Submissions from 1976

T cell response in h-2 congenic mice to friend virus- -induced tumor cell lines. Abstr., K J. Blank, H A. Freedman, and F Lilly

T-lymphocyte response to friend virus-induced tumour cell lines in mice of strains congenic at h-2., K J. Blank, H A. Freedman, and F Lilly

The fv-2r resistance gene in mice. Its effect on spleen colony formation by friend virus-transformed cells., K J. Blank, R A. Steeves, and F Lilly

Changes in histone f2a2 associated with proliferation of friend leukaemic cells., L A. Blankstein and S B. Levy

Blocking of specific cell-mediated immunity against sv40 tumor-specific transplantation antigen. Abstr., J W. Blasecki

Effects of ovariectomy and estradiol on body weight and food intake in gold thioglucose-treated mice., J D. Blaustein, R T. Gentry, E J. Roy, and G N. Wade

Effect of local administration of levan on skin homograft rejection in mice., I Bleiberg, G Strassman, J Leibovici, and M Wolman

Changes in thymocyte reactivity to lectins induced by b-cell mitogens of the type of sulphated polyanions., willinger E. Blitstein, G Schulz, and T Diamantstein

Formation of cytidine 3',5'-monophosphate (cyclic cmp) in extracts of leukemia l-1210 cells. Abstr., A Bloch and R J. Leonard

Thermal enhanced drug uptake in l1210 cells. Abstr., J B. Block and A Peale

125iudr. Prototype for selective subcellular radiation therapy. Abstr., W D. Bloomer and S J. Adelstein

Sympathetic ganglion cell x neuroblastoma hybrids with opiate receptors., J Blosser, J Abbott, and W Shain

Mouse neuroblastoma cell adenylate cyclase. Regulation by 2-choloroadensoine, prostaglandin e1 and the cations mg2+, ca2+ and mn2+., A J. Blume and C J. Foster

Vindesine (v) - phase i study of a vinca alkaloid. Abstr., R H. Blum and D M. Dawson

Mice given injections of mineral oil., L A. Bober, M J. Kranepool, C Bojko, G Steiner, N V. Hollander e, and X E. In

Inhibitory effect of endotoxin on the growth of plasma cell tumor., L A. Bober, M J. Kranepool, and V P. Hollander

Esterase. Xxii. Cellular and subcellular localisation of the es-9 esterase in mouse kidney., A Bocking, J Hansert, and O Von deimling

Effects of 5-mercapto-2'-deoxyuridine on the incorporation of nucleosides into rna and dna in a primary lymphocyte culture system., D Bogyo, T J. Bardos, and Z F. Chmielewicz

Preservation of plaque-forming cells by means of deep freezing., F Bohm and R Dvorak

Effect of prolactin and growth hormone on prolactin and lh receptors in the dwarf mouse., H G. Bohnet and H G. Friesen

Latent infection of mouse cells with human cytomegalovirus., I Boldogh, E Gonczol, L Gartner, L Vaczi, and S Michelson

Chromatin bound protein kinases in differentiating neuroblastoma cells in the presence and absence of cyclic amp. Abstr., B M. Bombik and P Reichel

Resemblance of blast responses of c3h/hej mouse and rabbit spleen lymphocytes to b-cell mitogenic components of e. Coli cell walls., C Bona

Pha dependent immune rejection of syngeneic tumors. Abstr., B Bonavida

Direct estimation of frequency of cytotoxic t lymphocytes by a modified plaque assay., B Bonavida, B Ikejiri, and E Kedar

A new plaque assay to enumerate cytotoxic t lymphocytes (ctl). Abstr., B Bonavida and E Keder

Suppression of allogeneic lymphomas in spleens of irradiated mice. Importance of the d end of the h-2 complex., E Bonmassar and G Cudkowicz

Histological and histochemical investigations of achondroplastic mice. A possible model of human achondroplasia., E Bonucci, A D. Marco, B Nicoletti, P Petrinelli, and L Pozzi

Genetic differences in carcinogenic index of benzo[a] pyrene in vivo and binding of its metabolites to dna in vitro. Abstr., A R. Boobis and D W. Nebert

Effect of reduced temperature on cellular processing and secretion of immunoglobulin (ig) by mouse myeloma cells., R Boomhour and R Baumal

Sarcomas routinely produced from putatively nontumorigenic balb/3t3 and c3h/10t1/2 cells by subcutaneous inoculation attached to plastic platelets., C W. Boone and J B. Jacobs

Vasoformative sarcomas arising from balb/3t3 cells attached to solid substrates., C W. Boone, N Takeichi, M Paranjpe, and R Gilden

Immune conservation. A possible consequence of the mechanism of interferon-induced antibody suppression., R J. Booth, J M. Booth, and J Marbrook

Modulating effects of interferon preparations on an antibody response in vitro., R J. Booth, J M. Rastrick, A R. Bellamy, and J Marbrook

Effects of long-term restricted insulin production in obese-hyperglycemic (genotype ob/ob) mice., C N. Boozer and J Mayer

Differences in the expression of spontaneous and experimental diabetes in mice. Abstr., L Boquist, J Holm, J Sehlin, and I Taljedal

The cellular immune capacity of mice with transplanted lymphoid leukemia., M Boranic and blazi M. Poljak

Capillary migration of the cells of three murine tumours., M Boranic, A Sabioncello, M Radacic, D Dekaris, and B Veselic

Correlation of in vivo malignancy with in vitro properties of human-mouse hybrid cells., M R. Bordelon, T B. Shows, T R. Chen, and E Stubblefield

Tumor-associated macrophages as the primary source of lysozyme in the urine of mice bearing gpc-11, a transplantable reticulum cell sarcoma., S Bordin and E T. Young

Comparative study of in vitro and in vivo drug effects on cell-mediated cytotoxicity., J F. Borel

Carrier determined tolerance with various subclasses of murine myeloma igg., Y Borel, D T. Golan, L Kilham, and H Borel

Isologous igg-induced tolerance to benzyl penicilloyl., Y Borel, L Kilham, N Hyslop, and H Borel

Genetic differentiation of the thymus in mice of different lines as related to malignant growth. IV. Genetic analysis of the thymus index in mice., P M. Borodin, L Schuler, I Y. Videlets, E V. Gruntenko, and D K. Belyaev

Transplantation of hematopoietic and lymphoid cells in mice. H-2 matched unrelated adult donors compared with h-2 mismatched fetal donors., M M. Bortin, A A. Rimm, W C. Rose, and E C. Saltzstein

Induction and abrogation of unresponsiveness in nude mouse cells., schneider R. Bosing and M Haug

Role of cyclic amp on differentiation of t- and b- -lymphocytes during the immune induction., schneider R. Bosing and M Haug

Chronic suppression of immunoglobulin allotype production in adult congenic mice., M J. Bosma and G C. Bosma

L cell virus. Infectivity for type n and b mouse embryo cells., S Botis, M Janowski, and J R. Maisin

Limited proliferation of stem cells surviving alkylating agents., L E. Botnick, E C. Hannon, and S Hellman

Rabbits immunized with dna-mbsa. Abstr., J Bourdage, R C. Voss, A O. From, and T N. From

Biosynthese comparee des acides gras, tout particulierement de l'acide lignocerique, dans le rein et le cerveau de souris normale et quaking., J Bourre, O Daudu, and N Baumann

Nervonic acid biosynthesis by erucyl-coa elongation in normal and quaking mouse brain microsomes. Elongation of other unsaturated fatty acyl-coas (mono and poly-unsaturated)., J Bourre, O Daudu, and N Baumann

Biosynthese de l'acide lignocerique dans deux organelles (mitochondries et microsomes) au cours du developpement cerebral de la souris, normal et pathologique (quaking et jimpy)., J Bourre, jouas M. Paturneau, O Daudu, and N Baumann

Antiviral and antitumor antibodies in mouse and human brease cancer. Abstr., J M. Bowen, L Dmochowski, G Seman, and M Scanlon

The ultrastructure of polyploid b-cells in the islets of normal mice., R E. Bowen and F J. Swartz

The ultrastructure of polyploid beta cells in islets of normal mice. Abstr., R E. Bowen and F J. Swartz

Production of collagenase by mouse peritoneal macrophages in vitro. Characterization of sites of cleavage of tropocollagen., P A. Boxer and S J. Leibovich

The host antigen phenomenon in experimental murine schistosomiasis. II. Failure to demonstrate destruction of parasites transferred from hamsters to mice., M H. Boyer and D G. Ketchum

Secondary in vitro lymphocyte-proliferative responses to syngeneic plasma cell tumors., P J. Boyer and J L. Fahey

Stimulation of lymphoid cells from normal and immune mice by syngeneic balb/c plasma cell tumors., P J. Boyer and J L. Fahey

Characterization of immune responses to tumor cells following intralymphatic immunization. Abstr. Proc. Amer. Assoc. Cancer res. 1976, 17.69. 36419, P J. Boyer, G J. Juillard, C H. Yamashiro, and T M. Carthy

Destruction of allogeneic tumour cells by peritoneal macrophages. Production of lytic effectors by immune mice., M D. Boyle and M G. Ormerod

Mouse t-cell tumour immunoglobulin. I. Antigenic properties and effects on t-cell responses., A W. Boylston, S R. Watson, and R L. Anderson

Different calcium requirements for proliferation of conditionally and unconditionally tumorigenic mouse cells., A L. Boynton and J F. Whitfield

The different actions of normal and supranormal calcium concentrations on the proliferation of balb/c3t3 mouse cells., A L. Boynton and J F. Whitfield

A possible involvement of polyamines in the initiation of dna synthesis by human wi-38 and mouse balb/3t3 cells., A L. Boynton, J F. Whitfield, and R J. Isaacs

Calcium-dependent stimulation of balb/c 3t3 mouse cell dna synthesis by a tumor-promoting phorbol ester (pma)., A L. Boynton, J F. Whitfield, and R J. Isaacs

The different roles of serum and calcium in the control of proliferation of balb/c 3t3 mouse cells., A L. Boynton, J F. Whitfield, and R J. Isaacs

Analysis of the humoral immune response to influenza virus in vitro., T J. Braciale, W Gerhard, and N R. Klinman

Endotoxic activity of complexes of myristic acid and proteins., S G. Bradley

Homologous passive cutaneous anaphylaxis (pca) in mice and heterologous pca induced in rats with mouse ige., F Braga and I Mota

Alternative complement pathway. Activity levels in allogeneic pregnancy., M Brai, G Tolone, A Magro, H Waks, and M Brai

Secondary igg responses to type iii pneumococcal polysaccharide. II. Different cellular requirements for induction and elicitation., mullen H. Braley

Immunogenic and immunosuppressive components in soluble preparations from moloney murine leukemia virus-induced tumor cells., P B. Brandchaft, T Aoki, and T N. Silverman

The chediak-higashi (beige) mutation in two mouse strains. Allelism and similarity in lysosomal dysfunction., E J. Brandt and R T. Swank

Distribution of polychlorinated biphenyls. Structural requirements for accumulation in the mouse bronchial mucosa., I Brandt, A Bergman, and C A. Wachtmeister

Electrical stimulation of the large intestine of piebald mice with hereditary megacaolon. Abstr., L Brann and J D. Wood

Mouse strain differences in response to morphine. Abstr., D A. Brase and khanna S. Sampath

Tumor bound immunoglobulins. The relationship between the in vivo coating of tumor cells by potentially cytotoxic anti-tumor antibodies, and the expression of immune complex receptors., G Braslawsky, M Ran, and I P. Witz

Receptors for immune complexes on cells within a polyoma virus-induced murine sarcoma., G R. Braslawsky, D Serban, and I P. Witz

Receptors for immune complexes on cells within a non-lymphoid murine tumor., G R. Braslawsky, M Yaackubowicz, A Frensdorff, and I P. Witz

Failure to suppress theta antigenic expression in progeny derived from pre-immunized maternal recipients., C Braun, G Mahouy, C Bona, zalc C. Goujet, M Tuffrey, A Crewe, and R Barnes

"tumor-immune" Rna conversion of lymphoid cells of tumored mice from being unresponsive to responsive upon challenge with tumor specific antigen. Abstr., D P. Braun and S Dray

In vitro labeling and gold activation autoradiography for determination of labeling index and dna synthesis times of solid tumors., P G. Braunschweiger, L Poulakos, and L M. Schiffer

Host resistance to a spontaneously metastasising melanoma after primary tumour excision., A E. Bray

Thyroid function in the obese mouse. Abstr., G A. Bray and M Ohtake

Isolation of variant lymphoma cells with reduced growth requirements for extracellular calcium and magnesium and enhanced oncogenicity., J K. Brennan, M A. Lichtman, J K. Chamberlain, and P Leblond

Toxicity of bromodeoxyuridine to malignant lymphoid cells. Abstr., J A. Brent and C Bojko

Fetal growth modified by natural and induced changes in maternal reactivity., E J. Breyere

Changes in growth rate of an allotransplantable tumor elicited by feeding of syngeneic and allogeneic tissues. Abstr., E J. Breyere and J R. Heath

Genetic control of non-h-2 linked t-dependent antibody response defects of the bsvs mouse. Abstr., D E. Briles, R M. Krause, and J M. Davie

Reduced axonal transport of dopamine-beta-hydroxylase activity in dystrophic mice. Evidence for abnormality of adrenergic nerve cells., S Brimijoin and C Jablecki

Hormone packaging mechanisms in mouse islets of langerhans. Abstr., J E. Brinn

Participation of teratocarcinoma cells in mouse embryo development., R L. Brinster

The effects of thymidine on the assay of functional capacity of splenic lymphocytes in aged mice. Abstr., M A. Brock and W H. Adler

Increased araatp levels and inhibition of dna synthesis in leukemia cells treated with a combination of 9-beta-d- -arabinosyladenine (araa) and an adenosine deaminase inhibitor. Abstr., R W. Brockman, S C. Shaddix, L M. Rose, and J Carpenter

Production of xenogeneic and allogeneic antisera specific for mouse thymus-derived lymphocytes., C Bron, C Anckers, and D Sauser

Induction of neonatal transplantation tolerance. Do mlc antigens provide the major barrier., C G. Brooks

The lymphoreticular response to a transplanted adenovirus 12-induced tumour of cba mice., P Broome, C W. Potter, and I Carr