Submissions from 1970

Effect of ultraviolet irradiation on the survival of simian virus 40 functions in human and mouse cells., S A. Aaronson

Genetics of rearing behavior in mice., J H. Abeelen

Group-specific antigen of murine leukemia viruses in mice of low- -leukemic strains., G I. Abelev and D A. Elgort

Influence of prednisolone on moloney leukemogenic virus in balb/c mice., H T. Abelson and L S. Rabstein

Lymphosarcoma, virus-induced thymic-independent disease in mice., H T. Abelson and L S. Rabstein

Antigen binding cells in tolerance and immunity., G L. Ada

Factors affecting the antitumor activity of polyriboinosinic, poly- ribocytidylic acid. Abstr., R H. Adamson

Tumor implants in the mediastinum of mice. Abstr., L Adlersberg and M J. Singer

The effect of pha, ppd, allogeneic cells, and sheep erythrocytes on albumin gradient-fractionated mouse spleen cell populations., W H. Adler and R T. Smith

Cellular recognition by mouse lymphocytes in vitro. I. Definition of a new technique and results of stimulation by phytohemagglutinin and specific antigens., W H. Adler, T Takiguchi, B Marsh, and R T. Smith

Cellular recognition by mouse lymphocytes in vitro. II. Specific stimulation by histocompatibility antigens in mixed cell culture., W H. Adler, T Takiguchi, B Marsh, and R T. Smith

Isolation of 32p-labelled phosphorylserine from ehrlich mouse-ascites tumour cells suspended in an isotonic medium containing 32p-labelled adenosine triphosphate., G Agren and G Ronquist

Sensitivity of marrow colony-forming units and mice to fission spectrum, 2,5 and 14.7 Mev neutrons. Abstr., E J. Ainsworth and R M. Larsen

Allogeneic thymus grafts and the restoration of immune function in irradiated thymectomized mice., A C. Aisenberg

Gaba production, acetylcholinesterase activity and biogenic amine levels in brain for mouse strains differing in spontaneous activity and reactivity., ani A. Al, G Tunnicliff, J T. Rick, and G A. Kerkut

A comparative study of the action of carcinogenic substances on the rna synthesis in mouse skin., K Alexandrov, C Vendrely, and R Vendrely

A study of the attachment phase of phagocytosis by murine macrophages., J M. Allen and G M. Cook

Effects of antilymphocytic serum on bacterial and viral infections and virus oncogenesis., A C. Allison

Morphology of virus-like particles persisting in murine ependymo- blastoma in vitro., R P. Ames and R C. Rubin

An experimental model of active immunotheraphy preceded by cytoreduc- tive chemotherapy., J L. Amiel and M Berardet

A model for determining haplotype immunogenicity., D B. Amos, C H, and R A. Ward

Response to stressors of mice undergoing graft-versus-host reaction., P Anderlik, Z Banos, I Szeri, M Koltay, and I Viragh

Allotypic suppression of adult mouse spleen cells., H R. Anderson

Plasma cell tumor induction in balb/c mice. Abstr., P N. Anderson

Plaques of cutaneous necrosis in skin-homografted mice, a method of prevention., S G. Anderson and S Cooper

Evidence for a small pool of immunocompetent cells in the mouse thymus. Its role in the humoral antibody response against sheep erythrocytes, bovine serum albumin, ovalbumin and the nip determinant., B Andersson

Studies on the regulation of avidity at the level of the single antibody-forming cell. The effect of antigen dose and time after immunization., B Andersson

Amyloidosis in wild house mice during inbreeding and in hybrids derived from inbred strains and wild mice., H B. Andervont and T B. Dunn

Biochemical correlates of glucocorticoid-induced cleft palate in mice. Abstr., F D. Andrew, D L. Gustine, and E F. Zimmerman

Cytolytic effect of 6-hydroxydopamine on neuroblastoma cells., P U. Angeletti and montalcini R. Levi

51cr-l-asparagine Accumulation by tumors, the influence of l- -asparaginase treatment., L J. Anghileri

Protein-bound calcium in tumors., L J. Anghileri

The incorporation of 51cr-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (dopa) complex into melanoma b16., L J. Anghileri and E S. Miller

Cross-reacting tumor-specific transplantation of antigens in tumors induced by adenoviruses 3, 14 and 12., J Ankerst and H O. Sjogren

Demonstration of two group-specific tstas in adenovirus-induced tumors., J Ankerst and H O. Sjogren

Prolonged effect of adipose tissue extracts (ate) on the blood glucose concentrations of nondiabetic and diabetic mice. Abstr., H N. Antoniades, J D. Simon, and M G. Ettlinger

G (gross) and h-2 cell-surface antigens, location on gross leukemia cells by electron microscopy with visually labeled antibody., T Aoki, E A. Boyse, L J. Old, E D. Harven, and H A. Wood

E antigen, a cell-surface antigen of c57bl leukemias., T Aoki, B Stuck, L J. Old, U Hammerling, and E D. Harven

Autoradiographic localization of rabbit red cells injected into the mouse., L Applegren and B E. Schildt

Selective cancer growth inhibition in mice by dihydroxypropanal with- out concomitant inhibition of bone marrow or other normal tissue., M A. Apple, F C. Ludwig, and D M. Greenberg

Effect of carbazilquinone on lymphoid leukemia l-1210., M Arakawa, T Aoki, and H Nakao

Effect of carbazilquinone on transplantable and primary tumors in mice., M Arakawa, H Nakao, and T Aoki

The effect of aging on damage induced hair growth in c57bl/6j female mice., T S. Argyris

Hair growth in skin grafts placed on hairless mice., T S. Argyris and B F. Argyris

Chronic allogeneic disease. II. Development of lymphomas., M Y. Armstrong, E Gleichmann, H Gleichmann, L Beldotti, A, and R A. Schwartz

Degradation of nucleic acids by lysosomal extracts of rat liver and ehrlich ascites tumor cells., C Arsenis, J S. Gordon, and O Touster

Reduction in the incidence of wasting disease in neonatally thymec- tomized cba/w mice by the injection of thymosin., Y Asanuma, A L. Goldstein, and A White

Contact and delayed hypersensitivity in the mouse. Iii. Depression of contact sensitivity by pre-treatment with antigen and the restora- tion of immune competence in tolerant mice by normal lymphoid and bone marrow cells., G L. Asherson and W Ptak

Contact sensitivity in the mouse. IV. The role of lymphocytes and macrophages in passive transfer and the mechanism of their interaction., G L. Asherson and M Zembala

Selection of a single antibody-forming cell clone and its propagation in syngeneic mice., B A. Askonas, A R. Williamson, and B E. Wright

The effect of diet on the productivity of spf inbred dba/1 mice., S Atwood

The effect of folate and homofolate on dihydrofolate reductase levels in mouse kidney. Abstr., A Auletta, J A. Mead, and V S. Waravdekar

Studies on the chemotherapy of experimental brain tumors, development of an experimnetal model., J I. Ausman, W R. Shapiro, and D P. Rall

Natural causes of variations in the weight of sarcoma 180., J P. Austin and E M. Glaser

On cell-one immunoglobulin. Origin of limited heterogeneity of myeloma proteins., Z L. Awdeh, A R. Williamson, and B A. Askonas

Elektronenmikroskopische untersuchungen uber den infektionszyklus von influenza a-viren in ehrlich-aszites-tumor-zellen. (eng. Summ.), T Bachi

Etude analytique de 69 serums de lapin anti-lymphocytes de souris. I. - Activites 'in vivo'., J Bach, M Dardenne, P Galanaud, J Watchi, and B Antoine

Genetic control of immunoglobulin synthesis., C Baglioni

The role of pyrrolidone carboxlic acid in the initiation of immuno- globulin peptide chains., C Baglioni

Ventromedial hypothalamus and hyperphagia in hyperglycemic obese mice., M G. Baile clifton a and J Mayer

Four approaches to estimating number of histocompatibility loci., D W. Bailey

Characteristics of a new inbred strain of mice (pba) with a high tumor incidence, preliminary report., P C. Bailey, W B. Leach, and M W. Hartley

A spectrum of tumor types in aging mice with altered immunity. Abstr., R N. Baillif, E L. Jones, and A B. Luke

Distribution, dose, dependency, and effect of donor presensitization on liver infiltration in the graft-versus-host reaction., G O. Bain

Quantitative study of liver infiltration in the graft-versus-host reaction in mice. Abstr., G O. Bain

Enhancement of the antibody response to type iii pneumococcal poly- saccharide in mice treated with antilymphocyte serum., P J. Baker, R F. Stashak, and D F. Amsbaugh

Acute rejection of skin xenografts in the mouse after passive transfer of humoral antibody. Abstr., C A. Baldamus, H J. Winn, and P S. Russell

Depressive effect of bone marrow on the yield of 7,12-dimethyl- benz(a)anthracene-induced thymic lymphomas., J K. Ball

Immunosuppression and carcinogenesis, contrasting effects with 7, 12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene, benz(a)pyrene, and 3-methylcholanthrene., J K. Ball

Effect of ovariectomy on rna synthesis in mtv-positive and mtv-free han tissues of mouse mammary gland. Abstr., M R. Banerjee

Antigenic study of unfertilized mouse eggs, cross reactivity with sv40-induced antigens., W Baranska, P Koldovsky, and H Koprowski

Fusion of unfertilized mouse eggs with somatic cells., W Baranska and H Koprowski

Fusion of unfertilized mouse eggs with somatic cells. Abstr., W Baranska and H Koprowski

Synergism between thymocytes and bone marrow cells in a graft versus host reaction., J Barchilon and R K. Gershon

Synergism between thymocytes and bone marrow-derived cells in graft- -vs-host disease. Abstr., J Barchilon and R K. Gershon

Cytologic manifestations of neoplastic transformation in vitro., B E. Barker and K K. Sanford

Embryonic mouse peripheral blood colony-forming units., J E. Barker

Genetic studies of the transplantation antigens., A D. Barnes

Modification of an incompatible graft-versus-host relationship by admixture of grafts with f1 haemopoietic cells., C A. Barnes and P L. Ilbery

Secular changes in the behaviour and bodyweights of inbred mice., S A. Barnett and J L. Smart

Activity of inbred and f1 mice in a residential maze., S Barnett and J Smart

Magnetic fields and the number of blood platelets., M F. Barnothy and J M. Barnothy

Delayed hypersensitivity in balb/c and charles-river mice injected at birth with a single dose of 7,12-dimethylbenz(alpha) anthracene (dmba)., C D. Baroni, G Bertoli, P Pesando, and R Scelsi

Hormonal control of lymphatic tissue development in snell-bagg dwarf mice., C Baroni, N Fabris, and G Bertoli

Viral synthesis by bone cells in mice with a high incidence of spontaneous leukemia, abstr., C P. Barrett, B Schofield, S B. Doty, and F H. Figge

Altered patterns of nucleoside incorporation into lymphoid cell dna of hereditarily spleenless mice. Abstr., J R. Barristo and F Borek

Immunosuppressive effects of antilymphocyte serum in complement- -deficient mice, evidence that immune cytolysis is not essential for als activity., R F. Barth and G F. Carroll

Influence of prolactin and pituitary isografts on spermatogenesis in dwarf mice and hypophysectomized rats., A Bartke and C W. Lloyd

The influence of pituitary homografts on the weight of the accessory reproductive organs in castrated male mice and rats and on mating behaviour in male mice., A Bartke and C W. Lloyd

Absence of thymic involvement in the inhibition of urethan lung adenomagenesis by x-radiation., G L. Bartlett

Antigenicity of sarcomas derived from 'spontaneous transformation' of cells cultured in diffusion chambers. Abstr., G L. Bartlett

Recovery from the inhibitory effect of x-radiation on urethan lung adenomagenesis., G L. Bartlett

Hemoglobin synthesis in mice after bone marrow transplantation., R S. Basch

Search for common antigenicities among twenty-five sarcomas induced by methylcholanthrene., M A. Basombrio

Effets de la sarcolysine sur des cellules tumorales d'ehrlich chez la souris. Relation entre la teneur en acides desoxyribonucleiques et le volume cellulaire., R Bassleer and C Desaive

Effect of muscle denervation on growth of transplanted tumor in mice., S Batkin, L H. Piette, and E Wildman

Synthesis, assembly, and secretion of igg2a by the mouse plasma cell tumors mopc 173 and mopc 494. Abstr., R Baumal and M Scharff

Long chain fatty acid formation, key step on myelination studies in mutant mice., N A. Baumann, M L. Harpin, and J M. Bourre

The metabolism of different immunoglobulin classes in irradiated mice. II. Role of the gut., H Bazin, P Maldague, and J F. Heremans

The genetics of the mammalian gamete., R A. Beatty