The Summer Student Program began in 1924 when University of Maine President C.C. Little (our founder) brought six undergraduates to Mount Desert Island for a summer of biological field studies. The Summer Student Program officially became a part of the Jackson Memorial Laboratory's operation in 1931.

Students participate in an ongoing research program with the support of an experienced scientific mentor. They develop an independent project, implement their plan, analyze the data, and report the results. At the end of the summer, they present their findings to researchers, other students, and parents.


Submissions from 1960

Discrimination learning and reversal sets in delayed experience dogs., Susan L. Andrews

Observations on the erythropoietic activity of mouse serum., Arlene Bach

Haemoglobins in the foetal mouse., James A. Barrowman

The Identification of the N-terminal amino acid and the second amino acid from the N-terminus in mouse haemoglobins., James A. Barrowman

Developmental stages of BALB/c-Rr, 129/Rr, and their reciprocal crosses., Gloria A. Bisesi

A study of the maternal behavior of the rabbit in semi-natural conditions., Michael Blumenfield

Behavior screening of inbred mouse strains with one gene difference., Michael Blumenfield

A technique for studying maternal behavior in the rat., Lynn Allison Brewster

An investigation into the possibility of neuraminidase-like action of salmonella bacteria., Ralph L. Brinster

Spontaneous amyloidosis and renal disease in strain A/Sn mice., Ralph L. Brinster

In vitro development of mouse blastulae in versene-Ringer solutions., Lesley Bunim

A pilot study of semen diluters and procedures in the preservation of rabbit spermatozoa., James Lewis Cavanaugh

Effects of cortisone on aggressive behavior in male C57B1/6 mice., Lynwood G. Clemens

Vocalization in puppies under three distressing conditions., Lynwood G. Clemens

The effects of swimming stress on later stress resistance., John Curry

Chlorpromazine and one trial learning of an avoidance response in mice., Mary Degner

Three discrimination situations for mice., Judith Dick

A study of the hematopoietic systems of strains selected for high and low resistance to X-radiation., Paul David Ephraim

An experimental variable feedback activity measure., Sander Gary Genser

The effects of chlorpromazine on the maturation rate of male mice., Nancy Greer

Problems concerning irradiated inbred male mice in relation to the hypothesis of genetic extinction., Lynn Louise Habel

Possible reinforcement value of sand digging in Peromyscus., Frederick M. Hart

The effects of stilbestrol on the aggressive behavior of male C57B1/6 mice., Susan Jablonsky

The response of four strains of mice to increasing doses of estrogen., L. Stefan Levin

Studies on adenosine phosphatase activity levels in skeletal muscle of mice with a hereditary muscular dystrophy., Lewis Mantel

Antibody titer as a function of age in mice., Miriam Anne Moulton

The effect of chlorpromazine on reversal learning as a function of water temperature., Pamela H. Pearson

Rate of repair of X-ray induced intestinal damage., Robert C. Pelz

T maze learning in three breeds of young dogs using different types of handling as reinforcement., Dan J. Peterman

Muscular dystrophy: selected bibliography and abstracts., Eleanor Schuker

Studies of dystrophic muscle: adenosine triphosphatase activity, myosin and actin content., Eleanor Schuker

The effect of intertrial interval during acquisition upon rate of approach to asymptote and upon number of trials to extinction., Walton Senterfitt

Instrumental conditioning in the neonatal puppy., Thomas Snell

Age determination of rabbit fetuses by external characteristics and ossification centers., Howard Stone

Acetate metabolism by the preputial gland tumor and by the liver., Judith Ann Symons

Growth of tissues from roots of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) in culture., Birdeena B. Wright

Submissions from 1959

The phenomenon of secondary reinforcement as effected by learning condition variability., Susan L. Andrews

Discrimination learning in a water maze., Lynn Allison Brewster

Pen changing as psychological stress in obese and normal shetland sheep dogs., Monte Buchsbaum

The effects of recorded fighting sounds on the latency to fight in mice., Monte Buchsbaum

The effect of certain genes on pigment forming abilities in mouse skin., Merrill Burr

The effect of chronic whole-body irradiation on weight and survival in mice., Barbara L. Chandler

Effects of irradiation on growth rate of progeny in two inbred strains of mice., Barbara Gay Chernov

Combination of different germ layers from transplantable testicular teratomas of strain 129 mice., Michael Collins

Determination of the sex of a transplantable testicular teratoma in strain 129 mice., Michael Collins

The effect of X-irradiation upon the incidence of embryonic death in mice., Percival W. Davis

Nesting habits and mate selection in two sub-species of deer mice (Peromyscus Maniculatus) in a semi-natural environment., Gerald A. Doyle

Fibroblasts of short ear mice (se se) and normal mice (Se se) in tissue culture., Johannes Gaillard

Resistance to Salmonella typhi-murium in DEA/2 and C57B1/6 mice raised on five different foods., Joseph Robert Godzik

The measurement of locomotor activity as a possible indication of genetic radiation damage., Barbara S. Hart

An exploration of techniques for the instrumental conditioning of very young puppies., Eric Holman

The effects of the achondroplasia (ac) gene on the skull development in the rabbit., Diane Hoof

Some factors affecting the concentration of skin sterols in the mouse., Ira S. Jaffrey

The effect of immunization on migration of homografted tumor cells into the host's lymph nodes., Sharon L. Kaufman

Individual motivation and social dominance in Basenjis., Pearl Knobe

Adenosine monophosphatase levels in mice with hereditary muscular dystrophy., Lewis Mantel

The effect of prenatal irradiation on the homograft reaction in mice., Miriam Anne Moulton

The effects of antiserum on regional immunity in mice., Stephen Jay Parker

Detection of the S.E. polyoma virus in tissue culture by hemagglutination inhibition., Helga E. Rothmann

Induction of Leukemic AKR brain extracts in newborn AKR and DBA/2 strain mice., Helga E. Rothmann

Studies on complement., Margaret Sheridan

Muscle cultures in synthetic media., Hyun S. Shin

Histocompatibility determined by skin grafts between mice in a random bred population., Ralph G. Somes

Teratogenic effects of 5-fluorouracil on hybrid offspring of BALB/C and 129 mice., Marion Steven-Hubbard

Heterosis in crosses between RX mice populations., Barbara Turner

The effect of defeat on trained fighting mice., Evelyn Wernham

The effect of diet, litter size, and a goitrogenic agent on superovulation in BALB/C X129 F1 and BDF1 hybrids., Everett D. Wilson

Submissions from 1958

The genetic effect of radiation on the locomotor activity of mice., Frank Bardacke

On the biosynthesis of sterols form acetate-C14 by cell free homogenates of a preputial gland tumor., Thomas Peter Bennett

Sialic acid determinations., Linda Suzanne Berkof

The effects of estrone in drinking water., Arthur Boylston

A determination of the antigenic differences or similarities of C57Bl/6 and WB and WC mice by reciprocal skin transplantation., Bruce Camitta

A study of the possible pleiotropic effects of the gene for maltese dilution in the mouse., Bruce Camitta

The effects of radiation on total growth rate, by weight, of progeny of RX mice., Peter E. Carey

Chlorpromazine and form discrimination., William D. Chapple

Grooming behavior in two subspecies of Peromyscus maniculatus., William D. Chapple

A study of the possible pleiotropic effects of the gene for maltese dilution in the mouse., Douglas Chessen

Determination of the antigenic relationship between C57B1/6 and WB or WC mice., Douglas Chessen

An investigation of the nature of sexual dimorphism of the submaxillary glands in the mouse., Susanne Coates

A study of ascites form of testicular teratomas in strain 129 mice., Socrates O. Constantinou

Investigation of a new tail abnormality in strain 129., Socrates O. Constantinou

Investigations of Y-linked histocompatibility gene in strain 129 mice, thru skin grafts., Socrates O. Constantinou

Study of malfunction of pituitary gland in diminutive (dm) mice thru use of growth hormone., Socrates O. Constantinou

The determination of genetic differences among the red, yellow, and blue inbred rabbit lines; the determination of the thyroxine secretion rate in the rabbit, and the earliest age at which this secretion begins., jane C. Culbert

A comparison of the relative rates of myelinization in two subspecies of the peromyscus maniculatis., Ellen S. Dickinson

Effects of chlorpromazine upon acquisition of a conditioned response., Joanne Ellsworth

Effects of infantile handling upon timidity., Joanne Ellsworth

Comparison of behavioral effects of machine feeding vs. hand feeding in young dogs., Allen Feider

The effect of chlorpromazine on discriminative responding in the beagle dog., Ellen Carol Gower

The detection of visible point mutations in an irradiated population of mice., David J. Harris

Comparison of effects of 100% and 50% reinforcement and extinction on C57BL/6 and DBA-1 mice., Margaret Coleman Hof

Sialic acid determinations., H. Clement Jurgeleit

A biochemical study of the differences in atpase activity in normal muscle and hereditary muscular dystrophy in mice., Jonathan Kamin

Determination of a base line for use in comparative biochemical studies of muscular dystrophy in mice., Jonathan Kamin

Comparison of growth rates of a homotransplant with an isotransplant., James Larsen

Examination of enzymatic activity in skin and liver following treatment with carcinogens and transplanted tumors., Barry A. Maxwell

The number of erythrocytes in the progeny of mice exposed to low levels of radiation., Monica Minyard

A project designed to determine how the mouse typhoid bacillus is transmitted in the mouse rooms., Barbara Jean Mitchell

A study to determine the transmissibility of a papilloma found on the ear of a BALB/C mouse., Barbara Jean Mitchell

A titration of the mouse polio virus., Barbara Jean Mitchell