Submissions from 1970

The thymus and circulating lymphocytes of mice., M J. Doenhoff, A J. Davies, E Leuchars, and V Wallis

Genetic variation of cholesterol ester content in mouse adrenals., C H. Doering, S Kessler, and R B. Clayton

Repartition comparee de deshydrogenases dans la peau normale et dans un epithelioma epidermoide chez la souris., V K. Dokov, M A. Gerebtzoff, and P Minet

Histological evidence for the failure of corpus luteum function in the olfactory block to pregnancy in mice., C Dominic

Isocitrate dehydrogenase in mouse embryos, activity and electro- phoretic variation., R P. Donahue and S Stern

Influence de la quantite d'antigene sur l'immunite induite par les antigenes specifiques de tumeurs murines solides syngeniques., M Donner and C Burg

Non-leukaemic akr mice are not tolerant to cells of leukaemia induced by gross virus., J F. Dore, E Ajuria, and G Mathe

Relationship between erythropoiesis and immune response in mouse bone marrow radiation chimeras., G Doria, G Agarossi, and S D. Pietro

In vitro primary immune response resulting from the interaction between bone marrow-derived and thymus cells., G Doria, M Martinozzi, G Agarossi, and S D. Pietro

The influence of dimethyl sulphoxide on metabolic activity of ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells and microorganisms., L Drobnica, J Augustin, and M Miko

Behavior of tissue culture cells infected with polyoma virus., R Dulbecco

Diabetes in the kk mouse., W E. Dulin and B M. Wyse

Apparent memory differences in inbred mice produced by differential reaction to stress. Abstr., N C. Duncan, N E. Grossen, and E B. Hunt

Studies of mutant mice with symptoms resembling wasting disease following neonatal thymectomy. Abstr., H C. Dung and R H. Swigart

Determination of sex of teratomas derived from early mouse embryos., G R. Dunn and L C. Stevens

Asparagine synthetase activity following 1-asparaginase therapy in mice. Abstr., M A. Dunnicliff, E A. Eigner, B L. Brown, and V M. Rosenoer

Normal and pathologic anatomy of the adrenal gland of the mouse, including neoplasms., T B. Dunn

Radiosensitivity of the colony-forming cells of the mouse bone marrow., J F. Duplan and L E. Feinendegen

Radiosensibilite des cellules souches du foie foetal de la souris au cours de leur cycle de multiplication., J F. Duplan and P Monnot

Action leucemogene du virus des radioleucoses de la souris., J F. Duplan, P Monnot, and P Mistry

Transfer of skin homograft immunity with a plasma factor., J M. Dupuy, D Y. Perey, and R A. Good

Prevention of immunologic deficiency in pituitary dwarf mice by prolonged nursing., R J. Duquesnoy and R A. Good

Effect of prolonged nursing on lymphoid system of pituitary dwarf mice. Abstr., R J. Duquesnoy, R A. Good, and D H. Sprunt

Immunological studies of the snell-bagg pituitary dwarf mouse., R J. Duquesnoy, P K. Kalpaktsoglou, and R A. Good

Cell components in the immune response. IV. Relationships and possible interactions., R Dutton, M M. Carthy, R Mishell, and D Raidt

Resistance and susceptibility to tumours. IV. The temporary survival and rejection of the ehrlich ascites carcinoma in xenogeneic hosts., R Dvorak and J Karasek

Immunopathology and neoplasms in new zealand black (nzb) and sjl/j mice., J East

Species source of complement in viral-immune and other cytolytic reactions., M D. Eaton and A R. Scala

Morphological classification of mammary tumours in the mouse., W J Ebbenhorst Tengbergen

Cardial lesions in (cba x dba/2)f1 mice bearing transplanted plasma cell neoplasms and in untreated dba/2 mice., P Ebbesen, H E. Christensen, and nielsen R. Rask

Intracisternal a-type particles in murine neoplasias with and without paraprotein production., P Ebbesen and M H. Nielsen

Studies on the enzymology of the rhabdomyosarcoma induced by the murine sarcoma virus (moloney)., P S. Ebert, M A. Chirigos, and S P. Chan

A simple micro method for the direct determination of delta-amino- (14c)levulinic acid production in murine spleen and liver homogenates., P S. Ebert, D P. Tschudy, J N. Choudhry, and M A. Chirigos

Mitotic circadian rhythm in a fast-growing and a slow-growing hepatoma, mitotic rhythm in hepatomas., J M. Echave llanos and R E. Nash

Relationships among viruses in the friend virus complex. Abstr., R J. Eckner and R A. Steeves

A genetic marker in the variable region of light chains of mouse immunoglobulins., G M. Edelman and P D. Gottlieb

Differentiation of rosette-forming cells from myeloid stem cells., G E. Edwards, R G. Miller, and R A. Phillips

Hereditary defect in intestinal iron transfer in x-linked anemia. Abstr., J A. Edwards and R M. Bannerman

Hereditary defect of intestinal iron transport in mice with sex-linked anemia., J A. Edwards and R M. Bannerman

Studies with alkylating esters--ii. A chemical interpretation through metabloic studies of the antifertility effects of ethylene dimethane- sulphonate and ethylene dibromide., K Edwards, H Jackson, and A R. Jones

Are oocytes formed and used sequentially in the mammalian ovary., R G. Edwards

Studies in the mode of action of 4,4'-diacetyl-diphenyl-urea-bis- -guanylhydrazone (ddug) in leukemia l1210. Abstr., M J. Ehrke, J Soucek, and E Mihich

The position of ru-2 and qv with respect to the flecked translocation in the mouse., E M. Eicher

X-autosome translocations in the mouse, total inactivation versus partial inactivation of the x chromosome., E M. Eicher

Observations with a variant of lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus in mouse tumors., J Eiselein and M W. Biggs

Maternal effects on litter size in mice., E J. Eisen

Selection for 12-day litter weight in mice., E J. Eisen, J E. Legates, and O W. Robison

Lysozyme in epiphyseal cartilage. Iii. Effects of protamine, toluidine blue and histamine on mouse embryonic cartilage in organ culture., R Eisenstein, L W. Soble, and K E. Kuettner

Ageing, collagen and enzymatic activity in two strains of the laboratory mouse., A Elens and R Wattiaux

Differences in reversal learning between two inbred mouse strains., M F. Elias

The dependence of dna and rna synthesis on protein synthesis in asparaginase-treated lymphoma cells., K A. Ellem, A M. Fabrizio, and L Jackson

Cyclic variations in protein, dna and ribosomal rna synthesis in 6c3hed lymphoma cell cultures due to essential amino acid depletion., K A. Ellem, A M. Fabrizio, and L G. Jackson

Effect of 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene and splenectomy on virus titer and blood picture in friend virus leukemia., S C. Elliott, W K. Kiehn, C A. Reilly, and G T. Schloss

The immunologically specific accumulation of lymphoid cells in lymph nodes draining the site of a skin allograft. Abstr., E E. Emeson and D R. Thursh

Studies on plasma membranes. XI. Inorganic pyrophosphatase, pp(i)- -glucose phosphotranferase and glucose-6-phosphatase in plasma membranes and microsomes isolated from rat and mouse livers and hepatomas., P Emmelot and C J. Bos

Some histologic and cytologic features of leukemias induced by dibutylnitrosamine in cba/h-t6t6 mice., M Emura

A model for inducing tolerance to rs1 rat tumor in mice., I Encut, L Cioloca, F Liciu, and N C. Popescu

Immunization against mouse ascites tumors with nontumorigenic ascites tissue culture cells. Abstr., C P. Eng, L P. Kleine, and J F. Morgan

Tumor-specific immunity induced by non-tumorigenic 6c3hed ascites tissue culture cells., C P. Eng, L P. Kleine, and J F. Morgan

Partial loss of antigenicity of 6c3hed ascites tumor cells after preservation over liquid nitrogen., C P. Eng and J F. Morgan

Fatty acid mobilization in obese mice., M Enser

Effect of salicylate treatment on fetal and maternal prothrombin time in the mouse., M Eriksson

Congenital ataxia and otolith defects due to manganese dificiency in mice., L Erway, L S. Hurley, and A S. Fraser

Die wirkung saurer desoxyribonuclease auf leukocyten und knochenmarks- zellen virusinduzierter lymphoblastischer leukosen von ps-mausen. (eng. Abstr.)., C Eschenbach, G Ludwig, W Kuhnel, and C Forster

Effect of ionizing radiations on distribution of plasma protein- -bound neutral hexoses in mice and dogs., A S. Evans

Studies on the induction of translocations in mouse spermatogonia. Iii. Effects of x-irradiation., E P. Evans, C E. Ford, A G. Searle, and B J. West

Cultivation and in vitro characterization of mouse phagocytic cells., R Evans

Cooperation of immune lymphoid cells with macrophages in tumour immunity., R Evans and P Alexander

Further analysis of effects of fractionation of x-irradiation on dna synthesis and mitosis in ascites tumor cells. Abstr., T C. Evans, D B. Leeper, and L L. Schenken

Effect of 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene on non-neoplastic and neoplastic rodent cells in culture., V J. Evans, F M. Price, H A. Kerr, and H M. Oca

Studies on the distribution of some histocompatibility antigens in mouse liver plasma membrane and microsomal fractions., W H. Evans and J W. Bruning

Accumulation of oxidized diphosphopyridine nucleotide in mouse liver after administration of reduced diphosphopyridine nucleotide., J Everse, N O. Kaplan, and S Schichor

Spermatogonial cell renewal under continuous exposure at 1.8 Rads/day. Abstr., J I. Fabrikant and D S. Kovar

The growth characteristics of an ascitic plasmacytoma (mp 5563) terminating by fistulous communication with the blood-stream., O Fakhri

Studies of the rat immune response to plasmacytoma 5563 in c3h mice., O Fakhri and J R. Hobbs

The serum paraprotein level related to the number of plasmacytoma- -5563 cells in c3h mice., O Fakhri and J R. Hobbs

In vitro detection of transplantation immunity, the inhibition of migration of immune spleen cells and peripheral blood leukocytes by specific antigen., R E. Falk, L Collste, and G Moller

Immunotherapy of primary moloney sarcoma-virus-induced tumors., A Fefer

Immunotherapy of primary moloney sarcoma virus (msv)-induced tumors. Abstr., A Fefer

Acatalasemia in the mouse and other species., R N. Feinstein

Separation of soluble and particulate mouse liver catalase by isoelectric focusing., R N. Feinstein and C Peraino

Casein, lactoglobulin, fat and dna synthesis within mouse mammary epithelial cells grown in cell culture. Abstr., M K. Feldman

A comparative immunologic and electrophoretic analysis of rat and mouse caseins., M K. Feldman and R L. Ceriani

Antibody-mediated suppression of the immune response in vitro. I. Evidence for a central effect., M Feldmann and E Diener

Histo- und biochemische untersuchungen zum invasiven tumorwachstum. V. Zum verhalten einiger proteolytischer enzyme., D Felicetti, U Bonk, C Coutelle, and R Coutelle

The rbe of negative pions in 2-day-old ascites tumors., J M. Feola, M R. Raju, C Richman, and J H. Lawrence

Metastasis. Distribution and fate of tumor emboli labelled with 125iudr. Abstr., I J. Fidler

Metastasis, quantitative analysis of distribution and fate of tumor emboli labeled with 125i-5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine., I J. Fidler

Inhibitory effect of cortisol (c) on rna and protein metabolism in lymphosarcoma p1798. Abstr., J J. Fina, J M. Rosen, R J. Milholland, and F Rosen

Modification of hair regrowth in aging mice. Abstr., C E. Finch

Replication of defective and competent forms of murine sarcoma virus in mouse cell cultures., P J. Fischinger and T E. O'connor

Comparison of concomitant and sinecomitant tumor immunity., B Fisher, E A. Saffer, and E R. Fisher

Antilymphocyte serum and allogeneic inhibition., B Fisher, O Soliman, and E R. Fisher

Further observations concerning effects of antilymphocyte serum on tumor growth, with special reference to allogeneic inhibition., B Fisher, O Soliman, and E R. Fisher

The effects of immunosuppression on the induction and immunogenicity of chemically induced sarcomas., J C. Fisher, R C. Davis, and J A. Mannick

The effect of nonspecific immune stimulation with corynebacterium parvum on patterns of tumor growth., J C. Fisher, W R. Grace, and J A. Mannick

The effect of antilymphocyte serum on the recognition of tumor- -specific transplantation antigens., J C. Fisher and J A. Mannick

Deciduous incisor teeth of mice. Abstr., L R. Fitzgerald

Pulmonary tumour induction, in vitro genetic influence., A Flaks

Fine structure of murine pulmonary adenocarcinomata induced by treat- ment with 20-methylcholanthrene in organ culture., B Flaks and A Flaks