Submissions from 1976

Observation of nude mice lymphocytes by use of the freeze fracture method., H Asamoto, M Furuta, and E Nakai

Adult thymectomy prevention of the appearance of suppressor t cells which depress contact sensitivity to picryl chloride and reversal of adult thymectomy effect by thymus extract., G L. Asherson, M Zembala, B Mayhew, and A Goldstein

Local and systemic effects in the non-specific tumour resistance induced by attenuated salmonella enteritidis 11rx in mice., M P. Ashley, S H. Neoh, I Kotlarski, and D Hardy

Clonal dominance and the preservation of clonal memory cells mediated by antigen-antibody., B A. Askonas, A J. Michael, and M E. Roux

Proprietes biochimiques d'un virus des radioleucoses de la souris c57bl., T Astier, B Guillemain, and J Duplan

Mitogen synergism in low-responding cba/caj mice., C M. Astle and D E. Harrison

Deformation of the erythrocyte plasma membrane for early identification of congenital muscular dystrophy. Abstr., B G. Atkinson, B Nixon, and K Atkinson

An autoradiographical study of [3h]thymidine incorporation into subcutaneously transplanted mouse molar teeth. Cell proliferation and migration in transplanted teeth., M E. Atkinson

Inducible monooxygenase activities and 3-methylcholanthrene- -initiated tumorigenesis in mouse recombinant inbred sublines., S A. Atlas, B A. Diwan, and D W. Nebert

Genetic association of increases in naphthalene, acetanilide, and biphenyl hydroxylations with inducible aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase in mice., S A. Atlas and D W. Nebert

High-affinity cytochalasin b binding to normal and transformed balb/3t3 cells., S J. Atlas and S Lin

Androgen and estrogen receptors in brain cytosol from male, female, and testicular feminized (tfm/y) mice., B Attardi, L N. Geller, and S Ohno

Does the t-locus in the mouse include ribosomal dna., K C. Atwood, waelsch S. Gluecksohn, M T. Yu, and A S. Henderson

Ultrastructural and biochemical changes in cultured human malignant melanoma cells after heterotransplantation into nude mice., C Aubert, E Chirieceanu, C Foa, H Rorsman, E Rosengren, and F Rouge

Ontogeny of immune responsiveness in the mouse., R Auerbach

Angiogenesis induction by tumors, embryonic tissues,{ and lymphocytes., R Auerbach, L Kubai, and Y Sidky

Expression of new idiotypes following neonatal idiotypic suppression of a dominant clone., A Augustin and H Cosenza

Surface glycosaminoglycans as a differentiation cofactor in neuroblastoma cell cultures., tocco G. Augusti and V P. Chiarugi

The synthesis of polyadenylic acid-containing ribonucleic acid by isolated mitochondria from ehrlich ascites cells., L Aujame and K B. Freeman

Mechanism of lectin induced changes in potassium transport of ehrlich ascites tumor cells. Abstr., F Aull, M S. Nachbar, and J D. Oppenheim

Effect of histidinol on the initiation and elongation of protein synthesis in krebs ii ascites cells., S A. Austin

Development of immunoglobulin and antibody-forming cells in different stages of the immune response., S Avrameas, J C. Antoine, T Ternynck, and C Petit

Modification of the ehrlich ascites tumor cell nuclear lipids., A B. Awad and A A. Spector

Modification of the fatty acid composition of ehrlich ascites tumor cell plasma membranes., A B. Awad and A A. Spector

Tumor colony formation by friend virus-infected cells in immunosuppressed mice., A A. Axelrad, B Cinader, S W. Koh, and H C. Gaag

Studies on a systemic xenogeneic graft-versus-host reaction model in newborn mice., J Axelsson

Development of onion bulb neuropathy in the trembler mouse., M M. Ayers and R M. Anderson

Production of immunological tolerance in h-2 dissimilar strains of mice. Abstr., M M. Azar

Temporary interruption of regional blood flow combined with local hyperthermia for cancer chemotherapy., T Baba, K Aoki, Y Kidera, M Kimura, T Kanematsu, and N T. Kimura

Radiosensitivity of the cells responsible for graft-versus-host reactions and cell-mediated cytotoxicity. Abstr., U M. Babu and E Sabbadini

Differential function of major histocompatibility complex antigens in t-lymphocyte activation., F H. Bach, M L. Bach, and P M. Sondel

The mode of action of thymic hormones and its relevance to t-cell differentiation., J Bach

Cyclic amp and t-cell differentiation., M Bach and G Beaurain

Thymic function in nzb mice. II. Regulatory influence of a circulating thymic factor on antibody production against polyvinylpyrrolidone in nzb mice., M Bach and P Niaudet

Transplantation of human adipose tissue to nude mice., mortensen N. Bach, P Romert, and S Ballegaard

Induction of ornithine decarboxylase in glioma and neuroblastoma cells., U Bachrach

Regulation of ig nucleotide sequence transcription in normal lymphocytes and plasmacytoma cells. Abstr., R Bachvaroff, S Scupp, J H. Ayvazian, and F T. Rapaport

Immunostimulatory and immunosuppressive factors in human cancer ascites fluids. Effect on the primary plaque-forming response in vitro., A M. Badger, V J. Merluzzi, and S R. Cooperband

Selection for high and low adrenal weight in mice., F M. Badr

The influence of glutamine, its decomposition products, and glutaminase on the transformation of human and mouse lympho- cytes., F S. Baechtel, D E. Gregg, and M D. Prager

Autoantibodies in balb/c mice immunized with chemically modified p1798 lymphoma cells. Abstr., F S. Baechtel and M D. Prager

Change in islet cell populations of ob/ob and db/db mice. Abstr., D Baetens, D L. Coleman, and L Orci

Islet cell population in ob/ob and db/db mice. Abstr., D Baetens, D L. Coleman, and L Orci

Use of [75se]l-selenomethionine as a label for lymphoid cells., D R. Bainbridge

Characteristics of the maternal lymphoid response of mice to paternal strain antigens induced by homologous pregnancy., M G. Baines, E A. Speers, H Pross, and K G. Millar

Subcellular distribution of renal and hepatic catalase activity in senescent rodents., M B. Baird and H R. Massie

Evidence for altered hepatic catalase molecules in allylisopropylacetamide-treated mice., M B. Baird, H V. Samis, H R. Massie, and G A. Sfeir

Comparison of the products of the reaction of 7-methybenz[a]- anthracene 5,6-oxide and rna, with those formed in 7-methylbenz- [a]anthracene-treated cells., W M. Baird, P L. Grover, P Sims, and P Brookes

Chromosome rearrangements from spermatogonial chronic neutron irradiation in mice., A Bajrakova, T Khadzhieva, and G Vasilev

Chemical modification of genetic damage from continuous irradiation in mice., A K. Bajrakova, T Pantev, I T. Nikolov, and I M. Rupova

On the nature of 5' termini in nuclear pre-mrna of ehrlich carcinoma cells., G Bajszar, O P. Samarina, and G P. Georgiev

The properties of oligonucleotide fragments containing the triphosphorylated 5'termini of nuclear pre-mrna from ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells., G Bajszar, O P. Samarina, and G P. Georgiev

Arrest of c1300 neuroblastoma cells by limiting serum or isoleucine. Implications for growth control in malignant cells., M E. Baker

Colchicine inhibits mitogenesis in c1300 neuroblastoma cells that have been arrested in go., M E. Baker

Equally rapid activation of lipogenesis in nibbling and gorging mice., N Baker, D L. Palmquist, and D B. Learn

Analysis of genes governing the antibody response to type iii pneumococcal polysaccharide (sss-iii). Abstr., P J. Baker, D F. Amsbaugh, B Prescott, and P W. Stashak

Genetic control of the antibody response to type iii pneumococcal polysaccharide in mice. Iii. Analysis of genes governing the expression of regulatory t cell activity., P J. Baker, D F. Amsbaugh, B Prescott, and P W. Stashak

The influence of mulv and sv40 viruses on senescence in mouse fibroblasts in vitro., R S. Baker

Diploid parthenogenetic mouse embryos produced by heat- -shock and cytochalasin b., H Balakier and A K. Tarkowski

Cross-reactive t-cell antigens among mammalian species., C M. Balch, M Dagg, and M D. Cooper

Chromosomal damage as a screen for carcinogenic/mutagenic potential of anti-cancer drugs. Abstr., A Banerjee and W J. Benedict

[3h]ouabain Binding and 86rubidium uptake during the cell growth cycle in l5178y murine lymphoblasts., S P. Banerjee, J Hakimi, and H B. Bosmann

Genetic defects of iron transport., R M. Bannerman

Hereditary anaemias in laboratory animals., R M. Bannerman and J A. Edwards

Effect of temperature on phospholipid synthesis in ehrlich ascites tumor cells., J Baranska and V B. Banskalieva

Mise en evidence d'activites nucleotide-pyrophosphatase et phosphohydrolase dans les lymphocytes normaux de souris balb/c et absence de ces activites dans les cellules tumorales yc8 et les lymphocytes d'animaux porteurs du lymphome yc8., ramniceanu M. Barel and E Morel

Synthesis of immunoglobulin by substrate attached mouse myeloma cells., A Bargellesi, G Damiani, W M. Kuehl, and M D. Scharff

Physico-chemical characterization of murine j chain., B O. Barger and F P. Inman

B-tropic and non-b-tropic virus-producing tumor cells in immunosuppressed balb/c mice. Abstr., A Barker and A Dennis

Thymosin-mediated alterations of the cytotoxic response in young and aged akr and c57bl/6j mice. Abstr., A D. Barker and V S. Moore

The use of early embryo aggregation derived chimaeras. I. To study immunological tolerance., R D. Barnes

The use of early embryo aggregation derived mouse chimaeras. Iii. A tool of immunogenetics., R D. Barnes

The use of early embryo aggregation derived mouse chimaeras. II. The study of disease processes., R D. Barnes

Tolerance in early embryo aggregation (eea) derived mouse chimeras., R D. Barnes

Tumour immunity in tetraparental mouse chimaeras--a review., R D. Barnes

Tolerance in early embryo aggregation-derived mouse chimaeras., R D. Barnes and C G. Graham

Levels of c-type viral p30 antigens in lymphoma-resistant mice., R D. Barnes, M A. Tuffrey, P Crewe, L Dawson, A Brown, and J Joyner

Murine leukaemia virus group-specific antigen in tumour- -resistant tetraparental akr-cba/h-t6 chimaeras., R D. Barnes, M Tuffrey, J Holliday, J H. Hilgers, and T Souissi

The innate resistance of cba mice to endogenous murine leukaemia virus infection., R D. Barnes, M Tuffrey, E J. Wills, G Mahouy, and J Lasneret

Immunologic suppression of dna synthesis in mopc 104e plasmacytoma cells., C W. Barnhill, V K. Ghanta, R N. Hiramoto, and K L. Yielding

Biological effects of escherichia colia lipopolysaccharide (lps) in vivo. I. Selection in the mouse thymus of killer and helper cells., C D. Baroni, L Ruco, G S. Franceschi, S Uccini, L Adorini, and G Doria

Postexposure serum prophylaxis of neonatal herpes simplex virus infection in mice., S Baron, M G. Worthington, J Williams, and J W. Gaines

Immune lymph node rna as a protective malarial immunogen against plasmodium berghei. Abstr., M L. Barr, E J. Cabrera, and J E. Heidrich

Large scale production of h-2 antigens for structural determination. Abstr., P A. Barstad, P F. Weinheimer, and R T. Acton

Daunorubicin inhibition of dna-dependent rna polyerases from ehrlich ascites tumor cells., V Barthelemy-Clavey, C Molinier, and R Maral

Effect of serum on the growth of balb 3t3 a31 mouse fibroblasts and an sv40-transformed derivative., J C. Bartholomew, H Yokota, and P Ross

Development of a vaccine for immunotherapy of murine leukemia. Abstr., G L. Bartlett, J W. Kreider, and D M. Purnell

Relationship between intradermal tumor suppression and tumor immunity., G L. Bartlett, J W. Kreider, and D M. Purnell

Bcg inhibition of murine leukemia. Local suppression and systemic tumor immunity require different doses., G L. Bartlett, D M. Purnell, and J W. Kreider

Human fetal pituitaries in nu/nu mice., G Bastert, matthiesen H. Schmidt, P Althoff, K H. Usadel, and H P. Fortmeyer

Propagation of mouse mammary tumor cell lines and production of mouse mammary tumor virus in a serum-free medium., R F. Bauer, L O. Arthur, and D L. Fine

Acquired cellular resistance following transfer of lymphocytes from mice infected repeatedly with staphylococcus aureus., R E. Baughn and P F. Bonventre

Immunoglobulin biosynthesis by the mopc 173 mouse myeloma tumor and a variant spleen clone., R Baumal and M D. Scharff

Etude des gangliosides dans le cerveau de souris au cours de sa maturation. Mise en evidence d'un nouveau ganglioside., N Baumann, S Pollet, and M Harpin

Stimulation of growth in the little mouse., W G. Beamer and E M. Eicher

Antibody against the antigen receptor of a plasmacytoma prolongs survival of mice bearing the tumor., P G. Beatty, B S. Kim, D A. Rowley, and L W. Coppleson

A quantitative study of the second meiotic metaphase in male mice (mus musculus)., R A. Beatty, M Lim, and V J. Coulter

Alteration of tumor-cell growth by anti-inflammatory drugs. Abstr., M A. Beaven, M C. Mello, Z Horakova, R E. Shaff, and V Hial

Antibody response of c3h-(ckb x cwb)f1 tetraparental mice to poly-l(tyr,glu)-poly-d,l-ala--poly-l-lys immunization., K B. Bechtol and H O. Devitt

Non-mutagenicity of phosphonoacetic acid (disodium salt) in in vitro tests and in rodents. Abstr., B A. Becker, B A. Bopp, D J. Brusick, and S B. Lehrer