Submissions from 1968

Uphill transport of methotrexate in l1210 murine leukemia cells in vitro. Abstr., D Goldman, N S. Lichtenstein, and V T. Oliverio

Carrier-mediated transport of the folic acid analogue, methotrexate, in the l1210 leukemia cell., I D. Goldman, N S. Lichtenstein, and V T. Oliverio

Interphase death of cultures mammalian cells l5178y). Abstr., R Goldstein and S Okada

Strain variability and antigen form in the induction of immunologic unresponsiveness in adult mice. Abstr., E S. Golub and W O. Weigle

Influence of thymus cells on erythropoiesis of parental marrow in irradiated hybrid mice., J W. Goodman and S G. Shinpock

Factors influencing growth of parental marrow grafts in irradiated f1 hybrid mice., J W. Goodman and H B. Wheeler

Site of ethacrynic acid action on ehrlich ascites tumor cells., E E. Gordon

Valinomycin-stimulated glycolysis in ehrlich ascites tumor cells., E E. Gordon and M D. Hartog

Conditions de la multiplication de divers clones du virus de la fievre aphteuse chez la souris adulte balb/c., D Gorhe

On the presence of a renin-like activity in erythropoietin prepara- tions., A B. Gould, G Keighley, and P H. Lowy

Circulating corticosterone levels of young and old, male and female c57bl/6j mice., B Grad and R Khalid

Histocompatibility genes of mice. Viii. The alleles of the h-1 locus., R J. Graff and G D. Snell

Further observations on intermediate and long range recovery constants in the mouse. Abstr., D Grahn, K F. Hamilton, and G A. Sacher

Estimation of the radiation induced mutation rate for sex-linked de- trimentals in mouse spermatogonia. Abstr., D Grahn, W P. Leslie, and R Craggs

Lymphocyte cytotoxicity in vitro, activation and release of a cytotoxic factor., G A. Granger and T W. Williams

Cells inhibited by 2,2'-dithiodipyridine., D R. Grassetti, S O. Glycolysis, and R I. Tumor

The immunosuppressive activity of ara-cytidine ii. Effects on the graft-versus-host reaction., G D. Gray, J A. Crim, and M M. Mickelson

Glycolipids in mammalian tissues. Abstr., G M. Gray, J J. Wells, and J B. Hay

Metaplasia and progressive growth of heterologous tumor transplants in the subcutaneous space of mice., H S. Greene and E K. Harvey

Linkage of shambling with rex in linkage group vii of the mouse., E L. Green

The use of methoxyflurane as a chemical immobilizer for nonsurgical procedures., R Greene and B H. Feder

Mechanism of the pleiotropic effects of the short-ear mutant gene in the mouse., M C. Green

Studies of hypothalamic nuclei in mice. Abstr., S Green

Kinetic study of the production of antibody-forming cells from their precursors., C J. Gregory and L G. Lajtha

Interferon and murine leukemia. V. Effect of interferon preparations on the evolution of Rauscher disease in mice., I Gresser, L Berman, G De Thé, D Brouty-Boyé, J Coppey, and E Falcoff

Action inhibitrice de l'interferon brut sur la leucemie lymphoide des souris akr., I Gresser, J Coppey, and C Bourali

Influence of occlusion on the cellular activity of mouse mandibular incisors., J M. Grewe and W J. Felts

Epithelial cell migration in the intestine of the young mouse., R D. Grey

Transmission of mouse leukemia by oral route., L Gross

Electron microscopic studies of radiation-induced leukemia in mice, virus release following total-body x-ray irradiation., L Gross and D G. Feldman

The combined effect of 6-azauridine and irradiation in vivo and in vitro. I. The acute effect on the mouse ehrlich ascitic carcinoma., J Grozdanovic, Z Vich, and G Truxova

Development of germinal centers in the spleens of nzb x nzw and c57bl/6 mice. Abstr., E Grundmann, H P. Hobik, and H J. Seidel

Die wirkungsweise von genen im x-chromosom von saugern., H Gruneberg

Molecular species of hexokinase in hepatomas and ascites-tumour cells. Abstr., K A. Gumaa and K R. Greenslade

Molecular species of hexokinase in hepatomas and ascites tumour cells. Abstr., K A. Gumaa and P M. Lean

Studies on the development of spontaneous and x-ray-induced inter- capillary glomerulosclerosis in the rf mouse. Abstr., P H. Guttman, H E. Walberg, and W Davis

Inheritance of behavior sequences in mice. Abstr., R Guttman, I Lieblich, and G Naftali

Inhibition of dna synthesis in sarcoma-180 tumor cells in vitro by dimethyl sulfoxide., R F. Hagemann

Influence of dimethyl sulphoxide on glycine transport in sarcoma 180 tumour cells., R F. Hagemann and T C. Evans

The effect of x-irradiation on glycine transport in ehrlich ascites tumor cells., R F. Hagemann and T C. Evans

Biological properties of b particles from c3h and c3hf mouse milk., P C. Hageman, J Links, and P Bentvelzen

Temperature reduction in neonatal mice. Effects on later behavior., B N. Haggett and J Werboff

Individual recognition by natural concentrations of olfactory cues in mice., M E. Hahn and E C. Simmel

Anatagonism between riboflavin and vinca rosea alkaloids for the growth of sarcoma 180 cells (s-180) in vitro. Abstr., M T. Hakala

The inhibition of protein synthesis and respiration in mouse ascites tumor cells by chloramphenicol and its isomers and analogues., D Haldar and K B. Freeman

Cities in locating cell surface antigens by electron microscopy., U Hammerling, T Aoki, E D. Al, gamma g E. Anti, and A. Specifi

Production, utilization and excretion of erythropoietin, i. Chronic anemias. II. Aplastic crisis. Iii. Erythropoietic effects of normal plasma., D Hammond, N Shore, and N Movassghi

The distribution of exogenous peroxidase in irradiated mouse in- testine., J C. Hampton and B Rosario

Soluble rna ethylase activity of normal and neoplastic mouse tissues., R L. Hancock

The radiation sensitivity of mitotically inactive mouse bone-marrow stem cells. Abstr., G E. Hanks

Localization of 125i-labelled antigen in germinal centres of mouse spleen, effects of competitive injection of specific or non-cross- -reacting antigen., M G. Hanna, M W. Francis, and L C. Peters

Localization of 125i-labeled antigen in germinal centers of mouse spleen, histologic and ultrastructural autoradiographic studies of the secondary immune reaction., M G. Hanna and A K. Szakal

Der einfluss von detergentien auf das wachstum des ehrlich-ascites- -carcinoms. (eng. Summ.), H U. Hanson

The mechanism of radiation action in leukemogenesis. Iii. Thymolytic effect induced by the leukemogenic agent., ghera N. Haran

The mechanism of radiation action in leukemogenesis. IV. Immune impairment as a coleukemogenic factor., ghera N. Haran and A Peled

Possible use of enzyme markers to follow the genetic stability of donor and host cells in mouse radiation chimeras. Abstr., R C. Hard and R C. Allen

Transfer of experimental mouse amyloidosis with whole-spleen grafts between syngeneic animals., F Hardt

Transfer amyloidosis. Local and systemic amyloidosis in recipients of syngeneic spleen grafts from non-amyloidotic, casein-sensitized donor mice., F Hardt and P Ranlov

Prolongation of murine skin allografts utilizing a heterologous anti- serum to a soluble bovine thymic antigen. Abstr., M A. Hardy, J Quint, and D State

Spontaneous regression of crocker sarcoma and immune phenomena., A Harlozinska and A Stelmachowska

Free radical theory of aging, effect of free radical inhibitors on the life span of male laf1 mice-second experiment. Abstr., D Harman

Free radical theory of aging, effect of free radical reaction inhibitors on the mortality rate of male laf1 mice., D Harman

Free radical theory of aging relation between anti-aging and chronic- -radiation protection agents. Abstr., D Harman

Senile changes in the interstitial gland tissue of the ovary associ- ated with prolonged estrus in aging female mice. Abstr., S M. Harman and G B. Talbert

Segregation of the nucleolus produced by anthramycin., C Harris, H Grady, and D Svoboda

Non-protein sulfhydryl content of ehrlich ascites tumor cells exposed to hyperbaric oxygen or x-irradiation., J W. Harris

Glutathione content of cycling and noncycling ascites cells. Abstr., J W. Harris and H M. Patt

Non-protein sulfhydryl content during growth of normal and x-irrad- iated ehrlich ascites tumor cells. Abstr., J W. Harris and H M. Patt

Lid gap in newborn mice, a study of its cause and prevention., M W. Harris and F C. Fraser

Interaction of mouse spleen cells in diffusion chambers., G A. Harrison, J J. Owen, and M A. Ritter

Studies of potential radiosensitizing agents. Inhibition of nucleic acid synthesis by synkavit (2-methyl-1,4-naphthaquinol bis disodium- phosphate) in ehrlich mouse ascites tumour cells., P R. Harrison

Changes in the electrophoretic mobility of mouse lymphocytes, thymo- cytes, macrophages and tumour cells following immunisation., F Hartveit, D B. Cater, and J N. Mehrishi

Modified electrokinetic behaviour of murine lymphocytes, thymocytes, macrophages and ascites (ehrlich, bp8) cells following immunisation. Abstr., F Hartveit, D B. Cater, and J N. Mehrishi

Recessive yellow and its interaction with belted in the mouse., T S. Hauschka, B B. Jacobs, and B A. Holdridge

The role of thymus epithelial reticular cells in viral leukemogenesis., E F. Hays

Muscular dystrophy, in vivo resting membrane potential and potassium distribution in strain 129 mice., C F. Hazlewood and J M. Ginski

Effects of cobalt complexes on oxidative processes. Abstr., J C. Heath, M Webb, and M Caffrey

Open-field behavior in mice, genetic analysis of repeated measures., J P. Hegmann and J C. Defries

Evidence for the non-thymus drpendent nature of the peyer's patches of the mouse. Abstr., L R. Heim

The influence of x-irradiation on survival and interferon levels in viral infected mice., A Hellman, D H. Martin, and L J. Wopschall

Enhanced erythropoiesis with concomitant diminished granulopoiesis in preirradiated recipient mice, evidence for a common stem cell., S Hellman and H E. Grate

Geneic mouse tumors induced by methylcholanthrene and plastic discs., I Hellstrom and I V. Autochthonous

Inhibition of mouse tumor cells in vitro by contact with lymph node and tumor cells containing foreign h-2 antigens., K E. Hellstrom and I Hellstrom

Analyse des zellcyclus der melanocyten des harding-passey-melanoms der maus unter besonderer berucksichtigung der 'growth-fraction'., K Hempel

Ultrastructural development of radiation injury in hepatic parenchymal cells of gamma-irradiated mice., W R. Hendee and M A. Alders

Endotoxin as adjuvator to the transplantation of a mouse mammary tumor., J S. Henderson

Endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide b salmonella typhosa) as an adjuvator to the 'plating' in vivo of mouse mammary tumor cells. Abstr., J S. Henderson

Genetic analysis of acquisition and retention of a conditioned fear in mice., N D. Henderson

The confounding effects of genetic variables in early experience research, can we ignore them., N D. Henderson

Chiasma frequency and maternal age in mammals., S A. Henderson and R G. Edwards

Ehrlich ascites tumor growth in gnotobiotic mice., J B. Heneghan

Competition of 19s and 7s antigen receptors in the regulation of the primary immune response., C Henry and N K. Jerne

The dilute locus, pyridoxine deficiency, and audiogenic seizures in mice., K R. Henry and R E. Bowman

Drug induced inhibition of granuloma formation. Abstr., E C. Henson

Studies on the role of the thymus in viral tumorigenesis i. Effect of thymectomy on induction of hyperplastic alveolar nodules and mammary tumors in balb/cfc3h mice., G H. Heppner, P C. Wood, and D W. Weiss

Studies on the role of the thymus in viral tumorigenesis. I. Effect of thymectomy on induction of hyperplastic alveolar nodules and mammary tumors in balb/cfc3h mice., G H. Heppner, P C. Wood, and D W. Weiss

Studies on the role of the thymus in viral tumorigenesis. II. Effect of thymectomy on induction of hyperplastic alveolar nodules in balb/c mice infected with mammary tumor virus at various ages., G H. Heppner, P C. Wood, and D W. Weiss

C3h-avy--a high hepatoma and high mammary tumor strain of mice., W E. Heston and G Vlahakis

The growth of transplanted murine tumours in pre-irradiated sites., H B. Hewitt and E R. Blake

Intracellular distribution of h-2 transplantation antigens in mouse cells. Abstr., C A. Hickey and L A. Manson