Submissions from 1970

Synthesis of glycoprotein, glycolipid, protein, and lipid in synchronized l5178y cells., H B. Bosmann and R A. Winston

Attivita' della daunomicina sul consumo di ossigeno da parte di tessuti diversi (tessuto epatico, cerebrale, cellule del cancro ascite di ehrlich)., R Bossa, F Dubini, I Galatulas, and O Tofanetti

La cloroimipramina, in associazione con il 3'-5' amp ciclico dibutirrile in forte dose, ne aggrava l'effetto stimolante la crescita del cancro-ascite di ehrlich., R Bossa, F Dubini, I Galatulas, and O Tofanetti

Potenziamento della attivita' antitumorale della daunomicina da parte della cloroimipramina., R Bossa, F Dubini, I Galatulas, and O Tofanetti

Isolation and characterization of the cyanogen bromide fragments of a mouse gammag immunoglobulin., A Bourgois and M Fougereau

Partial amino acid sequence on the variable region of a mouse gamma- g2a immunoglobulin heavy chain. Evidence for the existence of a third sub-group of variability for the heavy chain pool., A Bourgois and M Fougereau

Biosynthese des acides gras a longue chaine dans les microsomes de cerveau de souris., J Bourre, S Pollet, G Dubois, and N Baumann

Rejection of skin allografts by radiation chimaeras, selective gene action in the specification of cell surface structure., E A. Boyse, E M. Lance, E A. Carswell, and L J. Old

Implications of tl phenotype changes in an h-2-loss variant of a transplanted h-2b/h-2a leukemia., E A. Boyse, E Stockert, C A. Iritani, and L J. Old

Studies on medullary and extramedullary erythropoiesis in the adult mouse., C E. Bozzini, M E. Rendo, F C. Devoto, and C E. Epper

Synergistic toxicity of combinations of bacterial endotoxin with daunomycin or sparsomycin. Abstr., S G. Bradley and W C. Rose

Duration of synthesis phase in neurilemma cells in mouse sciatic nerve during degeneration., W G. Bradley and A K. Asbury

Antitumor activity of bleomycin a2. Abstr., W T. Bradner

Alteration in ganglioside pattern and synthesis in sv40- and polyoma virus-transformed mouse cell lines., R O. Brady and P T. Mora

Time dependence of the number of histocompatibility loci in skin graft rejection of mice., G Brambilla, M Cavanna, S Parodi, and L Baldini

The immunodepressive activity of n-diazoacetylglycine amide in some transplantation systems., G Brambilla, S Parodi, M Cavanna, and L Baldini

Enhancement of the antitumor effect of x-irradiation by trypan blue. Abstr., D Brandes, E Anton, and S Barnard

Quantitative relationship between the pentose phosphate pathway and the nucleotide synthesis in ascites tumor cells., K Brand and K Deckner

Enzyme pattern of the pentose phosphate pathway in ascites tumor cells and the effect of nucleoside triphosphates on its enzyme activities., K Brand, K Deckner, and J Musil

Synthetic polynucleotides as restorers of normal antibody-forming capacities in aged mice., W Braun, Y Yajima, and M Ishizuka

Study of atuoimmune disease in new zealand mice. IV. Immunologic reactivity and reticuloendothelial function., I M. Braverman and J Slesinski

Possible association of embryonal antigen(s) with several primary 3-methylcholanthrene-induced murine sarcomas., R J. Brawn

Cell cycle effects produced by 1-(2chloroethyl)3cyclohexyl 1-nitrosourea (ccnu) and its decomposition products. Abstr., D Bray, V Oliverio, R Adamson, and V D. Vita

An ultrastructural study of degeneration and necrosis of muscle in the dystrophic mouse., G M. Bray and B Q. Banker

The influence of host factors on cyclophosphamide treatment of moloney virus-induced lymphomas., S Bremberg

Prolongation of skin allograft survival with spleen extracts and antilymphocytic serum., L Brent and P J. Kilshaw

The effect of agents altering haemostasis on the evolution of tumours in mice., M Bresson, A Cattan, and M Hayat

Action of phenylbutazone in cytostatic concentrations on cell volume, protein and dna content of ehrlich ascites tumor cells cultured in vitro., W Breull and K Karzel

Recovery of binding sites after recombination of heavy and light chains from myeloma proteins with antibody activity. Abstr., S H. Bridges and J R. Little

The distribution of erythropoietic bone marrow in the mouse., G Briganti, V Covelli, G Silini, and P Srivastava

Identification of two cell populations required for mouse immuno- competence., T Brody

On the glycolytic conversion of triosephosphates on the pancreatic islets and acini of nzo mice., S E. Brolin and C Berne

Further in vitro evidence for polyvalent specificity of immune lymphocytes., B D. Brondz and N E. Golberg

Neonatal androgen administration and adult aggressiveness in female mice., F H. Bronson and C Desjardins

Lung tumor-bearing strain a mice with coincident leukemia, an electron microscopic study., R E. Brooks

Mouse mammary tumor metastases in lung, an electron microscopic study., R E. Brooks

In vitro assay of bone marrow suppression induced by anti-tumor drugs in mice. Abstr., C H. Brown and P P. Carbone

Effect of l-asparaginase on mouse bone marrow, assayed by in vitro culture., C H. Brown, I )ii, G P. Canellos, and P P. Carbone

Early development of an inherited cataract in mice., E R. Brown, T Nakano, and G L. Vankin

The growth of ehrlich carcinoma and crocker sarcoma ascitic cells in the same host. Abstr., H R. Brown

Intracellular distribution and dna promoter preference of dna poly- merase from ehrlich ascites tumor cells. Abstr., I R. Brown and A Zweidler

Lymphocyte-mediated transport of aggregated human gamma-globulin into germinal centre areas of normal mouse spleen., J C. Brown, D G. Jesus, E J. Holborow, and G Harris

A technique for intra-arterial infusion of tumor-bearing mice., J M. Brown and D R. Goffinet

Effects of transportation by air on the production of isolated cleft palate in mice. Abstr., K S. Brown, M C. Johnston, and J D. Niswander

The use of red blood cell stroma as an immunoabsorbent and analytical tool --2. Studies with immune sera., R A. Brown and J Ellis

The use of red blood cell stroma as an immunoabsorbent and analytical tool. --ii. Studies with synthesis in vitro., R A. Brown and J Ellis

Proportion of morphologically abnormal spermatozoa in two inbred strains of mice, their reciprocal f, and f2 crosses and backcrosses., C Brozek

Effect of gamma-chlordane on synchronized lymphoma cells and inhibition of cell division., P E. Brubaker, W G. Flamm, and N J. Bernheim

Reduction of colony-forming cell sensitivity to arabinosylcytosine by halothane anesthesia., D L. Bruce, H Lin, and W R. Bruce

Light and electron microscopic study of the brain of the reeler mouse. Abstr., R M. Bruck

Inheritance of a cardiac arterial asymmetry in mice., J Bruell, J T. Leininger, and H K. Hellerstein

Studies of allograft immunity in mice. I. Induction, development and in vitro assay of cellular immunity., K T. Brunner, J Mauel, H Rudolf, and B Chapuis

Presenza di particelle virali a, b e c negli organi dei topi riii/dmse., E Bucciarelli, G B. Bolis, and F Squartini

The contribution of the stapedial artery to the cephalic arterial supply in muroid rodents., J Bugge

In vitro-initiated secondary anti-hapten response. II. Increasing cell avidity for antigen., W W. Bullock and M B. Rittenberg

Kinetics of in vitro initiated secondary anti-hapten response, induc- tion of plaque-forming cells by soluble and particulate antigen., W W. Bullock and M B. Rittenberg

Regulation by antigen of in vitro secondary antihapten response, induction and suppression. Abstr., W W. Bullock and M B. Rittenberg

The lymphocytic chalone and its antimitotic action on a mouse lymphoma in vitro., W S. Bullough and E B. Laurence

Potentiation of the antileukemic effect of 5-hydroxy-2-formylpyridine thiosemicarbazone (5-hp) by asparaginase (a-ase). Abstr., J H. Burchenal and M Dowling

Killing of cultured mammalian cells by radioactive decay of tritiated thymidine of -196 degree c., H J. Burki and S Okada

The concept of immunological surveillance., F M. Burnet

Further studies on the recurrent growth of the ehrlich ascites tumor. Abstr., E R. Burns and B L. Soloff

Cytoplasmic lipid in ehrlich ascites tumor cells before and during recurrent growth., E Burns and B Soloff

Immunity to murine sarcoma virus (msv)-induced tumors demonstrated by 'in vivo' elimination of 51chromium labeled tumor cells., N A. Burstein

Effect of antilymphocytic serum on the appearance of reticular neoplasms in sjl/j mice., N A. Burstein and A C. Allison

Pulmonary tumors in germfree mice, induction with urethan., N A. Burstein, K R. Intire, and A C. Allison

Corticosteroid metabolism and liver glycogen in fetal and newborn mice., A F. Burton, R M. Greenall, and R W. Turnell

In vitro stimulation of antibody formation by peritoneal cells. II. Cell interactions and effects of immunochemical or metabolic inhibitors., A E. Bussard, G J. Nossal, J C. Mazie, and H Lewis

Knochenlasionen und metastasierungsmuster in einem experimentellen plasmozytom der balb/c-maus (hipa-tumor)., E Busser, G Pedio, and J R. Ruttner

A comparison of the modes of inheritance of diabetes in the chinese hamster and the kk mouse., L Butler and G C. Gerritsen

Carcinogenicity of a non-benzenoid hydrocarbon, azuleno(5,6,7-c,d)- phenalene, and derivatives., hoi N. Buu, N B. Giao, and C Jutz

Effect of steroids on the cycling of haemopoietic stem cells., J W. Byron

Glycoprotein biosynthesis, purification and characterization of a glycoprotein, galactosyl transferase from ehrlich ascites tumor cell membranes., J F. Caccam and E H. Eylar

On fighting in mice, situational determinants of intragroup dyadic stimulation., R B. Cairns and J S. Nakeliski

Studies on lung tumours. II. Morphological alterations induced by dimethylnitrosamine in mouse lung and liver and their relevance to tumourigenesis., J Calafat, L D. Engelse, and P Emmelot

The acid soluble disulphide and mixed disulphide levels of some normal tissues and transplanted tumours., G Calcutt and S M. Ting

Tissue nad levels and the response to irradiation or cytotoxic drugs., G Calcutt, S M. Ting, and A W. Preece

Tumor cell metabolism in vitro. A study of incubation media., I C. Caldwell and M F. Chan

Studies on interferon induction by the mouse mammary tumor virus., P E. Came and D H. Moore

Studies of vascular and other lesions in kk mice., davalos R. Camerini, W Oppermann, R Mittl, and T Ehrenreich

Cell renewal in the organs and tissues of the nongrowing adult mouse., I L. Cameron

Neonatal hormone treatment and sexual behavior in male mice., A B. Campbell and T E. Gill

Possible 'insulin' in the mouse thymus. Abstr., S D. Canaday and L R. Murrell

Biosynthesis of labeled mouse tumor acth., R F. Canfield, J E. Fried, and H Cohen

Synergy among lymphoid cells mediating the graft-versus-host response. II. Synergy in graft-versus-host reactions produced by balb/c lymphoid cells of differing anatomic origin., H Cantor and R Asofsky

Synergy between blood lymphocytes and thymus cells in the production of graft-versus-host (gvh) reactions. Abstr., H Cantor and R Asofsky

The effect of polyinosinic-polycytidylic acid upon graft-vs-host activity in balb/c mice., H Cantor, R Asofsky, and H B. Levy

Synergy among lymphoid cells mediating the graft-versus-host response. I. Synergy in graft-versus-host reactions produced by cells from nzb/bl mice., H Cantor, R Asofsky, and N Talal

Studies of thoracic duct lymphocytes of mice. II. A quantitative comparison of the capacity of thoracic duct lymphocytes and other lymphoid cells to induce graft-versus-host reactions., H Cantor, M A. Mandel, and R Asofsky

Bacteriologic studies on wasting disease induced by neonatal thymectomy., J C. Cantrell and J W. Jutila

Quantitative in vitro assay of cytotoxic cellular immunity., T G. Canty and J R. Wunderlich

Antagonism of the antineoplastic effect of methotrexate (mtx) by l-asparaginase(asn'ase) or l-asparagine(asn) deprivation. Abstr., R L. Capizzi, W P. Summers, and J R. Bertino

Saccharin and saccharin-glucose ingestion in two inbred strains of mus musculus., P J. Capretta

In vitro cultivation of the mouse mammary tumor virus, correlation of infectivity and morphology with radioisotope studies., R D. Cardiff and P B. Blair

Radiation exposure-rate dependence of the immune response in mice., D E. Carlson and N Gengozian

Two-way avoidance behavior of mice with limbic lesions., N R. Carlson

Enhanced alternation performance following septal lesions in mice., N R. Carlson and J R. Cole

The pathogenesis of autoimmunity in new zealand mice. II. Accelera- tion of glomerulonephritis by polyinosinic-polycytidylic acid., D F. Carpenter, A D. Steinberg, P H. Schur, and N Talal

Responses of mice to odors associated with stress., W J. Carr, R D. Martorano, and L Krames

Immunogenic properties of reticulum cell sarcomas of sjl/j mice., E A. Carswell, H J. Wanebo, L J. Old, and E A. Boyse