Submissions from 1982

Localization of leucocytes in sites of delayed-type hypersensiti- vity and in lymph nodes: dependence on vasoactive amines., P W. Askenase, C M. Metzler, and R K. Gershon

An influenza specific t-killer clone is restricted to h-2ld and cross-reacts with dk region., B A. Askonas and Y L. Lin

Are tgamma cells of myelomonocytic lineage?, A Astaldi, R J. Griend, and J M. Vossen

Stimulation in vitro; effect of antigen, endothelial cells, and pwm., G C. Astaldi, E P. Wright, C Willems, W P. Zeijlemaker, N M. Incre, and F H. After

Effect of retinoic acid pretreatment on 12-0-tetradecanoylphor- bol-13-acetate-induced cell population kinetics and polyamine biosynthesis in hairless mouse epidermis., E G. Astrup and J E. Paulsen

Chemical carcinogenesis with the use of a subclone derived from balb/3t3 cells with catechol as cocarcinogen., M Atchison, C Chu, T Kakunaga, and B L. Duuren

Effect of alphavirus infection on mouse embryos., G J. Atkins, J Carter, and B J. Sheahan

H-2 s region determined polymorphic variants of the c4, slp, c2, and b complement proteins: a compilation., J P. Atkinson, D R. Karp, E P. Seeskin, C C. Killion, A A. Rosa, S L. Newell, and D C. Shreffler

Nullipotent teratocarcinoma cells acquire the pluripotency for differentiation by fusion with somatic cells., T Atsumi, Y Shirayoshi, M Takeichi, and T S. Okada

Mechanism of interferon action: interferon inhibits the synthesis of viral proteins and induces protein p1 phosphorylation in both adenylate cyclase-deficient and camp-dependent protein kinase-deficient variants of mouse lymphoma cells., J A. Atwater and C E. Samuel

T cells regulate idiotype expression in mice primed with anti-idiotypes to anti-h-2 antibodies. Abstr., H J. Auchincloss, J A. Bluestone, and D H. Sachs

Specific drug sensitive transport pathways for chloride and potassium ions in steady-state ehrlich mouse ascites tumor cells., F Aull

Activation of a suppressor t-cell pathway by interferon., T M. Aune and C W. Pierce

Preparation of soluble immune response suppressor and macrophage- -derived suppressor factor., T M. Aune and C W. Pierce

Investigation of the role of uncharged trna in the regulation of polypeptide chain initiation by amino acid starvation in cultured mammalian cells; a reappraisal., S A. Austin, V M. Pain, J A. Lewis, and M J. Clemens

Metastatic expression of a human colonic adenocarcinoma (lovo) in b6d2f1/j mice appropriately conditioned with antithymocyte serum (ats). Abstr., T L. Avery and R C. Haggitt

Metabolism and therapeutic efficacy of 9-beta-d- -arabinofuranosyl-2-fluoroadenine against murine leukemia p388., V I. Avramis and W Plunkett

Gene controlled negative regulation of dna synthesis in erythropoietic progenitor cells., A Axelrad, H Croizat, D Eskinazi, S Stewart, D Vaithilingam, and H V. Gaag

Progressive reduction in protein synthesis during involution and aging of the mouse thymus., A E. Azelis, K M. Mcmullen, and G C. Webster

Increased therapeutic efficiency of a lipid-soluble alkylating agent incorporated in liposomes., J W. Babbage and M C. Berenbaum

Genetic analysis of the tw73 haplotype of the mouse using deletion mutations: evidence for a parasitic lethal mutation., B Babiarz, G J. Garrisi, and D Bennett

Lung carcinogenesis by procarbazine chlorate in balb/c mice., M Bacci, A Cavaliere, and D Fratini

Mouse procollagen iv. Characterization and supramolecular association., H P. Bachinger, L I. Fessler, and J H. Fessler

A non-immunoglobulin molecule on b cells with an h8 idiotypic determinant. Abstr., M A. Bach, H Kohler, and D Levitt

A phorbol ester tumor promoter inhibits respiration in cell culture. Abstr., J M. Backer, M R. Boersig, and I B. Weinstein

Inhibition of respiration by a phorbol ester tumor promoter in murine cultured cells., J M. Backer, M R. Boersig, and I B. Weinstein

When do carcinogen-treated 10t1/2 cells acquire the commitment to form transformed foci?, J M. Backer, M Boerzig, and I B. Weinstein

Interaction of benzo(a)pyrene and its dihydrodiol-epoxide derivative with nuclear and mitochondrial dna in c3h10t1/2 cell cultures., J M. Backer and I B. Weinstein

5'-methylthioadensine Metabolism and methionine synthesis in mammalian cells grown in cultures., P S. Backlaud, J, and R A. Smith

Inhibition of antibody synthesis by histamine in concanavalin a-treated mice: the possible role of glucocorticosteroids., A M. Badger, D E. Griswold, M J. Dimartino, and G Poste

Inhibition of antibody synthesis by histamine in concanavalin a (con a) pretreated mice. Abstr., A M. Badger, J T. Laydon, J S. Hutchman, G, and M J. Dimartino

Monoclonal antibody therapy of murine leukemia. Abstr., C Badger and I D. Bernstein

Interaction of antigens with dimethyldioctadecylammonium bromide, a chemically defined biological response modifier., F S. Baechtel and M D. Prager

Selective dose and age dependent effects of cis-dichlorodia- mmine platinum (cddp) on lymphocyte subpopulations in mice. Abstr., O Bagasra, J W. Oosterhuis, and I Damjanov

Behavioral and anatomical characterization of the bxlg recombinant inbred strains. Abstr., M Bagwell and M J. Lavooy

Corynebacterium parvum (cp) immunotherapy of the l5178y cell tumor dormant state in dba/2 mice. Abstr., L M. Bailargeon, M K. Robinson, M Schneiderman, and E F. Wheelock

Influence of genetic background and age on the expression of the obese hyperglycaemic syndrome in aston ob/ob mice., C J. Bailey, P R. Flatt, and T W. Atkins

Impairment of the thymus-dependent humoral immune response by syngeneic or allogeneic pregnancy., M G. Baines and H F. Pross

Physiology of igd. II. Lack of humoral immune responsiveness in lymph nodes of mice treated with anti-igd from birth., Y Baine, Y Chen, E B. Jacobson, B Pernis, G W. Siskind, and G J. Thorbecke

Murine t-lymphoma 'immunoglobulin' is identical to leukemia virus gp 70., S M. Baird and W C. Raschke

Effects of extracts of angelica polymorpha on reaginic anti- body production. Abstr., A P. Baker, C Sung, D A. Holden, W J. Smith, and L W. Chakrin

Time of appearance during development of differences in nigrostriatal tyrosine hydroxylase activity in two inbred mouse strains., H Baker, T H. Joh, and D J. Reis

The use of in vivo-in vitro labeling techniques to study phospholipid fatty acid turnover and fatty acid esterification into triglycerides in adipose tissue of aging mice., N Baker and V Hill

Homogeneously staining regions in direct preparations from human neuroblastomas., G Balaban and F Gilbert

Vincristine (vi) vs cyclophosphamide (cy) treatment in (nzb x nzw)f1 hybrid (b/w) mice. Abstr., S L. Balaban, C T. Olsen, U H. Rudofsky, and A E. Gabrielsen

Protection against lethal challenge of balb/c mice by passive transfer of monoclonal antibodies to five glycoproteins of herpes simplex virus type 2., N Balachandran, S Bacchetti, and W E. Rawls

Genetically determined resistance to mouse hepatitis is not expressed solely by macrophages. Abstr., M A. Balady and F B. Bang

Genetic and developmental regulation of mouse liver alcohol dehydrogenase., K J. Balak, R H. Keith, and M R. Felder

Monoclonal antibodies to a nitroxide lipid hapten., K Balakrishnan, F J. Hsu, D G. Hafeman, and H M. Mcconnell

Is the gene for steroid sulfatase x-linked in man? an appraisal of data from humans, mice, and their hybrids. Abstr., I Balazs, M Purrello, M Rocchi, A Rinaldi, and M Siniscalco

Incorporation of [7-3h]cholesterol into chromatin fractions of ehrlich ascites tumour cells., Z Balint, L Holczinger, and K Szikla

Electrophysiology of retinal ganglion cells in the mouse: a study of a normally pigmented mouse and a congenic hypopigmentation mutant, pearl., G W. Balkema and L H. Pinto

Human interferon inhibits the growth of established human breast tumours in the nude mouse., F R. Balkwill, E M. Moodie, V Freedman, and K H. Fantes

Activation of lysosomal enzymes and tumour regression caused by irradiation and steroid hormones., A Ball, G M. Barratt, and E D. Willis

Monoclonal antibodies reactive with human myeloid leukaemia cells., E D. Ball and M W. Fanger

Biochemical analysis of a public h-2 specificity revealed by an anomalous reaction of an alloantiserum with a chemically induced c57bl/10 fibrosarcoma., D Ballinari, M A. Pierotti, L Grazioli, M Cattaneo, M J. Rogers, and G Parmiani

Ted-2'-deoxyuridines on the growth of human and murine tumor cell lines., J Balzarini, E D. Clercq, P F. Torrence, M P. Mertes, J S. Park, L. Schmidt, D Shugar, P J. Barr, A S. Jones, G Verhelst, and D R. Walker

High frequency of in vivo sister chromatid exchanges in the bone marrow cells of mice bearing mammary adenocarcinoma dbrb., R Banerjee, A Goldfeder, and J Mitra

Serologically detectable mhc and tumor-associated antigens on b16 melanoma variants and humoral immunity in mice bearing these tumors., M Baniyash, N I. Smorodinsky, M Yaakubovicz, and I P. Witz

Genetic and cytogenetic marking for the neurological quaking (qk) mutation in laboratory mice., V S. Baranov

Fertility and cytogenetic analysis of early stages of embryo- genesis in mice with chromosomal translocation t(16,17)43h., V S. Baranov, S Gregorova, and J Forejt

Variable major proteins of borrelia hermsii., A G. Barbour, S L. Tessier, and H G. Stoenner

Isolation and partial identification of eight endogenous g1 inhibitors of jb-1 ascites tumor cell proliferation., N M. Barfod

Animal models of diabetes and immunological problems with islet allografts., C F. Barker, A Naji, L J. Perloff, D C. Dafoe, and S Bartlett

The competitive ability of stem cells from mice with hertwig's anemia., J E. Barker, E C. Mcfarland, and S E. Bernstein

Prolactin status of hereditary dwarf mice., M S. Barkley, A Bartke, D S. Gross, and Y N. Sinha

Effects of liposome-encapsulated immunologic mediators on macrophage function. Abstr., B P. Barna, M Edinger, B Jacobs, K James, S D. Deodhar, D Roberts, and M Clements

Elicitation of peritoneal polymorphonuclear neutrophils from mice., E J. Baron and R A. Proctor

Content of a cross-reactive idiotype in nonimmune a/j sera., M C. Barrett and A Nisonoff

Delayed-type hypersensitivity to h-y in "nonresponder" mouse haplotypes., leigh J. Barrington

On the chromatin structure of the amplified, transcriptionally active gene for dihydrofolate reductase in mouse cells., J Barsoum, L Levinger, and A Varshavsky

Pluripotential hemopoietic stem cells in adult mouse brain., P F. Bartlett

Effect of crude and purified human chorionic gonadotropin on murine delayed-type hypersensitivity: a role for prostaglandins., A Bartocci, V Papademetriou, E Schlick, B C. Nisula, and M A. Chirigos

Enhancing activity of various immunoaugmenting agents on the delayed-type hypersensitivity response in mice., A Bartocci, E L. Read, R D. Welker, E Schlick, A Papademetriou, and M A. Chirigos

Thy-1 determinants are present on many murine hematopoietic cells other than t cells., R S. Basch and J W. Berman

Study of ige and igg fc surface receptors on mouse mastocytoma cells. Abstr., L K. Basciano, R P. Siraganian, and C Isersky

Side effects of immunization with live attenuated trypanosoma cruzi in mice and rabbits., M A. Basombrio, S Besuschio, and P M. Cossio

Normal dba/2 mouse cells synthesize a glycoprotein which interferes with mcf virus infection., R H. Bassin, S Ruscetti, I Ali, D K, A, and A Rein

The effects of age and experience on strain differences for nesting behavior in mus musculus., P Batchelder, C B. Lynch, and J E. Schneider

Radiation sensitivity of quiescent cells from emt6/ro multicell spheroids. Abstr., K D. Bauer, P C. Keng, and R M. Sutherland

Variants of an interspecies hybridoma with altered tumorigenicity and protective ability against mouse myeloma tumors., R Baumal, E Musclow, himsley H. Farkas, and A Marks

H-2-controlled suppression of t cell response to lactate dehydrogenase b. Characterization of the lactate dehydrogenase b suppressor pathway., C N. Baxevanis, N Ishii, Z A. Nagy, and J Klein

The effects of nitrogen mustard (hn2) on activities of the plasma membrane of pc6a mouse plasmacytoma cells., M A. Baxter, S B. Chahwala, J A. Hickman, and G E. Spurgin

Phosphate content of muscle phosphofructokinase in the genetically diabetic mouse (c57bl/ksj)., S E. Bazaes, L G. Foe, and R G. Kemp

Nutritional factors and autoimmunity. Iii. Zinc deprivation versus restricted food intake in mrl/1 mice--the distinction between interacting dietary influences., R S. Beach, M E. Gershwin, and L S. Hurley

Induction of sarcomas in athymic mice., G M. Beattie, A F. Knowles, F C. Jensen, S M. Baird, and N O. Kaplan

T cell clones specific for hybrid i-a molecules. Discrimination with monoclonal anti-i-ak antibodies., B N. Beck, J G. Frelinger, M Shigeta, A J. Infante, Cummings, G Hammerling, and C G. Fathman

Functional similarities of aeealpha ia molecules as determined by analysis with t-cell clones., B N. Beck, A J. Infante, and C G. Fathman

Identification of an antigen associated with transforming genes of human and mouse mammary carcinomas., D Becker, M Lane, and G M. Cooper

Morphological classification of mouse liver tumors based on bio- logical characteristics., F F. Becker

A critical analysis of the t cell hybrid technique., B B. Beezley and N H. Ruddle

Zinc supplementation improves the insulin-secretory response in the ob/ob mouse. Abstr., heick N. Begin, scott M. Dalpe, J Rowe, and H M. Heick

Adenylate cyclase activity in brown adipose tissue of the genetically obese (ob/ob) mouse., heick N. Begin and H M. Heick

Susceptibility to the i-a subregion of the mouse h-2., K W. Beisel, C S. David, A A. Giraldo, Y M. Kong, N N. Rose r, and T O. Of

Regulation of experimental autoimmune thyroiditis: influence of non-h-2 genes., K W. Beisel, Y M. Kong, K S. Babu, C S. David, and N R. Rose

Genetic analysis of alpha-fetoprotein synthesis in mice., A Belayew and S M. Tilghman

Regulation of sodium-potassium acitvated adenosine triphosphat- ase (nak-atpase) by insulin. Relevance to diabetes and obesity. Abstr., F Belfiore, S Iannello, G Vagnoni, and A M. Rabuazzo

Exchange assays using sodium thiocyanate to measure total nuclear content of estrogen receptors in the hypothalamic pituitary axis of mice., S Belisle, J Lehoux, and D Bellabarba

Differential neurosensitivity to three alcohols and pheno- barbital in c57bl/6j and dba/2j mice., J K. Belknap and C K. Deutsch

Antigen transport. I. Demonstration and characterization of cells laden with antigen in thoracic duct lymph and blood., E B. Bell and J Botham