Submissions from 1962

Development of a double stain technique for the fetal rabbit skeleton., M. Faydine Kilgo

Postnatal cartilege development as affected by the Dacha gene in the rabbit., M. Faydine Kilgo

Disaggregation of iris mesophyllous tissue and propagation in vitro., Edward Kirsch

Comparison of the present vegetation with pollen percentages in surface samples from a small bog at Otter Point, Maine., William L. Krinsky

A comparison of polydipsia, polyuria, and urine components in male and female mice of the Marsh (MA) and Swiss (SWR) strains., Roberta LaPointe

Investigation of the metabolism if uracil-2-C14 in two inbred strains of mice., Judith Ann Laubscher

Genetic determination of pentylenetetrazol seizure threshold in mice., Robert A. Lavine

A qualitative investigation of several methods for studying rabbit chromosomes., Marilyn Lenox

A test of the arousal theory of exploratory behavior using two psychoactive drugs: dextro-amphetamine and meprobamete., Nora Levy

Enzyme studies in mice with a hereditary muscular dystrophy., Joseph P. Mantel

A comparison of polydipsia, polyuria and urine components in mice of the marsh (MA) and swiss (SWA) strains., Marianne Martin

Blind passage of B/T-L virus in isologous mouse embryo cultures., Stephen E. Matson

Tissue culture of solid tumor cells in synthetic medium., Gay E. Mitnick

Effect of early environment upon the social preference and emotionality of the C57B1/10J mouse., Z. Michael Nagy

Androgenic potency of fused vs. unfused testosterone., Robert B. Packer

The absorption rate of fused testosterone and progesterone pellets in mice., Robert B. Packer

Study of hemoglobin electrophoretic patterns in sewgregating backcross populations., Susan Packer

The in vitro cultivation of rabbit blastocysts., Carolyn Polomski

Decreased longevity of strain 129 dystrophic mice parabiosed at weaning., Richard S. Pope

The effect of sex hormones on the lipid content of the adrenal glands in CBA mice., Ann Carol Robbins

Critical periods for the effects of early handling upon adult emotionality in two species of mice: a preliminary report., Larry E. Roberts

A study of the effects of different salts and concentrations of penicilin and streptomycin upon the livability of rabbit spermatozoa stored at 5C., Bradley M. Rodgers

A study of the effects of various thawing rates upon the livability of rabbit spermatozoa stored at -90 degrees C., Bradley M. Rodgers

The coefficients of inbreeding of irradiated mouse populations of various sizes., Nancy Lee Role

Chemically-induced disaggregation and cultivation in vitro of the mesophyllous tissue of iris versicolor., Anthony Leopold Rosner

Test of the arousal theory of exploratory behavior using two psychoactive drugs: dextro-amphetamine and meprobamate., Jacqueline Marjorie Schuker

A test of the arousal theory of exploratory behavior using two psychoactive drugs, meprobamate and D-amphetamine, on stimulus alternation behavior in the mouse., Richard Sigel

Vertical distribution and movements (including homing) of the tortoise-shelled limpet, Acmaea Testidinalis Muller., Paul J. Starr

Quantity and quality of visual input and exploratory behavior., Harvey Sterns

Modification of position effect at the bar locus in drosophila., Charles W. Sylvester

The immunological products of a triton soluble lipoprotein isolated from a murine sarcoma., Walter C. Vinson

The secondary hemagglutinin response in C3H.SW mice., Walter C. Vinson

Cleavage rates of mouse ova and their relationship to developmental differences in two strains of mice., Ann E. Webster

Breed and individual differences in the vocalization of dogs., Sidney Weinheimer

Macrophage induced adoptive immunity against sarcoma-IA ascites tumor., Mary D. Wood

Submissions from 1961

A study in the relation between chromosome breakage and gene mutation in Drosophila melanogaster., Evelyn Ackerman

Effects of chlorpromazine on the retention of an avoidance response learned in one trial., Flo Allen

Fin transplantation in Lebistes reticulatus., John Joseph Berger

Erythropoietin in the C57BL/6 mouse and a hereditarily anemic hybrid, WB X C57BL/6 Jax-WWv., William A. Bloch

A behavioral study of the genetics of a population of mice under x-irradiation., Charles Boelkins

A study of dilutants for use in liquid preservation and frozen storage of rabbit semen., James Frederick Burdick

Superovulation of immature female rabbits., James L. Cavanaugh

The effects of delayed experience on discrimination learning and the development of learning sets in the young dog., Arthur K. Champlin

Prevention by thymidine of teratogenic effects caused by 5-bromo- deoxyuridine and 5-fleuro-deoxyuridine., Deborah Chase

The immediate effects of rabbit anti-sheep hemolysin on reticulocytosis in x-irradiated bub mice., William R. Colburn

Alcohol preference in mice with simultaneousand sequential representation of alcohol and water., Candace W. Cooper

A study of various aspects of maternal aggression in rabits., Jamie E. Cornwell

A comparison of the susceptibilities of C57BL/6 and C57BL/KS inbred mice to the effects of two teratogens., Katherine Crolius

Correlation between brain/body weight ratio and life span of inbred strains of mice., Lee Davison

Social reinforcement of dogs in a discrimination learning problem., Donald A. Dewsbury

The effect of thymidine on the teratogenic activity of 5-fluoro-2'-deoxyuridine., Joseph Felsenstein

Effect of chlorpromazine on an activity response in three mouse strains., Beverly-Jeanne Foster

The effect of fluorodeoxyuridine on C57BL/10, C57BL/10 luxate, an C57BL/10 luxoid mouse embryos., Ellen Gardiner

Three effects of low level parental x-irradiation and varying levels of inbreeding upon a heterogeneous population of mice., Robert Gordon

Adoptive immunity in x-irradiated and normal mice., Megan Greene

The use of disinfectants and antibiotics as antibacterial agents in cultures of laminaria agardhii, ulva lactuca, and pyura pyriformis., Barbara J. Harwood

Effects of testosterone on the submandibular gland of gonadectomized mice., Julia Henderson

Behavioral patterns in a shock escape situation., Anthony Hilton

Maternal behavior of Peromyscus:, Susan Jablonsky

The effects of psilocybin and lycergic acid on the extinction of avoidance behavior in rats., John Eric Jacoby

Histochemistry of enzymes separated by zone electrophoresis., Esther M. Jordan

A physiological test of progeny of mice exposed to varying doses of irradiation and various levels of inbreeding for several generations., H. Clement Jurgeleit

The effect of prolonged stomach tubing on sucking behavior of neonatal puppies., S. Carolyn Kent

A longitudinal study of localized growth gradients in the axial skeleton of the rabbit, days 20-34., Judith Ann Laubscher

The hemagglutinating activity of globulin fractions derived from "BD anti-A" isoimmune mouse sera., Florence Lotrowski

The effects of certain inorganic ions on the growth and morphology of mouse fibroblasts, NCTC clone 929 (Strain L), cultured in synthetic media., Gay E. Mitnick

An immunological study of the products of the H-2 locus., David M. Monsees

The effect of testosterone given in graded doses on the sub- mandibular gland of gonadectomized mice., Donal Murphy

Plethorization of normal, anemic, and normal-implanted anemic mice., Ronald L. Niece

The implantation of normal blood-forming tissue into newborn genetically anemic mice., Susan Oblinger

Effects of sensory deprivation on the activity of albino rats., Richard Neal Olans

A histologic and histochemical study of normal and dystrophic muscle in preclinical stages in strain 129 mice., Suzanne Oparil

An examination of two models of radiation lethality., Robert Pelz

The effect of testosterone on the submandibular gland of gonadectomized mice., Mark Rosenberg

Maternal behavior of domestic rabbits in a semi-natural environment., David Samson

The critical period of pregnancy for nest building and hair loosening in rabbits., Peter Sandman

An attempt to sterilize tissues of ulva lactuca, laminaria agardhii, and pyura pyriformis for the establishment of tissue cultures., Christine J. Sorenson

Studies on some x-ray induced reversals of a white mottled eye mutant in drosophilia melanogaster., Larrie E. Stone

The reduction of 3-keto-delta4,6 - cholestadienone by liver homogenate., Judith Ann Symons

Genetic analysis of alcohol preference in inbred mouse strains., D.D Thiessen

The effects of the weaker histocompatibility loci on the susceptibility or resistance to reciprocal skin grafts in preimmunized R10.A mice., Walter Vinson

Uterine position and congenital malformations., Jane Warman

The influence of the maternal environment on the sensitivity of mouse embryos to 5-fluorouracil., Ann E. Webster

Genetic influences and other studies on the erythropoietic stimulating factor in the laboratory mouse., Robert S. Zucker

Submissions from 1960

The effect of age on production of heterochemoagglutinins in LAF1 mice., David L. Adams

Factors influencing spontaneous alternation of mice in a T-maze., Merchant S. Adams

A study of nibbling activity in several strains of inbred mice., Katherine M. Albro

Discrimination learning and reversal sets in delayed experience dogs., Susan L. Andrews

Observations on the erythropoietic activity of mouse serum., Arlene Bach

Haemoglobins in the foetal mouse., James A. Barrowman

The Identification of the N-terminal amino acid and the second amino acid from the N-terminus in mouse haemoglobins., James A. Barrowman

Developmental stages of BALB/c-Rr, 129/Rr, and their reciprocal crosses., Gloria A. Bisesi

A study of the maternal behavior of the rabbit in semi-natural conditions., Michael Blumenfield

Behavior screening of inbred mouse strains with one gene difference., Michael Blumenfield

A technique for studying maternal behavior in the rat., Lynn Allison Brewster

An investigation into the possibility of neuraminidase-like action of salmonella bacteria., Ralph L. Brinster

Spontaneous amyloidosis and renal disease in strain A/Sn mice., Ralph L. Brinster

In vitro development of mouse blastulae in versene-Ringer solutions., Lesley Bunim

A pilot study of semen diluters and procedures in the preservation of rabbit spermatozoa., James Lewis Cavanaugh

Effects of cortisone on aggressive behavior in male C57B1/6 mice., Lynwood G. Clemens