Submissions from 1982

Regulation of macrophage populations. V. Evaluation of the control of macrophage ia expression in vitro., D I. Beller and K Ho

Anti-mac-1 selectively inhibits the mouse and human type three complement receptors., D I. Beller, T A. Springer, and R D. Schreiber

Genetics of intestinal resistance to trichinella spiralis in mice. Abstr., R G. Bell

Trichinella spiralis: characterization and strain distribution of rapid expulsion in inbred mice., R G. Bell, D D. Mcgregor, and L S. Adams

Trichinella spiralis: genetic basis for differential expression of phase-specific intestinal immunity in inbred mice., R G. Bell, D D. Mcgregor, and L S. Adams

Studies on the expression of beta-glucuronidase in mouse hepatocytes. Abstr., guarini P. Beltramini, R Gitzelmann, and K Pfister

Common and unique idiotypes in the murine immune response to bovine insulin. Abstr., T P. Bender, J A. Schroer, and J L. Claflin

Immunological effects of native and polyethylene glycol- -modified asparaginases from vibrio succinogenes and escherichia coli in normal and tumour-bearing mice., A Bendich, D Kafkewitz, A Abuchowski, and F F. Davis

Infection with coxsackievirus b3., M Bendinelli, D Matteucci, A Toniolo, A M. Patane, N M. Impair, and O I. By

Chemotherapy of human breast carcinoma transplanted into nude mice. Abstr., I Benjamin and M W. Rana

Production of immune interferon by an interleukin 2-independent murine t cell line., W R. Benjamin, P S. Steeg, and J J. Farrar

Increased survival of cancer-bearing mice treated with in- hibitors of prostaglandin synthesis alone or with chemotherapy., A Bennett, D A. Berstock, and M A. Carroll

Mapping the structural genes coding for the major urinary proteins in the mouse: combined use of recombinant inbred strains and somatic cell hybrids., K L. Bennett, P A. Lalley, R K. Barth, and N D. Hastie

Resistance to 9-beta-d-arabinofuranosyladenine (araa) in l1210 leukemia. Abstr., L L. Bennett Jr., B J. Bowdon, S C. Shaddix, N F. Dubois, U Hughes, and R W. Brockman

Intracellular localization of human dna polymerase alpha with monoclonal antibodies., K G. Bensch, S Tanaka, S Hu, fong T. Shu, N, and D Korn

Failure to demonstrate a role for line ib tumor-associated surface antigen in the etiology of age-dependent polioencephalomyelitis., D M. Bentley, V A. Guckian, J D. Stinnett, and R E. Morris

The origin of the hematopoietic microenvironment in continuous bone marrow culture., S A. Bentley, T Knutsen, and peng J. Whang

Glycogen synthase and phosphorylase activities in skeletal muscle from genetically diabetic (db/db) mice., C A. Benzo and S B. Stearns

Non-h-2 restriction of expression of passively transferred delayed sensitivity., P A. Berche and R J. North

Antineoplastic activity of synthetic lysophospholipid analogs., W E. Berdel

The role of neurotensin in the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism and in diabetes., M Berelowitz and L A. Frohman

In vivo biological activity of the components of haematopor- phyrin derivative., M C. Berenbaum, R Bonnett, and P A. Scourides

Diagnosis of cutaneous t cell lymphoma by use of monoclonal antibodies reactive with tumor-associated antigens., C L. Berger, S Morrison, A Chu, J Patterson, L Estabrook, S Takezaki, J Sharon, O Warburton, O Irigoyen, and R L. Edelson

Genetic regulation of major urinary protein synthesis in mouse liver. Abstr., F G. Berger

Diurnal rhythms in developing ducts of the mouse mammary gland., J J. Berger and C W. Daniel

Synergistic antileukemic effect of 6-aminonicotinamide and 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea on l1210 cells in vitro and in vivo., N A. Berger, D M. Catino, and T J. Vietti

Role of cellular dump and fdump pools of excess folinic acid (cf) in recovery of thymidylate synthetase (dtmp-s) activity after 5-fluorouracil (fura) treatment. Abstr., S H. Berger and M T. Hakala

Toxicity of mercuric oxide to pregnant mice and the mechanism of resistance of prenatally exposed litters. Abstr., G C. Berg

Stimulation of the insulin secretory mechanism following barium accumulation in pancreatic beta-cells., P Berggren, B, and E A. Hellman

Transport of barium and its stimulation of insulin release in pancreatic islet b cells in ob/ob mice. Abstr., P Berggren and B Hellman

Effects of diets rich and poor in fibres on the development of hereditary diabetes in mice., O Berglund, G Hallmans, C Nygren, and I Taljedal

Limited life span of extensively proliferating b cells: no evidence for a continuous class or subclass switch., lindqvist S. Bergstedt, E Severinson, and C Fernandez

Role of mg2+ in regulating ca2+ in pancreatic islet beta-cells. Abstr., P Bergsten, P Berggren, E Gylfe, R Larsson, and B Hellman

Development of a new melanoma model in the c57bl/6 mouse. Abstr., J Berkelhammer, J M. Hennessy, R R. Hook Jr., C J. Hecker, and R W. Oxenhandler

H-2 linked genes control t cell responses to distinct t cell determinants of myoglobin. Abstr., I Berkower, G Buckenmeyer, F R. Gurd, and J A. Berzofsky

A possible immunodominant epitope recognized by murine t lymphocytes immune to different myoglobins., I Berkower, G K. Buckenmeyer, F R. Gurd, and J A. Berzofsky

Membrane carbohydrate analogues with antitumor activitiy. Abstr., R J. Bernacki, M Sharma, N Angelino, and W Korytnyk

Monitoring the effect of anti-cancer drugs on l1210 cells by a mitochondrial probe, rhodamine-123., S D. Bernal, H M. Shapiro, and L B. Chen

Diverse xenotropic virus expressions in two nzb mouse breeding lines that differ in chromosome breakage., C Bernard and I Emerit

Analysis of polyadenylate-protein complex of polysomal messenger rna from mouse l cells., A Bernd, R K. Zahn, A Maidhof, and W E. Muller

Tumor susceptibility in two mouse strians with varying doses of carcinogen., P Bernfeld and F Homburger

In vitro cellular effects of hematoporphyrin derivative., M W. Berns, A Dahlman, F M. Johnson, R Burns, D Sperling, M Guiltnan, A Siemans, R Walter, W Wright, wilson M. Hammer, and A Wile

125i Interstitial implants in the rif-1 murine flank tumor: an animal model for brachytherapy., M Bernstein, P H. Gutin, K A. Weaver, D F, E, and M H. Barcellos

K+- and na+-gradient-dependent transport of l-phenylalanine by mouse intestinal brush border membrane vesicles., A Berteloot, A H. Khan, and K Ramaswamy

Identification of extrachromosomal dna in hematolymphoid cells of chickens and mice., A H. Bertelsen, M Z. Humayun, A Lippman, and M G. Rush

Blocking of the stimulation of cytotoxic lymphocytes by tumor cell membranes and soluble membrane proteins. Abstr., M Bertschmann and E F. Luscher

Suppressor t cells and the regression phase of syngeneic intradermally developing p-815 mastocytomas., M Bertschmann, B Scharen, and E F. Luscher

Stimulation of splenic t cells on syngeneic monolayers of epidermal basal cells (ebc) in mice. Regulation by lyt 1+ and lyt 2+ cell subsets., F Beucher

Comparison of the induction of immunoglobulin m and g antibodies in mice with purified pneumococcal type 3 and meningococcal group c polysaccharides and their protein conjugates., E C. Beuvery, F V. Rossum, and J Nagel

Parasagittal organization of the olivocerebellar projection in the mouse., B D. Beyerl, L F. Borges, B Swearingen, and R L. Sidman

Antibody-focused peroxide-mediated tumoricidal activity in athymic mice. Abstr., M P. Beyerle and R R. Arnold

Potentiation of 6-thioguanine intracellular accumulation and cytotoxicity by methotrexate in l1210 cells. Abstr., K Bhalla, R Nayak, and S Grant

Contact sensitivity to dinitrofluorobenzene and oxazolone in mice: in vitro cell-electrophoretic assay., S D. Bharambe, K B. Sainis, and G P. Phondke

Interaction of concanavalin a with lactogenic receptors in isolated membranes., A Bhattacharya and B K. Vonderhaar

Human ovarian mucinous cystadenocarcinomas., M Bhattacharya, S K. Chatterjee, J J. Barlow, D H. Fuji, and O A. Of

Tnp-ficoll batch related induction of auto-anti-idiotypic antibody (anti-id) production in chickens and mice. Abstr., B S. Bhogal, E A. Goidl, G W. Siskind, and G J. Thorbecke

Characterization of a lymphoma induced by busulfan and chloramphenicol in caf1 mice. Abstr., N Bhoopalam and J Dalidowitz

Lysosome lipid storage disorder in nctr-balb/c mice. Iii. Isolation and analysis of storage inclusions from liver., C Bhuvaneswaran, M D. Morris, H Shio, and S Fowler

Cc-1065 (nsc 298223), a most potent antitumor agent: kinetics of inhibition of growth, dna synthesis, and cell survival., B K. Bhuyan, K A. Newell, S L. Crampton, and D D. Von hoff

Microwave hyperthermia: modifications in tumour microphysiology. Abstr., H I. Bicher and F W. Hetzel

Epoxide hydrolase in cultured keratinocytes and intact epidermis from balb/c mice., D R. Bickers, C L. Marcelo, choudhury T. Dutta, D H. Mukhtar, and S O. And

Studies on the surface antigenicity and susceptibility to antibody-dependent killing of developing schistosomula using sera from chronically infected mice and mice vaccinated with irradiated cercariae., Q D. Bickle and M J. Ford

Genetic control of sex-chromosome univalence in primary spermatocytes of the mouse. Abstr., F G. Biddle, B G. Macdonald, and A E. Unger

In vivo sister chromatid exchange and cellular replication kinetics of normal and lymphoma akr bone marrow cells., J A. Biegel, S S. Boggs, and M K. Conner

Cellular replication kinetics and persistence of sister chromatid exchange-inducing lesions in normal and lymphoma akr cells following exposure to 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea., J A. Biegel, M K. Conner, and S S. Boggs

Natural killer cell heterogeneity: characteristics of murine intestinal cells. Abstr., J Bienenstock, A Tagliabue, A D. Befus, and D A. Clark

Glial fibrillary acidic protein synthesized in vitro using messenger rna from jimpy mouse spinal cord., J W. Bigbee and L F. Eng

The immunological classification of leukeaemia based on a rapid microcytotoxicity test., R J. Billing, K A. Foon, and israeli M. Linker

A new acute leukemia-associated blast cell antigen detected by a monoclonal antibody., R Billing, K Lucero, B J. Shi, and P I. Teraska

Effects of praziquantel, a new antischistosomal drug, on the mutation and transformation of mammalian cells., P C. Billings and C Heidelberger

A cross-reactive mouse anti-i-ek monoclonal antibody detects an hla-dr polymorphism linked to hla-dr1., D Birnbaum, M Dosseto, F Bourgue, E, and F M. Kourilsky

Blastogenesis of natural killer cells during viral infection in vivo., C A. Biron and R M. Welsh

Proliferation of mouse natural killer cells in vivo during viral infection. Abstr., C A. Biron and R W. Welsh

Effects of immunoglobulin structure on fc receptor binding: a mouse myeloma variant immunoglobulin with gamma2b-gamma2a hybrid heavy chain having a complete gamma2a fc region fails to bind to gamma2a fc receptors on mouse macrophages., B K. Birshtein, R Campbell, and B Diamond

Dominant allele-specific regulation of expression of h-2kk gene products revealed by somatic cell hybridization., C E. Bishop, C M. Lewis, and H Festenstein

The effect of dietary restriction, adrenaline, hydrocortisone and surgery on the rates of death of 125iudr-labelled, intravenously injected tumour cells in the lungs of mice., C J. Bishop, J W. Sheridan, G Ablett, and K J. Donald

Development of a new biochemical mutation test in mice based upon measurement of enzyme activities. II. Test results with ethyl methanesulfonate (ems)., J B. Bishop and R J. Feuers

Two main groups of mouse major urinary protein genes, both largely located on chromosome 4., J O. Bishop, A J. Clark, P M. Clissold, S Hainey, and U Francke

A radiolabel release microassay for phagocytic killing of candida albicans., F Bistoni, M Baccarini, E Blasi, P Puccetti, and P Marconi

Increase of mouse resistance to candida albicans infection by thymosin alpha1., F Bistoni, P Marconi, L Frati, E Bonmassar, and E Garaci

Collagenolytic activity of rabbit v2 carcinoma implanted in the nude mouse., C Biswas, K J. Bloch, and J Gross

Oxisuran: influence on allograft rejection and graft versus host reactivity in chickens and mice., G S. Bixler, J, and T J. Linna

Isotype commitment in the in vivo immune response. I. Antigen- -dependent specific and polyclonal plaque-forming cell responses by b lymphocytes induced to extensive proliferation., M Bjorklund and A Coutinho

Bone marrow cellularity in normal and polycythemic mice estimated by dna incorporation of 3h-tdr., L H. Blackwell and G D. Ledney

New method for detecting cellular transforming genes., D G. Blair, C S. Cooper, M K. Oskarsson, L A. Eader, and G F. Woude

Analysis of glycosaminoglycans of flow sorted cells: incorpora- tion of [35s]sulfate and [3h]glucosamine into glycosaminoglycans of b16-f10 cells during the cell cycle., O C. Blair, D E. Burger, and A C. Sartorelli

Protein synthetic requirements for the outgrowth of trophoblast cells from mouse blastocysts., E J. Blake, J Schindler, and M I. Sherman

Mouse heparin proteoglycan. Synthesis by mast cell-fibroblast monolayers during lymphocyte-dependent mast cell proliferation., C E. Bland, H Ginsburg, J E. Silbert, and D D. Metcalfe

Retinal degeneration in the pcd cerebellar mutant mouse. II. Electron microscopic analysis., J C. Blanks, R J. Mullen, and M M. Lavail

Decreased rates of protein synthesis by cell-free preparations from different organs of aging mice. Abstr., C A. Blazejowski and G C. Webster

In vitro and in vivo specificities of purified thymic factors inhibiting graft-versus-host reaction., I Blazsek and N Kiger

Possible homology of ectodermal dysplasia and tabby, and possible role of egf. Abstr., S R. Blecher, K Arnold, N Weeks, M Debertin, R Kroone, and N Heller

Dna double strand breaks in ehrlich ascites tumour cells at low doses of x-rays. I. Determination of induced breaks by centrifugation at reduced speed., D Blocher

Dna double strand breaks in ehrlich ascites tumour cells at low doses of x-rays. II. Can cell death be attributed to double strand breaks?, D Blocher and W Pohlit

Endotoxin-induced release of tumour necrosis factor and interferon in vivo is inhibited by prior adrenoceptor blockade., N Bloksma, F Hofhuis, trouw B. Benaissa, and J Williers

Effect of adrenoceptor blockade on hemorrhagic necrosis of meth a sarcomata induced by endotoxin or tumor necrosis serum., N Bloksma, F M. Hofhuis, and J M. Willers

Analysis of cu/zn superoxide dismutase in congenic mouse liver. Abstr., J Bloor, D Holtz, J Kaars, and D Kosman

Anti-idiotypes to monoclonal anti-h-2 antibodies. Iii. Syngeneic anti-idiotypes detect idiotopes on antibodies induced by in vivo administration of xenogeneic anti-idiotypes., J A. Bluestone, H Auchincloss Jr., P Cazenave, E Ozato, and D H. Sachs

Anti-idiotypes against anti-h-2 monoclonal antibodies: structural analysis of the molecules induced by in vivo anti- -idiotype treatment., J A. Bluestone, H C. Krutzsch, H Auchincloss Jr., P Cazenave, T J. Kindt, and D H. Sachs

Induction of gp70-specific suppressor t-cells in mice inoculated with virus-producing tumor cells., J A. Bluestone and C Lopez