Submissions from 1968

Mechanism of induction of leukaemia by radiation. Abstr., J E. Coggle, P J. Lindop, C Proukakis, and J Rotblat

Meiotic chromosome damage induced by lsd-25., M M. Cohen and A B. Mukherjee

Cellular uptake of 3h-actinomycin d in the hematological tissues and liver of the mouse., N S. Cohen

Synthesis of ribosomal proteins in cells of the landschutz ascites tumour. Abstr., P Cohn

Hemopoietic colony-forming cells in mouse blood, effect of pertussis vaccine injection and of thymectomy-irradiation. Abstr., L J. Cole and S E. Maki

Lesions physiologiques et morphologiques caracterisant le diabete par mutation (db) chez la souris., D L. Coleman and K P. Hummel

On the inheritance of handedness. I. Laterality in inbred mice., R L. Collins

Audiogenic seizure prone (asp), a gene affecting behavior in linkage group viii of the mouse., R L. Collins and J L. Fuller

Virus-like particles in the kidneys of nzb mice. Abstr., F R. Comerford

The evolution of the glomerular lesion in nzb mice. A light and electron microscopic study., F R. Comerford, A S. Cohen, and R G. Desai

Mechanism of natural resistance to alkylating agents. Abstr., T A. Connors and J A. Double

The electrophoretic mobility of normal and leukaemic cells of mice., G M. Cook and W Jacobson

Investigation of l-asparagine metabolism in animals and human sub- jects. Abstr., D A. Cooney and R E. Handschumacher

Clinical, hematologic, and pathologic changes following parabiosis of syngeneic tolerant and nontolerant mice., E A. Cornelius

The injection of syngeneic lymphoid cells., E A. Cornelius and C Martinez

Active and passive inhibition of skin allograft rejection in mice. Abstr., J M. Corson

Quantitative estimation of erythropoietin., P M. Cotes

The pattern of vascular leakage induced by monochromatic uv irradia- tion in rats, guinea pigs and hairless mice., R S. Cotran and M A. Pathak

Radiation-induced mutants in mouse lymphoma cells. Abstr., V D. Courtenay

Carcinogenic action of methylmethanesulphonate. Abstr., A W. Craig, N K. Clapp, and R E. Toya

Viral induction of myeloid leukaemia. Abstr., A W. Craig and T Tanaka

Effect of the vinca alkaloids on rna synthesis in relation to mitotic arrest. Abstr., W A. Creasey

The binding of colchicine by sarcoma 180 cells., W A. Creasey and T C. Chou

Heritable effects on fitness of ionizing radiation in inbred mice. Abstr., J W. Crenshaw and D J. Yake

Spatial arrangement of h-2 specificities, evidence from antibody adsorption and kinetic studies., P Cresswell and A R. Sanderson

With the lactate dehydrogenase virus. Abstr., C G. Crispens, T R. Normal, and N T. Infected

The fine structure of corpora lutea in ovarian transplants of mice following luteotrophin stimulation., T M. Crisp and H C. Browning

Relation of cellular proliferation in newborn rodent lung to neonatal emergence of strain a mouse lung tumors. Abstr., T Crocker, B Nielsen, and A Teeter

Selective inhibition of the secondary response of primed cells by incubation with hapten., A M. Cross and O Makela

Immunosuppression induced by anti-lymphocyte sera in mice. Abstr., J M. Cruse

The influence of partial synchronization of cell growth on the in- hibition of l1210 cell viability by mouse thymus dna., H A. Crystal and J L. Glick

Distinctive properties of the primary allograft reaction (agr) to hemopoietic tissue. Abstr., G Cudkowicz

The morphology of antibody-forming cells in the mouse., A J. Cunningham

I131 and tc99 uptake by submaxillaries and thyroid in a2g mice. Abstr. Proc. 3rd Internat. Cong. Endocrinol. (exc. Med. Internat. Cong. Ser., H M. Curbelo, A B. Houssay, and E Bozzolo

The effect of neuraminidase on the immunogenicity of the landschutz ascites tumour, site and mode of action., G A. Currie and K D. Bagshawe

The role of sialic acid in antigenic expression, further studies of the landschutz ascites tumour., G A. Currie and K D. Bagshawe

Effect of neuraminidase on the immunogenicity of early mouse tropho- blast., G A. Currie, W V. Doorninck, and K D. Bagshawe

Tumor induction as a measure of genetic damage and repair in somatic cells of mice., H J. Curtis, C Czernik, and J Tilley

In the dtj allele of dystonia musculorum in the c57bl/6j mouse strain. Abstr., R L. Curtis, J P. Tassoni, G W. Al, and E C. Axonal

Information flow from dna via rna as a function of age in c57bl/6j mice. Abstr., R G. Cutler, B J. Medley, and H J. Curtis

Relation of agammaglobulinaemia to the growth of ehrlich ascites tumour., J Czaplicki

Effect of anti-lymphocyte serum on transplantation of hepatoma xxiia ascites in mice. Abstr., M M. Dale

Glycosaminoglycans in experimental amyloidosis., E R. Dalferes, B Radhakrishnamurthy, and G S. Berenson

Electron microscopic study of the mammary tumor agent in plasma cell tumors., A J. Dalton and M Potter

Distribution of tritiated-actinomycin d (t-amd) in normal and neo- plastic murine tissues. Abstr., G J. D'angio and T C. Lee

Chromosome numbers of normal and preneoplastic mouse mammary tissues grown in vivo after monolayer culture., C W. Daniel and K Church

Glands, a serial transplantation study., C W. Daniel, K B. Deome, J T. Al, E I. Normal, and P M. Mammary

Changes in the properties of cells associated with the development of malignancy. Abstr., M R. Daniel and G M. Cook

Ultrastructure of the murine ascites tumor l4946., E W. Daniels, P A. Sustarsic, and G B. Jacobs

Glucose tolerance in the period preceding the appearance of the mani- fest obese-hyperglycemic syndrome in mice., A Danielsson, B Hellman, and I Taljedal

Glucosamine synthesis in mast cells., I Danishefsky and L Deutsch

Les systemes d'histocompatibilite et la susceptibilite au cancer., J Dausset

Absence of morphological changes in the mouse thymus after systemic introduction of histocompatibility antigens., F R. Davey and J M. Corson

The origin of some mouse peripheral blood lymphocytes. Abstr., A J. Davies, H Festenstein, E Leuchars, V J. Wallis, and M J. Doenhoff

Homology with the mouse h-2 system., D A. Davies, A J. Manstone, D C. Transplantation a, T H. System, and I )ts

Cutaneous lipids of the rhino mouse. Abstr., R E. Davies and W A. Austin

Transplanted bone marrow cells., M L. Davis, A C. Upton, G E. Al, F O. Growth, and D Of

Immunosuppressive action of ribonuclease complexes. Abstr., R C. Davis, S R. Cooperband, and J A. Mannick

Localization of mouse h-2 histocompatibility antigen with ferritin- -labelled antibody., W C. Davis and L Silverman

Homograft response in adult-thymectomized mice. Deficiency with aging and after low dose-rate gamma-irradiation., W E. Davis and L J. Cole

Deficient fe59 and i125 deoxyuridine uptake by lympho-hemopoietic cell transplants engaged in homograft reactions., W E. Davis, R Schofield, and L J. Cole

Friend disease in partially resistant bdf1 hybrid mice. Abstr., P J. Dawson and A H. Fieldsteel

Relationship between friend virus and an associated lymphatic leu- kaemia virus., P J. Dawson, R B. Tacke, and A H. Fieldsteel

Tumour microcirculation. Abstr., S S. Dayal and R J. Goldacre

Influence de la densite de population sur l'evolution des tumeurs ascitiques de la souris. Etude des facteurs alimentaire, thermique, infectieux et de compression mecanique., R E. Dechambre

Influence de la densite de population sur l'evolution de tumeurs ascitiques de la souris. Mise en evidence du phenomene., R E. Dechambre

Noncycling tumor cells, mitogenic response to antilymphocytic serum., J J. Decosse and S Gelfant

Open-field behavior in mice, the response to selection. Abstr., J C. De fries and J P. Hegmann

Response of axial primordia to 5-fluoro-2-desoxycytidine (fcdr ro5- -1090) at successive stages of organogenesis in mice of strains c57bl/6 and c57bl/10. Abstr., K Degenhardt and J Franz

Teratogene sensibilitat in der fruhen organogenese bei mauseinzucht- stammen., K Degenhardt and J Franz

A model in comparative teratogenesis, dose response to 5-fluoro-2- -deoxycytidine (fcdr, ro 5-1090) in organogenesis of mice of strains c57bl/6jhanffm and c57bl/10jffm., K Degenhardt, J Franz, and H Yamamura

Cutaneous reactions in mice injected intradermally with allogeneic cells., D Dekaris and N Allegretti

Use of newborn and infant animals in carcinogenicity testing., G Della porta

Non-carcinogenicity of hexamethylenetetramine in mice and rats., G Della porta, M Colnaghi, and G Parmiani

Differential spleen colony bioassay for granulopoietic factor (gpf) and endotoxin. Abstr., L Delmonte

Le systeme de la colonisation xenogeneique de la rate de la souris, etudes preliminaires., L Delmonte

Summative effect of granulopoietic factor (gpf) and erythropoietic factor (ep) on colonizing potential of inbred mouse bone marrow. Abstr., L Delmonte

Inhibition of friend leukemia virus splenomegaly by an acetylenic carbamate., D C. Delong, L A. Baker, N R. Easton, and R D. Dillard

Influence of animal genotype and age on the amount of circulating interferon induced by newcastle disease virus., E De maeyer and guignard J. Maeyer

The potenial bone marrow toxicity of antilymphocyte serum in mice., T R. De meester and N D. Anderson

The effect of heterologous anti-lymphocyte serum on mouse hemopoietic stem cells., T R. Demeester, N D, and E A. Shaffer

Spontaneous glomerulonephritis in 2 of 12 strains of mice. Abstr., D Den boer

Killing of mice by rats prevented by early interaction between the two species., V H. Denenberg, R E. Paschke, and M X. Zarrow

Immunosuppressive effects of lymphoid cell proliferation in mice receiving anti-lymphocyte globulin., A M. Denman, E J. Denman, and E J. Holborow

Mode of action of anti-lymphocyte globulin. I. The distribution of rabbit anti-lymphocyte globulin injected into rats and mice., A M. Denman and E P. Frenkel

Observations on the changing behaviour of akr mouse lymphomas serially transplanted in the strain of origin., P M. Denton and M O. Symes

Immunosuppression in allogeneic murine tumor system, a new model for the study of antilymphocyte serum (als). Abstr., S D. Deodhar, G Crile, and P F. Schofield

Immunosuppression in allogeneic murine tumour system, a model for the study of antilymphocyte serum., S D. Deodhar, G Crile, and P F. Schofield

Inherited diseases of the inner ear in man in the light of studies on the mouse., M S. Deol

Mouse lymph node reticulum. Abstr., M B. De sousa

Analysis of tumor growth curves., L A. Dethlefsen, J M. Prewitt, and M L. Mendelsohn

An in vivo method for studying the disappearance of foreign lymphoid cells from the spleen. Abstr., L A. Dethlefsen, F B. Taylor, and F Rapport

Influence of some drugs on the immune response. I. The effect of 5-hydroxytryptophan, iproniazid and reserpine on primary and secondary immune responses., L V. Devoino, L S. Korovina, and R Y. Ilyutchenok

Studies of bone marrow recovery after cytoxan. Abstr., W D. Dewys

The selective elimination of immunologically competent cells from bone marrow and lymphatic cell mixtures. II. Mouse spleen cell fraction- ation on a discontinuous albumin gradient., K A. Dicke, J I. Hooft, and D W. Bekkum

Position of the acatalasemia gene in linkage group v of the mouse., R C. Dickerman, R N. Feinstein, and D Grahn

Identification of a gene which controls the incubation period of some strains of scrapie agent in mice., A G. Dickinson, V M. Meikle, and H Fraser

Fractionation response and radiation recovery of mammalian tumor cells in vivo. Abstr., G J. Dicus and W A. Nagle

Observations on the comparative effects of three inhibitors of chol- esterol biosynthesis--an ultrastructural and biochemical study of murine adrenal gland and testis. Abstr., S E. Dietert and T J. Scallen

Immunological unresponsiveness to heterologous serum albumins in adult mice, effect of antigen quality on tolerogenicity., F M. Dietrich