Submissions from 1975

Suppressant effects of alcohol on audiogenic seizures., J Yanai and B E. Ginsburg

Differential induction of behavioral and metabolic changes by ethanol during early development. Abstr., J Yanai, P Y. Sze, and B E. Ginsburg

Biochemical properties and replication of murine intracisternal a particles during early embryogenesis., S S. Yang, P G. Calarco, and N A. Wivel

Inhibitory effects of phytohemmagglutinin on growth of leukemia lymphoblasts l5178y in vitro and in vivo., T J. Yang

Biochemical characterization of fv-1 allele cell extracts inhibiting mouse leukemia virus infection. Abstr., W Yang, R W. Tennant, B Schluter, F Myer, and A Brown

Dna synthesis and the cell cycle in cultures of normal and mutant (mdg/mdg) embryonic mouse muscle cells., M Yao and F B. Essien

Polyunsaturated fatty acid metabolism in neuroblastoma cells in culture., E Yavin, Z Yavin, and J H. Menkes

Effect of essential fatty acids on proliferation of two neural tumor lines., E Yavin, Z Yavin, and J H. Minkes

Cure of a solid tumor by simultaneous administration of microwaves and x-ray irradiation., A Yerushalmi

Induction of interferon in congenitally athymic mice., Y Yokota, T Kishida, K Esaki, and J Kawamata

Interaction of cerebellar mutant genes. II. Mice doubly affected by 'reeler' and 'weaver' conditions., C H. Yoon and A K. Coffey

Reactions of murine myeloma cells with infectious mononucleosis sera., H Yoshida, K Kano, and F Milgrom

Action of 5-fluorocyclocytidine on cultured l-5178y cells., M Yoshida, A Hoshi, K Kuretani, T Kanai, and M Ichino

Mouse strain difference in the expression of antitumor activity of ps-k., C Yoshikumi, K Nomoto, K Matsunaga, and K Takeya

Adaptation of n-tropic friend leukaemia virus and its murine sarcoma virus pseudotype to non-permissive b-type c57bl/6 mouse cell line., H Yoshikura

Interaction between lymphocytes and inflammatory exudate cells. I. Enhancement of thymocyte response to pha by product(s) of polymorpho- nuclear leukocytes and macrophages., M Yoshinaga, S Nakamura, and H Hayashi

Nonspecific tumor cell destruction mediated by listeria monocytogenes in vitro. Abstr., S Youdim and D Brown

Effect of chemical inactivating agents on glucocorticoid receptor proteins in mouse and hamster cells., H A. Young, W P. Parks, and E M. Scolnick

Glucocorticoid-receptor interaction and induction of murine mammary tumor virus., H A. Young, E M. Scolnick, and W P. Parks

Long-term primary culture of mouse mammary tumor cells. Production of virus., L J. Young, R D. Cardiff, and R L. Ashley

Activation of 'eclipsed' lymphoid cells from advanced tumor-bearing mice through adoptive transfer to sublethally irradiated syngeneic hosts., J K. Youn, D L. Francois, G Hue, M Santillana, and G Barski

Effects of methanol extraction residue and therapeutic irradiation against established isografts and simulated local recurrence of mammary carcinomas., I Yron, D Cohen, E Robinson, M Haber, and D W. Weiss

Detection of a tl(+) murine leukemia cell line that resists the cytotoxic effects of guinea pig complement and specific antiserum., A Yu, W Liang, and E P. Cohen

Effect of protease inhibitors on focus formation by murine sarcoma virus., Y Yuasa, H Shimojo, T Aoyagi, and H Umezawa

Development of concomitant immunity in mice bearing the weakly immuno- genic line 1 lung carcinoma., J M. Yuhas, N H. Pazmino, and E Wagner

Specific and nonspecific stimulation of resistance to the growth and metastasis of the line 1 lung carcinoma., J M. Yuhas, R E. Toya, and E Wagner

Weakening of resistance to bone marrow grafts by the antimacrophage agent carrageenan. Abstr., Y P. Yung and G Cudkowicz

An experimental model for evaluation of factors in tumor escape from immunological attack., M Yutoku, H Fuji, A L. Grossberg, and D Pressman

An experimental model for evaluation of factors in tumor escape from immunological attack. Abstr., M Yutoku, H Fuji, A L. Grossberg, and D Pressman

Further studies on the cellular expression of th-b, an antigen com- mon to b cells and some thymus cells. Abstr., M Yutoku, A L. Grossberg, and D Pressman

The expression on mouse lymphoid cells of th-b, an antigen common to mouse b cells and thymus cells., M Yutoku, A L. Grossberg, and D Pressman

The role of alloantibodies on in vivo growth of allografted tumor., M Yutoku and M Kitagawa

I region associated histoincompatibility with absence of accelerated rejection of second set skin grafts detected in tests with a new haplotype, h-2dx., G Zacharova, L Renckova, A Dux, and P Demant

Non specific effector-induced enzyme modulation in isolated plasma membranes., A Zachowski, samour D. Migliore, A Paraf, and P Jolles

Isolation and characterization of individual functionally reactive cytotoxic t lymphocytes. Conjugation, killing and recycling at the single cell level., D Zagury, J Bernard, N Thierness, M Feldman, and G Berke

Association of folylpolyglutamates (fglun) with dihydrofolate reductase (dfr) in sarcoma 180 cells (s-180). Abstr., S F. Zakrzewski and M T. Hakala

Effect of graft-versus-host reaction on the immune response to allo- antigens and growth of a syngeneic tumor., M Zaleski

Effect of the ir-5 alleles on immune response to the thy-1,1 theta akr) antigen. Abstr., M Zaleski

Immune response of mice to the thy-1.1 Antigen. Effect of the ir-5 alleles studied in 129/j and b10.129(6m) Mice., M B. Zaleski

Preliminary evidence of genetic control of the immune response to the thy-1.2 Antigen in mice., M B. Zaleski

A new locus (ir-5) controlling immune response to thy-1.1 (theta Akr) antigen., M Zaleski and J Klein

Specific suppressor t cells operative in immune tolerance., bar I. Zan, D Nachitgal, and M Feldman

Mechanisms in immune tolerance. II. Specific immunosuppression by t lymphocytes of b memory cells in mice made tolerant to hsa., bar I. Zan, D Nachtigal, and M Feldman

The effect of anaesthetics on blood perfusion in transplanted mouse tumours., G D. Zanelli, P B. Lucas, and J F. Fowler

Phosphorus-31 as a nuclear probe for malignant tumors., K S. Zaner and R Damadian

Lysis of leukemia cells by spleen cells of normal mice., J M. Zarling, R C. Nowinski, and F H. Bach

Lymphocyte populations of akr/j mice. Iii. Changes in the preleukemic state., M M. Zatz

Regulation of lymphocyte trapping. The negative trap., M M. Zatz and R K. Gershon

The effect of antithymosin globulin on the recovery of t-cells in ats-treated mice., M M. Zatz, A White, R S. Schulof, and A L. Goldstein

Antibody-dependent human lymphocytoxicity, a micro assay system., W P. Zeijlemaker, M Roos, P T. Schellekens, and V P. Eijsvoogel

The relative effect of h-2 disparity between irradiated host and injected bone marrow cells on their total proliferative and erythropoietic activities in the host's spleen., V Zeleny, A Lengerova, and V Matousek

In vitro absorption and molecular weight of specific t-cell sup- pressor factor., M Zembala, G L. Asherson, B Mayhew, and J Krejci

Formation of adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate from adenosine in mouse thymocytes., T V. Zenser

Macrophage activation in mice lacking thymus-derived (t) cells., R M. Zinkernagel and R V. Blanden

Cortisone-resistant effector t cells in acute lymphocytic choriomeningitis and listeria monocytogenes infection of mice., R M. Zinkernagel and P C. Doherty

H-2 compatibility requirement for t-cell-mediated lysis of target cells infected with lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus. Different cytotoxic t-cell specificities are associated with structures coded for in h-2k or h-2d., R M. Zinkernagel and P C. Doherty

Cytotoxic t cell activity is strain-specific in outbred mice infected with lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus., R M. Zinkernagel, M B. Dunlop, and P C. Doherty

Impaired radioprotective capacity and reduced proliferative rate of bone marrow from neonatally thymectomized mice., D Zipori and N Trainin

The role of a thymus humoral factor in the proliferation of bone marrow cfu-s from thymectomized mice., D Zipori and N Trainin

Age-dependence of spontaneous delayed hypersensitivity to dna, antinuclear antibody production and development of glomerulonephritis in nzb mice., D Zitnan, J Rovensky, L Cebecauer, J Pekarek, J Svejcar, and S Kopecky

Allograft enhancement by different mechanisms in mice immunized with papain-solubilized transplantation antigen., H Zola

Mitogenicity of cornynebacterium parvum for mouse lymphocytes., H Zola

Modulation of the immune response to transplantation antigens. V. A comparison of the effects of antilymphocytic serum and enhancing alloantiserum on effector mechanisms of allograft rejection., H Zola

Zusammenhang zwischen chemischer konstitution und therapeutischer wirkung alpha, beta-ungesattigter aldehyde am ehrlich-solid-tumor der maus., H Zollner, H Esterbauer, and E Schauenstein

Gene expression in mouse neuroblastoma cells. Properties of the genome., M S. Zornetzer and G S. Stein

Inhibition of fc receptors on a murine lymphoid cell line by cholera exotoxin., S H. Zuckerman and S D. Douglas

The daily growth of l1210 cells and in vivo reactions to chemotherapy. Abstr., R M. Zucker and D Helfman

C-type virus antigens detected by immunofluorescence in human bone tumour cultures., C Zurcher, J Brinkhof, P Bentvelzen, and J C. Man

Malorientation of mitotic figures in the early lens rudiment of aphakia mouse embryos., J Zwaan and B M. Kirkland

Immunofluorescent studies on aphakia, a mutation of a gene involved in the control of lens differentiation in the mouse embryo., J Zwann

Growth properties and alloantigenic expression of murine lympho- blastoid cell lines., R K. Zwerner and R T. Acton

An evaluation of suspension culture systems for the growth of murine lymphoblastoid lines expressing tl and thy-1 alloantigens., R K. Zwerner, C Runyan, R M. Cox, D Lynn, and R T. Acton

Uptake of noradrenaline by an adrenergic clone of neuroblastoma cells., J Zwiller, ciesielski J. Treska, G Mack, and P Mandel