The Summer Student Program began in 1924 when University of Maine President C.C. Little (our founder) brought six undergraduates to Mount Desert Island for a summer of biological field studies. The Summer Student Program officially became a part of the Jackson Memorial Laboratory's operation in 1931.

Students participate in an ongoing research program with the support of an experienced scientific mentor. They develop an independent project, implement their plan, analyze the data, and report the results. At the end of the summer, they present their findings to researchers, other students, and parents.


Submissions from 1966

Detection of the H-2 antigen on mouse eggs., Patricia J. Olds

Some behavioural and neuroanatomical correlates of laterality., John N. Papaioannou

Thyroid uptake method: calibration and correction., Eric Persky

The effects of cadmium chloride on early teratomas in mice., Miles Quaytman

A study of the frequency of retinal degeneration in randomly bred and selected populations of mice., Helen S. Raizen

A study of the anatomical effects of three mutations in the mouse which produce disproportionate dwarfism: brachymorphic (bm), stubby (stb) and achondroplasia (cn)., Marilyn M. Richmond

Substituting for glutamine requirements., Stephen M. Rosmus

Drug modification of pentobarbital anesthesia in two strains of inbred mice., Linda Jo Roy

The control of Cholesterol Biosynthesis., David Scheff

A strain and structure comparison of acetylcholinesterase activity in the brain of mice., Philip A. Schwartzkroin

The temporal effects of species and task on retrograde amnesia produced by electroconvulsive shock., Mark Sendor

Actiuvity of proteolytic enzymes on a transplantation antigen., Linda Imogene Shoe

Fine structure and amino acid incorporation of melanin granules from several coat color mutants of the house mouse., Connie B. Speaker

Survival of skin allografts from cancer-bearing mice to normal recipients., Robert B. Suter

Coat color and behavior., Camille E. Wagner

Factors influencing blood pressure in the laboratory mouse., Robert Weibust

Submissions from 1965

Escape learning in mice selected for brain weight., Diana F. Ackerman

Effects of 5-fluorouracil on early teratomas in the mouse., John Aldrich

Buphthalmia in the rabbit., Edward J. Babino

Finding the location of degenerating axons in the central nervous systems of neuromuscular mutant mice., Margaret Balch

The identification of the erythroid stem cell., Lurana K. Brower

A Comparison of the rates of metabolism of radio-L-triiodothyronine and radio-L-thyroxine in two breeds of highly inbred dogs., Stephen L. Buchner

Differences in optimal distribution of practice for learning and in response to post-trial etherization between mouse strains A/Jax and 129/J., Janet Buffinton

Maternal seizures and fetal teratology., Margaret J. Caldwell

The effect of mouse population size and ventilation rate on air-borne bacterial contamination., Sandra Charles

The "sweet" taste, preference and reinforcement., Candace W. Cooper

The time and order of appearance of some endochondral ossification centers in the rabbit fetus., Deborah A. Cotton

Statistical evidence for a correlation between kidney weight and blood pressure., Frances Day

Growth of strain L mouse cells in suspension in a chemically defined medium., Phillip C. Dibner

erythrocyte catalase activity and capacity at varying times and temperatures in five inbred strains of anemic mice., Michael W. Doud

Comparative morphology of dystrophic and normal muscle cells frown in culture media containing anti-dystrophic antiserum., W. Bruce Douglas

Lens defect and paddlefoot--two neurological mutations., Thomas Gibson Frazier

The effects of an over-autoclaved diet and two commercial diets on the growth of inbred mice., Charles D. Goodwin

Effects of changes in total brain size on specific brain structures in mice., John M. Gould

Reproductive fitness in six populations of mice of different irradiation history., Elizabeth L. Grant

The effect of water temperature on submersion time., Burton N. Haggett

Detecting the locale of degenerative nerve axons and myelin in the brains of meuromuscular mutant mice., Michael S. Harris

Gas-liquid chromatography of trimethylsilyl derivatives of nucleosides., Richard G. Harrison

Some factors influencing the lignification of xylem cells in tissue culture., Martha J. Joachim

Gene-genome interaction in the axial skeleton of four races of rabbits., Virginia E. Joseph

Three studies dealing with motor ability development in mice., W. Edwin Kaliss

Effects of an autoclaved diet and two commercial diets on growth of inbred mice., Nancy Kraska

Artificial induction of ovulation in the mature rabbit. Cryctolagus cuniculus L., William L. Krinsky

The effect of the post-isolation syndrome on thyroxine turn-over in the dog., Katherine S. Lane

Erythropoietic response of S1/S1d and W/Wv anemic mice to a radiation stress., L. William Law

Enzymatic changes accompanying induced hematapoiesis in the liver and spleen of the mouse., Lawrence Charles Libman

An attempt at development of a serological procedure for diagnosis of Pseudomonas infection in mice., Patricia E. Mancini

Morphological determination of the duration of the interphase stage of primary spermatocytes in Mus Musculus., Keith T. McMahon

The interaction of 5-fluorouracil with two mutant genes, luxoid and luxate., Claire Offutt

The identification of H-2 antigens on the mouse egg., Patricia J. Olds

The estrous cycle as related to blood pressure in four strains of mice., Karen Peck

Effects of insulin on morphology and activity of strain L mouse cells in vitro., David E. Reed

ACTH and social behavior., Arthur Rothenstein

Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity in the erythrocytes of congenitally anemic mice., Jonathan D. Satinsky

The control of cholesterol biosynthesis., David Scheff

The development of apparatus to test transfer in mice with absent corpus callosum., Philip Schwartzkroin

The measurement of forebrain structures in inbred mice., Philip Schwartzkroin

Radiation: induced dominant lethals in inbred mouse strains., Lucy Smith

A study of the correlation between blood pressure and kidney weight in three groups of mice., Teri F. Snay

Iron59 incorporation into fetal mouse blood and liver cells in vitro., Elizabeth A. Stark

Emotional reactivity in dogs: a breed comparison., Dennis J. Stelzner

Hematopoietic response to phenylhydrazine stress as controlled by the Lv, f, and W genetic loci in mice., Susan Willa Tafler

Neuroanatomical differences in mice selectively bred for high and low brain weight., William R. Tobey

Effect of MEA on recovery rate in X-irradiated mice., madeline White

Neuroanatomical characteristics of 25 inbred strains of mice., Mary-Anne Woodruff

Effects of hormones and drugs on S-adenosyltransferase activity in female mice., Jonathan Stuart Wyner

Submissions from 1964

The identification of buphthalmia in the rabbit by the determination of the concentration of cornified cells in the bulbar conjunctive., Edward J. Babino

Repeated blood pressure determinations in mice., Mary Bedard

The effects of pyridoxine deficiency and dilute genes on susceptibility to audiogenic seizures in inbred mice., Richard Hill Benes

A possible mechanism for the biosynthesis of cell membranes., Harvey Bialy

An investigation into the mechanism of solubilization of a tissue isoantigen from a mouse sarcoma by crotalus adamanteus venom., Harvey S. Bialy

Thyroid physiology in dogs with abnormal behavioral characteristics due to prolonged isolation., Bret Blosser

The genetic effects of low doses of X-irradiation: the incidence of external morphological abnormalities in a mouse population of four thousand., Thomas Blumenthal

Some aspects of the crowding effect on the estrous cycle of female mice., Barbara Brewen

The effect of acidified drinking water for the control of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa on the growth rate and water consumption in five strains of mice., Maron Brown

The effects of chronic hypoxia on blood pressure levels in mice., Douglas W. Call

Lever-pressing for septal stimulation in three inbred strains of mice., Neil R. Carlson

A new gene causing preaxial polydactyly (et) in the house mouse., Beborah Chadsey

The linkage group of the mutant locus furless (fs)., Deborah Chadsey

Fer in mice: a comparison of three shock-motivated situations., Stephen R. Coleman

Three measures of taste in four strains of mice., Candace W. Cooper

The effects of hypothyroidism on submandibular activity in mice., Gerri Ann Deckter

Shambling (shm), a new recessive gene in the mouse and its linkage with nonagouti., Michael A. Derby

Viablibility of opossum heterozygotes on inbred and hybrid backgrounds in successive litters., Michael A. Derby

Strain differences in acquisition and extinction of a response under massed and distributed conditions., Hertha J. Farmer

Rabbit chromosome studies., Harlow K. Fischman

Hairpin tail., John E. Frazier

Development of a diagnostic test for the presence of salmonella and pseudomonas in fecal specimens of mice by means of the fluorescent antibody technique., Robert B. Fritz

Complex mase learning in mice., Steve Genden

The effect of an autoclaved diet on the growth rate of inbred mice., Ellen Gravitz

The effects of aspartic acid on glutamic-oxalacetic transaminase in mouse L cells., Margaret Hanson

N-terminal amino acids of mouse hemoglobins., David Harrison

Effect of an autoclaved diet on the growth of mice., Nicole G. Hird

Difference in learning between C57BL/6J and DBA/2J mice under conditions of massed and distributed practice., Connie Huston

Qualitative interactions of the dachs and acac genes in the rabbit axial skeleton., Virginia Joseph

Studies on the solubilization of tissue isoantigens by snake venom and detergents., H. Clement Jurgeleit

A morphological study of a new mutation in the mouse causing congenital hammer-toe., Katherine Kaufer

Histocompatibility between three CBA sublines., Katherine Kaufer

The effect of an autoclaved diet on the growth rate of inbred mice., Michael Byer Klayman

The effects of insulin upon collagen production in several mouse cell lines., Nancy K. Lind