Submissions from 1976

Endogenous type-c rna viruses of mammalian cells. (review), S A. Aaronson and J R. Stephenson

The distribution of ia antigens on the surfaces of lymphocytes., A K. Abbas, M E. Dorf, M J. Karnovsky, and E R. Unanue

Higher activity of oxidative drug demethylation in the liver microsomes from dystrophic mouse., E Abe

Effects of cyclic-amp on the golgi apparatus and lysosomes in hepatic cells of mice. Abstr., S Abe and K Ogawa

Differentiation of host-mediated antitumor agents from mitotic poisons by the antitumor foot-pad reaction in ehrlich carcinoma- -ddy mouse system., S Abe, M Ohkuma, M Yamazaki, and D Mizuno

Cytolytic antibodies to murine lymphomas elicited by immunization with allogenic and syngenic tumors., C J. Abeyounis and F Milgrom

Antitumor activity of adenovirus-12 structural proteins against moloney sarcoma tumours in mice., S H. Abid and N Khoobyarian

Preparation and characterisation of an antiserum to the mouse candidate for immunoglobulin d., E R. Abney, I R. Hunter, and R M. Parkhouse

Immunoglobulin m receptors on memory cells of immunoglobulin g antibody-forming cell clones., E R. Abney, K D. Keeler, R M. Parkhouse, and H N. Wilcox

Cell-free translation of messenger rna for a myeloma light chain prepared from synchronised plasmactyoma cells., K A. Abraham, T E. Eikhom, R M. Dowben, and tjeldsto O. Garatun

Cellular protein synthesis shutoff by mengovirus. Translation of nonviral and viral mrna's in extracts from uninfected and infected ehrlich ascites tumor cells., S L. Abreu and lenard J. Lucas

C-type virus particles in human tumours transplanted into nude mice., B G. Achong, P A. Trumper, and B C. Giovanella

Galactose transfer and udp-galactose hydrolysis in urine from normal balb/c and balb/c yc8 mice., sachot N. Achy and E Morel

A structural and functional analysis of mouse brain thy-1. Abstr., R T. Acton, L D. Clain, and R K. Zwerner

Changes in the surface of virus-infected cells recognized by cytotoxic t cells. I. Minimal requirements for lysis of ectromelia-infected p-815 cells., G L. Ada, D C. Jackson, R V. Blanden, R T. Hla, and N A. Bowern

Isoenzyme transitions of creatine phosphokinase, aldolase and phosphoglycerate mutase in differentiating mouse cells., E D. Adamson

Experimental studies with the antitumor agent maytansine. Abstr., R H. Adamson, S M. Sieber, peng J. Whang, and H B. Wood

Cell surface antigens coded for by the human chromosome 7., D P. Aden and B B. Knowles

Levels of alpha-fetoprotein in amniotic fluids of mice (curly-tail) with neural tube defects., M Adinolfi, S Beck, S Embury, P E. Polani, and M J. Seller

Aberration induction by mitomycin c in early primary spermatocytes of mice., I Adler

Immune responsiveness and incidence of reticulum cell sarcoma in long-term syngeneic radiation chimeras., L Adorini, G Gorini, V Covelli, E Ballardin, A D. Michele, B Bassani, P Metalli, and G Doria

Biological effects of escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide (lps) in vivo. II. Selection in the mouse thymus of pha- and con a-responsive cells., L Adorini, L Ruco, S Uccini, G S. Franceschi, D. Baroni, and G Doria

Studies on non-h-2 linked lymphocyte-activating determinants. II. Nonexpression of mls determinants in a mouse strain with an x-linked b lymphocyte immune defect., A Ahmed and I Scher

Studies on non-h-2 linked lymphocyte activating determinants. Iii. Influence of the x-chromosome and correlation of the density of surface ig with the appearance of the mls product. Abstr., A Ahmed, I Scher, A Smith, W E. Paul, and K W. Sell

Hormone-dependent mammary tumors in strain gr/a mice. Iii. Effectiveness of supplementary hormone treatments in inducing tumorous phase growth., B D. Aidells and C W. Daniel

Hormone-dependent mammary tumors in strain gr/a mice. II. Preneoplastic and neoplastic properties., B D. Aidells and C W. Daniel

Late effects of neutron or gamma radiation on hematopoietic stem cells (cfu-s) in b6cf1 mice. Abstr., E J. Ainsworth, R M. Vigneulle, D A. Crouse, and J S. Hulesch

Casein and 3-methylcholanthrene carcinogenesis in inbred c57bl/60s female mice., Y Akamatsu

Effects of dextran-linked chloromercuribenzoic acid on insulin release from microdissected pancreatic islets., S Akerstrom, B Hellman, A Lernmark, B Lindberg, and I Taljedal

Flow microfluorimetric analysis of sensitive and resistant leukemia l1210 following 1-beta-d- -arabinofuranosylcytosine in vivo., O Alabaster and B Bunnag

Regeneration and dose-response characteristics of irradiated mouse dorsal epidermal cells., barwari S. Al and C S. Potten

Rubidazone vs adriamycin. An evaluation of their differential toxicity in the spleen colony assay system., D S. Alberts and T V. Wetters

The effect of allopurinol on cyclophosphamide anti- -tumor activity., D S. Alberts and T V. Wetters

The effect of phenobarbital on cyclophosphamide antitumor activity., D S. Alberts and T V. Wetters

Radiation-induced murine leukemia erld in cell culture., A M. Albrecht, J L. Biedler, D J. Hutchison, B A. Spengler, and E Stockert

Splenomegaly and suppression of humoral immunity in mice infected with trypanosoma musculi. Abstr., J F. Albright and D G. Dusanic

Decline in the growth potential of spleen-colonizing bone marrow stem cells of long-lived aging mice., J W. Albright and T Makinodan

Loss of carrier-determined tolerance in vitro with loss of receptor blockade., benson M. Aldo and Y Borel

Dextran-triggered t cells heighten t- and b-cell reactions to mitogens., Y G. Alevy and J R. Battisto

Immunity to virus-free syngeneic tumor cell transplantation in the balb/c mouse after immunization with homologous tumor cells infected with type c virus., ghazzouli I. Al, R M. Donahoe, K Huang, B Sass, O L. Peters, and G J. Kelloff

Lipolytic response of 'diabetic' mice (db/db) to isoproterenol and propranolol in vivo., J A. Allan and T T. Yen

Presence of a type-c virus in the murine leukemia cell line, l1210. Abstr., H S. Allaudeen

Tumour development after 3-methylcholanthrene in irradiated, thymectomized mice reconstituted with syngeneic bone marrow., N Allegretti and M Marusic

The cellular basis of immunity against yoshida ascites sarcoma in t cell deficient mice., N Allegretti, M Marusic, and F Culo

Genetic control of bcg-induced pulmonary granuloma formation in inbred mice. Abstr., E M. Allen, V L. Moore, and J O. Stevens

Studies on 6c3hed murine ascites tumor cell receptors for mannosyl-binding lectins., H J. Allen and E A. Johnson

Analysis of sister chromatid exchange formation in vivo in mouse spermatogonia as a new test system for environmental mutagens., J W. Allen and S A. Latt

In vivo brdu-33258 hoechst analysis of dna replication kinetics and sister chromatid exchange formation in mouse somatic and meiotic cells., J W. Allen and S A. Latt

Ultrastructural site variations in mouse epidermal organization., T D. Allen and C S. Potten

In vitro cytotoxicity of peritoneal macrophages from mice innoculated with neuraminidase-treated tumor cells. Abstr., C Alley and M Snodgrass

Secondary cell-mediated lympholysis. Importance of h-2 ld and sd factors., B J. Alter, courvalin C. Grillot, M L. Bach, K S. Zier, P M. Sondel, and F H. Bach

Chemical induction of "beta minor" synthesis in mouse erythroleukemia cells (friend cells). Abstr., B P. Alter and S C. Goff

Synthesis and degradation of folate reductase in sensitive and methotrexate-resistant lines of s-180 cells., F W. Alt, R Kellems, and R T. Schimke

Heterogeneity in the generation of cytotoxic t lymphocytes in vitro revealed by sensitivity to hydrocortisone. Abstr., A Altman, I R. Cohen, and M Feldman

Microfluorometry of nuclear acridine orange metachromasia in lymphocytes of thymus, spleen, and blood of akr and random-bred mice., M R. Alvarez

Removal of acetylaminofluorene adducts and pyrimidine dimers from dna in cultured mammalian cells. Abstr., D E. Amacher and J A. Elliott

In vivo study on the process of solid tumor formation from embryoid bodies of mouse teratocarcinoma., S Amano and A Hagiwara

Specific suppression of igg plaque forming cells (pfc) by continuous administration of antigen from an implantable delivery system. Abstr., A A. Amkraut, S I. Yum, and M B. Rittenberg

On the detection of functional and structural enzyme mutants by coordinated affinity chromatography and isoelectric focusing., H Amneus

Stimulatory effects of 5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine on number and function of splenic b- and t-cells and of macrophages in c3heb/fej mice., A Anaclerio, S Leitman, R Galiette, and P Calabresi

Mechanism of the increased splenic erythropoiesis in mice treated with estradiol benzoate., A Anagnostou, A Zander, J Barone, and W Fried

Fc receptor solubilization and partial characterization. Abstr., C L. Anderson and H M. Grey

Experimental mycoplasma mastitis in mice., J C. Anderson, C J. Howard, and R N. Gourlay

Transplantation resistance to mouse ependymoblastoma following immunization with dehistonized syngeneic tumor chromatin., K M. Anderson, J Lo, A Mirakian, and J A. Kellen

Cytotoxic activity of cba mouse spleen cells against sendai virus infected l cells. Abstr., M J. Anderson

Reversal of streptozotocin-induced diabetes by non-cultured or cultured pancreatic islets. A comparative study. Abstr., A Andersson and K Buschard

Increase in the amount of nuclear rna in liver of ascites tumor-bearing mice., G Andersson, E Christensson, and O Heby

Specific unresponsiveness to transplantation antigens induced by auto-immunisation with syngeneic, antigen-specific t lymphoblasts., L C. Andersson, H Binz, and H Wigzell

Cytocidal and cytostatic ability of corynebacterium liquefaciens in mouse squamous cell carcinoma in vivo., K Ando, M Urano, and S Koike

Cell coat in tumor cells - effects of trypsin and edta. A biochemical and morphological study., L J. Anghileri

In vivo synthesis of acid mucopolysaccharides by ehrlich ascites tumor cells., L J. Anghileri

Effects of scopolamine and d-amphetamine on locomotor activity before and after shock. A diallel analysis in mice., H Anisman

Anticonvulsant action of ethanolamine-o-sulphate and di-n- -propylacetate and the metabolism of gamma-aminobutyric acid (gaba) in mice with audiogenic seizures., G Anlezark, R W. Horton, B S. Meldrum, and M C. Sawaya

Chemical protection against radiation-induced dna single-strand breaks in cultured mammalian cells., S Antoku

Effects of thyroxine on t-cell counts and tumour cell rejection in mice., N Aoki, G Wakisaka, and I Nagata

Streptococcus pyogenes preparation ok-432. Immuno- prophylactic and immunotherapeutic effects on the incidence of spontaneous leukemia in akr mice., T Aoki, J P. Kvedar, V W. Hollis, and G S. Bushar

Antitumor activities of newly synthesized n4-acyl-1-beta-d- -arabinofuranosylcytosine., M Aoshima, S Tsukagoshi, Y Sakurai, ishi J. Oh, O Ishida, and H Kobayashi

Biological and biochemical properties of soluble tumor-specific transplantation antigen of a simian virus 40-induced neoplasm., E Appella, L W. Law, and O Henriksen

Partial amino acid sequence of mouse beta2-microglobulin., E Appella, N Tanigaki, T Natori, and D Pressman

Complete regression of in vivo osteogenic sarcomas in mice with new azetomicins. Abstr., M Apple, F Schabel, W R. Laster, and J V. Formica

Lipid a, the active part of bacterial endotoxins in inducing serum colony stimulating activity and proliferation of splenic granulocyte/macrophage progenitor cells., R N. Apte, C Galanos, and D H. Pluznik

Control mechanisms of endotoxin and particulate material stimulation of hemopoietic colony forming cell differentiation., R N. Apte and D H. Pluznik

Genetic control of lipopolysaccharide induced generation of serum colony stimulating factor and proliferation of splenic granulocyte/macrophage precursor cells., R N. Apte and D H. Pluznik

Hela cell-tumor in nude mice and its response to antitumor agents., T Arai, K Okamoto, K Isiguro, and K Terao

Functional heterogeneity among the t-derived lymphocytes of the mouse. VI. Memory t cells stored in the t2 subpopulation., B A. Araneo, P C. Marrack, and J W. Kappler

Functional heterogeneity among the t-derived lymphocytes of the mouse. V. Response kinetics of peripheral t cell subpopulations., B A. Araneo, P C. Marrack, and J W. Kappler

Strain-dependent differences in murine susceptibility to toxoplasma., F G. Araujo, D M. Williams, F C. Grumet, and J S. Remington

Significance of specific ovarian receptors for syngeneic naturally-occuring haemagglutinating anti-a antibodies., P Arend and J Nijssen

Cell interaction in tumor allograft immunity. Suppressor cell in the spleen of allogeneic tumor-sensitized mice., B F. Argyris and M Horowitz

Leukaemogenic action of phorbol in intact and thymectomized mice of different strains., V Armuth

Leukaemogenic action of phorbol in intact and thymectomized mice of different strains., V Armuth

The relationship between histocompatibility products and complement receptors. Abstr., villena A. Arnaiz, B Taylor, and H Festenstein

Solubilization and molecular characterization of membrane- -bound antigens shared by thymocytes and brain., R Arndt, R Stark, P Klein, A Muller, and H Thiele

Pathology of influenza hepatitis in susceptible and genetically resistant mice., H Arnheiter, O Haller, and J Lindenmann

Inhibition of fatal anaphylactic shock in mice by cell free ehrlich ascites fluid. Abstr., L W. Arnold and R E. Carthy

Cortisone resistance of murine t-suppressor cells. Antigenic-competition studies. Abstr., R Arnold and J M. Ghee

Syngene mausesarkome in aszitesform als chemotherapeutische testmodelle., W Arnold

Fine structure of a murine mammary carcinoma cell line., W J. Arnold, H D. Soule, and J Russo

C57l mice by whole-body irradiation., P Arnstein, J L. Riggs, L S. Oshiro, R J. Huebner, D E. Lennette, and I O. In

Embryonic surface antigens. A 'quasi-endodermal' teratoma antigen., K Artzt, L Hamburger, H Jakob, and F Jacob