Submissions from 1952

Secondary school report., Ann Grace Alpher

Effects of certain drugs on audiogenic seizures of mice., James H. Armstrong

Aspects of audiogenic seizures in mice., James H. Armstron

A discussion of routine tissue culture procedures learned at the Roscoe B. Jackson Memorial Laboratory., Mary E. Bartlett

An attempt to establish a homogeneous strain of mouse cells., Mary E. Bartlett

The effect of 6-n-propyl thiouracil on the development of transplanted mammary tumors in C3H and DBA mice., Barbara Beaman

Secondary school report., Joel E. Berne

Summer student report., Joel E. Berne

Effects of ultra-violet radiation on fertilized mouse ova., Joan Bolsterli

Student report., Henry Wade Bookout

Student report., Robert P. Broughton

Effect of nembutal on the leukocyte count of seven inbred strains of mice., Olga C. Budds

none listed., Jean V. Davis

Methods of preparing mouse chromosomes for cytological staining., Jean B. Dolloff

Student Report., Priscilla Ruth Everett

A histological study of ovarian development in the Axtest race of rabbit., Jean Bryce Felty

Student Report., Richard Alan Gams

Purpose and technique of gonadectomizing mice at two to three days post-partum., Richard F. Grochocki

Factors influencing the success of skin transplantation in mice., Helen Paders Halpern

Student Report., Lisa Hamilton

The effect of hypoxia on the blood picture of 5 pregnant rabbits., Peter Jay Hamre

The effects of nembutal on the glydemia level of various strains of mice., Hawley Jackson

The conditioning of a lever touching response in the albino mouse using a dim light as a reinforcing stimulus., George Bela Kish

Preliminary report of a simple method of bio-assay for placental gonadotrophins., Leida Klaar

The separation of the free amino-acids in plant tissue by paper chromatographic methods., Patricia A. Lambert

Student report., Philip E. McCurdy

Secondary school report., Alfred Joseph Morin

Aggressive behavior as observed in the C-57 female and C-albino female mice., John D. Peltz

Technique for preparing and embedding Spalteholtz type preparations in bio-plastic to show bone development., Frances Marie Pickle

The normal blood chemistry of rabbits as determined by clinical methods., K. Joyce Prestwidge

Student report., Fay Louise Richardson

Secondary school report., Sheila Roche

A behavioral study of male baby guinea pigs raised apart from their mother., Richard W. Sales

A study of domestic guinea pigs under semi-natural conditions., Richard W. Sales

The interactions between a small group of organized Basenjis and strange dogs., Richard W. Sales

Student report., Robert A. Shore

Student report., Joan E. Smith

None listed., David Solley

Effects of adrenal autotransplantation to the spleens of bilaterally and unilaterally adrenalectomized female mice., Roger Spencer

Secondary student report., Katherine Hereford Stoddert

Student report., Daniel Thau Teitelbaum

Genetic determinants of congenital anomalies induced in mice by hypoxia., Howard M. Temin

Secondary school report., John Kent Whiting

Student Report., Bruce Brighton Wilson

Student Report., Darcy Benoit Wilson

Secondary school report., Bonnie Gay Wood

Secondary school report., Vernon Powell Woodward

Tumors caused by intrasplenic and subcutaneous ovarian grafts in Leaden/RIII male mice., Claudine Zighera

Submissions from 1951

Studies in the experimental determination of the differential reaction of 24 and 120 hour old mice to 50 roentgen units of x-radiation., Blair Rice Behringer

Student report., Margolia Cohen

Student reports., Robert Wolf Colman

Student report., William L. Elkins

Secondary school report., Lisa Hamilton

Toxicity of progesterone on new-born mice from 0-168 hours of age., Peter Jay Hamre

Secondary school report., Philip E. McCurdy

Abnormalities in the mammae of certain inbred strains of mice., Francis E. Moore

Secondary school report., J. Gerald Needleman

Secondary school report., Donald Remsen Payne

Secondary school report., Fay L. Richardson

Secondary school report., Sandra Beth Rosenthal

Secondary school report., Roger Spencer

Student report., Daniel Teitelbaum

Development of a technique for and study of quantitative and qualitative variation in cell content of the caudate nuclei of a unilaterally decordicated monkey., Howard Temin

Submissions from 1950

Effects of environmental differences during the critical period on a litter of beagle dogs., Barbara Arndt

Effects of early weaning on sucking behaviorin dogs., Betty Bates

Effects of interstrain contact on the competitive behavior of C Bagg Albino mice., Ann Birnbaum

Development of a test of reasoning ability for the dog., Edward F. Bridges

A behavioral analysis of the effects of prolonged frustration., Barbara Brush

Some effects of (+) glutamic acid, and audiogenic seizures on maze learning in the dba-1 strain of mice., Kenneth Cohen

Secondary school report., Barry D. Coletti

Determination of the hemolytic titers of various inbred rabbit strains., Helen E. Fisher

Studies on the estimation of gonadotrophin in the plasma of mice., Frances Gamble

A study of follicular development in the immature female rabbit induced by post-menopausal urine., Richard N. Goldman

Observations of endocrine influence on mating behavior in the rabbit., Richard N. Goldman

A study of the W and Wv alleles using paper chromatography., Reba M. Goodman

Student report., Nancy Russell Grinell

A study of the metabolism of gamma-aminobutyric acid., Lloyd Guth

Secondary school report., Peter Jay Hamre

Effects of preweaning disturbance on growth in rabbits., Mary Elizabeth Haskell

A study in small animal census technique., A. Dexter Hinckley

Possible effects of extracts of mouse organs and hormones on growth of adventitious plantlets of Kalenchoe daigremontiana., David Ingall

Effect of estrogen on bony development., Lois Johnson

Endocrine relationships in the WvWv homozygote., Elaine C. Jones

A study concerning some general effects of adrenalectomies on the aggressive behavior of C57 black male mice., Myron B. Laver

Secondary school report., Frances E. Moore

Determination of the antigenic relationships of snuffle-causing organisms., Louise M. Moore

Secondary school report., George M. Pitkin

Secondary school report., Anna M. Pliscz

Secondary School Report., Sheila Adrienne Rappaport

A neuropathological study of certain behavior mutations in the mouse, using the Marchi technique., Julia Schneider

Developing a technique for "liver cell" injections into 16 day old anaemic embryos of the house mouse., Willys K. Silvers

Student Report., Emily Newbold Taylor

Student Report., Howard M. Temin

Epinephrine and the secretion of adrenal cortical hormones., Mary Wheatland

The effect of metabolically important substrates on the incidence of audiogenic seizure in dba-1 mice., Barbara Wolff

A study of strain differences in susceptibility to methylcholanthrene-induced skin tumors in six inbred strains of mice., Marcia Woodburn

Sex and strain differences in response of mice to adrenal hormones., Lawrence Wragg

Submissions from 1949

Effects of rejection upon learned behavior in the dog., Claire Asdoorian

Effect of prior injections of fresh tumor and normal tissues on growth of tumor 15091a., Norman L. Avnet

Determination of the age at which olfactory stimulation will elicit the conditioned reflex in puppies., Edwin Banks