Submissions from 1976

Protection of mice against babesia and plasmodium with bcg., I A. Clark, A C. Allison, and F E. Cox

Characterization of a macromolecular inhibitor of polypeptide chain initiation from ehrlich ascites tumor cells., M J. Clemens, V M. Pain, E C. Henshaw, and I M. London

Changes in functional vascularity and cell number following x-irradiation of a murine carcinoma., J J. Clement, C W. Song, and S H. Levitt

Water-soluble p-815 mastocytoma membrane antigens. Separation of tumour-associated antigens from histo- compatibility antigens., K J. Clemetson, M Bertschmann, S Widmer, and E F. Luscher

Solubilization of histocompatibility and tumour-associated antigens of the p-815 murine mastocytoma cell., K J. Clemetson, A Gerber, M Bertschmann, and E F. Luscher

T-cell precursors in mice bearing the ehrlich ascites tumors., E Clerici, G Bigi, G Garotta, C Porta, and P Mocarelli

The influence upon mitogenic and cellular immunologic reactive systems in vitro by poly(i.c) And bcg murine interferons induced in vivo., B A. Clinton, T J. Magoc, R L. Aspinall, and N P. Rapoza

Effects of thyroid and growth hormones on liver mitochondria of genetically dwarf mice and hypophysectomized rats. Abstr., J P. Clot, M Baudry, and R Michel

The antigenic expression of murine leukemia virus gp71 on murine and heterologous species cells. Abstr., M W. Cloyd, D P. Bolognesi, P J. Fischinger, and D D. Bigner

Effect of polyinosinic acid-polycytidylic acid on establishment, and on spontaneous and chemical transformation of balb/c mouse-embryo cells in culture., M M. Clynes and E J. Duke

Response of cloudman s91 melanoma cells to melanocyte- stimulating hormone. Enhancement by cytochalasin b., J P. Cobb, A M. Grath, and N Willetts

Antibody-induced ultrastructural changes of malarial sporozoites., A H. Cochrane, M Aikawa, M Jeng, and R S. Nussenzweig

Possible role of magnesium deficiency in the etiology of the barbiturate withdrawal syndrome in mice. Abstr., R Cocke and J K. Belknap

Anaemia and the induction of myeloid leukaemia in rfm mice., J E. Coggle and M Y. Gordon

Adenovirus infection in athymic (nude) mice., B J. Cohen and F G. Groot

The cell-mediated immune response. Interactions of initiator and recruited t lymphocytes., I R. Cohen and S Livnat

Interaction between mature t cells and t cell precursors. Abstr., J J. Cohen and S S. Fairchild

T-lymphocyte precursors. I. Synergy between precursor and mature t lymphocytes in the response to concanavalin a., J J. Cohen and S S. Fairchild

Suppression of inflammatory responses in tumor bearing mice. Abstr., M C. Cohen, J Brozna, P A. Ward, and S Cohen

Enhancement of the antitumor effect of 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1- -nitrosourea (bcnu) by phenylethylbiguanide (phenformin)., M H. Cohen and B L. Strauss

In vitro studies of the genetically determined un- responsiveness to thymus-independent antigens in cba/n mice., P L. Cohen, I Scher, and D E. Mosier

Differences in survival among germfree mice following transfer to a conventional colony., D A. Cohn and J B. Hamilton

Sensitivity to androgen and the immune response. Immunoglobulin levels in two strains of mice, one with high and one with low target organ responses to androgen., D A. Cohn and J B. Hamilton

Chemical transformation of mouse epidermal cell cultures. Abstr., N H. Colburn, J Bates, W Vorderbruegge, and J Rossen

Concanavalin a as a probe for virus-specific t cell precursors. Abstr., G A. Cole

Ethyl methanesulphonate mutagenesis with l5178y mouse lymphoma cells. A comparison of ouabain, thioguanine and excess thymidine resistance., J Cole and C F. Arlett

The fluctuation test as a more sensitive system for determining induced mutation in l5178y mouse lymphoma cells., J Cole, C F. Arlett, and M H. Green

Haemopoietic progenitor cells in prenatal congenitally anaemic 'flexed-tailed' (f/f) mice., R J. Cole and T Regan

Dual-frequency proton spin relaxation measurements of tissues from normal and tumor-bearing mice., B A. Coles

Generation of cytotoxic cells in absence of blastogenesis by mouse leukemic cells in mixed cultures., D Collavo, G Biasi, A Colombatti, and bianchi L. Chieco

Immune reactivity in the moloney strain of murine sarcoma virus oncogenesis. Requirement of thymus-derived lymphocytes for in vivo protection., D Collavo, A Colombatti, G Biasi, and A J. Davies

Adoptive suppression of granuloma formation., D G. Colley

Eosinophils and immune mechanisms. IV. Culture conditions, antigen requirements, production kinetics and immunologic specificity of the lymphokine eosinophil stimulation promoter., D G. Colley

Treatment of experimental tumors with combined radiotherapy and immunotherapy using corynebacterium parvum. Abstr., A L. Collins, C W. Song, and S H. Levitt

Restoration of delayed hypersensitivity to sheep erythrocytes by thymosin treatment of t-cell-depleted mice., F M. Collins and N E. Morrison

Humoral and cellular immune responses recognizing different antigens on murine lymphosarcomas. Abstr., M I. Colnaghi, M A. Pierotti, and G D. Porta

Reactivity of anti-hla sera against mouse lymphoyctes. Abstr., J Colombani, M Colombani, L Degos, C S. David, and D C. Shreffler

Separation of anti-ia (i-region associated antigens) from anti-h-2 antibodies in complex sera, by absorption on blood platelets. Description of three new ia specificities., J Colombani, M Colombani, D C. Shreffler, and C David

Growth of mycobacterium leprae and m. Marinum in congenitally athymic (nude) mice., M J. Colston and G R. Hilson

A chemical basis for the antitumor activity of chloroethylnitrosoureas., M Colvin, R B. Brundrett, W Cowens, I Jardine, and D B. Ludlum

Combined anterograde-retrograde tracing of the connections of reeler mouse cortex ii. Thalamocortical-corticothalamic reciprocity. Abstr., S A. Colwell

Factors influencing the isolation of membrane immuno- globulins from t and b lymphocytes. I. Detergent effects and iodination conditions., R E. Cone

Kinetics of the humoral immune response of mice to dextran b-1355s. Abstr., R E. Conrad, M L. Proctor, and H B. Herscowitz

Induction of long-term allograft survival by anti-immunoglobulin, anti-thymocyte serum, and donor antigen., M B. Constantian, P J. French, and R C. Davis

Evaluation of the role of lymphocytes in the antitumor action of the immunostimulant glucan. Abstr., J A. Cook, D Taylor, C Cohen, E O. Hoffmann, and N R. Luzio

L-asparagine synthetase in serum as a marker for neoplasia., D A. Cooney, V D. King, R G. Cable, B Taylor, and I Wodinsky

A disease resembling murine hepatitis in nude mice in kenya., J E. Cooper and A Levin

Investigation of alopecia following sulphur rolling of mice., J E. Cooper and J R. Needham

A method of delivering homogeneous irradiation to small animals., J S. Cooper and J Newall

Characterization of an fc receptor from a murine leukemia. Abstr., S M. Cooper and Y Sambray

Isolation of a murine leukemia fc receptor by selective release induced by surface redistribution., S M. Cooper and Y Sambray

The effect of amino acid restricted diets on the clearance of 125i-labelled polyvinyl pyrrolidone in mice., H M. Coovadia and J F. Soothill

The effect of protein restricted diets on the clearance of 125i-labelled polyvinyl pyrrolidone in mice., H M. Coovadia and J F. Soothill

The relative susceptibility of new zealand black and cba mice to infection with opportunistic fungal pathogens., M J. Corbel and S M. Eades

Thyroid gland in dwarf mice. A stereological study., A C. Cordier, J Denef, and S M. Haumont

Ultrastructure of the thyroid in dwarf mice., A C. Cordier, J Denef, and S M. Haumont

Time-lapse characterization of erythrocytic colony-forming cells in plasma cultures., D Cormack

Two year studies of neonatally thymectomized (tx) mice. Abstr., E A. Cornelius

Increased immunogenicity of ta3-ha cells treated with the antitumor antibiotic macromomycin (b)., E Coronetti and M M. Lippman

Membrane ig on mpc11 myeloma cells. Correlation between the expression of membrane ig, a receptor for ig and the process of secretion., G Corte, A Risso, M Ferrarini, and A Bargellesi

Acid synthesis in tumor cells by the dialdehyde derivatives of inosine (nsc 118994) and inosinic acid., J G. Cory, M M. Whitford, H O. Activity, and N ucleic

Modified nucleosides and 5'-end groups in purified mouse immunoglobulin light chain mrna and rabbit globin mrna detected by borohydride labelling., S Cory, C Genin, and J M. Adams

Mode of action of the bioreductive alkylating agent, 2,3-bis(chloromethyl)-napthoquinone (cmnq). Abstr., L A. Cosby, R S. Pardini, R Biagini, A J. Lin, and A C. Sartorelli

Detection of anti-idiotype reactive cells in the response to phosphorylcholine., H Cosenza

A soft agar colony assay for lewis lung tumour and b16 melanoma taken directly from the mouse., V D. Courtenay

In vitro and in vivo radiosensitivity of human tumour cells obtained from a pancreatic carcinoma xenograft., V D. Courtenay, I E. Smith, M J. Peckham, and G G. Steel

Genetic control of b-cell responses. II. Identification of the spleen b-cell defect in c3h/hej mice., A Coutinho

Observations on late effects in mice exposed to 400 mev neutrons., V Covelli, M D. Paola, B Bassani, P Metalli, J Baarli, and M Bianchi

Estimation of recombination between the dilute locus and the locus for nucleoside triphosphatase activity. Abstr., J S. Cowen

Reconstitution of genetically regulated responses against random and ordered synthetic polypeptides by methylated bovine serum albumin as analyzed by isoelectric focusing., M Cramer, M Schwartz, E Mozes, and M Sela

A quantitative ultrastructural study of synapses in the brains of mice following early life undernutrition., H M. Cravioto, C T. Randt, B M. Derby, and A Diaz

A comparison of 239-plutonium in soft tissues and skeleton of mice, rats and hamsters., F E. Crawley, E R. Humphreys, and J W. Stather

Biochemical effects of d-tertrandrine and thalicarpine., W A. Creasey

Multiple innervation of purkinje cells by climbing fibers in the cerebellum of the weaver mutant mouse., F Crepel and J Mariani

The incidence of reticulum cell sarcomas in sjl/j mice. Abstr., C G. Crispens, F O. Stimulation, and I On

Loss of mouse chromosomes in somatic cell hybrids between ht-1080 human fibrosarcoma cells and mouse peritoneal macrophages., C M. Croce

Absocopal effect of irradiation on haemopoietic stem cells of shielded bone marrow--role of migration., H Croizat, E Frindel, and M Tubiana

Quantitation of oncornavirus expression in normal, lymphomatous and immunopathologic mice. Abstr., B P. Croker, P J. Conahey, and F J. Dixon

Isolation and partial characterization of murine leukemia virus (mulv) from rfm mice with host versus graft (hvg) syndrome. Abstr., S S. Cross

Neonatal infection with mouse thymic virus. Differential effects on t cells mediating the graft-versus-host reaction., S S. Cross, H C. Morse, and R Asofsky

Radiation effects on host immunological functions. II. Alloaantigen reactivity. Abstr., D A. Crouse, P C. Brennan, and W T. Kickels

Radiation-induced alterations in murine lymphocyte homing patterns. I. Radiolabeling studies., D A. Crouse, T L. Feldbush, and T C. Evans

Factors affecting production of contrasensitizing antisera in mice., A J. Crowle, A Atkins, and C C. Hu

Apparant acaridal dermatitis in a c57bl/6j nya mouse colony., C K. Csiza and D N. Martin

Failure to produce warts on human skin grafts on 'nude' mice., H A. Cubie

Decreased basal, noninsulin-stimulated glucose uptake and metabolism by skeletal soleus muscle isolated from obese-hyperglycemic (ob/ob) mice., G S. Cuendet, E G. Loten, B Jeanrenaud, and A E. Renold

Cytological organization of the dorsal lateral geniculate nuclei in mutant anophthalmic and postnatally enucleated mice., M J. Cullen and abramof I. Kaiserman

Evidence for more than one ia antigenic specificity on molecules determined by the i-a subregion of the mouse major histocompatibility complex., S E. Cullen, C S. David, J L. Cone, and D H. Sachs

Structural and serological properties of murine ia alloantigens., S E. Cullen, J H. Freed, and S G. Nathenson

Alloantigens of the major histocompatibility complex of wild mouse haplotypes. Abstr., S E. Cullen, T H. Hansen, and C S. David

An improved method for isolation of h-2 and ia alloantigens with immunoprecipitation induced by protein a-bearing staphylococci., S E. Cullen and B D. Schwartz

Substrate-attached serum and cell proteins in adhesion of mouse fibroblasts., L A. Culp and J F. Buniel

Alterations in the developmental properties of stroma during the development of the urogenital ridge into ductus deferens and uterus in embryonic and neonatal mice., G R. Cunha

Stromal induction and specification of morphogenesis and cytodifferentiation of the epithelia of the mullerian ducts and urogenital sinus during development of the uterus and vagina in mice., G R. Cunha

Stromal induction and specification of uterine and vaginal morphogenesis in neonatal mice. Abstr., G R. Cunha

Vaginal septa in mice. Incidence, inheritance, and effect on reproductive performance., beamer T. Cunliffe and D B. Feldman

Lymphocyte transformation in vitro to riii mouse milk antigen among woman with breast disease., rundles S. Cunningham, W F. Feller, rundles C. Cunningham, B Dupont, H Wanebo, R O'reilly, and R A. Good

Immunological aspects of host resistance to the development and growth of cancer., G Currie

Inhibition of nucleic acid synthesis by the di-n-butyl ester of methotrexate., G A. Curt, J S. Tobias, R A. Kramer, A Rosowsky, E M. Parker, and M H. Tattersall

Acute systemic candidiasis in normal and congenitally thymic-deficient (nude) mice., J E. Cutler