychnine., H P. Alpern and J C. Crabbe

A direct measure of short-term memory in mice utilizing a successive reversal learning set., H P. Alpern and J G. Marriott

An analysis of short-term memory and conceptual behavior in three inbred strains of mice., H P. Alpern and J G. Marriott

Differences in immune elimination in inbred mice. The role of low affinity antibody., J H. Alpers, M W. Steward, and J F. Soothill

Quantitation of partially purified h-2 antigens from mouse spleen cells and tumor cells. Abstr., M Alspaugh

Quantitation of partially purified h-2 antigens by micro-complement fixation., M A. Alspaugh and W C. Davis

A comparative study of 'soluble' rna polymerase activity of zajdela hepatoma ascites cells and calf thymus., F Amalric, M Nicoloso, and J Zalta

Neurotransmitter synthesis by neuroblastoma clones., T Amano, E Richelson, and M Nirenberg

Separation of immunocompetent cells from human and mouse hemopoietic cell suspensions by velocity sedimentation., D Amato, D H. Cowan, and E A. Culloch

Observations on the interactions of protamine with mouse whole blood components., D S. Amatuzio, H A. Bates, and L J. Hay

Bcg et leucemies experimentales., J L. Amiel and M Berardet

Stress and murine sarcoma virus (moloney)-induced tumors., A Amkraut and G F. Solomon

Genetic control of the antibody response to type iii pneumococcal polysaccharide in mice. I. Evidence that an x-linked gene plays a decisive role in determining responsiveness., D F. Amsbaugh, C T. Hansen, B Prescott, P W. Stashak, A R. Barthold, and P J. Baker

The ultrastructure of the gingiva in the diabetic mouse., S E. Anapolle, J T. Albright, and F O. Craft

Resistance to methylene dimethane sulphonate (mdms) in l1210 cells in vitro., D Anderson and A Nias

Allotypic suppression of adult mouse spleen cells: cell differentiation, class restriction and allotypic exclusion., H R Anderson

The effects of alg on the murine immune response to sheep erythrocytes., H R. Anderson, D Dresser, G Iverson, E Lance, H Wortis, and J Zebra

The long-term distribution of antibody-forming cells., H R. Anderson and D W. Dresser

Cell-to-cell interaction in the immune response. Viii. Radiosensi- tivity to thymus-derived lymphocytes., R Anderson, J Sprent, and J Miller

Induction of tolerance to sheep red blood cells., T Anderson, J Roethle, and R Auerbach

Studies on antibody affinity at the cellular level. Correlation between binding properties of secreted antibody and cellular receptor for antigen on immunological memory cells., B Andersson

Polyamine and nucleic acid concentrations in ehrlich ascites car- cinoma cells and liver of tumor-bearing mice at various stages of tumor growth., G Andersson and O Heby

Activation of b lymphocytes by locally concentrated concanavalin a., J Andersson, G M. Edelman, G Moller, and O Sjoberg

Activation of b lymphocytes by concanavalin a in the presence of humoral factors released by t cells., J Andersson, G Moller, and O Sjoberg

B lymphocytes can be stimulated by concanavalin a in the presence of humoral factors released by t cells., J Andersson, G Moller, and O Sjoberg

Selective induction of dna synthesis in t and b lymphocytes., J Andersson, G Moller, and O Sjoberg

Induction of immunoglobulin and antibody synthesis in vitro by lipopolysaccharides., J Andersson, O Sjoberg, and G Moller

Mitogens as probes for immunocyte activation and cellular cooperation., J Andersson, O Sjoberg, and G Moller

Reversibility of high dose unresponsiveness to concanavalin a in thymus lymphocytes., J Andersson, O Sjoberg, and G Moller

Theta-isoantigenic marker in phytohemagglutinin-responding mouse blood lymphocytes., L Andersson and P Hayry

An in vivo evaluation of the immunosuppressive action of bleomycin., E J. Andrews

The survival and differentiation of embryonic lung tissues in diffusion chambers and in mammary fat pads of mice., E J. Andrews

A morphological and histochemical evaluation of sexual dimorphism in androgen-insensitive pseudohermaphroditic mice., E J. Andrews and L P. Bullock

Phospholipid-calcium complexes in experimental tumors., L Anghileri

Calcium binding to phospholipids from experimental tumors., L J. Anghileri

The uptake of phospholipids by experimental tumors., L J. Anghileri

Inhibitory effects of bcg on adenovirus tumorigenesis, dependence on administration schedule., J Ankerst and N Jonsson

Nearest-neighbor frequencies of mitochondrial deoxyribonucleic acid in mouse liver., O Antonoglou and J G. Georgatsos

Nearest neighbor frequencies of mitochondrial dna in spontaneous mouse hepatomas., O Antonoglou, A Symeonidis, and J Georgatsos

Suppression of gross leukemia cell-surface antigens, a kind of antigenic modulation., T Aoki and P A. Johnson

Viral and cellular surface antigens of murine leukemias and myelomas. Serological analysis by immunoelectron microscopy., T Aoki and T Takahashi

Deactivation of tumor cells by blocking of sulfhydryls. Abstr., C A. Apffel

Insulin biosynthesis in hereditary hyperinsulinism. Abstr., M Appel, A Chang, and W Dulin

Complete inhibition of mouse lymphoid leukemia l-1210 by carbazil- quinone., M Arakawa

Immune response to intracellular parasites, suppression by antibody., F G. Araujo and J S. Remington

Weight increase of body and lymphatic tissues in dwarf mice treated with human chorionic somatomammotropin (hcs)., C Arezzini, V D. Gori, P Tarli, and P Neri

Effects of anti-t cell (theta) and anti-b cell (beta) serum on the immune response in mice., B F. Argyris and A Cooney

Density gradient fractionation of mouse lymphoid tissues. II. Effects of anti-thymus and anti-bone marrow sera., B F. Argyris, A Cooney, and H Haritou

Density gradient fractionation of mouse lymphoid tissues. I. Plaque- -forming and rosette-forming cells in normal, sensitized and tolerant spleen., B F. Argyris, H Haritou, and A Cooney

Tumour induction by cell-free extracts derived from mice with graft versus host disease., M Y. Armstrong, F L. Black, and F F. Richards

Spontaneous differentiation in an oncornavirus carrying stable cell line, fine structure. Abstr., W J. Arnold

Experimental and clinical studies of gallium. Abstr., J Arseneau, R Adamson, M Hart, S Larson, R Aamodt, G Johnson, and G Canellos

Breeding and husbandry of 'nude' mice., K Artzt

A genetically caused embryonal ectodermal tumor in the mouse., K Artzt and D Bennett

The immunodepressant effect of carrageenin., L Aschheim and S Raffel

Inflammatory lymphoid cells. Cells in immunized lymph nodes that move to sites of inflammation., G Asherson and G Allwood

The effects of nitrogen mustard on the survival of murine hemato- poietic stem cells., R Ash, J T. Chaffey, and S Hellman

Contact sensitivity to oxazolone in the mouse. Viii. Demonstration of several classes of antibody in the sera of contact sensitized and unimmunized mice by a simplified antiglobluin assay., P Askenase and G Asherson

Thymus dependence of the antibody response to maia squinado haemocya- nin in mice., B A. Askonas, A J. Davies, E B. Jacobson, and G E. Roelants

Factors affecting the propagation of a b cell clone forming antibody to the 2,4-dinitrophenyl group., B A. Askonas and A R. Williamson

Liver perfusion of normal and obob mice, preliminary results. Abstr., F Assimacopoulos, L Orci, C Rouiller, and B Jeanrenaud

Granuloma induction in the peritoneal cavity. A model for the study of inflammation and plasmacytopoiesis in nonlymphatic organs., T J. Athanassiades and R S. Speirs

The use of tumors in the analysis of inductive tissue interactions., R Auerbach

The effect of external anions on steady-state chloride exchange across ascites tumour cells., F Aull

Giant cell formation in ectopic mouse trophoblast., G Avery and C Hunt

Translation of bacteriophage qbeta messenger rna in a murine krebs 2 ascites tumor cell-free system., H Aviv, I Boime, B Loyd, and P Lder

Host cell susceptibility and resistance to murine leukemia viruses and their genetic control, p.239-254. In p. Emmelot and p. Bentvelzen (ed.), Rna viruses and host genome in oncogenesis, (proc. Conf.,may 12-15,1971, Amsterdam) north-holland, A Axelrad, M Ware, and H V. Gaag

Evidence for translation of viral-specific rna in cells of a mouse mammary carcinoma., R Axel, J Schlom, and S Spiegelman

Presence in human breast cancer of rna homologous to mouse mammary tumour virus rna., R Axel, J Schlom, and S Spiegelman

Development of mouse limb buds in organ culture, chondrogenesis in the presence of a proline analog, l-azetidine-2-carboxylic acid., M B. Aydelotte and D M. Kochhar