Submissions from 1976

Reaction. Its use in the study of graft versus host capability of mouse lymphoid cells from various anatomic sites., P J. Catanzaro, R C. Graham, A E. Powell, D S. Phillips, and T O. Transfer

Mouse red-cell rosettes in b-lymphoproliferative disorders., D Catovsky, M Cherchi, A Okos, U Hegde, and D A. Galton

The mutagenicity of cyclamates and their metabolites. (review)., B M. Cattanach

Translocation yield from the mouse spermatogonial stem cell following fractionated x-ray treatments. Influence of unequal fraction size and of increasing fractionation interval., B M. Cattanach, C M. Heath, and J M. Tracey

Antimetastasis effect of two derivatives of epipodophyllotoxin in mice., A Cattan, C Pourny, Y Carpentier, E Cattan, and M Barouh

Membrane potential dependent binding of scorpion toxin to action potential na+ ionophore., W A. Catterall, R Ray, and C S. Morrow

The reeler mutant mouse., V S. Caviness, T O. Cell, and F D. Of

On anterograde and retrograde methods., V S. Caviness, J A. Yorke, T N. Corpus, and U I. Based

Effects of d- and 1-amphetamine on dorsal and ventral hypothalamic self-stimulation in three inbred strains of mice., P Cazala

Self-stimulation thresholds and dorso-ventral variation in the lateral hypothalamus in mouse. Effects of food and water deprivation., P Cazala, Y Cazals, and B Cardo

Genetic analysis of self-stimulation behaviour in mice. Abstr., P Cazala, J Guenet, and B Cardo

The role of genetic factors in the determination of self- -stimulation behaviour in the mosue. Backcross analysis., P Cazala and J L. Guenet

Organization of highly repeated sequences in mouse main-band dna., T R. Cech and J E. Hearst

An in vitro immuno-emzymatic assay of tumor antigens in the mouse with beta-galactosidase., F Celada, P G. Natali, and J Radojkovic

Hormone induction of specific protein synthesis in midpregnant mouse mammary cell culture., R L. Ceriani

Interactions of murine leukemia virus (mulv) with isolated lymphocytes. Iii. Alterations of splenic b and t cells in friend virus-infected mice., J Cerny, M Essex, and D B. Thomas

Interactions of murine leukemia virus (mulv) with isolated lymphocytes. I. Virus replication in lymphocytes infected with friend virus and cultured in diffusion chambers in vivo., J Cerny, S H. Fistel, and P A. Hensgen

Interactions of murine leukemia virus (mulv) with isolated lymphocytes. II. Infection of b and t cells with friend virus complex in diffusion chambers and in vitro. Effect of polyclonal mitogens., J Cerny, P A. Hensgen, S H. Fistel, and L M. Demler

Immunosuppression by moloney leukemia virus. Lack of correlation between virus replication and the immunosuppressive effect., J Cerny, M R. Proffitt, and M Essex

Generation of cytolytic t lymphocytes in vitro from alloimmune spleen cells., J Cerottini, H D. Engers, F W. Fitch, and K T. Brunner

Reticular cell hyperplasia and amyloidosis in a line of mice with low leukocyte counts., C K. Chai

Gamma aminobutyric acid in different strains of mice. Effect of ethanol., A W. Chan

Studies on the stimulation and suppression of deoxyribo- nucleic acid (dna) synthesis in lymph node cells of mice bearing progressively growing tumours., K D. Chandradasa and J Bradley

Coexistence of helper and suppressor activities in carrier-primed spleen cells., E L. Chan and C Henry

Heterogeneity of acetylcholinesterase in neuroblastoma., C Chang and A J. Blume

Tumor surface and transplantation antigens from sv40 transformed al/n mouse cells. Abstr., C Chang, S J. Pancake, S W. Luborsky, D P. Mora, and E S. Of

A cultured line of nonproducer reticulum cell sarcoma induced by mulv-rauscher in c57bl/6 mice. Abstr., K S. Chang, L W. Law, and W Liu

Induction of oncogenic transformation in vitro by ultraviolet light., G L. Chan and J B. Little

Regulation of mitogen response and ehrlich ascites tumor growth by miconazole. Abstr., S P. Chang, Y Hokama, D Masaki, M A. Abad, G W. Fischer, M H. Crumrine, and M W. Balk

Transcription in vitro of ehrlich ascites tumor dna and chromatin by purified homologous rna polymerase ii (or b)., J Y. Chan, R Loor, and T Y. Wang

Role des anticorps facilitants dans la grossesse et la prise des tumeurs., G Chaouat

Influence of reticuloendothelial blockade on the induction of tolerance and immunity by polysaccharides., G Chaouat and J G. Howard

Role of the adenylate deaminase reaction in regulation of adenine nucleotide metabolism in ehrlich ascites tumor cells., A G. Chapman, A L. Miller, and D E. Atkinson

Somatic cell genetic evidence for x-chromosome linkage of three enzymes in the mouse., V M. Chapman and T B. Shows

Further immunization studies with mammary tumor virus., J Charney, J A. Holben, C M. Cody, and D H. Moore

Quantitative studies of integration of murine leukemia virus after exogenous infection., S K. Chattopadhyay, W P. Rowe, and A S. Levine

Serological and cell-mediated responses between c57bl/6j and h(zl). Abstr., P H. Chauvenet and R T. Smith

The role of thymus subpopulations in 't' leukemia development., R Chazan and ghera N. Haran

Immunologic protection against murine hodgkin's like reticulum cell sarcoma. Abstr., J H. Check, P L. Leipold, and L W. Brady

Modulation of the immune response by a synthetic adjuvant and analogs., L Chedid, F Audibert, P Lefrancier, J Choay, and E Lederer

Failure of endotoxin to increase nonspecific resistance to infection of lipopolysaccharide low-responder mice., L Chedid, M Parant, C Damais, F Parant, D Juy, and A Galelli

Effect of methionine deprivation on l5178y murine leukemia cells in culture interference with the antineoplastic effect of methotrexate., P L. Chello and J R. Bertino

Specificity of the antifolate transport mechanism of mouse intestinal epithelia versus l1210 leukemia for n10 substituents. Abstr., P L. Chello, F M. Sirotnak, D M. Dorick, and D J. Hutchison

Effect of 6-hydroxydopamine on tumor growth., szorc E. Chelmicka and B G. Arnason

Selection for spontaneous or priming-induced audiogenic seizure susceptibility in mice., C Chen and J L. Fuller

Further studies on the thymocyte stimulating factor., D Chen and G D. Sabato

Erythropoietic mouse spleen., T Cheng, A H. Kazazian, E. Alpha, and B M. In

In vitro suppression, by antigen, of differentiation of non-dividing precursors to pfc. Abstr., J C. Chen and M A. Leon

The immune response to dextran in balb/c mice. I. Modification of 'thymus-independent' response by the t cell mitogen concanavalin a., J C. Chen and M A. Leon

Identification and characterization of surface membrane proteins of leukemic cells. Abstr., K Y. Chen

Mitogenicity of thrombin and surface alterations on mouse splenocytes., L B. Chen, N N. Teng, and J M. Buchanan

Spontaneous pleomorphic changes in mouse epidermis auto-transplanted intraperitoneally. Abstr., W G. Chen

Passive immunity to murine plasmacytoma by rabbit antiidiotypic antibody to myeloma protein., Y Chen, V Yakulis, and P Heller

Studies on the role of the host immune response in recovery from friend virus leukemia. II. Cell-mediated immunity., B Chesbro and K Wehrly

Studies on the role of the host immune response in recovery from friend virus leukemia. I. Antiviral and antileuke- mia cell antibodies., B Chesebro and K Wehrly

Characterization of ia8 antigen, thy-1.2 Antigen, complement receptors, and virus production in a group of murine virus-induced leukemia cell lines., B Chesebro, K Wehrly, K Chesebro, and J Protis

Localization of the membrane defects in transepiethelial transport of taurine by parallel studies in vivo and in vitro in hypertaurinuric mice., R W. Chesney, C R. Scriver, and F Mohyuddin

Caffeine enhancement of digestion of dna by nuclease s1., C J. Chetsanga, K Rushlow, and V Boyd

Changes in structural integrity of heart dna from aging mice., C J. Chetsanga, M Tuttle, and A Jacoboni

Mouse hydrocephalus and encephalitis following intra- cerebral infection with newcastle disease vaccine viruses., lim M. Chew and H E. Webb

Relationships of surface immunoglobulin bearing cells, plasma cells and tumor development in anaplastic carcinoma bearing a/j mice. Abstr., D S. Chi and N S. Harris

Abnormally large lamellar bodies in type ii pneumocytes in chediak-higashi syndrome in beige mice., E Y. Chi, D Lagunoff, and J K. Koehler

Suppressive capacity of haptenated isologous immunoglobulin on murine antibody responses. Abstr., J M. Chiller, U Podleski, K Everlith, and Y Borel

The surface morphology and the cell cycle of mastocytoma target cells. No apparent effect on cell-mediated killing., L M. Ching, J B. Gavin, J Marbrook, and M Skinner

Suppression of anti-penicillin reaginic antibody responses by penicillin coupled to a "d" amino acid copolymer. Abstr., N Chiorazzi, Z Eshhar, and D H. Katz

Hapten-specific ige antibody responses in mice. VI. Selective enhancement of ige antibody production by low doses of x- -irradiation and by cyclophosphamide., N Chiorazzi, D A. Fox, and D H. Katz

In vitro induction of tumor-specific immunity. II. Activation of cytotoxic lymphocytes in murine oncofetal antigens., S E. Chism, R C. Burton, and N L. Warner

Analysis of murine oncofetal antigens as tumor-associated transplantation antigens., S E. Chism, S Wallis, R C. Burton, and N L. Warner

Phenylalanine hydroxylation and tyrosine requirement of cultured cells. Evidence of phenylalanine hydroxylation in mastocytoma cells in culture., K H. Choo, R G. Cotton, and D M. Danks

Ultraviolet light carcinogenesis in hairless mice. Cell kinetics during induction and progression of squamous cell carcinoma as estimated by the double-labeling method., D P. Chopra

Inhibition and reversal by beta-retinoic acid of hyperplasia induced in cultured mouse prostate tissue by 3-methylcholanthrene or n-methyl-n'-nitro-n-nitrosoguanidine., D P. Chopra and L J. Wilkoff

Immunological unresponsiveness of nude mice to lcm virus infection., P J. Christoffersen, M Volkert, and J Rygaard

Aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase in mouse mammary gland., A H. Chuang and E Bresnick

Induction of aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase (ahh) in mouse mammary glands and their primary cultured cells. Abstr., A H. Chuang and E Bresnick

Steel (sl) mutation in mice. Identification of mutant embryos early in development., D H. Chui, B V. Loyer, and E S. Russell

Fetal erythropoiesis in flexed tailed mutant(f/f) mice. Abstr., D H. Chui, G D. Sweeney, and M Patterson

Induction of macrophage colony-forming cells in the pleural cavity., J Chu and H Lin

Effects of 5-fluorodeoxyuridine on cell viability and uptake of deoxycytidine and [3h]cytosine arabinoside in l5178y cells., M Y. Chu, M L. Hoovis, and G A. Fischer

Antitumor evaluation of 2-[bis(2-chloroethyl) amino]-5- -hydroxymethyl-1,3,2-oxazaphospholidine 2-oxides and derivatives. Abstr., M Y. Chu and J G. Turcotte

Macrophage requirement for the in vitro response to tnp-ficoll. A thymic independent antigen., T M. Chused, S S. Kassan, and D E. Mosier

Increased frequency of splenic lymphocytes with low density surface immunoglobulin in new zealand mice. Abstr., T M. Chused, S O. Sharrow, and S S. Kassan

Enzymic modifications in a cultivated neuroblastoma clone after bromodeoxyuridine treatment., treska J. Ciesielski, G Tholey, B Wurtz, and P Mandel

Relationship of activity and obesity in genetically obese yellow (ay/a) mice., G R. Cizadlo, N H. Granholm, and G W. Brown

Cytodynamics in the thymus of young adult mice. A quantitative study on the loss of thymic blast cells and non-proliferative small thymocytes., M H. Claesson and N R. Hartman

Differential effect of cortisol on thymocytes from mice of different ages., M H. Claesson and V Tjell

Clonal repertoire for the immune response to phosphoryl- choline in mice. Abstr., J L. Claflin

Genetic marker in the variable region of kappa chains of mouse anti-phosphorylcholine antibodies., J L. Claflin

Uniformity in the clonal repertoire for the immune response to phosphorylcholine in mice., J L. Claflin

A b-cell mitogen from actinomyces viscosus ii. Autoradiographic and fluorescent microscopic examination of responding cells. Abstr., J Clagett, D Engel, and E Chi

Tolerance and contact sensitivity to dnfb in mice. V. Induction of tolerance with dnp compounds and with free and membrane-associated dnfb., H N. Claman

Requirements for induction of t cell tolerance to dnfb. Efficiency of membrane-associated dnfb., H N. Claman and S D. Miller

Sex-dependent protection against diethylnitrosamine- -induced squamous cell carcinomas of forestomach by concomitant administration of food additive, butylated hydroxytoluene. Abstr., N K. Clapp, W C. Klima, and L C. Satterfield

Effects of butylated hydroxytolune treatment upon survival and carcinogenesis after x-rays or diethylnitrosamine. Abstr., N K. Clapp, L C. Satterfield, and W C. Klima

Nonantibody-mediated suppression of delayed hypersensitivity to hyman gamma-globulin in mice., C Clark, M M. Azar, and D F. Gleason

Effect of cortisone (cor) and cyclophosphamide (cy) on development of delayed hypersensitivity (dhs) to higg in mice. Abstr., C Clark, M Azar, and P Rogers

Characterization of cells that suppress the cytotoxic activity of t lymphocytes. I. Quantitative measurement of inhibitor cells., D A. Clark, R A. Phillips, and R G. Miller

Properties of cells suppressing lysis of 51cr-labelled targets by sensitized t-lymphocytes (ctl). Abstr., D A. Clark, R A. Phillips, and R G. Miller

Genetics of proliferative and effector phases of the graft-versus-host (gvh) reaction. Abstr., E A. Clark

Friend spleen focus-forming virus production in vitro by a nonerythroid cell line., B J. Clarke, A A. Axelrad, and D Housman

Lysosomal enzyme activation in irradiated mammary tumors., C Clarke and E D. Wills