Submissions from 1970

A new virus of minimal pathogenicity associated with friend virus. II. Histological changes and immunodepressive effect., R L. Carter, F C. Chesterman, K E. Rowson, M H. Salaman, and N Wedderburn

Induction of lymphoma in balb/c mice by rowson-parr virus (rpv)., R L. Carter, F C. Chesterman, K E. Rowson, M H. Salaman, and N Wedderburn

Attempts to sensitize mice for pca using pepsin digested mouse antibody fragments., F B. Casey and S Tokuda

Preliminary virological and immunological studies of the salivary gland tumor of c3h/he mouse., L Castelli and A Caputo

Protection against herpes virus and encephalomyocarditis virus encephalitis with a double-stranded rna inducer of interferon., L W. Catalano and S Baron

Viral interference in the brains of mice infected subcutaneously with herpes simplex virus., L W. Catalano, J Moossy, and S Sell

Controlling elements in the mouse x-chromosome. Iii. Influence upon both parts of an x divided by rearrangement., B M. Cattanach

Parental influence on x-autosome translocation-induced variegation in the mouse., B M. Cattanach and J N. Perez

Controlling elements in the mouse x-chromosome. II. Location in the linkage map., B M. Cattanach, J N. Perez, and C E. Pollard

Immunosuppression by leukemia viruses. IV. Effect of friend leukemia virus on antibody-precursors as assessed by cell transfer studies., W S. Ceglowski and H Friedman

Changes in the distribution of acid phosphatase in limbs of syndactyl (jt) mice and of alkaline phosphatase in limbs of luxiod (lu) mice. Abstr., E M. Center

Specific in vitro cytotoxicity of thymus-derived lymphocytes sensitized to alloantigens., J C. Cerottini, A A. Nordin, and K T. Brunner

In vitro cytotoxic activity of thymus cells sensitized to allo- antigens., J Cerottini, A A. Nordin, and K T. Brunner

The distribution of 5-fluoro-2'-deoxyuridine-5'-mono-phosphate in mice after 5-fluroruracil administration. Abstr., M Chadwick and W I. Rogers

Inhibition of nucleic acid and protein biosynthesis by a pyrimidine aldehyde. Abstr., C Chae, A Williams, H Krasny, C Dobbins, and J L. Irvin

Inhibition of thymidine phosphorylation and dna and histone synthesis in ehrlich ascites carcinoma., C Chae, A Williams, H Krasny, J L. Irvin, and C Piantadosi

Genetic basis of leukocyte production in mice., C K. Chai

Biochemical aspects of leukemia virus-induced immunosuppression, effect of friend disease virus on spleen nucleases and nucleic acids., A K. Chakrabarty, H Friedman, and W S. Ceglowski

Ultrastructural pathology of mastitis in the mouse. A study of experimental staphylococcal and streptococcal infections., R L. Chandler

Cell interaction in an immune response in vitro, requirement for theta-carrying cells., E L. Chan, R I. Mishell, and G F. Mitchell

Abnormalities in hepatic enzyme activities during development of diabetes in db mice., A Y. Chang and D I. Schneider

Statistical models for animal survival time in mouse lymphoma., P C. Chang

Studies on colony-stimulating factor (csf). Role of the kidney in clearing serum csf., S H. Chan

Immunosuppression by murine sarcoma virus (moloney)., S P. Chan, W A. Hook, W Turner, and M A. Chirigos

Pregnancy block in mice, changes in pituitary lh and lth and plasma progestin levels., V M. Chapman, C Desjardins, and W K. Whitten

Restoration of thymectomized irradiated mice by frozen and stored thymus grafts., C Cheers, E Leuchars, A J. Davies, and V Wallis

Further studies of the effect of bone marrow cells on chemically induced lymphoma in c57bl/6 mice., L Chen

Evidence against the presence of h2 histocompatibility antigens in ehrlich ascites tumour cells., L Chen and J F. Watkins

Age-related changes in hematopoietic stem cell populations of bc3f1 mice. Abstr., M G. Chen

Effects of ionizing radiation and vinblastine on the proliferation of peritoneal macrophage precursors in the mouse., M G. Chen and J C. Schooley

Powerful new inhibitor of murine leukaemia and sarcoma viruses., J C. Chermann, M Raymaud, C Jasmin, and G Mathe

Liver morphology following a single injection of dimethylnitrosamine, 7, 12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene, and urethan to adult and suckling b6af1 mice., I N. Chernozemski and G P. Warwick

Liver regeneration and induction of hepatomas in b6af1 mice by urethan., I N. Chernozemski and G P. Warwick

Production of hepatomas in suckling mice after single application of beta-propiolactone., I N. Chernozemski and G P. Warwick

Dynamics of interaction between allogeneic immune and non-immune lymphocytes and target cells in tissue culture., I J. Chernyakhovskaya, Z G. Kadaghidze, H G. Slavina, I L. Dook, and moldavsky G. Svet

Antitumour effect of lymphoid cells activated by interferon., I Y. Chernyakhovskaya, E G. Slavina, and moldavsky G. Svet

Effects of proteolytic enzymes on murine h-2 antigens., M Cherry, I Hilgert, A A. Kandutsch, and G D. Snell

Bone marrow colonies, stimulation in vitro by supernatant from incubated human blood cells., P A. Chervenick and D R. Boggs

The effect of multiple tumours on mammary tumour growth rates in the c3h mouse., P J. Cheshire

Early histogenesis of transplanted mouse mammary glands. II. Within 96 hours following isografting., E C. Chew and K Hoshino

Studies in the diabetic mutant mouse, v. Glucose tolerance in mice homozygous and heterozygous for the diabetes (db) gene., W L. Chick, R L. Lavine, and A A. Like

Studies in the diabetic mutant mouse, iii. Physiological factors associated with alterations in beta cell proliferation., W L. Chick and A A. Like

Studies in the diabetic mutant mouse, iv. Dbm, a modified diabetic mutant produced by outcrossing of the original strain., W L. Chick and A A. Like

Fractionation and purification of the polysaccharides with marked antitumor activity, especially lentinan, from lentinus edodes (berk.) Sing. (an Edible mushroom)., G Chihara, J Hamuro, Y Y. Maeda, Y Arai, and F Fukuoka

Cellular sites of immunologic unresponsiveness., J M. Chiller, G S. Habicht, and W O. Weigle

Plaque forming cells to 2,-4 dinitrophenyl in spleens of immunized and nonimmunized mice., J M. Chiller and W O. Weigle

Cellular studies on induction of immunologic unresponsiveness to protein antigens. Abstr., J Chiller and W Wiegle

Relationship between immunologic activity and pathology of aged mice. Abstr., F Chino and T Makinodan

Kinetics of epidermal proliferation during benzopyrene carcinogenesis. Abstr., B R. Chivers and F D. Bertalanffy

Relationship between adiposity and insulin resistance in the american obese mice. Abstr., C Chlouverakis

Glucose tolerance and time sequence of adiposity, hyperinsulinemia and hyperglycemia in obese-hyperglycemic mice (obob)., C Chlouverakis, E F. Dade, and R A. Batt

Development of two-cell mouse embryos in the absence of a fixed- -nitrogen source., J A. Cholewa and W K. Whitten

The influence of allogeneic inhibition and tumour age on the kinetics of l1210 leukaemia in vivo., C Choquet, N Chavaudre, and E P. Malaise

Kinetic mechanism of l-asparagine synthetase of 6c3hed-rg1 tumor. Abstr., T C. Chou and R E. Handschumacher

Qualite des lipides et quantite des proteines synthetises in vivo par la souris normale et la souris obese-hyperglycemique de bar harbor., J Christophe, J Furnelle, M Boutry, and J Winand

Studies on dysbarism, iii, a smooth muscle-acting factor (smaf) in mouse lungs and its increase in decompression sickness., C Chryssanthou, F Teichner, G Goldstein, J Kalberer, and W Antopol

Correlative studies of arabinosyl cytosine in 2-7srna and cell death. Abstr., M W. Chu

Lipid synthesis, comparision of normal and tumor tissues. Abstr., E I. Ciaccio

Antigenic expression of a murine lymphoma during growth in vitro., M Cikes

Relationship between growth rate, cell volume, cell cycle kinetics, and antigenic properties of cultured murine lymphoma cells., M Cikes

The influence of the hair follicle phase on the survival time of skin allografts in the mouse., M H. Claesson and F Hardt

Bone marrow and spleen, dissociation of immunologic properties by cortisone., H N. Claman

Oncogenesis in rf mice., N K. Clapp, F O. Dose, and D R. Dimethylnitrosamine

Some aspects of the morphology of the bittner virus., J K. Clarke and J T. Attridge

Specialized intercellular junctions in tumor cells--an electron microscope study of mouse sarcoma cells., M A. Clarke

Physical and chemical aspects of ultrasonic disruption of cells., P R. Clarke and C R. Hill

A reaginic type of antibody stimulated by extracts of bordetella pertussis in inbred strains of mice., C R. Clausen, J Munoz, and R K. Bergman

Cell population growth and cell loss in the mtg-b mouse mammary carcinoma., K H. Clifton and M B. Yatvin

Light and electron microscopy of diet-induced atrial thrombosis in ts mice. I. Primary changes in the endocaridium. Abstr., B R. Clower, W R. Lockwood, and F Hetherington

Some effects of azathioprine on compensatory renal enlargement in mice., S M. Cobbe, B M. Herbertson, and J B. Houghton

Glycoprotein coat of the ta3 cell. I. Removal of carbohydrate and protein material from viable cells., J F. Codington, B H. Sanford, and R W. Jeanloz

Transient isolation of the hexokinase reaction from the glycolytic sequence on initiation of glycolysis in ascites tumor cells., E L. Coe

The effect of oxamate on glycolysis in intact ascites tumor cells. I. Kinetic evidence for a dual glycolytic system., E L. Coe and R C. Strunk

Action d'un contraceptif (ovulene) sur la carcinogenese mammaire de souris., E Coezy and G Rudali

Species differences in the physiological disposition of 3-tritylthio- -l-alanine. Abstr., J J. Coffey and P E. Palm

Absorption of guinea pig serum with agar, a method for elimination of its cytotoxicity for murine thymus cells., A Cohen and M Schlesinger

Strain-specific renal toxicity of heterologous antilymphocyte gamma- -globulin in mice., B J. Cohen, M J. Vries, M J. Noord, and F H. Lubbe

Measurement of catalase activity in tissue extracts., G Cohen, D Dembiec, and J Marcus

Prolonged tonic convulsions in rem deprived mice., H B. Cohen and W C. Dement

Glucocorticoids and cellular immunity in vitro. Facilitation of the sensitization phase and inhibition of the effector phase of a lymphocyte anti-fibroblast reaction., I R. Cohen, L Stavy, and M Feldman

Hydrocortisone resistance of graft vs host activity in mouse thymus, spleen and bone marrow., J J. Cohen, M Fischbach, and H N. Claman

Acute and chronic graft rejection, possible phylogeny of transplanta- tion antigens., N Cohen and M Borysenko

Production of leukemia and stomach neoplasms in swiss, rf, balb/c, and c3h female mice by feeding n-(4-(5-nitro-2-furyl)-2-thiazolyl)- acetamide., S M. Cohen, E Erturk, and G T. Bryan

Parental-f1 hybrid bone marrow chimeras, high incidence of donor- -type lymphomas., L J. Cole and P C. Nowell

A novel mode of chemical radioprotection in mice, injection of bee venom phospholipase a. Abstr., L J. Cole and W H. Shipman

The effects of hypothalamic lesions in genetically diabetic mice., D L. Coleman and K P. Hummel

The biosynthesis of digalactosylceramide in the kidney of the c57bl mouse., L Coles and G M. Gray

Factors affecting the glycosphingolipid composition of murine tissues., L Coles, J B. Hay, and G M. Gray

A new genetic locus mapped from behavioral variation in mice, audiogenic seizure prone (asp)., R L. Collins

The sound of one paw clapping, an inquiry into the origin of left- -handedness, p.115-136. In g. Lindzey & d.d. Thiessen (ed.), Contrib. To behavior-genetic, R L. Collins

Unilateral inhibition of sound-induced convulsions in mice., R L. Collins

The position of autosomal glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase on linkage group viii of the mouse., R L. Collins and J J. Hutton

Evidence for an asymmetry of cerebral function in mice tested for audiogenic seizures., R L. Collins and R Ward

Secondary disease mortality in rat-mouse radiation chimeras., C C. Congdon, T J. Mitchell, D A. Gardiner, M A. Kastenbaum, and R E. Toya

Alkylation of the dna of sensitive and resistant tumours by a nitrogen mustard derivative., T A. Connors and J A. Double

Antagonism of the anti-tumour effects of asparaginase by methotrexate., T A. Connors and M Jones

Beta-glucuronidase, sulfatase, and phosphatase activities in the urine of dogs, monkeys, and mice., G M. Conzelman, L E. Flanders, I )ii, K Springer, and D W. Crout

Evaluation of l-asparagine metabolism in animals and man., D A. Cooney, R L. Capizzi, and R E. Handschumacher

Disappearance of serum insulin in obese-hyperglycemic mice., H G. Coore and S Westman

Synergistic effect of peyer's patches and spleen cells on humoral antibody production. Abstr., E D. Coppola, F D. Luca, and C Kopycinski