Submissions from 1976

Physical characteristics of mouse sperm nuclei., A J. Wyrobek, M L. Meistrich, R Furrer, and W R. Bruce

Preliminary investigations of specific olfactory deficits in mice. Abstr., C J. Wysocki and D Tucker

Teratogenicity and mutagenicity of a phthalate ester. Abstr., Y Yagi, K Tutikawa, and N Shimoi

Radioimmunoassay for intact gross mouse leukemia virus., R S. Yalow and L Gross

Cell surface protein decreases microvilli and ruffles on transformed mouse and chick cells., K M. Yamada, S H. Ohanian, and I Pastan

Adjuvant activity of 6-0-mycoloyl-n-acetylmuramyl-l-alanyl-d- -isoglutamine., Y Yamamura, I Azuma, K Sugimura, M Yamawaki, M Uemiya, S Kusumoto, S Okada, and T Shiba

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Antibody-dependent macrophage-mediated cytolysis in a murine syngeneic tumor system., M Yamazaki, H Shinoda, and D Mizuno

Two-step mechanism of macrophage-mediated tumor lysis in vitro., M Yamazaki, H Shinoda, Y Suzuki, and D Mizuno

Increased sensitivity to chronic ethanol in isolated mice., J Yanai and B E. Ginsburg

Long-term effects of early ethanol on predatory behavior in inbred mice., J Yanai and B E. Ginsburg

Comparison of early effects of ethanol on agonistic behavior in inbred strains of mice. Abstr., J Yanai, B E. Ginsburg, and B Vinopal

Effects of pituitary graft and 2-bromo-alpha-ergocryptine on mammary dna synthesis in mice in relation to mammary tumor- igenesis., R Yanai and H Nagasawa

Importance of progesterone in dna synthesis of pregnancy- -dependent mammary tumors in mice., R Yanai and H Nagasawa

Age related paracrystalline inclusions in mouse bone marrow reticular cells. Abstr., H Yang and E T. Nishimura

Cyclic amp regulation of mammary tumor virus production. Abstr., J Yang and S Nandi

Physiocochemical analysis of the deoxyribonucleic acid product of murine intracisternal a particle rna-directed dna polymerase., S S. Yang and N A. Wivel

Effects of prostaglandins e1, e2, and f2alpha on the growth of leukaemia cells in culture., T J. Yang, J B. Dale, and R Machanoff

Radiation-induced changes in the fine structure of the heart. Comparison of fission neutrons and 60co-gamma rays in the mouse., V V. Yang, S P. Stearner, and S A. Tyler

The selective protection of normal tissues by irradiation of tumor-bearing mice in hypoxic hypoxia., S P. Yarmonenko, A A. Wainson, L I. Bereznova, V M. Krimker, V G. Ovakimov, E P. Petrosian, and N L. Shmakova

Mutant 'meromelia{ mice. I. Variations in the phenotype. Abstr., M Yasuda, H Nakamura, and M Minezawa

A simple method for blood exchange in mice., M B. Yatvin

Ob/ob, db/db and avy/a mice., T T. Yen, J A. Allan, P Yu, M A. Acton, D D. Pearson, and G C. Of

An analysis of the relationships among obesity, plasma insulin, and hepatic lipogenic enzymes in 'viable yellow obese' mice (avy/a)., T T. Yen, M M. Greenberg, P Yu, and D V. Pearson

Influence on metastatic spread of whole-body or local tumor hyperthermia., A Yerushalmi

Treatment of a solid tumor by local simultaneous hyperthermia and ionizing radiation. Dependence on temperature and dose., A Yerushalmi

Antitumor effects of interferon on transplanted tumors in congenitally athymic nude mice., Y Yokota, T Kishida, K Esaki, and J Kawamata

Suppression of antibody responses in allogeneic mice by products of lymphoid tissue. I. Allogeneic suppressive factor (asf) from spleens repopulated with thymus cells., D Yonkosky, R F. Buffett, and M Bennett

Suppression of antibody responses in allogeneic mice by products of lymphoid tissue. II. Lack of antigenic specificity and immunogenetic requirements of allogeneic suppressive factor (asf)., D Yonkosky, R F. Buffett, and M Bennett

Pleiotropic effect of the staggerer gene., C H. Yoon

Genetic differences in susceptibility of pancreatic beta cells to virus-induced diabetes mellitus., J Yoon, M A. Lesniak, R Fussganger, and A L. Notkins

Virus-induced diabetes mellitus. VI. Genetically determined host differences in the replication of encephalomyocarditis virus in pancreatic beta cells., J Yoon and A L. Notkins

Virus-induced diabetes mellitus. Host specificity in the replication of encephalomyocarditis (emc) virus in pancreatic beta cells. Abstr., J W. Yoon and A L. Notkins

Balb/3t3 cells attached to polycarbonate plates., M C. Yoshida, M Sasaki, N Takeichi, D C. Boone, and Y O. From

Incorporation of tritiated uridine into dna of ehrlich ascites tumor cells., B K. Yost, M J. Rosenberg, and D J. Nishioka

Collaborative and suppressive cellular reactivity during non-specific tumor cell destruction. Abstr., S Youdim

Listeria monocytogenes induced non specific tumor destruction. Cellular synergism and antagonism in vitro. Abstr., S Youdim

Resistance to tumor growth mediated by listeria monocytogenes. Destruction of expreimental malignant melanoma by lm-activated peritoneal and lymphoid cells., S Youdim

Resistance to tumor growth mediated by listeria monocytogenes. Collaborative and suppressive macrophage-lymphocyte interactions in vitro., S Youdim and M Sharman

Genetic control of the immune response to sperm whale myoglobin in inbred mice., C Young and A Ebringer

Genetic control of the immune response to ferritin in mice., C R. Young, N J. Deacon, A Ebringer, and D A. Davies

Stimulation of mouse mammary tumor virus replication by estradiol-17b. Abstr., L J. Young, R D. Cardiff, and T S. Pratt

Physiological compartmentalization in the h-2 linked control of responses to hen eggwhite lysozyme (hel). Abstr., R L. Yowell

Relative contribution of target cell disturbances and immunosuppression in radiation leukemogenesis. Model studies with exogenous virus., J M. Yuhas and N H. Pazmino

Responsiveness of senescent mice to the antitumor properties of corynebacterium parvum., J M. Yuhas and R L. Ullrich

Long survival and immunologic reconstitution following transplantation with syngeneic or allogeneic fetal liver and neonatal spleen cells., E J. Yunis, G Fernandes, J Smith, and R A. Good

Stimulated dna synthesis in mouse epidermal cell cultures treated with 12-o-tetradecanoyl-phorbol-13-acetate., S H. Yuspa, T Ben, E Patterson, D Michael, K Elgjo, and H Hennings

Dimethyl sulfoxide-induced enhancement of 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]- anthracene metabolsim and dna binding in differentiating mouse epidermal cell cultures., S H. Yuspa, H Hennings, P Dermer, and D Michael

Further studies on th-b, a cell surface antigenic determinant present on mouse b cells, plasma cells and immature thymocytes., M Yutoku, A L. Grossberg, R Stout, L A. Herzenberg, and D Pressman

Lateral diffusion of concanavalin a receptors in the plasma membrane of mouse fibroblasts., Y Zagyansky and M Edidin

Tolerance of long-term methotrexate infusions by mice., D S. Zaharko, R L. Dedrick, D M. Young, and A L. Peale

Intra-h-2 localization of complementary ir-thy-1 alleles. Abstr., M Zaleski

Immune response of mice to the thy-1.1 Antigen. Intra- -h-2 mapping of the complementary ir-thy-1 loci., M B. Zaleski and J Klein

Effects of x-rays on vascular function in transplanted tumours and normal tissues in the mouse., G D. Zanelli and P B. Lucas

Effects of bcg on lymphocyte trapping., M M. Zatz

Lymphocyte trapping. Differential effects of ats and irradiation on trapping in lymph nodes and spleen., M M. Zatz

Resistance and cell mediated immunity to spontaneous lymphoma cells of akr/j mice by akr/cu mice. Abstr., M M. Zatz

Several proliferative phases precede maturation of igg- -secreting cells in mitogen-stimulated cultures., M Zauderer and B A. Askonas

B lymphocyte subpopulations in the mouse spleen. A study of the differentiation pathway using free flow electrophoretically separated subpopulations of direct pfc progenitor cells., K Zeiller, G Pascher, and K Hannig

Cell proliferation in the mammary glands of the mouse during prolonged unilateral lactation., G H. Zeilmaker and C M. Verhamme

The effect of cyclophosphamide and irradiation on cells which suppress contact sensitivity in the mouse., M Zembala and G L. Asherson

Contact sensitivity to picryl chloride. The occurrence of b suppressor cells in the lymph nodes and spleen of immunized mice., M Zembala, G L. Asherson, J Noworolski, and B Mayhew

Spin-labeled stearates as probes for microenvironment of murine thymocyte adenylate cyclase-cyclic adenosine 3'.5'-monophosphate System., T V. Zenser, V J. Petrella, and F Hughes

Hybridization of a human myeloma permanent cell line with mouse cells., J Zeuthen and K Nilsson

Experimental parainfluenza type 1 virus-induced encephalo- pathy in adult mice., nowosielska I. Zgorniak, Y Iwasaki, T Tachovsky, R Tanaka, and H Koprowski

Black light induction of skin tumors in mice., S Zigman, E Fowler, and A L. Kraus

The regulation of the immune response to t-independent antigens by prostaglandins and b cells., M Zimecki and D R. Webb

Developmental microheterogeneity of mouse alpha-fetoproteins. Purification and partial characterization., E F. Zimmerman, D Bowen, J R. Wilson, and M M. Madappally

Nervous system antigen-5, an antigenic cell surface component of neuroectodermal origin., A Zimmermann and M Schachner

Central nervous system antigen (ns-5) and its presence during murine ontogenesis., A Zimmermann, M Schachner, and J L. Press

2-fluoroadenosine 3'.5'-monophosphate, A metabolite of 2-fluoroadenosine in mouse cytotoxic lymphocytes., T P. Zimmerman, J L. Rideout, G Wolberg, and G B. Elion

Lcm and vaccinia virus-specific cytotoxic t cells from h-2 mutant mice (hz1, hz170) and wild type b10.a(5r) Do not cross-react. Abstr., R M. Zinkermagel and P C. Doherty

H-2 compatibility requirement for virus-specific t-cell- mediated cytolysis. The h-2k structure involved is coded by a single cistron defined by h-2kb mutant mice., R M. Zinkernagel

H-2 restriction of virus-specific cytotoxicity across the h-2 barrier. Separate effector t-cell specificities are associated with self-h-2 and with the tolerated allogeneic h-2 in chimeras., R M. Zinkernagel

H-2 restriction of virus-specific t-cell-mediated effector functions in vivo. II. Adoptive transfer of delayed-type hypersensitivity to murine lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus is restricted by the k and d region of h-2., R M. Zinkernagel

Virus-specific t-cell-mediated cytotoxicity across the h-2 barrier to virus-altered alloantigen., R M. Zinkernagel

H-2 compatibility requirement for virus-specific t-cell- -mediated cytolysis. Evaluation of the role of h-2i region and non-h-2 genes in regulating immune response., R M. Zinkernagel, M B. Dunlop, R V. Blanden, T C. Doherty, and D C. Shreffler

Cells that express viral antigens but lack h-2 determinants are not lysed by immune thymus-derived lymphocytes but are lysed by other antiviral immune attack mechanisms., R M. Zinkernagel and M B. Oldstone

H-2 compatibility requirement for virus-specific t cell-mediated effector functions in vivo. I. Specificity of t cells conferring antiviral protection against lymphocytic choriomenigitis virus is associated with h-2k and h-2d., R M. Zinkernagel and R M. Welsh

Nonimmune and immune surveillance. I. Growth of tumors and normal fetal tissues grafted into newborn mice., S N. Zinzar, moldavsky G. Svet, and N V. Karmanova

Cellular specificity of plasmacytoma-induced immuno- suppression., pazner S. Zolla, B Sullivan, and D Richardson

Mammary tumour virus (mtv)-specific immune complex deposits in renal glomeruli of mtv-infected tumour-free mice., S Zotter, A Lossnitzer, and G Klahr

Further evidence for common antigens in intracytoplasmic a particles of mouse mammary tumors and b type virions of murine milk., S Zotter, M Muller, C Kemmer, B A. Johannsen, and H Grossmann

Akr leukemic growth and chemotherapy. Abstr., R Zucker, D Helfman, and A Tershakovec

Electronic volume analysis of l1210 chemotherapy., R M. Zucker and D Helfman

Thymus subpopulations. Density gradients and volume distribution studies., R M. Zucker and D M. Helfman

The detergent extraction of thy-1 from mouse thymocytes and lymphoblastoid cell lines. Abstr., R K. Zwerner and R T. Acton