Submissions from 1975

Immune responses to a soluble schistosomal egg antigen preparation during chronic primary infection with schistosoma mansoni., D G. Colley

Growth of mycobacterium marinum in the footpads of t-cell-depleted mice., F M. Collins, V Montalbine, and N E. Morrison

When left-handed mice live in right-handed worlds., R L. Collins

Subcellular localization and properties of mouse adrenal c19-steroid 5beta-reductase., W Collins and E H. Cameron

High molecular weight proteins in spontaneously and in sv40 trans- formed mouse cells. Abstr., J Coll, L Couvillion, and P T. Mora

Immunological enhancement of a murine allogeneic tumor in absence of the spleen., M E. Colmerauer and C D. Pasqualini

Histocompatibility antigens acting as helper determinants for tumor- -associated antigens of murine lymphosarcoma., M I. Colnaghi

Immunosurveillance of spontaneous lung adenomagenesis in mice., M I. Colnaghi

Immunogenetique du complexe majeur d'histocompatibilite (h-2) chez la souris., J Colombani

A lymphocyte and platelet complement fixation microtechnique for the study of h-2 region- and i region-associated (ia) antigens., J Colombani, M Colombani, D C. Shreffler, and C S. David

Genetic control of oncogenesis by murine sarcoma virus moloney pseudotype. I. Genetics of resistance in akr mice., A Colombatti, D Collavo, G Biasi, and bianchi L. Chieco

Genetic control of oncogenesis by murine sarcoma virus moloney pseudotype. II. A dominant epistatic susceptibility gene., A Colombatti, D Collavo, G Biasi, and bianchi L. Chieco

Nuclear proteins. I. Electrophoretic comparison of mouse nucleoli, heterochromatin, euchromatin and contractile proteins., D E. Comings and D C. Harris

Evidence for a membrane carrier molecule common to embryonal and tumour-specific antigenic determinants expressed by a mouse trans- plantable tumour., P M. Comoglio, M Bertini, and G Forni

Lipid and fatty acid composition of testes of quaking mice., J G. Coniglio, W M. Grogan, D G. Harris, and M L. Fitzhugh

Cell density-dependent stimulation of glutamine synthetase activity in cultured mouse teratoma cells., D T. Connolly and S B. Oppenheimer

Effects of mutant coat-color alleles on behavioral differences between wild and domesticated mice. Abstr., J L. Connor

Genetic mechanisms controlling the domestication of a wild house mouse population (mus musculus l.), J L. Connor

Studies of the mechanism of action of the tumour- -inhibitory nitrosoureas., T A. Connors and J R. Hare

Screening for anti-cancer agents. The relative merits of in vitro and in vivo techniques., T A. Connors and B J. Phillips

Carcinostatic activity of 4-hydroxy-2-pent-en-1-al against trans- plantable murine tumour lines., P J. Conroy, J T. Nodes, T F. Slater, and G W. White

Studies on accessory cells in the adoptive antibody response to sheep erythrocytes in mice., R L. Coppel and G F. Mitchell

Cyclophosphamide-adriamycin combination chemotherapy of transplantable murine tumors., T H. Corbett, D P. Griswold, J G. Mayo, W R. Laster, and F M. Jr

Tumor induction relationships in development of transplantable cancers of the colon in mice for chemotherapy assays, with a note on carcin- ogen structure., T H. Corbett, D P. Griswold, B J. Roberts, J C. Peckham, and F M. Jr

Ultrastructure of the cilia of thymic cysts in 'nude' mice., A C. Cordier

Nude mouse embryo. Ectodermal nature of the primoridal thymic defect., A C. Cordier and J F. Heremans

Inhibition of graft-versus-host-reaction (gvhr) tumor induction by streptovarcin (sv), a reverse transcriptase inhibitor. Abstr., E A. Cornelius and G D. Gray

Comparison of the cytidine 5'-diphosphate and adenosine 5'-diphosphate reductase activities of mammalian ribonucleotide reductase., J G. Cory and M M. Mansell

Studies on mammalian ribonucleotide reductase inhibition by pyridoxal phosphate and the dialdehyde derivatives of adenosine, adenosine 5'- -monophosphate, and adenosine 5'-triphosphate., J G. Cory and M M. Mansell

The modified 5'-terminal sequences in messenger rna of mouse myeloma cells., S Cory and J M. Adams

Antibody response to phosphorylcholine in vitro. I. Studies on the frequency of precursor cells, average clone size and cellular cooperation., H Cosenza, J Quintans, and I Lefkovits

The potentiality of antibody-producing cells. I. Bispeci- fic cell occurrence in double stimulated cultures of syngeneic or allogeneic spleen cells of the mouse., J Couderc, C Bleux, J L. Birrien, and P Liacopoulos

Early development of parasympathetic nerves in the mouse submandibular gland., M D. Coughlin

Target organ stimulation of parasympathetic nerve growth in the developing mouse submandibular gland., M D. Coughlin

Genetical control of b-cell responses. Iii. Requirement for func- tional mitogenicity of the antigen in thymus-independent specific responses., A Coutinho and E Gronowicz

Genetical control of b-cell responses. IV. Inheritance of the unresponsiveness to lipopolysaccharides., A Coutinho, G Moller, and E Gronowicz

Decreased incidence of reticulum cell sarcoma in whole body irrad- iated and bone marrow shielded mice., V Covelli, P Metalli, and B Bassani

Mechanism of action of bischloroethylnitrosourea. Abstr., W Cowens, R Brundrett, and M Colvin

The microsomal metabolism of some analogues of cyclophosphamide. 4-methylcyclophosphamide And 6-methylcyclophosphamide., P J. Cox, P B. Farmer, and M Jarman

D-amphetamine. Disruptive effects on the long-term store of memory and proactive facilitatory effects on learning in inbred mice., J C. Crabbe and H P. Alpern

Absence of barrels and disorganization of thalamic afferent distribution in the sensory cortex of reeler mice., B G. Cragg

Mice infected with the m variant of encephalomyocarditis virus., J E. Craighead

Genetics of restricted antibodies to streptococcal group polysaccharides in mice. II. The ir-a-cho gene determines antibody levels, and regulatory genes influence the restriction of the response., M Cramer and D G. Braun

Anatomical, physiological and biochemical studies of the cerebellum from mutant mice. I. Electrophysiological analysis of cerebellar cortical neurons in the staggerer mouse., F Crepel and J Mariani

Light microscopic investigation of intracytoplasmic a particles in sjl/j neoplasia. Abstr., C G. Crispens and J L. Dixen

Scanning electron microscopy of normal and mitogen- -stimulated mouse lymphoid cells., B S. Criswell, R R. Rich, J Dardano, and S L. Kimzey

Somatic cell hybrids between mouse peritoneal macrophages and simian- -virus-40-transformed human cells. II. Presence of human chromosome 7 carrying simian virus 40 genome in cells of tumors induced by hybrid cells., C M. Croce, D Aden, and H Koprowski

Tumorigenicity of mouse-human diploid hybrids in nude mice., C M. Croce, D Aden, and H Koprowski

A study of the effect of low-dosage irradiation on nzb and nzb x nzw mice., S Croft, D D. Adams, and H D. Purves

Delayed hypersensitivity in the mouse., A J. Crowle

Preliminary characterization of the cell in nu/nu mice that responds in the mixed leukocyte reaction., B A. Croy and D Osoba

Catabolism, physical, and immunologic properties of endocytosed isologous and heterologous gamma-globulins by mouse macrophages., A Cruchaud, M Berney, and L Balant

Genetic control of resistance to allogeneic and xenogeneic bone-marrow grafts in mice., G Cudkowicz

Rejection of bone marrow allografts by irradiated athymic nude mice. Abstr., G Cudkowicz

Evidence that the glucose-fatty acid cycle is operative in isolated skeletal (soleus) muscle. Abstr., G S. Cuendet, E G. Loten, and A E. Renold

The early effects of ouabain on potassium metabolism and rate of proliferation of mouse lymphoblasts., J M. Cuff and M A. Lichtman

The effects of quabain on the cell mitotic cycle of mouse lympho- blasts., J M. Cuff and M A. Lichtman

The age-dependent loss in responsiveness of vagina in forming prostate as a function of the epithelial-stromal interaction. Abstr., G R. Cuhna

Evidence that protein determines ia antigenic specificity., S E. Cullen, J H. Freed, P H. Atkinson, and S G. Nathenson

Topography of substrate-attached glycoproteins from normal and virus-transformed cells., L A. Culp

Metabolic properties of substrate-attached glycoproteins from normal and virus-transformed cells., L A. Culp, A H. Terry, and J F. Buniel

A search for preferential synthesis of specific nuclear dna's during mammary gland development., E P. Cummins and F E. Stockdale

Age-dependent loss of sensitivity of female urogenital sinus to androgenic conditions as a function of the epithelial-stromal inter- action in mice., G R. Cunha

Hormonal influences on the morphogenesis of the preputial gland of embryonic mice., G R. Cunha

The dual origin of vaginal epithelium., G R. Cunha

Active suppressor mechanism maintaining tolerance to some self components., A J. Cunningham

Naturally occurring double-stranded rna and immune responses. I. Effects on plaque-forming cells and antibody formation., P G. Cunnington and J D. Naysmith

Naturally occurring double-stranded rna and immune responses. Iii. Immunogenicity and antigenicity in animals., P G. Cunnington and J D. Naysmith

H-2 linked ss protein is c4 component of complement., B Curman, L Ostberg, L Sandberg, I M. eriksson, U Stalenheim, L Rask, and P A. Peterson

Neuromuscular function in fast and slow muscles of genetically dystrophic mice., M Curran and D J. Parry

Animal and clinical studies of 5-fluorouridine (fur). Abstr., V E. Currie, J H. Burchenal, M P. Sykes, and I H. Krakoff

Lymphocyte interactions and positioning. I. Adhesive interactions., A S. Curtis and M A. Sousa

Initiation-promotion skin carcinogenesis and immunological competence., G L. Curtis, F Stenback, and W L. Ryan

Heligmosomoides polygyrus (nematospiroides dubius): the development of self-cure and/or protection in several strains of mice., R H. Cypess and J L. Zidian

Anti-tumor properties and pharmacology of 4'-(9-acridinylamino)- -methansulfonanilide. Abstr., R L. Cysyk and R H. Adamson

A new h-2 haplotype carrying possibly a mutation of h-2b., A Czarnomska and P Demant

An effect of castration and testosterone replacement on a circadian pacemaker in mice (mus musculus)., S Daan, D Damassa, C S. Pittendrigh, and E R. Smith

Binding of (3h)-methotrexate (mtx) for the radioassay of this drug and study of enzyme-inhibitor interaction. Abstr., M Da costa, S P. Rothenberg, and E Arons

Biochemical changes in gr mouse mammary tissue during hormonal tumor induction., J L. Daehnfeldt, M Schulein, and P Briand

Isotope inequilibrium of glucose metabolites in intact cells and particlefree supernatants of ehrlich ascites tumor., J L. Daehnfeldt and P Winge

Allogeneic mast cell degranulation induced by histocompati- bility antibodies. An in vitro model of transplantation anaphylaxis., M Daeron, H T. Duc, J Kanellopoulos, P L. Bouteiller, R Kinsky, and G A. Voisin

Maternal influences on interactions of 5-fluorouracil with the luxoid and luxate mutations in mouse embryos. Abstr., C P. Dagg and M K. Spaner

Primary demyelination in theiler's virus infection. An ultrastructural study., M C. Dal canto and H L. Lipton

Mitogenic effect of bacterial peptidoglycans possessing adjuvant activity., C Damais, C Bona, L Chedid, J Fleck, C Nauciel, and J P. Martin

Ultrastructure of ovarian teratomas in lt mice., I Damjanov, V Katic, and L C. Stevens

Incorporation of 3h-l-fucose into brain glycoproteins during environmental stimulation following intracranial, intravenous, or subcutaneous injections., T Damstra, D Entingh, J E. Wilson, and E Glassman

The lack of altered enzyme molecules in 'senescent' mouse embryo fibroblasts in culture., M Danot, H Gershon, and D Gershon

The circulating thymic factor. Isolation, biochemical character- istics, and role in the control of autoimmunity., M Dardenne, J Charreire, J M. Pleau, and J F. Bach

Distribution of membrane particles and gap junctions in normal and transformed 3t3 cells studied in situ, in suspension, and treated with concanavalin a., P P. Da silva and palomo A. Martinez

Lymphocytes and leukemia viruses. Tropism and transtropism of murine leukemia virus., S K. Datta, C J. Melief, and R S. Schwartz

Inhibition of sensitization of t-cells by alpha-fetoprotein., R J. Dattwyler and T B. Tomasi

Fluorescence spectral evidence that benzo(a)pyrene-dna products in mouse skin arise from diol-epoxides., P Daudel, M Duquesne, P Vigny, and P Sims

Evidence for an abnormal microenvironment in the thymus of new zealand black mice., M J. Dauphinee, D W. Palmer, and N Talal

Reversible restoration by thymosin of antigen-induced depression of spleen dna synthesis in nzb mice., M J. Dauphinee and N Talal

Studies on the role of n-acetylneuraminic acid (nana) on the uptake of spermidine in mouse leukemia l1210 cells. Abstr., C Dave and R Bernacki

Serologic and biochemical studies of the ia system of the mouse h-2 gene complex. Further evidence for an i-c subregion., C S. David, S E. Cullen, and D B. Murphy

Expression of individual ia specificities on t and b lymphocytes. Abstr., C S. David, J A. Frelinger, and D C. Shreffler

Studies on recombination within the mouse h-2 gene complex. Iii. Further serological analyses of the h-2t haplotypes., C S. David, T H. Hansen, and D C. Shreffler

Identification of specificity h-2.7 As an erythrocyte antigen. Control by an independent locus, h-2g between the s and d regions., C S. David, J H. Stimpfling, and D C. Shreffler

Thymic hormones., A J. Davies