Submissions from 1982

T lymphocyte-mediated suppression of myeloma function in vitro. IV. Generation of effector suppressor cells specific for myeloma idiotypes., A K. Abbas, M Takaoki, and M I. Greene

Antitumor and interferon-inducing activities of th69, a whole bacterial preparation of streptococcus faecalis, in mice., N Abe, T Yamaguchi, F Hoshino, F Suzuki, A Ebina, and N Ishida

Combination antitumor therapy with lentinan and bacterial lipopolysaccharide against murine tumors., S Abe, O Yoshioka, Y Masuko, J Tsubouchi, M Kohno, H Nakajima, M Yamazaki, and D Mizono

Metabolism of testosterone by gr mouse mammary tumors. Abstr., hajj Y. Abul, I E. Fortuny, and D T. Kiang

Metabolism of testosterone by gr mouse mammary tumors., hajj Y. Abul and D T. Kiang

Neonatally induced tolerance to soluble protein antigens. I. Analysis of b-cell and t helper cell function in mice tolerant to bovine serum albumin or fowl gamma-globulin., R B. Acres and A J. Cunningham

Neonatally induced tolerance to soluble protein antigens. II. A role for the thymus in prolonging tolerance., R B. Acres and A J. Cunningham

Mechanisms of target recognition and destruction in macrophage-mediated tumor cytotoxicity., D O. Adams, W J. Johnson, and P A. Mariono

Transcriptionally active dna region that rearranges frequently in murine lymphoid tumors., J M. Adams, S Gerondakis, E Webb, J Mitchell, O Bernard, and S Cory

Survival of mammary epithelial cells from virgin female balb/c mice following in vivo gamma irradiation. Abstr., L M. Adams and R L. Ullrich

Development of resistance to mopc-315 plasmacytoma after intralesional and intraperitoneal melphalan therapy of tumor-bearing balb/c mice. I. Enhancement of in vivo rejection responses by combined chemotherapy-immunotherapy., A Adler and I Altbaum

Fine antigenic specificity and genetic restriction of lysozyme- -specific suppressor t cell factor produced by radiation leukemia virus-transformed suppressor t cells., L Adorini, G Doria, and castagnoli P. Ricciardi

Resistance of established islet allografts to rejection by antibody and complement., M Agostino, S J. Prowse, and K J. Lafferty

Immunogenicity of subcellular fractions and molecular species of mulv-induced tumors. Iii. Stimulation of syngeneic antitumor responses by subcellular fractions and molecular species of moloney virus-induced tumors in cba and a mice., A Ahituv, D Naor, R Sharon, N Tarcic, and B Y. Klein

Repair of dna alkylation induced in l1210 leukemia and murine bone marrow by three chloroethylnitrosoureas., J D. Ahlgren, D C. Green, K D. Tew, and P S. Schein

Glucagon immunoreactivity in plasma from normal and dystrophic mice., B Ahren and I Lungquist

Interactions between macrophagelike cells and leishmania braziliensis in vitro., M Aikawa, L D. Hendricks, Y Ito, and M Jagusiak

Posterior lens cataracts in mice given single or weekly fractionated doses of 225 mev 12c ions or 40co gamma radiation. Abstr., E J. Ainsworth and J G. Jose

Antitumor activity of 5'-deoxy-5'-substituted-5-fluorouri- dine derivatives. Abstr., S Ajmera and P V. Danenberg

Effect of 1-(2-chloroethyl)-3-isobutyl-3-(beta-maltosyl)-1- -nitrosourea on experimental tumors., Y Akaike, Y Arai, H Taguchi, and H Satoh

Heritable variation in erythrocyte membranes of mice with muscular dystrophy., J Akindele, S Anyaibe, and V Headings

Production of mouse lymphotoxin by phytohemagglutinin-stimula- ted spleen cells requires two cell fractions., R R. Aksamit and E J. Leonard

Radioimmunologic identification of prostaglandins produced by serum-stimulated mouse embryo palate mesenchyme cells., I Alam, A M. Capitanio, J B. Smith, C, and R M. Greene

Interactions between mhc-encoded products and cloned t-cells. I. Fine specificity of induction of proliferation and lysis., F Albert, M Buferne, C Boyer, and verhulst A. Schmitt

Evidence that retrovirus expression in mouse spleen cells results from b cell differentiation., B P. Alberto, L F. Callahan, and T Pincus

The decline of immunological resistance of aging mice to trypanosoma musculi., J W. Albright and J F. Albright

The effect of removing hapten from the surface of hapten-bearing cells in tolerance induced by dnp-isologous igg., benson M. Aldo

Saa suppression of immune response in vitro: evidence for an effect on t cell-macrophage interaction., benson M. Aldo and M D. Benson

Replacement of natural polyamines by cadaverine and its aminopropyl derivatives in ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells., hongisto L. Alhonen, P Seppanen, E Holtta, and J Janne

Echinococcus multilocurlaris: immunoglobulin and antibody response in c57bl/6j mice., khan Z. Ali and R Siboo

Genetic factors controlling the intestinal mast cell response in mice infected with trichinella spiralis., H Alizadeh and D Wakelin

Hyperbaric ethanol antagonism in mice: studies on oxygen, nitrogen, strain and sex., R L. Alkana and R D. Malcolm

Effect of murine cytomegalovirus infection on mitogen responses in genetically resistant and susceptible mice., J E. Allan, G R. Shellam, and J E. halmer)

Ultrastructural aspects of erythropoietic differentiation in long-term bone marrow culture., T D. Allen and T M. Dexter

Tumor-specific antigen of murine t-lymphoma defined with mono- clonal antibody., J P. Allison, B W. Mcintyre, and D Bloch

Production of monoclonal antibody to x-ray induced lymphomas: use in characterization of antigen and in immunotherapy. Abstr., J P. Allison, B W. Mcintyre, D Bloch, G Barrie, T, and J Irvin

A monoclonal antibody to an interspecies major histocompati- bility determinant inhibits a virus-specific t-cell clone., M Allouche, J R. Bennink, T J. Mckearn, and P C. Doherty

Limit-dilution analysis of weak influenza-immune t cell responses associated with h-2kb and h-2db., M Allouche, J A. Owen, and P C. Doherty

Limit-dilution analysis of weak influenza-immune t cell responses associated with h-2kb and h-2db. Abstr., M Allouche, J A. Owen, and P C. Doherty

In vivo induction of enhancing factors for cell mediated immunity. Abstr., A Al maghazachi and F Paraskevas

Increased mouse minor hemoglobin during erythroid stress: a model for hemoglobin regulation., B P. Alter, A S. Campbell, J G. Holland, and C Friend

Different expression of lyt differentiation antigens and cell surface glycoproteins by a murine t lymphoma line and its highly metastatic variant., P Altevogt, J T. Kurnick, A K. Kimura, S, and V Schirrmacher

Construction of t cell hybridomas secreting distinct antigen- -nonspecific lymphokines. Abstr., A Altman, R G. Weiner, A Sferruzza, and D H. Katz

Construction of t-cell hybridomas secreting distinct antigen- -nonspecific lymphokines. Abstr., A Altman, R G. Weiner, A Sferruzza, and D H. Katz

Detection of acquired provirus sequences in mammary tumors from low-expressor, low-risk mice., B W. Altrock, R D. Cardiff, J P. Puma, and J K. Lund

The structure and position of mouse centromeric heterochromatin in brdu-labelled chromosomes and diplochromosomes stained by the ph 10.4 Method., P R. Alves

Hamster hepatocyte-mediated activation of procarcinogens to mutagens in the l5178y/tk mutation assay., D E. Amacher and S C. Paillet

The use of cultured rat hepatocytes for the activation of procarcinogens to mutagens in the l5178y/tk assay. Abstr., D E. Amacher and S C. Paillet

Metabolic activation of 3-methylcholanthrene and benzo(a)- pyrene to mutagens in the l5178y/tk assay by cultured embryonic rodent cells., D E. Amacher, S C. Paillet, and I Zelljadt

Regulation of testicular human chorionic gonadotrophin binding in prolactin-deficient snell dwarf mice., A G. Amador and A Bartke

The effect of ribavirin and rifamycin sv on age-dependent changes of the immune system during the adult life of sjl mice., T Amagai, T Matsuzawa, and B Cinader

Mechanisms involved in age-dependent decline of immune responsiveness and apparent resistance against tolerance induction in c57bl/6 mice., T Amagai, K Nakano, and B Cinader

Potentiation of interferon effect in tissue culture and nu/nu mice by pyrimido-pyrimidine derivatives. Abstr., J L. Ambrus, W Biddle, R A. Montagna, S S. Leong, J Horoszewicz, Gastpar, and C M. Ambrus

Selective effects of hippocampal and frontal cortex lesions on a spatial learning problem in two inbred strains of mice., teule M. Ammassari and S Gozzo

An allotypic specificity on the CH1 domain of mouse IgA., M Amor, J L Guenet, F Bonhomme, and P A Cazenave

Heterogeneity of asparagine-linked oligosaccharides of five glycosylation sites of immunoglobulin m heavy chain from mineral oil plasmayctoma 104e., D R. Anderson and W J. Grimes

Murine colonic mucosal metabolism and cytotoxicity of benzo[a]pyrene., L M. Anderson, E E. Deschner, M Angel, and S L. Herrmann

Sensitivity to carcinogenesis in nude mice: skin tumors caused by transplacental exposure to ethylnitrosourea., L M. Anderson, barney K. Last, and J M. Budinger

Dose-response for benzo(a)pyrene metabolite-dna adducts in lung, liver, and forestomach of mice. Abstr., M W. Anderson, C M. White, and P I. Adriaenssens

Effect of butylated hydroxyanisole (bha) on dose-response for benzo(a)pyrene (bp) metabolite-dna adducts in mice. Abstr., M W. Anderson, C M. White, and P I. Adriaenssens

Radiation-induced augmentation of the response of a/j mice to sai tumor cells., R E. Anderson, S Tokuda, W L. Williams, and N L. Warner

Effects of irradiation upon the response of murine spleen cells to mitogens., R E. Anderson and G M. Troup

Analysis of membrane lipid composition of mammalian cells during the development of thermotolerance., R L. Anderson and R Parker

Amounts and distribution of intracellular magnesium and calcium in pancreatic beta-cells., T Anderson, P Berggren, E Gylfe, and B Hellman

Activity of bis-carbamoyloxymethyl derivatives of pyrroles and pyrrolizines against human tumor xenografts in nude mice., W K. Anderson

Reversal of hyperglycaemia by intrasplenic transplantation of four-week-cultured allogeneic mouse islets. Abstr., A Andersson

Cell-surface antigens of a clonal human embryonal carinoma cell line: morphological and antigenic differentiation in culture., P W. Andrews, P N. Goodfellow, L H. Shevinsky, B, and B B. Knowles

Lethal effect of the intravenous injection of h-2 alloantigen activated t cells., L Andrus, K Atkinson, and K J. Lafferty

Electrophysiological and morphological studies of a motor nerve in 'motor endplate disease' of the mouse., petit D. Angaut, J J. Mcardle, A Mallart, R Bournaud, N, and F Rieger

Glycosaminoglycan synthesis by subpopulations of epithelial cells from a mammary adenocarcinoma., J C. Angello, K G. Danielson, L W, and E A. Hosick

A case of successful use of sentinel mice for the demonstration of mhv infection. Abstr., A F. Angulo

Induction of pemphigus in neonatal mice by passive transfer of igg from patients with the disease., G J. Anhalt, R S. Labib, J J. Voorhees, B, and L A. Diaz

Carcinogenesis and aging. IV. Effect of low-molecular-weight factors on thymus, pineal gland and anterior hypothalmus on immunity, tumor incidence and life span of c3h/sn mice., V N. Anisimov, V K. Khavinson, and V G. Morozov

Prostaglandin synthetase inhibition: effect on alcohol preference in mice. Abstr., R F. Anton, C L. Randall, and C K. Williams

Linkage of the structural gene for uroporphyrinogen i synthase to markers on mouse chromosome 9 in a cross between feral and inbred mice., T K. Antonucci, V C. Chapman, and M H. Meisler

Monoclonal antibodies to stages of trypanosoma cruzi: characterization and use for antigen detection., F G. Araujo, S D. Sharma, V Tsai, P Cox, and J S. Remington

Thermogenic and anorectic effects of ephedrine and congeners in mice and rats., J R. Arch, A T. Ainsworth, and M A. Cawthorne

Effect of l-glutamine antagonists on 5-phosphoribosyl 1-pyrophosphate levels in p388 leukemia and in murine colon adenocarcinomas in vivo., B Ardalan, M Arakawa, D Villacorte, Y, and D A. Cooney

Phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate, pool size and tissue levels as a determinant of 5-fluorouracil response in murine colonic adenocarcinomas., B Ardalan, D Villacorte, D Heck, and T Corbett

Biochemical comparison of major histocompatibility complex molecules from different subspecies of mus musculus: evidence for trans-specific evolution of alleles., B Arden and J Klein

Comparative pulmonary tumorigenesis in dba/2j and c57bl/6j mice by administration of 3-methylcholanthrene and dimethylnitrosamine singly and combined., M F. Argus, ligeti C. Hoch, and J C. Arcos

Effect of injection of adult mouse peritoneal macrophages on suppressor cell actvity in neonatal mice., B F. Argyris

Evaluation of live and inactivated influenza a virus vaccines in a mouse model., D Armerding, H Rossiter, I Ghazzouli, and E Liehl

Transepithelial invasion and intramesenchymal infiltration of the chick embryo chorioallantois by tumor cell lines., P B. Armstrong, J P. Quigley, and E Sidebottom

Distribution of ribosomal gene length variants among mouse chromosomes., N Arnheim, D Treco, B Taylor, and E M. Eicher

Adult mouse hepatocytes in primary monolayer culture express genetic resistance to mouse hepatitis virus type 3., H Arnheiter, T Baechi, and O Haller

Strain restricted typing sera (srts) for use in monitoring the genetic integrity of congenic strains., J S. Arn, S E. Riordan, D Pearson, and D H. Sachs

Elicitation of delayed-type hypersensitivity to phosphoryl- choline by monoclonal anti-idiotypic antibodies in an allogeneic environment., B Arnold, R Wallich, and G J. Hammerling

Non-h-2-linked genetic control of murine cell-mediated lympholysis to autologous cells modifed with fluorescein isothiocyante (ftc-self)., P K. Arora and G M. Shearer

Sequences of immunoglobulin lambda1 genes in a lambda1 defective mouse strain., B Arp, M D. Mcmullen, and U Storb

Transcriptional control of the expression of mouse globin genes in myeloma x erythroleukemia cell hybrids., rushdi A. Ar, K B. Tan, and C M. Croce

Lowered level of translatable messenger rnas for carbamyl phosphate synthetase-1 and ornithine transcarbamylase in the liver of tumor-bearing mice., T Asai, M Mori, S Miura, and M Tatibana

T cell regulation of b cell activation. T-cells independently regulate the responses mediated by distinct b cell subpopulations., Y Asano and R J. Hodes

Role of the major histocompatibility complex in t cell activation of b cell subpopulations. A single monoclonal t helper cell population activates different b cell subpopulations by distinct pathways., Y Asano, M Shigeta, G G. Fathman, N, and R J. Hodes

Control of suppressor cell activity: autoanti-idiotype b cells produced by painting with picryl chloride inihbit the t-suppressor cell which blocks the efferent stage of contact sensitivity., G L. Asherson, M Zembala, S C. Gautam, and M C. Watkins

In vitro and in vivo cytotoxicity induced by an attenuated salmonella: relation to bacterial carrier state and resistance to tumour growth., M P. Ashley and I Kotlarski

A high-tumor-incidence subline of the d1 mouse mammary hyper- plastic outgrowth line: effect of carcinogens., R L. Ashley, R D. Cardiff, T S. Pratt, and L J. Faulkin

Synaptonemal complex analysis of x-7 translocations in male mice. I. R3 and r5 quadrivalents., T Ashley, L B. Russell, and N L. Cacheiro

Two-stage skin carcinogenesis in sensitive and resistant mouse strains., L K. Ashman, A W. Murray, M G. Cook, and I Kotlarski

Male skin grafts induce tolerance in female cba mice., R B. Ashman