The Summer Student Program began in 1924 when University of Maine President C.C. Little (our founder) brought six undergraduates to Mount Desert Island for a summer of biological field studies. The Summer Student Program officially became a part of the Jackson Memorial Laboratory's operation in 1931.

Students participate in an ongoing research program with the support of an experienced scientific mentor. They develop an independent project, implement their plan, analyze the data, and report the results. At the end of the summer, they present their findings to researchers, other students, and parents.


Submissions from 1950

Secondary school report., Anna M. Pliscz

Secondary School Report., Sheila Adrienne Rappaport

A neuropathological study of certain behavior mutations in the mouse, using the Marchi technique., Julia Schneider

Developing a technique for "liver cell" injections into 16 day old anaemic embryos of the house mouse., Willys K. Silvers

Student Report., Emily Newbold Taylor

Student Report., Howard M. Temin

Epinephrine and the secretion of adrenal cortical hormones., Mary Wheatland

The effect of metabolically important substrates on the incidence of audiogenic seizure in dba-1 mice., Barbara Wolff

A study of strain differences in susceptibility to methylcholanthrene-induced skin tumors in six inbred strains of mice., Marcia Woodburn

Sex and strain differences in response of mice to adrenal hormones., Lawrence Wragg

Submissions from 1949

Effects of rejection upon learned behavior in the dog., Claire Asdoorian

Effect of prior injections of fresh tumor and normal tissues on growth of tumor 15091a., Norman L. Avnet

Determination of the age at which olfactory stimulation will elicit the conditioned reflex in puppies., Edwin Banks

A study of the potency of pituitary glands treated with excess amounts of G. H., Marion W. Banton

The development of a possible technique of making autotransplants of adrenals into the spleens of mice., Marion W. Banton

Studies on the abnormality in the inheritance of the T and t' genes in the house mouse., Ann Berenblum

Investigations concerning the presence or absence of a specific extracellular agent in the mouse leukemia C1498., Mary L. Brown

Observations on the size and shape of the spleen and greater omentum in various strains of rabbits., Priscilla Burnham

Observations on the structural differences of the mesosalpinx in relation to the ovary and fallopian tube in the rabbit., Barry D. Coletti

The development of spontaneous fighting in relationship to habit formation., Marjorie Cushman

A study of the effects of dibenamine on certain dogs., Eugene Gillum

Observations on the position and size of the adrenal glands in various strains of rabbits., Constance V. Gould

A study of some of the immunological properties of mammary carcinoma 15091a when grown on the chorio-allantois of the chick embryo., Lloyd Guth

An investigation of the connective tissue structure of the strap ovary., Berton Hill

A study to determine the age at which the aggressive pattern is first manifested in the C57 male mouse., Anthony Inglis

A study to determine the effect of total adrenalectomy on the aggressive of the C57 male mouse., Anthony Inglis

Ultrafiltration as a method of localizing the tumor "growth enhancement" agent., Gordon Jonas

Effects of secondary aversive stimulation on asymptotic running time in B albino C mice., Michael Kaplan

A study of the systemic reactions of lymph nodes, thymus and leukocytes in a strain of mice bearing homologous and heterologous transplantable tumors., Hilda Markoff

A histological study of the livers of W and Wv alleles., Reba Mirsky

Observations on the size and placement of the kidneys in various strains of rabbits., Francis E. Moore

A study of ventral spotting in C57 brown mice., Norman Morris

Strain differences of normal mice in survival time by the closed chamber technique., Aleida Morton

A study of the sucking behavior of puppies., Agnes Perkins

Development of a maze test for the investigation of mental ability of dogs., Stanley Ratner

The expression of genetic hairlessness in the mouse., Emanuel Roth

Tumor susceptibility in the genital systems of four female mice (strain 129)., Martin Schick

Developing a test of space perception in the dog., Willys K. Silvers

The role and effect of nucleoproteins of mammary gland carcinoma of strain AL mice on tumor transplants in C57 black mice., Bernard Strickland

A study of the mammary glands in male mice of four inbred strains under various experimental conditions., Marcia Woodburn

Submissions from 1948

Some more aspects of the physiology of gene controlled audiogenic seizures in inbred mice., Norman Avnet

Preliminary report on the electroencephalography of several inbred strains of mice., Alfred J. Coulombre

Report on delayed response test on two litters of dogs., Eugene Gillam

Some observations on the histological structure of an unusual ovarian anomaly in rabbits, with particular reference to the connective tissue., Berton F. Hill

Some observations in operant conditioning in mice of the C57 black strain., Michael Kaplan

Weight changes in mice of the C57 black strain during continuous and rhythm feedings., Michael Kaplan

A preliminary report on observations on the variation of response to methylcholanthrene and vaccinial infection in three strains of inbred rabbits., Richard Lee

An attempt to produce immunity to a lymphoid tumor in susceptible mice., Leslie F. Metcalf

A problem in parabiosis., Leslie F. Metcalf

Testing transplantable tumors against inbred nucleus strains., Leslie F. Metcalf

A discussion of techniques for adrenal transplants in mice., Renate Oppenheimer

A brief histological study of dog hair., Jean Smith

An introductory comparative histological study of some color genes in three rodents., Jean Smith

Submissions from 1947

Hair on genetically hairless mice., Harold L. Engel

Submissions from 1946

The effect of the mammary tumor inciter on the mammary tumor incidence of breeding BA female mice., Janice R. Campbell

A Comparative study of the size of spleens in inbred strains of mice., Ann M. McBride

A study of the effects of trypan blue on the intestines of nursing mice., Ann N. McBride

Submissions from 1945

Transplantation of the placenta. (Connecticut College thesis), Charlotte L. Beers

Preliminary study of effect of chilling the ovaries of the mouse., Jean Moe

A Preliminary study: effects of tumorous tissue and placenta on the uterus and developing young of pregnant and pseudo-pregnant mice., Eleanor M. Smith

The effects of tumorous, embryonic, and normal tissue on the rate of growth and on cytological structures of the Dugesia maculata., Eleanor M. Smith

Distribution of the mammary tumor inciter in the normal organs of a high cancer strain., Bernard Zager

Studies on the migration of the mammary tumor inciter from a transplanted tumor., Bernard Zager

Submissions from 1944

Placenta transplantation in mice., Charlotte L. Beers

Submissions from 1943

The effect of feeding tumors and tissues from a tumorous animal on the growth and regeneration of Dugesia maculata., F Reilley

Submissions from 1942

Effect of castration on estrous cycle and on the adrenal glands., Margaret M. Dickie

An attempt to equalize the behavior of C and C57 brown strains of mice in their reaction to the Ascheim-Zondek test., Virginia G. Price