Submissions from 1977

Mechanisms of b cell tolerance. I. Dynamic nature of the induction of hapten-specific unresponsiveness by hapten-conjugated pneumococcal polysaccharide., A K. Abbas, G G. Klaus, and P J. Elroy

(nzb X nzw) f1 hybrid mice., C Abe, D Chia, E V. Barnett, C M. Pearson, D Y. Shiokawa, and S O. Zealand

Biometrical genetic analysis of exploratory behavior in mice. Abstr., J H. Abeelen

Rearing responses and locomotor activity in mice. Single-locus, J H. Abeelen

Rearing responses and locomotor activity in mice. Single-locus control., J H. Abeelen

Ontogeny of behavior in two inbred lines of selected mice., J H. Abeelen and A H. Schoones

Ontogeny of behavior in two inbred lines of selected mice., J H. Abeelen and A H. Schoones

Reduced in vitro response to concanavalin a and lipopoly- saccharide in senescent mice. A function of reduced number of responding cells., C Abraham, Y Tal, and H Gershon

Stimulation of hepatic lipogenesis by eicosa-5,8,11,14-tetraynoic acid in mice fed a high linoleate diet., S Abraham, H M. Grath, and G A. Rao

Acth and corticosterone induced alterations of melanogenesis and camp levels in b-16 melanoma. Abstr., J Abramowitz and W Chavin

Carcinoneonatal antigens on sv40 transformed syngeneic cells. Abstr., C Abramson, D Axler, V Hetherington, and S Kavros

Genetics of aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase induction in mice. Response of the lung to cigarette smoke and 3-methylcholanthrene., R K. Abramson, B A. Taylor, D Tomlin, and J J. Hutton

The identification in adult bone marrow of pluripotent and restricted stem cells of the myeloid and lymphoid systems., S Abramson, R G. Miller, and R A. Phillips

Graft-versus-host reaction. Influence of genetic background in donor-recipient pairs incompatible for major histocompatibility complex (mhc)., N Abuaf, pannenko O. Halle, and G Mathe

The influence of allogeneic or syngeneic cell surface backgrounds on the antibody response of mice to rabbit fab/fragments., R B. Acres and J G. Levy

Enhancement of the antileukemic activity of 9-beta-d- -xylofuranosyladenine (xylo-a) and other adenosine analogs by 2'-deoxycoformycin (2'-dcf) and by erythro-9-(2-hydroxy- -3-nonyl)-adenine (ehna). Abstr., R H. Adamson, D W. Zaharevitz, and D G. Johns

Tumorigenicity of intraspecific somatic cell hybrids in nude mice., D P. Aden and B B. Knowles

Pathology of human-mouse somatic cell hybrid tumors., D P. Aden, P Putong, and Y Iwasaki

Spontaneous missense mutation of an immunoglobulin in a mouse myeloma cell line., K Adetugbo and C Milstein

Molecular analysis of spontaneous somatic mutants. (review)., K Adetugbo, C Milstein, and D S. Secher

Expression of alpha-galactosidase in preimplantation mouse embryos., D A. Adler, J D. West, and V M. Chapman

Stage-sensitivity and dose-response study after gamma-irradiation of mouse primary spermatocytes., I Adler

Cells in intact and 89sr marrow-ablated sl/sld mice. Abstr., S S. Adler, s) U. fu, and c) G. fu

Hemopoietic stem cell dynamics in 89sr marrow-ablated mice., S S. Adler, F E. Trobaugh, and W H. Knospe

Further evidence in support of cell-surface-associated deoxyribonucleic acid in tumor cells. An autoradiographic study., S K. Aggarwal

Some aspects of iron metabolism during erythropoietic depression in the mouse., M C. Aggio, L M. Fernandez, and M T. Bruzzo

4-methyl-5-amino-1-formylisoquinoline Thiosemicarbazone, a second-generation antineoplastic agent of the alpha-(n)-heterocyclic carboxaldehyde thiosemicarbazone series., K C. Agrawal, J B. Schenkman, H Denk, P D. Mooney, E C. Moore, I Wodinsky, and A C. Sartorelli

Abnormal myelination in transplanted trembler mouse schwann cells., A J. Aguayo, M Attiwell, J Trecarten, S Perkins, and G M. Bray

Myelination of mouse axons by schwann cells transplanted from normal and abnormal human nerves., A J. Aguayo, J Kasarjian, E Skamene, P Kongshavn, and G M. Bray

Schwann cell transplantation. Evidence for a primary sheath cell disorder causing hypomyelination in quaking mice. Abstr., A J. Aguayo, K Mizuno, and G M. Bray

Anti-lyb 5.1, A cytotoxic alloantiserum which distinguishes subpopulations of murine b lymphoid cells. Abstr., A Ahmed, I Scher, D Sachs, W E. Paul, and K W. Sell

Studies on non-h-2-linked lymphocyte-activating determinants. IV. Ontogeny of the mls product on murine b cells., A Ahmed, I Scher, and K W. Sell

B-lymphocyte heterogeneity. Development and characterization of an alloantiserum which distinguishes b-lymphocyte differentia- tion alloantigens., A Ahmed, I Scher, S O. Sharrow, A H. Smith, W E. Paul, A H. Sachs, and K W. Sell

Studies on non-h-2 linked lymphocyte activating determinants. I. Description of the cell type bearing the mls product., A Ahmed, I Scher, A H. Smith, and K W. Sell

Micro-electrode measurement of the intracellular ph and buffering power of mouse soleus muscle fibres., C C. Aickin and R C. Thomas

Reduced life-shortening effect of fractionated neutron or gamma doses received late in life. Abstr., E J. Ainsworth, R J. Fry, F S. Williamson, K H. Allen, A S. Hulesch, D L. Jordan, and W T. Kickels

Interspecies neural membrane antigens on cultured human and murine neuroblastoma cells., R Akeson and R C. Seeger

Induction of endogenous murine type c virus by an arginine analog. L-canavanine., R R. Aksamit and C Long

Combined effects of bleomycin and x-rays on dna synthesis in asynchronous ehrlich ascites cells in suspension., F A. Alalawi and I V. Chapman

Histocompatible donor spleen cells@@@@ with graft-versus-leuke properties in the treatment of lymphocytic leukemia in akr mice. Abstr., M M. Albala, A R. Esparza, and S J. Chester

Identification and cha@@@@racterization of an inhibitor(s) in serum of akr mice bearing lymphocytic leukemia. Abstr., M M. Albala, L J. Finton, J D. Simon, and S J. Chester

Immunized with "masked" bw 5147 lymphoma cells. Abstr., M M. Albala, W Renehan, J D. Simon, A Esparza, R J. Kelley, D S. Chester, and E O. Mice

Enzymes of folate metabolism in experimental tumor systems. Abstr., A M. Albrecht, S R. Rogers, S Zorzo, E Boldizsar, and D J. Hutchison

Pregnant mare serum and human chorionic gonadotropin stimulate ovarian dalta5-3beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase in aged mice., E D. Albrecht, R D. Koos, and S F. Gottlieb

Ageing and adrenal delta5-3beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase in female mice., E D. Albrecht, R D. Koos, and W B. Wehrenberg

Trypanosome-induced splenomegaly and suppression of mouse spleen cell responses to antigen and mitogens., J F. Albright, J W. Albright, and D G. Dusanic

Reduction of lymphohematopoietic function in aged mice bearing reticulum cell sarcomas. Abstr., J W. Albright and J F. Albright

Hapten-bearing cell in carrier-determined tolerance., benson M. Aldo and Y Borel

Alcoholic cardiomyopathy in mice. Myocardial glycogen, lipids and certain enzymes., C S. Alexander, G W. Forsyth, H T. Nagasawa, and J G. Kohlhoff

Alcoholic cardiomyopathy in mice. Electron microscopic observations., C S. Alexander, K K. Sekhri, and H T. Nagasawa

Toxicity to and recovery of murine tissues after single agents or combinations of agents. Abstr., J A. Alexander and G P. Wheeler

A stereological study of blast cell transformation in mouse lymph nodes stimulated with dinitrochlorobenzene. Abstr., hamdani M. Al, T M. Mayhew, and M A. Atkinson

Inhibition of activities of dna polymerases alpha, beta, gamma and reverse transcriptase of a lymphoid leukemia cell line, l1210 by phosphonoacetic acid. Abstr., H S. Allaudeen and J R. Bertino

Presence of type c particles containing reverse transcriptase in l1210 leukemia., H S. Allaudeen and J R. Bertino

Bcg-induced suppression of spleen cell responsiveness <@ in@@, E M. Allen and V L. Moore

Strain variation in bcg-induced chronic pulmonary inflammation in mice. I. Basic model and possible genetic control by non- -h-2 genes., E M. Allen, V L. Moore, and J O. Stevens

Mechanism of cellular transport of two epipodophyllotoxin glucopyranoside derivatives, vm-26 (vm) and vp-16 (vp). Abstr., L M. Allen and M Shirley

The influence of antisera specific for alpha-fetoprotein and mouse serum albumin on the viability and protein synthesis of cultured mouse hepatoma cells., R P. Allen and B E. Ledford

Isolation and characterization of alpha-fetoprotein from the mouse hepatoma bw7756., R P. Allen and G J. Mizejewski

Group housing of pregnant mice reduces copulatory receptivity of female progeny., T O. Allen and B N. Haggett

In vitro cytotoxicity of inflammatory cells from tumor-bearing mice inoculated with neuraminidase-treated tumor cells. Abstr., C D. Alley

Effectiveness of neuraminidase in experimental immunotherapy of two murine pulmonary carcinomas., C D. Alley and M J. Snodgrass

The effects of 910 mev helium ions on intestinal crypt cells of the mouse. Abstr., E L. Alpen, P P. Smith, and M Mcdonald

The relationship between tumor immunogenicity and the appearance of splenic immunosuppressor cells in tumor bearing mice. Abstr., A Altman, B Bast, R C. Bast, and H J. Rapp

Effect of multiple injections of antigen on prolonged ige antibody production in hypersensitive mice., R Altman and B B. Levine

Cell population kinetics during growth of a transplantable mouse sarcoma. Abstr., wiswazy M. Al, W A. Aherne, and N A. Wright

Characterization of tyrosine hydroxylase in nie-115 neuroblastoma cell cultures. Abstr., M M. Ames, J J. Morrissey, and W Lovenberg

Prolongation of murine skin allografts by prostaglandin e., C B. Anderson, B M. Jaffee, and R J. Graff

Solubilization and partial characterization of cell membrane fc receptors., C L. Anderson and H M. Grey

Cell-mediated immunity to sendai virus infection in mice., M J. Anderson, D R. Bainbridge, J R. Pattison, and R B. Heath

Radiosensitivity of t and b lymphocytes. IV. Effect of whole body irradiation upon various lymphoid tissues and numbers of recirculating lymphocytes., R E. Anderson, G B. Olson, J R. Autry, J L. Howarth, R M. Troup, and P H. Bartels

Radiation-induced changes in the movement of immunoglobulin complexes on the surface of b cells. Abstr., R E. Anderson and L E. Pogue

Radiosensitivity of defined populations of lymphocytes. VI. Functional, structural, and biochemical consequences of in vitro irradiation., R E. Anderson, J C. Standefer, and J V. Scaletti

The phospholipid and glycoprotein composition of t and b cells., R E. Anderson, J C. Standefer, and J V. Scaletti

Functional characterization of in vitro generated suppressor cells. Abstr., S M. Anderson, R M. Ferguson, and R L. Simmons

Accumulation of polyploid cells and g2-phase cells during ascites tumor growth., G Andersson

Clonal growth and maturation to immunoglobulin secretion in vitro of every growth-inducible b lymphocyte., J Andersson, A Coutinho, W Lernhardt, and F Melchers

Frequencies of mitogen-reactive b cells in the mouse. I. Distribution in different lymphoid organs from different inbred strains of mice at different ages., J Andersson, A Coutinho, and F Melchers

Frequencies of mitogen-reactive b cells in the mouse. II. Frequencies of b cells producing antibodies which lyse sheep or horse erythrocytes, and trinitrophenylated or nitroiodo- phenylated sheep erythrocytes., J Andersson, A Coutinho, and F Melchers

Induction of specific immune unresponsiveness using purified mixed leukocyte culture-activated t lymphoblasts as autoimmunogen. I. Demonstration of general validity as to species and histo- compatibility barriers., L C. Andersson, M Aguet, E Wight, R Andersson, H Binz, and H Wigzell

Genetic control of two different types of antibody responses to oxazolone., I Ando and J Fachet

Effect of corynebacterium liquefaciens on a c3h mouse squamous cell carcinoma., K Ando, M Urano, N Nesumi, and S Kioke

Prenatal toxicity of medroxyprogesterone acetate in rabbits, rats, and mice., F D. Andrew and R E. Staples

Circulating immune complexes in murine autoimmune disease. Abstr., B S. Andrews, A N. Theofilopoulos, and F J. Dixon

On the mechanism of accumulation of 67ga by tumors., L J. Anghileri and M Heidbreder

T cell dependence of cells synthesizing immunoglobulin without detectable antibody function induced after an antigenic stimulation., J Antoine, C Petit, M Bach, J Bach, and S Avrameas

Dna single-strand breaks of preheated cultured mammalian cells irradiated under nitrogen- and nitrous oxide-saturated conditions., S Antoku

Ultrastructural comparison between the parenchymal cells of tumors derived from parent and hybrid lines of c1300 mouse neuroblastoma and c6 rat glioma., A P. Anzil, D Stavrou, K Blinzinger, and E Dahme

Surface antigens on transplantable tumor cell lines producing mouse type c viruses., T Aoki, R B. Herberman, J W. Hartley, M Liu, M Walling, and M Nunn

Comparative studies on the antitumor activity and the bone marrow toxicity of 1-(beta-d-glucopyranosyl)-3-(2-chloroethyl)-3- -nitrosourea and 2-[3-(2-chloroethyl)-3-nitrosoureido]-d-gluco- pyranose., M Aoshima and Y Sakurai

A comparison of heat sensitivity of serum esterase (es-1) inbeta different inbred mice, mus musculus. Abstr., T Aotsuka and K Moriwaki

Increased efficacy and potency of new c-13 substituted adriamycins. Abstr., M A. Apple, H Yanagasawa, and G Subrahmanyam

Relationship between lipopolysaccharide-indu@@@@ced serum co stimulating factor and interferon in regulation of murine granulopoiesis. Abstr., R N. Apte, O Ascher, and D H. Pluznik

Regulation of lipopolysaccharide-induced granulopoiesis and macrophage formation by spleen cells. I. Relationship between colony-stimulating factor release and lymphocyte activation in vitro., R N. Apte, C F. Hertogs, and D H. Pluznik

Functional heterogeneity among the t-derived lymphocytes of the mouse. Vii. Conversion of t1 cells to t2 cells by antigen., B A. Araneo, P Marrack, and J W. Kappler

Schistosoma mansoni. Impairment of the cell-mediated immune response in mice., F G. Araujo, P M. Coelho, L H. Pereira, and J Pellegrino

"gag" Polyprotein precursors of rauscher murine leukemia virus., L J. Arcement, W L. Karshin, R B. Naso, and R B. Arlinghaus

Inhibitory effect of an anti-oxidant, butylated hydroxyanisole, on the primary in vitro immune response., D L. Archer, wess J. Bukovic, and B G. Smith

Transport of tyrosine, phenylalanine, tryptophan and glycine in neuroblastoma clones., E G. Archer, X O. Breakefield, and M N. Sharata

Testosterone and persistence in mice., J Archer