Submissions from 1958

A study of adolescent sterility in tri-hybrid and strain 129 mice., Yvonne Schaelchlin

A comparison of the growth rates of sarcoma I in enhanced and normal C57BL/Ks and A/Ks mice., Marjorie Scott

The relationship of mouse embryo age to the subsequent pattern cell differentiation., Robert Kirk Seaton

Study of normal and dystrophic muscle in tissue culture., Hyun S. Shin

Histochemical and cytological studies of normal and dystrophic muscle from dystrophia muscularis of mus musculus., Linda Short

A study of the antigenic relationship between mice of the C57Bl/6 and WB or WC strains., Bob Smith

Determination of a splenic humoral factor effecting radiation injury., Bob Smith

Possible pleiotropic effects of the gene for maltese dilution in the mouse., Bob Smith

Histochemical and cytological studies of normal and dystrophic muscle from dystrophia muscularis of mus musculus., Richard Henry Soucie

A study of the effect on tail length in Danforth's short tail and brachyury by the gene disorganization., Ann M. Tompkins

The role of the azygous and hemiazygous veins in the various pathways taken by the inferior vena cava in situs inversus mice. The effect of the gene situs inversus on the skeletal system of weaning-age mice., Ann M. Tompkins

The social responses of young peromyscus maniculatus., Penny White

Submissions from 1957

An attempt to discover behavioral effects of single-gene differences in mice., Robert F. Ashman

A strain survey of centrum development in the inbred mouse., Joseph H. Asling

The isolation of intracellular particulates from ascites tumor cells and the distribution of hexosamine among these particulates., Thomas Peter Bennett

The bioassay of thyrotrophic hormone in C57BL/6 and DBA/2 inbred mice., Elizabeth Bernhard

The response of goitrogen treated inbred and F1 hybrid mice to triiodothyronine., Elizabeth Bernhard

A comparison of the effects on the proliferation of cells in vitro of twelve commercial peptones and a control in an otherwise chemically defined nutrient., Stuart H. Brown

A Comparative survey of centra development in four inbred strains of mice., James L. Cavanaugh

Determination of the time lapse between premorula cleavage stages in the mouse egg., Margaret Eve Crawford

An in utero study of the viability and combined effects of the anemia of the W-series gene and the flexed gene., Joan R. Dembinski

A preliminary investigation into the histocompatibility reactions of AKR and DBA/1 mice., Harold F. Dvorak

The effect of testosterone propionate on the learning ability of male C57BL/6 mice., David W. Ehrenfeld

A morphological study of early regressive changes in the mammae of male and female mice upon removal of estrogen stimulation., Julia Freeman

A morphological study of early regressive changes in the mmae of male and female mice upon removal of estrogen stimulation., Julia Freeman

A comparative study of homograft reaction rates in strains DBA/1 and AKR mice., James W. Fristrom

Root pressure and resin inhibition in conifers., Francis Herbert Fuller

The effect of insulin on food consumption, body weight, and blood sugar in normal and genetically obese mice., Morton F. Goldberg

A statistical analysis of genetic and environmental influences on the structure of mouse molars., Donald F. Gove

An interstrain study of organ weight correlations in mice with special emphasis on endocrine glands., Gilman Drew Grave

"Spreading" effect of murine endometrial secretions (uterone)., Peter C. Harpel

The response of histologically different tumor homografts to pretreatment with lyophilized tissue., Phebe May Hoff

A Comparison of the effects of twelve commercial peptones on the rate of proliferation of mouse fibroblasts in vitro., Susan Kathleen Iknayan

A Survey of the relative aggressiveness of five inbred strains of mice., Sharon Jablonsky

The behavior of normal and dystrophic skeletal muscle in tissue culture., Eva Kataja

An attempt to induce actively acquired tolerance to homografts in 129, TC3H, AKR, and SEAC mice., John George Kauderer

Root pressure and resin inhibition in conifers., John R. Kern

The effect of histocompatibility loci on the body weight of mice., Louise Luckenbill

`In vitro' studies of the response of normal and tumor cells to mouse isoantibodies., Diana McCurdy

A study of the retrieving response in the cross-fostering of C57 B1/6 mice., Bonnie Gail McPhee

Labeling with acriflavine HCl, a fluorescent dye., Lauren Pachman

A study of cellular immunity in regional lymph nodes of enhanced and unenhanced mice receiving tumor and tumor plus donor-strain lymph nodes., Stephen Jan Parker

Relationships between scattering and cannibalism and other maternal variables over four litters., Stephen F. Petropulos

A comparative study of enzymatic localization and morphologic changes in denervation atrophy and progressive muscular dystrophy in Mus Musculus., Barry Portnoy

The effects of various teratogenic agents on the blastocyst of the mouse., Marc Putterman

A comparison of the effects of twelve commercial peptones on the proliferation of strain L (Earle) mouse cells., Jeremy Reiskind

Observed effects of vitamin B12 on normochromic macrocytic anemia at the W-locus., Sara Frances Schell

A study of root pressure and resin inhibition in conifers., Eleanor Schuker

A study of the effects of vitamin B12 treatment on normochromic macrocytic anemia, a pleiotropic effect of the W-locus in the mouse., Nancy Jordan Simonds

The effect of postovulatory age on the viability of mouse ova., Arthur E. Steinberg

Some studies on lectins: plant hemagglutinins., Ruth Sussman

The effect of photo-oxidation on the isoantibodies of rabbit blood., Ruth Sussman

A study of the effects of cage size on aggressive behavior., Richard Seth Trachtman

A study of the enzymatic changes in muscle denervation atrophy and muscular dystrophy., Lise Jo Waldman

A study of endocrine organ and body weight relationships in four strains of mice., Ellen Walters

Manifestations of the dachs gene on skeletal development of 21 day rabbit fetuses., Judith Anne Webster

A comparison of food consumption and a behavioral task as indices of the "hunger drive" in genetically obese mice., Robert H. Wurtz

Submissions from 1956

A new method of typing for histocompatability genes other than H-2., Michael Aaron

A preliminary report on the histology of testes of C57 C and K WWv mice and of C3H-C57 WxWv mice., Abigail M. Adams

A study of methods in goat feeding dominance testing., Peter Berek

A preliminary study to devise a screening technique for agents of unknown carcinogenicity by the use of Selye's granulomapouch., Charlotte Bidwell

Homogeneity of intra-strain, inter-litter and intra-litter statistics between C57BL/10 and CBA mice., David L. Bruck

Methods for estimating growth in vitro., Barbara Lee Chandler

Production of aortic and skeletal abnormalities in strain 129 mice fed Lathyrus odoratus., Anna Chao

A descriptive study of the moto, sensory and social development of the rabbit., Maria Cherner

The effects of restraint on the yelping behavior of puppies., Maria Cherner

Differences in drive strength between two strains of Mus Musculus as measured by a modification of the obstruction method., John J. Coffey

Effects of hormonal and x-ray radiation treatment of fertilized ova on their subsequent development., Arthur D. Colman

The effect of estrogen and testosterone on the 6 day old blastocysts of prepuberal mice., Arthur D. Colman

A quantitativa and qualitative study of the effects of the ac gene on the new-born rabbit skeleton., Dorothy Covalt

Feeding dominance in a flock of goats., Jean Depue

A study of the metastatic spread of tumor cells to the lymph nodes of mice., Michael William Dix

A study of methods for estimating growth of cell cultures., Eric Eikenberry

The effects of androgen and various male stimuli on aggressive behavior in female mice., Joyce Emrich

A study of gross measures of differences in the metabolism of androgen in males and females of C57BL/10 mice., Robert Emrich

An analysis of maternal behavior in multiparous rabbits., Gabriel P. Frommer

The absence of retrieving of young in the domestic rabbit., Gabriel P. Frommer

Some factors affecting deciduomal formation in the castrate mouse., Jane Gary

Gene dosage in rabbit red blood cell antigens., Ruth Goldner

Some factors involved in deciduomal formation in the castrated mouse., Jeffrey H. Gordon

Embryological and fetal development of the cervical- axial musculature in rabbits., Donald F. Gove

A study of the viability of transplanted mouse embryos., Carolyn M. Hansen

The effect of adrenalectomy and/or ovariectomy on pregnancy in prepuberal mice., Carolyn M. Hansen

Attempts to identify the sterols in a preputial gland tumor of the mouse., Nancy Ann Hodgkins

Creatine creatinine studies in the dystrophic mouse., Nancy Ann Hodgkins

A survey of posture, coordination and reflexes in strains with neuromuscular abnormalities., Robert N. Holtzman

A study of the effects of an inositol deficient diet upon the growth and fur condition of three strains of mice., Margaret C. Jacks

A study of the effects of a vitamin B12 deficient diet in three strains of mice., Margaret C. Jacks

Skin homografts and histocompatibility., Elaine Jevely

Degeneration and regeneration following unilateral crushing and sectioning of the sciatic nerve in the C3H/JAX mouse., Meta L. Kaplan

A study of peripheral regeneration in the sciatic nerve of the C3H/Jax mouse., Christopher Lange

A study of the degeneration and regeneration of the sciatic nerve., R.E. Lynch

A study of the posture, coordination, and reflexes of mice exhibiting neuromuscular abnormalities., Lewis Mantel

The effect of Hemophilus pertussis Phase I cells on the histamine sensitivity and anaphylaxis in BD mice and ASW x BD F1 hybrid mice., Sam Aaron Margolis

The effects of some variables on audiogenic seizures in rabbits., Antoinette Martti

A study of the effect of heterozygosity at the H-2 locus on body weight in mice., Margaret Miller

A study of glucose consumption and protein nitrogen content methods of estimating proliferation in cell cultures., Dennis Wilson Moore

An investigation into the biochemical pathways of morphogenesis in the mouse (strain 129)., Harold C. Neu

A study of enhanced mice simultaneously immunized with lymphoid and normal tissue., Stephen Jan Parker

The effects of the Dachs gene on the skeleton of rabbit newborn., Suzanne Rafferty