Submissions from 1976

Encephalitogenic properties of myelin from the quaking mutant., S W. Brostoff, J M. Powers, H M. Wisniewski, and E L. Hogan

A phosphorylcholine idiotype related to tepc 15 in mice infected with ascaris suum., A R. Brown and C A. Crandall

Optimization of dexamethasone-stimulated mm5mt/c1 cells for expression and recovery of mouse mammary tumor virus with high rddp activity. Abstr., B L. Brown, L A. Orme, R F. Bauer, and D L. Fine

Dna template activity of nuclei isolated from mouse liver, brain and l1210 leukemia cells. Effect of polyanions and deoxyribonuclease. Abstr., D G. Brown and G E. Noud

A quantitative study of the subcellular localization of 67ga., D H. Brown, B L. Byrd, J E. Carlton, D C, A, and R L. Hayes

Immunologic abnormalities in obese diabetic mice. Abstr., D M. Brown, G Fernandes, S M. Mauer, and E J. Yunis

Radiosensitization of c3h mammary tumors using lucanthone and a medium dose rate. Abstr., D Q. Brown, J Pittock, L Coia, A Milligan, and L Chalfin

Increased endonuclease activity in an extract from mouse ehrlich ascites tumor cells which had been treated with a partially purified interferon preparation. Dependence on double-stranded rna., G E. Brown, B Lebleu, M Kawakita, S Shaila, G C. Sen, and P Lengyel

The radio protective effects of steroid hormones in mice administered various times prior to whole-body radiation exposure. Abstr., G L. Brown, L K. Yielding, and M L. Davis

Systemic mycobacterium lepraemurium infection in mice. Differences in doubling time in liver, spleen, and bone marrow, and a method for measuring the proportion of viable organisms in an inoculum., I N. Brown and H Krenzien

Structural studies of an h-2 mutant of the h-2k gene. Abstr., J L. Brown

Evidence that approximately eighty per cent of the soluble proteins from ehrlich ascites cells are naplha-acetylated., J L. Brown and W K. Roberts

Whole body distribution of tritiated ryanodine and electron microscope evidence of tissue localization. Abstr., J M. Brown and J I. White

The modification of teratogenic effects of excess vitamin a in mice by the oel gene. Abstr., K S. Brown, J Hassell, and A Amemiya

Androgen receptor dependent and independent activities of testosterone on hepatic microsomal drug metabolism., T R. Brown, F E. Greene, and C W. Bardin

Effect of friend leukemia virus on megakaryocytes and platelets in mice., W M. Brown and A A. Axelrad

Cerebral amyloidosis in scrapie in the mouse. Effect of agent strain and mouse genotype., M E. Bruce, A G. Dickinson, and H Fraser

Effect of antibiotics on mice treated with cyclophosphamide., H W. Bruckner

Effect of methotrexate (mtx) on l1210 leukemia in vitro as a function of mtx, leucovorin (le) and dihydrofolate reductase (dhfr). Abstr., H Bruckner and S Waxman

Role of macrophages in induction of tumor immuity. Abstr., M J. Brunda and S Raffel

Prostaglandin e1 (pge1) receptors and adenylate cyclase (ac) in cultured mammalian cells. Abstr., L L. Brunton and A G. Gilman

The utilization of in vitro mutagenesis techniques to explain strain, age and sex related differences in dimethylnitrosamine tumor susceptibilities in mice., D Brusick, D Jagannath, and U Weekes

Ontogeny of mouse b lymphocytes and inactivation by antigen of early b lymphocytes., C Bruyns, vansanten G. Urbain, C Planard, cloetens C. Vos, and J Urbain

Abnormal spermiogenesis in two different male-sterile mutant types in the mouse. Abstr., J H. Bryan

Evidence for a physical association between friend virus-induced and histocompatibility antigens on leukemia cell surfaces. Abstr., J E. Bubbers, R A. Steeves, and F Lilly

Leukemogenic activity of murine type c viruses after long-term passage in vitro., D L. Buchhagen, T Pincus, O Stutman, and E Fleissner

Activation of the alternative complement pathway by lymphoblastoid cell lines derived from patients with burkitt's lymphoma and infectious mononucleosis., D B. Budzko, P J. Lachmann, and I M. Connell

The mutations sex reversal (sxr) and testicular feminisation (tfm) in the mouse and the induction of enzymes by oestrogen and testosterone. Abstr., G Bulfield

Impairment of lymphocyte mobilization by granulomatous infection of lymphoid organs. Abstr., W E. Bullock and S Vergamini

Cross-reactive lysis of trinitrophenyl (tnp)-derivatized h-2 incompatible target cells by cytolytic t lymphocytes generated against syngeneic tnp spleen cells., S J. Burakoff, R N. Germain, and B Benacerraf

Inhibition of cell-mediated cytolysis of trinitrophenyl- -derivatized target cells by alloantisera directed to the products of the k and d loci of the h-2 complex., S J. Burakoff, R N. Germain, M E. Dorf, and B Benacerraf

Antileukemic effects of pseudoisocytidine, a new synthetic pyrimidine c-nucleoside., J H. Burchenal, K Ciovacco, K Kalaher, T O'toole, R Kiefner, M D. Dowling, C K. Chu, K A. Watanabe, I Wempen, and J J. Fox

The consequences of x-dosage deficiency in the germ line. Impaired development in vitro of preimplantation embryos from xo mice., P S. Burgoyne and J D. Biggers

In vitro culture of mouse embryos after tem-treatment of the fathers. Abstr., K Burki and W Sheridan

Reversal of lymph node refractoriness in mice bearing large tumors. Abstr., M W. Burk and S Yu

Induction of cell proliferation by a migration factor released from a transformed cell line., R R. Burk

Circadian influence on the frequency of labeled mitoses method in the straitified squamous epithelium of the mouse esophagus and tongue., E R. Burns, L E. Scheving, D F. Fawcett, W M. Gibbs, and R E. Galatzan

Effect of altered lighting regimens, time-limited feeding, and presence of ehrlich ascites carcinoma on the circadian rhythm in dna synthesis of mouse spleen., E R. Burns, L E. Scheving, J E. Pauly, and T Tsai

Circadian rhythm of dna synthesis in mouse spleen. Effect of altered lighting regimens, time-limited feeding and presence of ehrlich ascites carcinoma. Abstr., E R. Burns, L E. Scheving, J E. Pauly, and T H. Tsai

Carbohydrate preferences of mammalian cells., R L. Burns, P G. Rosenberger, and R J. Klebe

Circadian optimization of cyclophosphamide tolerance for combination treatment with arabinosyl cytosine of l1210 leukemia. Abstr., R Burns, L Scheving, R Sothern, M Nesbit, E Haus, J Pauly, and F Halberg

Regulation of delayed hypersensitivity (dth) in b-cell deprived mice. Abstr., P D. Burrows, R K. Gershon, A R. Lawton, and R W. Mowry

Partial amino-acid sequence of the precursor of an immunoglobulin light chain containing nh2-terminal pyroglutamic acid., Y Burstein, F Kantor, and I Schechter

Amino acid-sequence variability at the n-terminal extra piece of mouse immunoglobulin light-chain precursors of the same and different subgroups., Y Burstein and I Schecter

Restitution of diabetic mice after heterologous pancreas transplantation. Abstr., K Buschard and J Rygaard

Restitution of streptozotocin induced diabetes mellitus in nude mice with pancreatic grafts from the rat., K Buschard and J Rygaard

The inability of a diabetogenic virus to induce diabetes mellitus in athymic (nude) mice., K Buschard, J Rygaard, and E Lund

Resistance to nonspecific tumors induced by lipopoly- saccharides and their derivatives. Abstr., R C. Butler, H Chang, and A Nowotny

Weakening of genetic resistance. II. The effect of injection of the macrophage toxic agents silica and carragheenan and the cytostatic drugs cyclophosphamide, busulphan and vinblastin., W A. Buurman and I V. Bruggen

Isolation and characterization of murine-t lymphoma cell variants selected for loss of the thy-1 antigen. Abstr., J N. Buxbaum, R R. Basch, and R R. Szabadi

Murine neuroblastoma cured in vivo by an antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity reaction., J E. Byfield, R Zerubavel, and E W. Fonkalsrud

Induction of meiosis in fetal mouse testis in vitro., A G. Byskov and L Saxen

Release of tumor-associated antigens by murine melanoma cells., J Bystryn

Release of tumor associated antigen(s) by murine melanoma cells. Abstr., J Bystryn

Induction of mouse type-c virus by translational inhibitors. Evidence for transcriptional derepression of a specific class of endogenous virus., C D. Cabradilla, K C. Robbins, and S A. Aaronson

The number of purkinje cells and olive neurones in the normal and lurcher mutant mouse., K W. Caddy and T J. Biscoe

Virus antigens on the surfaces of gr ascites leukemia cells as compared with normal antigens., J Calafat, J Hilgers, W J. Blitterswijk, M Verbeet, D P. Hageman, and D M. Tumor

Ultrastructural observations of lethal yellow (ay/ay) mouse embryos., P G. Calarco and R A. Pedersen

Comparative study of the milk fat globule membrane and the mouse mammary tumour virus prepared from the milk of an infected strain of swiss albino mice., bacq C. Calberg, C Francois, L Gosselin, P M. Osterrieth, and delrue F. Rentier

H-2 and ia antigens in mouse serum. Abstr., G N. Callahan, S Ferrone, J Klein, M D. Poulik, and R A. Reisfeld

Characterization of ia antigens in mouse serum., G N. Callahan, S Ferrone, M D. Poulik, and J Klein

Drug-induced cell-cell interaction in a leukemic cell line. Abstr., T A. Calvelli, E D. Harven, and D J. Hutchison

Differential susceptibility of neonatal and adult murine spleen cells to in vitro induction of b-cell tolerance., J C. Cambier, J R. Kettman, E S. Vitetta, and J W. Uhr

Cell-mediated immune response to influenza virus infections in mice., G Cambridge, J S. Mackenzie, and D Keast

Hyperglycaemia and hyperinsulinaemia in monosodium glutamate (msg) treated kk mice. Abstr., D P. Cameron and T K. Poon

Effects of monosodium glutamate administration in the neonatal period on the diabetic syndrome in kk mice., D P. Cameron, T K. Poon, and G C. Smith

Isolation of myelin basic proteins from jimpy mice., A T. Campagnoni and J L. Roberts

Evidence for suppressor cell activity associated with depression of contact sensitivity in pseudomonas aeruginosa infected mice., M Campa, C Garzelli, E Ferrannini, and G Falcone

Adoptive transfer of immunity to trypanosoma rhodesiense infection with immune serum or spleen cells. Abstr., G H. Campbell and S M. Phillips

Listeria cell wall fraction. A b cell adjuvant., P A. Campbell, C Schuffler, and G E. Rodriguez

The requirement of an adherent cell substratum for the growth of developing plasmactyoma cells in vivo., M Cancro and M Potter

Separation of helper t cells from suppressor t cells expressing different ly components. II. Activation by antigen. After immunization, antigen-specific suppressor and helper activities are mediated by distinct t-cell subclasses., H Cantor, F W. Shen, and E A. Boyse

Chondroitin sulfate synthesis by mouse embryonic, extraembryonic, and teratoma cells in vitro., J Cantor, S S. Shapiro, and M I. Sherman

Partial characterization of antigenic factor(s) found in el-4 ascites fluid. Abstr., J L. Cantrell, C, and E A. Junkur

Correlations between humoral immunity and successful chemotherapy-immunotherapy., J L. Cantrell, J J. Killion, and G M. Kollmorgen

Robertsonian metacentrics in the mouse., E Capanna, A Gropp, H Winking, G Noack, and M Civitelli

Prevention of t cell tolerance by poly a.u-induced Thymocyte fluid. Abstr., S L. Capanna, Y M. Kong, P H. Bick, and A G. Johnson

Synergistic immunosuppression with asparaginase (a'ase) and ara-c. Abstr., R L. Capizzi and R Golden

Structural studies on induced antibodies with defined idiotypic specificities. Iii. N-terminal amino acid sequence of the heavy and light chains of mouse anti- -streptococcal antibodies--a5a, s8, and s117., J D. Capra, C Berek, and K Eichmann

Partial amino acid sequence of an h-2kb molecule., J D. Capra, E S. Vitetta, D G. Klapper, J W. Uhr, and D J. Klein

The inhibition of dna synthesis by cannabinoids., R A. Carchman, L S. Harris, and A E. Munson

Effects of sublethal gamma radiation on t and b cell activity in the antibody response of mice., D E. Carlson and R A. Lubet

Antibody-induced killing in vivo of l1210/mtx-r cells quantitated in passively immunized mice with 131i-iododeoxyruidine- -labeled cells and whole-body measurement of retained radioactivity., G A. Carlson and G Terres

Drl performance, extinction, and secondary reinforcement. Role of appetitive value of food in mice with septal lesions., N R. Carlson, wakil F. El, L J. Standish, and D L. Ormond

The effect of cyclophosphamide and other durgs on the incidence of pulmonary metastases in mice. Abstr., R J. Carmel and J M. Brown

Combined effects of methyl methanesulfonate and x-rays on unscheduled dna synthesis in early spermatids of the mouse. Abstr., D A. Carpenter and G A. Sega

Alteration of the structure of the adipose cell plasma membrane in ob/ob mice. Abstr., J Carpentier

Establishment of a cell line (co-115) from a human colon carcinoma transplanted into nude mice., S Carrel, B Sordat, and C Merenda

Sensitivity of 15-day mouse fetal liver cells to erythropoietin (esf). Its practical application to in vitro methods of esf bioassay., D Carrez and lartigue O. Gallien

Properties of reticulum cell sarcomas in sjl/j mice. II. Fate of labeled tumor cells in normal and irradiated syngeneic mice., E A. Carswell, S P. Lerman, and G J. Thorbecke

Production of a specific factor suppressing the ige antibody response in mice. Abstr., B C. Carter

Age-dependent changes in sensitivity to antigen. Its relationship with the antigen processing system., B G. Carter and E S. Rector

Immunospecific labeling of moue lymphocytes in the scanning electron microscope., D P. Carter and L Wofsy

Expression of maternal and paternal antigens on trophoblast., J Carter

The effect of short-term culture on the sensitivity of mday murine tumor cells to lysis mediated by normal rabbit serum., R Caspi and I P. Witz

The enhancement of 9-beta-d-arabinofuranosylandenine toxicity to mouse leukemia l1210 by an inhibitor of adenosine deaminase. Abstr., C E. Cass

Enhancement of 9-beta-d-arabinofuranosyladenine cytotoxicity to mouse leukemia l1210 in vitro by 2'-deoxycoformycin., C E. Cass and yeung T. Au

Effects of caffeine on discrimination learning, consolidation, and learned behavior in mice., C Castellano

Effects of nicotine on discrimination learning, consolidation and learned behaviour in two inbred strains of mice., C Castellano

Effects of heroin, alone or in combination with other drugs, on the locomotor activity in two inbred strains of mice., C Castellano, U Filibeck, and A Oliverio