Submissions from 1970

Amyloidosis and renal papillary necrosis in male hybrid mice., E A. Cornelius

Papillonephritis, hydronephrosis, and ureteral hyperplasia in the graft-versus-host reaction. Abstr., E A. Cornelius

Protein-losing enteropathy and other functional abnormalities in in graft-versus-host reaction, comparison with the graft-versus-host reaction., E A. Cornelius

Protein-losing enteropathy in the graft-versus-host reaction., E A. Cornelius

Ureteral abnormalities in the graft-versus-host reaction. Abstr., E A. Cornelius

Ultrastructural variants among peripheral vesicles and vacuoles of murine embryo cell strains., R Cornell

Accumulation rates of gi and marrow damage in pair-irradiated mice during continuous and fractionated daily exposures. Abstr., L S. Corrill, T R. Stokes, and C C. Lushbaugh

Active inhibition of the allograft response in h-2 incompatible mice., J M. Corson

Studies of the specificity and the mechanism of active inhibition of the sensitized allograft response in mice., J M. Corson

Cold reacting antibody in nzb/bl mice., N Costea, V Yakulis, and P Heller

Vergleichende histologische und elektronenmikroskopische sowie histo- und biochemische untersuchungen zum invasiven tumorwachstum. IV. Uber das verhalten einiger transferasen, oxydoreduktasen und hydrolasen., R Coutelle, U Bonk, C Coutelle, D Felicetti, F W. Rath, and F Traub

Factors in the glycosylation of an iga myeloma protein. Abstr., N J. Cowan and G B. Robinson

Immunohistochemical observations on lymphoid tissues from conventional and germ-free mice., P A. Crabbe, D R. Nash, H Bazin, H Eyssen, and J F. Heremans

Respiratory response to acoustic excitation of mice., C O. Criborn

Antigenic stimulation of dna synthesis in the haematopoietic stem cells of axenic mice., H Croizat, E Frindel, and M Tubiana

Proliferative activity of the stem cells in the bone-marrow of mice after single and multiple irradiation (total- or partial-body exposure)., H Croizat, E Frindel, and M Tubiana

Role of fc fragments in immunologic enhancement in mice. Abstr., J M. Cruse, J T. Forbes, G Y. Gillespie, and R W. Scales

Cellular differentiation of the immune system of mice. VI. Strain differences in class differentiation and other properties of marrow cells., G Cudkowicz, G M. Shearer, and T Ito

Fate and metabolism of some mutagenic alkylating agents in the mouse. I. Ethyl methanesulfonate and methyl methanesulfonate at sublethal dose in hybrid males., R B. Cumming and M F. Walton

Effect of interstrain pregnancy on the immune status of female mice sensitized to paternal antigens., G A. Currie

The life span of dividing cells in vivo. Abstr., H J. Curtis

Cg-ching luan, a neurological mutant in mus musculus which has signs of postural instability in a gravitational field and posturally induced tonic-clonic seizures. Abstr., R L. Curtis, P Wang, J S. Haft, and J B. Baker

Demonstration of immunity to nematospiroides dubius in recipient mice given spleen cells., R Cypess

Immunofluorescence studies on the biology of the mouse mammary tumour virus, p. 463-474. In l. Severi [ed.], Immunity and tolerance in oncogenesis. (iv Perugia quandrennial internat. Conf. Cancer 1969) publ. By the div. Cancer res., P.o.b. 327 06100 Perugia, monteluce,, J H. Daams

Mammary tumor virus associated antigens on the membrane of infected mouse spleen cells., J H. Daams, J Calafat, E Y. Lasfargues, B Kramarsky, and P Bentvelzen

Daunomycin and skin allografts survival in mice., G Daddi, C Intini, A M. Isetta, and M Soldati

Placental transport of iron in x-linked anaemia of mice., J Dancis and V Jansen

Diffusible factors from malignant cells which affect epidermal survival and differentiation., M R. Daniel

Effects of hypoglycaemic sulphonylureas on the reductive amination of alpha-ketoglutarate in pancreatic beta-cells. Abstr., A Danielsson

Comparison of 60-mev protons and 300-kvp x-rays for induction of lens opacities in rf mice., E B. Darden, K W. Christenberry, J J. Beauchamp, R Bender, M C. Jernigan, J W. Conklin, and A C. Upton

The kinetics of in vivo tolerance introduction in mice., S Das and S Leskowitz

On the heterogeneity of catalase in rat liver and experimental hepatomas of rats and mice., S Y. Davidova, V S. Shapot, and G A. Drozdova

Bone-marrow syndrome in cba mice exposed to fast neutrons of 1.0 Mev mean energy. Effect of syngeneic bone-marrow transplantation., J A. Davids

The morphology of immune reactions in normal, thymectomized and reconstituted mice. Iii. Response to bacterial antigens, salmonellar flagellar antigen and pneumococcal polysaccharide., A Davies, R Carter, E Leuchars, V Wallis, and F Dietrich

Diabetes and growth of tumour transplants., B M. Davies

Pulmonary adenomata induced by carcinogen treatment in organ culture. Influence of increasing amounts of carcinogens., R F. Davies, I R. Major, and E R. Aberdeen

Effective and ineffective antilymphocyte sera correlation of in vitro tests with potency of early antisera., R C. Davis, S R. Cooperband, and J A. Mannick

The immunosuppressive effects of ribonuclease complexes in vivo and in vitro., R C. Davis, S R. Cooperband, and J A. Mannick

Hair loss in ovarian tumorigenic mice., R H. Davis, L M. Gowan, and J P. Ryan

Graft-versus-host reactions in nonirradiated mice, early suppression of jerne plaques and hemopoietic colony-forming units., W E. Davis, J L. Cole, and W T. Schaffer

Late effects of x-irradiation in chemically protected mice. Alteration of tumor incidence after aet-treatment., W E. Davis, L J. Cole, and P C. Nowell

Studies on synergistic thymus-bone marrow cell interactions in immunological responses., W E. Davis, L J. Cole, and W T. Schaffer

Epithelial origin of polyoma tumors of mouse salivary gland. Abstr., C J. Dawe, peng J. Whang, W D. Morgan, E C. Hearon, and T Knutsen

The effect of different incubation temperatures on the adenine nucleotide content of ehrlich-lettre ascites tumor cells., J D. Dawson and L A. Sauer

Body composition of inbred mice (mus musculus)., N J. Dawson

Prolongation of skin allograft survival in lymphocyte-depleted mice., J G. Deaton and F H. Bach

Gold thioglucose induction of obesity, significance of focal gold deposits in hypothalamus., A F. Debons, I Krimsky, A From, and R J. Cloutier

Site of action of gold thioglucose in the hypothalamic satiety center., A F. Debons, I Krimsky, A From, and R J. Cloutier

Interactions between radiation leukemia virus (radlv) and its murine sarcoma virus pseudotype (msv-radlv). Abstr., A Decleve, M Lieberman, G H. Hahn, and H S. Kaplan

Focus formation by a murine sarcoma-leukemia virus complex. II. Quantitative aspects of the interaction between radiation leukemia virus and its murine sarcoma virus pseudotype in strain c57bl mouse embryo cells., A Decleve, M Lieberman, G M. Hahn, and H S. Kaplan

Azo-dye binding to proteins and detoxication of p.dimethylaminoazo- Benzene in mouse and hamster liver., F Decloitre and M Meunier

Effects of nitrogen mustard during the cell cycle of the ehrlich ascites tumor., J J. De cosse and S Gelfant

Social dominance and darwinian fitness in the laboratory mouse., J C. De fries and G E. Clearn

Genetic analysis of open-field behavior, p. 23-56. In g. Lindzey & d. D. Thiessen (ed.), Contrib. To behavior-genetic, J C. De fries and J P. Hegmann

Open-field behavior in mice. Selection response and situational generality., J C. De fries, J R. Wilson, and G E. Clearn

Studies on viremia (flv) in lethally irradiated mice with or without hematopoietic reconstitution. Abstr., E De harven, G Rossi, J Haddad, and C Friend

Comparison of cell ultrastructure of an experimental ascites tumour of the mouse at different ages after transplantation., E Delain and E Frindel

The cytochemical distribution of catecholamines in the c1300 murine neuroblastoma., R A. De lellis, A S. Rabson, and D Albert

Amyloid. IX. Further kinetic studies on experimental murine amyloidosis., R A. De lellis, J S. Ram, and G G. Glenner

Thymosin-induced changes in the differential spleen colony picture in a/j mice., L Delmonte

Histogenesis of fetal mouse isocortex and hippocampus in reaggregating cell cultures., G R. De long

Alignment defect of reaggregating cells in cultures of developing brains of reeler mutant mice., G R. De long and R L. Sidman

Glutamate oxalate transaminase (got) genetics in mus musculus, linkage, polymorphism, and phenotypes of the got-2 and got-1 loci., R J. De lorenzo and F Ruddle

Circulating interferon production in the mouse, origin and nature of cells involved and influence of animal genotype., E De maeyer, guignard J. Maeyer, and P Jullien

Etude du role de l'interferon endogene dans la defense contre les maladies oncogenes virales. Etat actuel de nos experiences., guignard J. De maeyer

Genetic requirements for graft-versus-host reaction in mouse, diff- erent efficacy of incompatibility at d- and k-ends of the h-2 locus., P Demant

The cellular proliferation kinetics of animal tumors., J Denekamp

The occurrence of two types of cytotoxic lymphoid cells in mice immunised with allogeneic tumour cells., S Denham, C K. Grant, J G. Hall, and P Alexander

Proliferative activity in the lymphatic tissues of grem-free new zealand black mice., A M. Denman and E J. Denman

Renal disease in (nzb x nzw) f1 hybrid mice treated with anti- -lymphocytic antibody., A M. Denman, A S. Russell, and E J. Denman

Specific inhibition of dna synthesis in mouse lymphoma and myeloma by pha and pwm. Abstr., P B. Dent

Immunosuppression with friend virus in allogeneic murine tumor system. Abstr., S D. Deodhar and T Chiang

Immunosuppression in allogeneic mouse tumor system. Effects of pregnancy and associated hormones., S D. Deodhar, G Crile, and T Chiang

The determination and distribution of coat colour variation in the house mouse., M Deol

The determination and distribution of coat colour variation in the house mouse., M Deol

The origin of the acoustic ganglion and effects of the gene dominant spotting (w(v)) in the mouse., M S. Deol

The relationship between abnormalities of pigmentation and of the inner ear., M S. Deol

Interchain bridges of mouse igg2a and igg2b., C De preval, J R. Pink, and C Milstein

Influence of the lethal yellow (a(y)) gene on development of reticular neoplasms., M K. Deringer

Mammary tumors in strains bl/lyde and swr/lyde mice., M K. Deringer

Biosynthesis and degradation of galactolipids in the brain of myelin deficient mutant (jimpy) mouse. Abstr., D S. Deshmukh, T Inoue, and R A. Pieringer

Production d'hemagglutininines chez la souris irradiee a dose letale et injectee de moelle hematopoietique preirradiee., J C. Dethier, J Haot, and L J. Simar

Reutilization of 131i-5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine as compared to 3h- -thymidine in mouse duodenum and mammary tumor., L A. Dethlefsen

Hydroxyurea (hu) effects in mouse duodenum and mammary tumor as measured with radioactive iudr. Abstr., L A. Dethlefsen and R Riley

Hematopoietic recovery after large doses of cyclophosphamide, correlation of proliferative state with sensitivity., W D. De wys, A Goldin, and N Mantel

Intromission pattern and species vaginal code in relation to induction of pseudopregnancy., M Diamond

Biochemical changes in the erythropoietic mouse spleen. N5 methyl tetrahydrofolate, homocysteine transmethylase. Abstr., H W. Dickerman and B C. Smith

Antibody-mediated suppression of the immune response in vitro. II. A new approach to the phenomenon of immunological tolerance., E Diener and M Feldmann

Induction of immunity and tolerance in vitro in the absence of phagocytic cells., E Diener, K Shortman, and P Russell

Effect of hyperphysiological levels of hexestrol on the hepatic metabolism of nicotinate in the mouse., L S. Dietrich, L Franklin, and B Farinas

The role of the alpha glycerophosphate shuttle in the reoxidation of cytosolic nadh in ehrlich ascites tumour cells., O Dionisi, A Cittadini, G Gelmuzzi, T Galeotti, and T Terranova

Effect of actinomycin d and urethan on successive litters and generations of mice., J A. Dipaolo and J Elis

Genetic control of immune response mice. Cross reaction differences against salmonella lipopolysaccharides. Abstr., R Di pauli and W R. Rank

Effects of urethane on embryonic development in the mouse. Part i -- the period of organogenesis., B A. Diwan, B K. Batra, and A V. D'souza

Fine structure of trigeminal nerve fibers in neonatal mice. Abstr., A D. Dixon and G R. Smiley

Feedback inhibition of purine biosynthesis in adenocarcinoma 755 and sarcoma 180 cells in culture., G J. Dixon, E A. Dulmadge, R W. Brockman, and S C. Shaddix

Erythroid cell development in fetal mice. Stabilization of the hemoglobin synthetic capacity., M Djaldetti, D Chui, P A. Marks, and R A. Rifkind

Immunological studies on leukemia and solid tumors of animals and man. P. 727-747. In l. Severi (ed.) Immunity and tolerance in oncogenesis. (iv Perugia quadren. International conf. Cancer 1969) div., L Dmochowski and K Maruyama

Absence of alkaline phosphatase in rat thymic lymphoma induced by murine leukemia virus., R G. Doell and B J. Mathieson

Chimaerism after introduction of lymphocytes into normal mice., M J. Doenhoff, A J. Davies, E Leuchars, and V Wallis