Submissions from 1976

The requirement for esterase activation in the anti-immunoglobulin-triggered movement of b lymphocytes., E L. Becker and E R. Unanue

The "natural killer" cell in the mouse does not require h-2 homology and is not directed against type or group-specific antigens of murine c viral proteins., S Becker, E M. Fenyo, and E Klein

Decreased "natural killer" effect in tumor-bearing mice and its relation to the immunity against oncorna virus-determined cell surface antigens., S Becker and E Klein

Uptake of circulating iron by the duodenum of normal mice and mice with altered iron stores, including sex-linked anemia. High resolution radioautographic study., Y C. Bedard, P H. Pinkerton, and G T. Simon

The effect of oxytetracycline on the response to insulin of diaphragm muscle and on lipid synthesis in vivo and in vitro in the ob/ob mouse., heick N. Begin and H M. Heick

Cell membrane sialoglycopeptides of corticoid-sensitive and -resistant lymphosarcoma p1798., U J. Behrens and V P. Hollander

Characteristics of immunity induced by neuraminidase- -treated lymphosarcoma cells in c3h (mtv+) and c3h (mtv-) mice., J G. Bekesi, J P. Roboz, and J F. Holland

Chemoimmunotherapy in human and experimental leukemia. In j. Clemmesen and d. S. Yohn [ed.], Comparative, J G. Bekesi, J P. Roboz, and J F. Holland

Tolbutamide treatment of pregnant mice. Repeated adminis- tration reduces fetal lethality., R J. Belisle and S Y. Long

Barbiturate-induced physical dependence and functional tolerance development in inbred mice. Abstr., J K. Belknap, G Ondrusek, and S Waddingham

C'3 participation in the rejection of some experimental tumors., L Bellelli and M L. Sezzi

In vitro maturation of thymocytes by a macrophage product. Abstr., D I. Beller

Histological and histochemical studies of myocardial lesions in balbc/cr mice., O Bellini, A M. Casazza, and A D. Marco

The effects of a macrophage-derived cytotoxin on the growth and metabolism of target cells., R B. Bell and K L. Ivor

Influence of dietary protein restriction on immune competence. II. Effect on lymphoid tissue., R G. Bell, L A. Hazell, and P Price

The influence of dietary protein deficiency on haemopoietic cells in the mouse., R G. Bell, L A. Hazell, and J W. Sheridan

Glutathione peroxidase activity and glutathione concentration in genetically dystrophic mice., R R. Bell and H H. Draper

The release of insulin from pancreatic islets of lean and obese mice stimulated in vitro by pituitary glands from obese mice and by high glucose concentrations., chain A. Beloff and J Hawthorn

Further studies on the histological, cytological and cytogenetic effects of nogalamycin in mammals., M A. Bempong and R M. Butts

Critical intracellular methotrexate concentration for inhibition of dna synthesis in l1210 cells in vitro., R A. Bender, D R. Makula, and J M. Pitts

Morphological transformation and chromosome aberrations produced by two hair dye components., W F. Benedict

Interference between dinitrophenyl and azobenzenearsonate determinants on in vitro binding to lymphoid cells. II. Type of binding cells and studies at the level of individual lymphoid cells., efraim S. Ben, R Kleinman, and P Liacopoulos

Interferences between dinitrophenyl and azobenzenearsonate determinant on in vitro binding to lymphoid cells. I. Effect of the heterologous conjugate on the specific binding to a population of spleen cells from normal or immunized mice., efraim S. Ben, R Kleinman, and P Liacopoulos

Antibody formation in mouse bone marrow. V. The response to the thymus-independent antigen escherichia coli lipoly- saccharide., R Benner and A V. Oudenaren

Genetic change in mutations at the t/t-locus in the mouse., D Bennett, L C. Dunn, and K Artzt

Prevention by spermidine of the immunosuppression caused by methylglyoxal-bis-guanylhydrazone in mice. Abstr., J Bennett, J Ehrke, C Dave, and E Mihich

Biochemical properties ofd the nucleoside of 3-amino-5- -methyl-1,5-dihydro-1,4,5,6,8-pentaazaacenaphthylene (nsc 154020.) Abstr., L L. Bennett, D L. Smithers, and D L. Hill

Selective elimination of marrow precursors with the boneseeking isotope 89sr. Implications for hemopoiesis, lymphopoiesis, viral leukemogenesis and infection., M Bennett, E E. Baker, J W. Eastcott, V Kumar, and D Yonkosky

Suppression of c-type expression in large-scale in vitro production of mouse mammary tumor virus. Abstr., C V. Benton, O R. Robinson, G Schidlovsky, and G P. Shibley

Immunological enhancement of leukemia l1210 by corynebacterium parvum in allogeneic mice., D A. Berd and M S. Mitchell

Genetics of the idiotype of balb/c myeloma s117. Multiple chromosomal loci for vh genes encoding specificity for group a streptococcal carbohydrate., C Berek, B A. Taylor, and K Eichmann

Intercellular immunological controls and modulation of cyclic amp levels. Some doubts., M C. Berenbaum, E C. Purves, and I E. Addison

Evidence for a role of zinc in the storage of insulin in the mouse pancreatic b-cells. Abstr., O Berglund and B Hellman

Immunoprophylaxis and immunotherapy of transplantable mammary tumor with solubilized membrane antigens. Abstr., D Beringer and E M. Edynak

A freeze-fracture study of sarcoplasmic reticulum from fast and slow muscle of the mouse., T Beringer

Freeze-fractured sarcoplasmic reticulum of fast and slow muscle from normal and dystrophic mice. Abstr., T Beringer

Redistribution of membrane proteins in enucleated cells. Abstr., G Berke and Z Fishelson

In vitro recognition of alloantigens. Nature of responding and stimulating cells., M Berman, K Puryear, and B F. Argyris

Complement inhibitor(s) released from leukocytes. II. Evidence that lymphocytes release and produce an inhibitor of c2 activation., A Bernard, L Boumsell, and R A. Good

Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in mice. Genetic control of susceptibility., C C. Bernard

T cell necessity in the pathogenesis of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in mice., C C. Bernard, J Leydon, and I R. Mackay

Glucose-dependent turnover of phospholipids in the pancreatic b-cells of mice. Abstr., C Berne

Mouse skin assay of condensate from smoking products other than tobacco., P Bernfeld and F Homburger

Increase of akr-specific sequences in tumor tissues of leukemic akr mice., A Berns and R Jaenisch

Induction by ouabain of hemoglobin synthesis in cultured friend erythroleukemic cells., A Bernstein, D M. Hunt, V Crichley, and T W. Mak

Minimal requirements for in vitro activity of chemically defined synthetic antigens as immunogenic carrier molecules., A Bernstein, A Yaron, and A Globerson

Immunity to tumor antigens. Potential implications in human neuroblastoma., I Bernstein, I Hellstrom, K E. Hellstrom, and P W. Wright

Modification of growth of neuroblastoma cells in syngeneic mice by aldehyde-treated neuroblastoma cells., L Bertolini, L Diamond, and R Revoltella

Enhancement by actinomycin d of dimethylbenzanthracene induced cell killing and malignant transformation in cultured c3h/10t 1/2 cl8 cells. Abstr., J S. Bertram

Preparation and properties of antisera directed against antigens of the p-815 mastocytoma cell not shared by its syngeneic host, the dba/2 mouse., M Bertschmann, K J. Clemetson, and E F. Luscher

H-2 linked genetic control of the antibody response to staphylococcal nuclease in mice as delineated with polypeptide fragments. Abstr., J A. Berzofsky, A N. Schechter, G M. Shearer, and D H. Sachs

Erythropoietic events in cultured embryonic mouse spleen., H Bessler, I Nothi, P Fishman, and M Djaldetti

Effect of glucose and gastrointestinal hormones on the accumulation and efflux of cyclic amp from isolated islets of langerhans of lean and obese hyperglycaemic mice. Abstr., L Best, T W. Atkins, and A J. Matty

Absence of an effect of t-alleles on epididymal and testicular metabolism of 5-3h-uridine in mice., C J. Betlach and R P. Erickson

Cross-priming for a secondary cytotoxic response to minor h antigens with h-2 congenic cells which do not cross- -react in the cytotoxic assay., M J. Bevan

H-2 restriction of cytolysis after immunization of minor h congenic pairs of mice., M J. Bevan

Minor h antigens introduced on h-2 different stimulating cells cross-react at the cytotoxic t cell level during in vivo priming., M J. Bevan

H-2 antigen-specific cytotoxic t cells induced by concanavalin a. Estimation of their relative frequencey., M J. Bevan, R E. Langeman, and M Cohn

Normal and nude mice. Comparison of antibody formation with mediator sensitivity. Abstr., A Bewtra, K Koesnadi, E Chaperon, R Townley, and D Magee

Developmental changes of carbonic anhydrase in the retina of the mouse. A histochemical study., J Bhattacharjee

Genetic resistance to lethal flavivirus encephalitis. II. Effect of immunosuppression., P N. Bhatt and R O. Jacoby

Characteristics of a mucin-type sialoglycopeptide produced by b16 mouse melanoma cells., V P. Bhavanandan and E A. Davidson

Surface immunoglobulins of lymphocytes in plasmacytoma. V. The effect of rna-rich extract from mouse plasmacytoma mopc 104e on the immune response., N Bhoopalam, Y Chen, V Yakulis, and P Heller

Relationship between plasmacytoma (pc) induced surface immunoglobulin (sig) conversion and immunosuppression. Abstr., N Bhoopalam, J Katzmann, D Giacomoni, and P Heller

Surface immunoglobulins of lymphocytes in mouse plasmacytoma. IV. Evidence for the persistence of the effect of plasmacytoma-rna on the surface immunoglobulins of normal lymphocytes in vivo and in vitro., N Bhoopalam, V Yakulis, D Giacomoni, and P Heller

Drug sensitivity of l1210 cells in exponential and plateau phase growth. Abstr., B K. Bhuyan

Effect of nitrobenzene derivatives on oxygen superoxide production in cellular and chemical models. Abstr., J E. Biaglow, B Jacobson, C L. Greenstock, and J Raleigh

Electron transfer in ehrlich ascites tumor cells in the presence of nitrofurans., J E. Biaglow, O F. Nygaard, and C L. Greenstock

Frequency of the various stages of the seminiferous epithelium in defferent strains of male mice., M Bianchi and X V. Tiglao

Pericentromeric chromosome organization in mouse cells. Abstr., N O. Bianchi, M S. Bianchi, M E. Lezana, and L A. Rioja

Complement and macrophage activation. Abstr., C Bianco, A Eden, and Z A. Cohn

The induction of macrophage spreading. Role of coagulation factors and the complement system., C Bianco, A Eden, and Z A. Cohn

Mycoplasma pneumoniae is a polyclonal b-cell activator., G Biberfeld and E Gronowicz

Development of reduced immunological responsiveness in tumor-bearing mice. Abstr., W E. Biddison and J C. Palmer

Stimulation of transplanted 3-methylcholanthrene-induced sarcomas in mice by specific immune and by normal serum., C Biddle

Genetics of cortisone-induced cleft palate in the mouse-- embryonic and maternal effects., F G. Biddle and F C. Fraser

Nigrostriatal effects of morphine in two mouse strains., E D. Bigler and E Eidelberg

Growth of mammary tumors after lymphocyte removal by antisera. Abstr., R D. Bigler, D E. Griswold, and G H. Heppner

Postnatal development of cerebellum in high and low-weight littermates in normal mouse. Abstr., V Bijlani, M S. Grewal, and K Rao

Properties of two distinct classes of leukemia viruses induced from c3h mouse cells., I Bikel

Organotypic culture studies of myelin-deficient quaking mutant mice. A progress report. Abstr., gagliardi S. Billings, M Suva, and M K. Wolf

M-locus. Linkage studies. Abstr., C Bishop, H Festenstein, and B Taylor

Mouse factor b of the alternative pathway of complement activation. I. Purification, characterization, and functional behavior., suermann D. Bitter, R Burger, V Brade, and U Hadding

Incomplete viral synthesis in friend leukemia virus- -induced reticulum cell sarcomas., D R. Black and A H. Fieldsteel

Different recovery patterns of mouse haemopoietic stem cells in response to cytotoxic agents., N M. Blackett and R E. Millard

Etiologic related studies of ultraviolet light-mediated carcinogenesis., H S. Black and J T. Chan

Etiologic related studies of ultraviolet light-mediated carcinogenesis., H S. Black and J T. Chan

Abnormal brain catecholamine enzymes in weaver mutant mice., I B. Black

Apparent intermediate expression of elevated tyrosine hydroxylase activity in brain of weaver mutant mice., I B. Black

Cellular hypersensitivity to gp55 of riii-murine mammary tumor virus and gp55-like protein of human breast cancers., M M. Black, R E. Zachrau, A S. Dion, B Shore, O L. Fine, H P. Leis, and C J. Williams

Idiotypic analysis of lymphocytes in vitro. I. Specificity and heterogeneity of b and t lymphocytes reactive with anti-idiotypic antibody., S J. Black, G J. Hammerling, C Berek, K Rajewsky, and K Eichmann

Inherited resistance to n- and b-tropic murine leukemia viruses in vitro. Effect of dexamethasone on the expression of the fv-1 gene in the congenic strains sim and sim.r., M E. Blackstein and M A. Kochman

Study of methylcholanthrene-induced sarcoma cell membranes by cell surface iodination. Abstr., R Blackstock

Natural immunity in the oncornavirus-infected mouse., P B. Blair

Antibody in the sera of tumor-bearing mice that mediates spleen cell cytotoxicity toward the autologous tumor., P B. Blair, M Lane, and P Mar

Complexity of factors in sera of different mice that affect mtv-induced mammary tumor cells., P B. Blair, M Lane, and P Mar

Mitochondrial proline dehydrogenase deficiency in hyperprolinemic pro/re mice. Genetic and enzymatic analyses., R L. Blake, J G. Hall, and E S. Russell

Effects of four h-2k mutations on virus-induced antigens recognized by cytotoxic t cells., R V. Blanden, M B. Dunlop, P C. Doherty, H I. Kohn, and I F. Kenzie

The cell-mediated immune response to ectromelia virus infection. I. Kinetics and characteristics of the primary effector t cell response in vivo., R V. Blanden and I D. Gardner

Mode of action of ir genes and the nature of t cell receptors for antigen., R V. Blanden, A J. Hapel, and D C. Jackson