Submissions from 1968

Basis for the acquisition of malignant potential by mouse cells cultivated in vitro., S A. Aaronson and G J. Todaro

Development of 3t3-like lines from balb/c mouse embryo cultures, transformation susceptibility to sv40., S A. Aaronson and G J. Todaro

Immunologic studies of a spontaneous syngeneic tumor-host system. II. Specific immune tolerance and adoptive tolerance by thymic grafts., N I. Abdou and J M. Kenna

Behavioural ontogeny of looptail mice., J H. Abeelen

Enlarged vetricles in the cerebrum of loop-tail mice., J H. Abeelen and S M. Raven

Studies on the structure of mouse gamma a myeloma proteins., C A. Abel and H M. Grey

Evaluation of chemical agents in a mouse plasma cell tumor. Abstr., D Abraham

Immunological analysis of the structural molecules of erythrocyte membrane in mice. I. Analysis of the aqueous phase molecules obtained by butanol fractionation of erythrocyte membrane., H Adachi and M Furusawa

Suppression of growth of mouse melanoma by cortisone., K Adachi, S Kondo, and F Hu

The carbohydrate structures of the neutral ceramide glycolipids in kidneys of different mouse strains with special reference to the ceramide dihexosides., E P. Adams and G M. Gray

Anti-tumour activity of s-carbamyl-cysteine., R H. Adamson

Some studies with asparaginase, asparagine, and asparagine analogs. Abstr., R H. Adamson and S Fabro

Activity and stability of catalase in blood and tissues of normal and acatalasemic mice., H Aebi, H Suter, and R N. Feinstein

Recovery of the hemolysin response in mouse radiation chimeras., G Agarossi and G Doria

Tumor cell population of the ehrlich ascites tumor., N D. Agnish and S Fedoroff

The relationship between survival of colony-forming units and acute mortality response in mice. Abstr., E J. Ainsworth and R M. Larsen

Recovery of cba mice from cyclophosphamide-induced tolerance to sheep erythrocytes. Abstr., A C. Aisenberg and C Davis

The thymus and recovery from cyclophosphamide-induced tolerance to sheep erythrocytes., A C. Aisenberg and C Davis

The thymus and recovery of the sheep erythrocyte response in irradiated mice., A C. Aisenberg and C Davis

Induction of hepatoma and systemic amyloidosis in mice by-4-(dimethyl- amino)azobenzene feeding., Y Akamatsu and R Ikegami

Establishment of a milk agent-free substrain c3heb/os and effect of foster nursing on occurrence of mammary tumors., Y Akamatsu, R Ikegami, and K Watanabe

Induction of leukemia and amyloidosis in senile c57bl mice by oral feeding of 3-methylcholanthrene in olive oil solution., Y Akamatsu, R Ikegami, K Watanabe, and M Kikui

Relationship of epithelial growth to mitotic rate in mouse embryonic lung developing in vitro., T Alescio and M D. Michele

Late mortality in midlethally irradiated mice given injections of hematopoietic cells from f1 hybrids., N Allegretti

Effects of antilymphocyte serum on virus oncogenesis., A C. Allison and L W. Law

Ribonuclease inhibitor in lymphosarcoma p1798. Effects of steroid and 5-fu., E Ambellian and V P. Hollander

Effects of environmental temperature-humidity and cage density on body weight and behavior in mice., A Anderson, J Werboff, and E P. Les

Inosinic acid dehydrogenase of sarcoma 180 cells., J H. Anderson and A C. Sartorelli

Age and strain differences of esterase isozymes in the livers of mice. (japanese With eng. Summ.)., A Ando and C Yamauchi

Comparison of cellular aspects of aging of liver in mouse and rat. Abstr., W Andrew, G Lesser, and S Deutsch

Uptake of 51cr-beta-glycerophosphate by ehrlich ascites cells., L J. Anghileri

Lysosomes in mice mammary tumors treated with cycloposphamide, dis- tribution related to course of disease., E Anton and D Brandes

Wild-type gross leukemia virus. II. Influence of immunogenetic factors on natural transmission and on the consequences of infection., T Aoki, E A. Boyse, and L J. Old

Wild-type gross leukemia virus. Iii. Serological tests as indicators of leukemia risk., T Aoki, E A. Boyse, and L J. Old

Wild-type gross leukemia virus. I. Soluble antigen (gsa) in the plasma and tissues of infected mice., T Aoki, E A. Boyse, and L J. Old

Successful heterotransplantation of l1210 mouse leukosis into un- treated adult hamsters. Abstr., C A. Apffel and J H. Peters

Amino-terminal sequences of two mouse lamdba chains., E Appella and R N. Perham

Inhibition of cancer growth in mice by thymidine, methionine and pyruvic, glyceric and hydroxypyruvic aldehydes. Abstr., M A. Apple and D M. Greenberg

Trilaminar bodies in peritoneal macrophages of mice. Abstr., T I. Aquino and O K. Skinsnes

Inactivation of amino acid transport systems in ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells by cobalt-60 gamma radiation., E G. Archer

Acquired tolerance to skin homografts in mice, possible stimulus for the escape from tolerance., B F. Argyris

Role of macrophages in immunological maturation., B F. Argyris

Role of macrophages in immunological maturation. Abstr., B F. Argyris

Role of thymus in adoptive tolerance., B F. Argyris

Mouse peritoneal cells. Their ability to elicit or produce antibody after exposure to antigen., B F. Argyris and B A. Askonas

Protein synthesis in nuclei isolated from frozen and thawed mouse liver., E A. Arnold, D E. Young, and R E. Stowell

Cytogenetic analysis of sarcoma 37 tumor strain resistant to sarcoly- sin. Abstr., M A. Arsenieva and S N. Gorkova

Arly-2-halogenoalkylamines--xxiv. Derivatives of o-, m- and p-amino- phenol, synthesis and antineoplastic activities., M Artico and W C. Ross

Aryl-2-halogenoalkylamines--xxii. Derivatives of phenoxyacetic acid, synthesis and antineoplastic activities., M Artico and W C. Ross

Aryl-2-halogenoalkylamines--xxiii. Derivatives of oxanilic acid and salicylic acid, synthesis and antineoplastic activities., M Artico and W C. Ross

The specificity of antilymphocyte sera to thymic, splenic, and leu- kemic lymphocytes., R Asakuma and A E. Reif

Contact and delayed hypersensitivity in the mouse. I. Active sensitization and passive transfer., G L. Asherson and W Ptak

Formation of antigen-induced granulomas containing plasma cells, a light and electron microscopic study., T J. Athanassiades and R S. Speirs

The effect of chemotherapeutic agents on an experimental mouse brain tumor. Abstr., J I. Ausman, W R. Shapiro, and J J. Slivka

Maternal sensitization after pregnancy in mice, the result of in- creasing maternal exposure to fetal antigens., G B. Avery and C V. Hunt

The survival and differentiation of fetal membranes grafted into the peritoneal cavity in mice., G B. Avery and C V. Hunt

Formation of lymphoid nodules in the thymus in allograft immunity., K Awaya

Dna uptake by a mutant strain of lymphoma cells., S R. Ayad and M Fox

Studies on immunlolgical tolerance. Inhibitory effect of a cobra venom factor. Abstr., M M. Azar, E J. Yunis, and R A. Good

Biochemical and genetic studies of a cytosine arabinoside-resistant (car) mutant of l1210 leukemia. Abstr., M K. Bach

Genetic variation in adrenal weight, strain differences in the development of the adrenal glands of mice., F M. Badr, J G. Shire, and S G. Spickett

Vergleichend teratologische befunde bei orbitalem anophthalmus mit kraniofazialen dysplasien in einem speziellen mauseinzuchtstamm., G Badtke, K Degenhardt, and M Tost

Immunolgenicity of l1210 murine leukaemia cells after treatment with neuraminidase., K D. Bagshawe and G A. Currie

New histocompatibility loci linked to the brown locus in the mouse. Abstr., D Bailey, L Mobraaten, and H Bunker

Tissue incompatibilities arising in the f1, f2 and f3 hybrids of in- bred strains of mice. Abstr., D W. Bailey and L Mobraaten

Delayed tumors of mice immunized against the ehrlich ascites tumor., R N. Baillif and E L. Jones

Age differences in the distribution of allogeneic lymph node cells in mice., D R. Bainbridge, L Brent, and G Gowland

Modified immunogenicity of lymphoid cells from mice sensitized with sheep erythrocytes., G O. Bain and J D. Alton

3-deoxy-d-glucosulose In fed and fasted mouse livers., N Baker and L G. Egyud

Behavioural thermoregulation in mice., B A. Baldwin

The effects of food intake and acclimatization to temperature on behavioral thermoregulation in pigs and mice., B A. Baldwin and D L. Ingram

Studies on the r1 mouse lymphoma. Abstr., C R. Ball and T A. Connors

Role of bone marrow in induction of thymic lymphomas by neonatal in- jection of 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene., J K. Ball

A phase and electron microscopic study of dystrophic muscle. 2. The pathological changes in the newborn bar harbor 129 dystrophic mouse., B Q. Banker

Alcoholic cardiomyopathy. An experimental model. Abstr., A A. Banner and E A. Schenk

Analysis of spermatogenic and embryogenic abnormalities in mice, heterozygous for the chromosome translocation t6., V S. Baranov and A P. Dyban

Site of genetic regulation on hypophysial graft-induced mammary gland development., C W. Bardin, A G. Liebelt, and R A. Liebelt

Development of the mouse hematopoietic system. I. Types of hemoglobin produced in embryonic yolk sac and liver., J E. Barker

The estimated 'stem' cell content of embryonic hematopoietic organs. Abstr., J E. Barker, M A. Keenan, and L Raphals

The long-term proliferative capacity of cells from lymph nodes. Abstr., D W. Barnes, E P. Evans, and C E. Ford

Fibroblasts in sterile inflammation, study in mouse radiation chimaeras., D W. Barnes and N G. Khrushchov

Auto-immune disease in (nzb x cfw) f1 mice., R D. Barnes, M A. Tuffrey, and C R. Berry

Changing incidence of positive direct coombs test in inbred nzb/bl mice., R D. Barnes, M Tuffrey, and J Holliday

Heredity and environment in the development of behaviour., S A. Barnett

Conception and parturition of mice at two temperatures., S A. Barnett and M J. Little

'terramycin' And breeding mice., S A. Barnett and K M. Munro

Hormonal control of lymphoreticular tissues in snell/bagg pituitary dwarf mice. Abstr., C Baroni, N Fabris, and G Bertoli

Studies on heterologous antilymphocyte and antithymocyte sera. II. Effects on cellular antibody production during the early primary and secondary immune response of mice to sheep erythrocytes., R F. Barth and J Southworth

Immunosuppressive effects of heterologous antilymphocyte sera on the primary cellular and serologic response of mice to sheep erythrocytes. Abstr., R F. Barth, J Southworth, and G Burger

Studies on heterologous antilymphocyte and antithymocyte sera. I. Serologic specificity and immunosuppressive activity of rabbit anti- mouse sera on the primary immune response., R F. Barth, J Southworth, and G M. Burger

Amyloidosis induced in mice by escherichia coli endotoxin., W F. Barth, J K. Gordon, and J T. Willerson

Decidual reaction in two inbred mouse strains and f1 hybrids., A Bartke

Effect of an iud on implantation and the decidual reaction in differ- ent strains of mice., A Bartke

Pregnancy blocking by yellow (aya) and non-yellow (aa) male mice. Abstr., A Bartke

The response of dwarf mice to murine thyroid-stimulating hormone., A Bartke

Oxygen consumption by obese yellow mice and their normal littermates., A Bartke and A Gorecki

Enzyme changes in mice under hypoxic conditions. Abstr., W Bartley, E J. Clegg, and V M. Butler

The functions of membranes in neoplastic cells partially resistant to thiotepa., A A. Barton and M Barton

Cell proliferation in mouse kidney after a single injection of folic acid., R Baserga and D Thatcher

Tritiated thymidine uptake by ehrlich ascites cells exposed to ethyl heptyloxyacetate., P K. Basrur, S H. Swierenga, and G F. Townsend