Submissions from 1970

Fine structure of nuclear inclusions in murine pulmonary tumor cells., B Flaks and A Flaks

Hyperimmunization and cell mediated immunity. Abstr., F Fletcher and J Wunderlich

A comparative study of the effects of anti-tumour and immuno- suppressive drugs on antibody-forming and erythropoietic cells., G L. Floersheim

Induction of tolerance to skin homografts with a methylhydrazine derivative. Synergism with antilymphocytic serum and morphologic responses of the lymphoid system., G L. Floersheim, R N. Taub, quagliata J. Phillips, and R H. Levey

Metabolic characterization of sexual dimorphism., A Floridi

Enhanced growth of hair in mice following single doses of ultra- violet radiation. Abstr., P D. Forbes

Influence of 16alpha-hydroxyprogesterone, 20alpha-hydroxyprogesterone and 20beta-hydroxyprogesterone on progesterone activity in a bio-assay., T R. Forbes

Linkage relationships of strong's luxoid gene in the mouse., P F. Forsthoefel and T E. Shenk

Radioimmune assay for histocompatibility antigens., G V. Foschi and L A. Manson

Bone marrow colony-stimulating factor following ureteral ligation in germfree mice., R S. Foster and E A. Mirand

Sequence of the variable region of a mouse gamma-g2a immunoglobulin heavy chain. Abstr., M Fougereau, A Bourgeois, and C D. Preval

Lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes in tissues of normal and ehrlich- -lettre ascites tumor-bearing swiss mice., J A. Fountain, M E. Parks, A Dickey, and R W. Mckee

Etude de l'evolution de la numeration et de la formule sanguine de la souris balb/c pendant les premier mois de la vie., S Fournon, J Mathieu, P Isoard, D Germain, and R Fontanges

Occurrence of single-strand breaks in the template labelled dna of p388f cells after low doses of electrons., B W. Fox and M Fox

Characteristics of 'repair synthesis' in x-irradiated p388f lymphoma cells., M Fox, S R. Ayad, and B W. Fox

Effect of local x-irradiation on the dissemination of ehrlich carcinoma transplanted intracerebrally., G Franchi and D W. Bekkum

Essai de la chimiotherapie sur la dissemination cancereuse et les metastases., G Franchi, M G. Donelli, and R Rosso

The structure of tumours derived from mouse cells after 'spontaneous' transformation in vitro., L M. Franks, F C. Chesterman, and C Rowlatt

The development of 'spontaneous' neoplastic transformation in vitro of cells from young and old mice., L M. Franks and S Henzell

The influence of age on reproductive capacity in c57bl mice., L M. Franks and J Payne

'spontaneous' Neoplastic transformation in vitro. The ultrastructure of the tissue culture cell., L M. Franks and P D. Wilson

Pathogenesis of scrapie in the mouse, the role of the spleen., H Fraser and A G. Dickinson

Ultrastructural morphology of cytoplasmic inclusions within neurons of ageing mice., H Fraser, W Smith, and E W. Gray

Purification of alpha-amylase from c3h mouse submaxillary gland by gel filtration., L Frati and A Caputo

Decreased glutathione-reductase activity in the mitotic ehrlich ascites-tumour cell., A Fredborg and P E. Lindahl

Effects of res 'blockade' on antibody formation. Iii. Proliferative capacity of antigen-reactive stem cells in carbon-treated mice after transfer to irradiated recipients., H Freidman and T Y. Sabet

Approach to transformation of mouse embryo cells by methylnitrosourea. Abstr., J V. Frei

Toxicity, tissue changes, and tumor induction in inbred swiss mice by methylnitrosamine and -amide compounds., J V. Frei

Impairment of shock avoidance learning after long-term alcohol ingestion in mice., G Freund

Immune response in preleukemic mice., wettstein M. Frey and E F. Hays

Purification and properties of thymidylate synthetase of ehrlich ascites tumor cells. Abstr., A Fridland and C Heidelberger

Development of insulin-sensitivity by mouse mammary gland in vitro., S H. Friedberg, T Oka, and Y J. Topper

Genetic effects of 90sr on various stages of spermatogenesis in mice., H Frolen

Enhanced cures of spontaneous murine mammary carcinomas with surgery and five-compound combination chemotherapy, and their immuno- therapeutic interrelationship., R A. Fugmann, D S. Martin, P E. Hayworth, and R L. Stolfi

Cytolysis in agar of nucleated target cells by antibody forming cells. Abstr., H Fuji, M Zaleski, and F Milgrom

Survival of human thyroid tissues in mice treated with antilymphocyte serum., Y Fujimoto, M Usui, H Nariuchi, and T Matuhasi

Biological and morphological studies of sjl/j strain reticulum cell neoplasms induced and transmitted serially in low-leukemia-strain mice., S Fujinaga, W E. Poel, W C. Williams, and L Dmochowski

Purification and properties of ribonucleotide reductase from leukemic mouse spleen., S Fujioka and R Silber

Allotypic specificity of immunological tolerance, a study on the termination., M Fujiwara

Studies on immunological tolerance to rabbit gamma g in adult c3h mice. I. The effect of dose and timing of the injection of soluble rgg on the induction., M Fujiwara

Strain differences in the effects of chlorpromazine and chlordiazep- oxide upon active and passive avoidance in mice., J L. Fuller

Genetics of audiogenic seizures in mice, a parable for psychiatrists., J L. Fuller and R L. Collins

Effect of serum on fatigue of normal and dystrophic muscles., L P. Gabel, E Vance, and C Truax

The locomotion of mouse fibroblasts in tissue culture., M H. Gail and C W. Boone

Effetto della chetocaina sulla utilizzazione dei lattati da parte di cellule del tumore ascitico di ehrlich., A N. Galatulas i, F Piccinini, and P Pomarelli

The reoxidation of cytoplasmic reducing equivalents in ehrlich ascites tumor cells., T Galeotti, A Azzi, and B Chance

On the fluorescence of nad(p)h in whole-cell preparations of tumours and normal tissues., T Galeotti, G D. Rossum, D H. Mayer, and B Chance

A method for increasing the number of pleural macrophages in mice., R Gallily, B L. Aalseth, and J S. Garvey

The mechanism of asparaginase resistance of leukemic cells, correla- tions with alterations in asparaginyl-transfer rna. Abstr., R C. Gallo, J Longmore, and R H. Adamson

Asparaginyl-trna and resistance of murine leukaemias to l-asparaginase., R C. Gallo, J L. Longmore, and R H. Adamson

Care of young under communal conditions in the mouse (mus musculus)., R Gandelman, R E. Paschke, M Zarrow, and V H. Denenberg

Genetic control of glucuronidase in mice., R E. Ganschow and B G. Bunker

Murine catalase phenotypes., R E. Ganschow and R T. Schimke

Neoplasia following oral administration of l-1210 tumor cells. Abstr., J L. Gargus and M L. Vernon

Total suppression of pregnancy in mice by post-coital administration of neuraminidase., G J. Gasic and T B. Gasic

Genetic control of the immune response in mice. II. A two-way selection experiment for specific immunologic competence., D L. Gasser

Association of macrophage lipids with mycobacterium lipraemurium in the mouse thymus and lymph node., J M. Gaugas, S Payne, and F P. Wharton

Direct cell to cell transfer of bittner virus., F Gay, J Clarke, and E Dermott

The response of nzw x nzb f1 hybrid mice to a murine sarcoma virus., A F. Gazdar

Tumours of oropharynx and face in nzo, nzb, and nzy mice treated with n-nitroso alicyclic imines., C P. Geary, C M. Goodall, M Bielschowsky, and W Lijinsky

Shared viral antigen of mammalian leukaemia viruses., G Geering, T Aoki, and L J. Old

Incorporation of 5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine-131i into nuclear and mitochondrial dna of normal and malignant mouse tissues., J G. Georgatsos, O Antonoglou, and C Gabrielides

Metabolism of labeled nicotinamide coenzyme in different organs of mice and rats., G B. Gerber and J Deroo

Studies on the effect of nucleoside cyclic 3',5'-monophosphates on antibody synthesis by spleen cells., D Gericke, P Chandra, I Haenzel, and A Wacker

A comparison of the rosette forming cell and plaque forming cell responses in mouse spleen cell cultures. Abstr., H Gershon

Interaction between thymus and non-thymus processed lymphocytes. Tolerance and memory in both cell populations. Abstr., R K. Gershon

Cell interactions in the induction of tolerance, the role of thymic lymphocytes., R K. Gershon and K Kondo

Transplantation antigens in the central nervous system., A G. Gervais

Deficient cell-mediated immunity in adult nzb mice., A Ghaffar, M Krsiakova, and J H. Playfair

Immunosuppressive powers of the antibacterial agent trimethoprim., M W. Ghilchik, A S. Morris, and D S. Reeves

Sensitivity of l5178y cells in culture to antileukemic agents after treatment with l-asparaginase and l-asparagine rescue. Abstr., N K. Ghosh, M Chu, G A. Fischer, and P Calabresi

The age sensitivity of epithelial cells of mouse small intestine., E L. Gillette, H R. Withers, and I F. Tannock

Macrophage distribution during skin graft rejection. Abstr., R W. Gillette

Mimicry effect of histones in homograft tissue., G Gillissen and G Nehring

The mechanism of action of heterologous antilymphocytic serum, the biological activity of rabbit macrophage-cytophilic antilymphocytic antibody in mice., P G. Gill

Polymorphism for gene number at the mouse hbb locus. Abstr., J G. Gilman

The refractoriness of the skin of hairless mice to chemical carcinogenesis., B C. Giovanella, J Liegel, and C Heidelberger

Effects of elevated temperatures and drugs on the viability of l1210 leukemia cells., B C. Giovanella, W A. Lohman, and C Heidelberger

Bone marrow and lymph node cells in the rejection of skin allografts in mice., J P. Giroud, W G. Spector, and D A. Willoughby

Transfer of interferon-producing macrophages, new approach to viral chemotherapy., L A. Glasgow

The incorporation of uridine into brain rna during short experiences., E Glassman and J E. Wilson

Analysis of contrasting effects of exogenous dna on l1210 cell viability., J L. Glick

Glucose 6-phosphatase deficiency, mechanisms of genetic control and biochemistry., waelsch S. Gluecksohn and C F. Cori

The t-locus of the mouse, implications for mechanisms of development., waelsch S. Gluecksohn and R P. Erickson

The biosynthesis of isoprenoid lipids including ubiquinone in muscle from normal and genetically dystrophic mice., M H. Godinez, B L. Trumpower, P C. Carpenter, and R E. Olsen

Influence of the genotype of males on pregnancy-block in inbred mice., B Godowicz

Affinity labeling of a mouse myeloma protein which binds mitrophenyl ligands. Sequence and position of a labeled tryptic peptide., E J. Goetzl and H Metzger

Affinity labeling of a mouse myeloma protein which binds nitrophenyl ligands. Kinetics of labeling and isolation of a labeled peptide., E J. Goetzl and H Metzger

Isolation of labeled peptide from affinity labeled mouse myeloma protein 315. Abstr., E J. Goetzl and H Metzger

Detection of h-2 antigens on mouse spermatozoa by the cytotoxicity test., E H. Goldberg, T Aoki, E A. Boyse, and D Bennett

Evidence for a transport carrier of nitrogen mustard in hn2-sensitive and -resistant l5178y lymphoblasts. Abstr., G J. Goldenberg and C L. Vanstone

Evidence for a transport carrier of nitrogen mustard in nitrogen mustard-sensitive and -resistant l5178y lymphoblasts., G J. Goldenberg, C L. Vanstone, L G. Israels, and I Bihler

Ultrastructural features of mammary tumors induced by urethan alone or in combination with x-rays in x/gf mice. Abstr., A Goldfeder

Peroxidase activity in peroxisomes (microbodies) of acatalasemic mice., S Goldfischer and E Essner

Requirement of a nonproliferating class of cells for generation of immune responses in cell culture., J H. Goldie and D Osoba

Influence of thymosin on cell-mediated and humoral immune responses in normal and in immunologically dificient mice., A L. Goldstein, Y Asanuma, J R. Battisto, M A. Hardy, E Quint, and A White

The influence of thymosin, a thymic hormone, in the development and regulation of immunological competence in mice. Abstr., A L. Goldstein, Y Asanuma, and A White

Acceleration of lymphoid tissue regeneration in x-irradiated cba/w mice by injection of thymosin., A L. Goldstein, S Banerjee, G L. Schneebell, and A White

Acceleration by thymosin of early development of cell-mediated immunity and resistance to moloney sarcoma virus (msv). Abstr., A L. Goldstein, A Guha, M Zisblatt, F Lilly, and A White

Studies on the opsonization of a bacterial endotoxid., S Golub, D Groschel, and A Nowotny