Submissions from 1975

Suppression of the generation of cell mediated cytoxicity by spleen cells previously sensitized in vitro. An example of a persisting immunosuppressive function of t cells. Abstr., E L. Chan and R I. Mishell

The defect in insulin receptors in obese-hyperglycemic mice. A prob- able accompaniment of more generalized alterations in membrane glyco- proteins., K Chang, D Huang, and P Cuatrecasas

Isolation of a b-tropic type-c virus from reticulum cell neoplasms induced in balb/c mice by sjl/j type-c virus., K S. Chang, T Aoki, and L W. Law

Distinction between tumor-specific transplantation antigen and virion antigens in solubilized products from membranes of virus-induced leukemic cells., K S. Chang, L W. Law, and E Appella

Alteration of the syncytium-forming property of xc cells by productive moloney leukemia virus infection., J C. Chan, N Vera, P T. Allen, J L. East, J E. Knesek, A M. Bowen, and L Dmochowski

Glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity in livers of genetically diabetic (db/db) mice. Abstr., T M. Chan and J H. Exton

Hepatic metabolism of genetically diabetic (db/db) mice. I. Carbohydrate metabolism., T M. Chan, K M. Young, N J. Hutson, and J H. Exton

6-phosphogluconate Dehydrogenase (pgd) genetics in the mouse. Linkage with metabolically related enzyme loci., V M. Chapman

Binding of autologous erythrocytes to immature t-cells., J Charreire and J Bach

Studies on b- and t-cell receptors for lysozyme., J Charreire, A Faure, and J Bach

A cytotoxic compound from panax ginseng. Abstr., S Cha and W I. Hwang

Therapeutic effect of intratumoral injection of bcg and other substances in rats and mice., D Chassoux and J Salomon

Definitive evidence that the murine c-type virus inducing locus akv-1 is viral genetic material., S K. Chattopadhyay, W P. Rowe, N M. Teich, and D R. Lowy

Properties of glutamine aminohydrolases in subcellular fractions of liver of tumour bearing mice., S Chaudhury, L Chaudhury, and G C. Shrivastava

The mechanism of immunoresistance of h(zl) mice to c57bl/6 tumors., P H. Chauvenet and D B. Amos

Activated macrophages in congenitally athymic 'nude' mice and in lethally irradiated mice., C Cheers and R Waller

Relevance of membrane transport to therapeutic responsiveness and selective activity with methotrexate in murine tumor models. Abstr., P L. Chello, R C. Donsbach, F M. Sirotnak, and D J. Hutchison

Increasing occurence of tumour cell--tumour cell emperipolesis in the regenerating jb-1 ascites tumour., J Chemnitz, P Skaaring, and P Bichel

Selection for genetically determined or priming-induced audiogenic seizure susceptibility in mice. Abstr., C Chen and J L. Fuller

Relationship between sterol synthesis and dna synthesis in phyto- hemagglutinin-stimulated mouse lymphocytes., H W. Chen, H Heiniger, and A A. Kandutsch

Comparison of physical and immunological properties of plasma mem- branes of two mouse leukemia cell lines, p388 and l1210., K Chen, C Tsai, and E S. Canellakis

Studies of polyoma virus dna. Cleavage map of the polyoma virus genome., M C. Chen, K S. Chang, and N P. Salzman

Renal glucose utilization in genetically diabetic microangiopathy., M Chen, C Velasco, and davalos R. Camerini

Identification of the virions in the in vitro l1210(v) leukemia cell lines by morphological, virological, and immunological techniques., P L. Chen, D J. Hutchison, N H. Sarkar, A, and D H. Moore

Serum tyrosinase activity of mice bearing b-16 melanoma. Abstr., Y M. Chen

A mouse model of the fetal alcohol syndrome. Abstr., G F. Chernoff

Graft versus leukemia without fatal graft-versus-host disease in akr mice., S J. Chester, A R. Esparza, and M M. Albala

Treatment of an established graft-versus-host reaction in akr mice by adoptive immunotherapy., S J. Chester, A R. Esparza, and M M. Albala

High extracellular fibrinolytic activity of tumors and control normal tissues., B A. Chibber, R M. Niles, L Prehn, and S Sorof

Abnormal mast cell granules in the beige (chediak-higashi syndrome) mouse., E Y. Chi and D Lagunoff

Abnormal lamellar bodies in type ii pneumocytes and increased lung surface active material in the beige mouse., E Y. Chi, J L. Prueitt, and D Lagunoff

Biography of a tolerant state. Cellular parameters of the unrespons- ive state induced in adult mice to human gamma globulin., J M. Chiller and W O. Weigle

Prolongation of chemotherapeutically induced remission of a syngeneic murine leukemia by l-2,3,5,6-tetrahydro-6-phenylimidazo(2,1-b)thiazole hydrochloride., M A. Chirigos, F Fuhrman, and J Pryor

Affinity chromatography of viral dna polymerases on pyran-sepharose., J G. Chirikjian, L Rye, and T S. Papas

Lymphocyte activation in vitro to murine onco-foetal antigens., S Chism, R Burton, and N L. Warner

Laboratory mice (mus musculus, c57bl/6j) do not exhibit fear in the presence of a rattlesnake., D Chiszar

Utilisation du rubidium 86 en cytotoxicite humorale sur le sarcome 180., P Chollet, R Plagne, J M. Bidet, and M C. Lavenu

Role of amino acid depletion in combined treatment of neoplastic cells with methotrexate and l-asparaginase., B Chopkiewicz and J Koziorowska

Metabolism and selective effect of 1-beta-d-arabinofuranosylcytosine in l1210 and host tissues in vivo., T Chou, D J. Hutchison, F A. Schmid, and F S. Philips

Mechanisms of macrophage activation by corynebacterium parvum. I. In vitro experiments., G H. Christie and R Bomford

Correlated suppression by 5-bromodeoxyuridine of tumorigenicity and plasminogen activator in mouse melanoma cells., J K. Christman, S Silagi, and E W. Newcomb

Erythropoiesis in steel mutant mice. Effects of erythropoietin in vitro., D H. Chui and B V. Loyer

Foetal erythropoiesis in steel mutant mice. II. Haemopoietic stem cells in foetal livers during development., D H. Chui and B V. Loyer

Testicular lipids in mice with testicular feminization., K W. Chung and J B. Hamilton

Restoration of the in vitro response of nzb and nzb/w f1 spleen cells to sheep erythrocytes by irradiated allogeneic macrophages. Abstr., T Chused and S Kassan

Haemopoietic stem-cell kinetics during continuous irradiation., tse W. Chu and L G. Lajtha

Morphological, histochemical and chromosomal patterns of neuroblastoma parental and purine resistant lines., treska J. Ciesielski, S Warter, and P Mandel

In vivo production of a macrophage growth factor., M Cifone, P Mocarelli, and V Defendi

Antigenic changes in cultured murine lymphomas after retransplantation into syngeneic hosts., M Cikes

Regional node stimulation with bcg and tumor antigen. Abstr., L Civerchia, N Dhar, C Maver, and M F. Kneally

Mating characteristics and embryonic losses in the yellow (ay) mouse., G R. Cizadlo, S K. Hoffman, and N H. Granholm

Clonal nature of the immune response to phosphorylcholine (pc). V. Cross-idiotypic specificity among heavy chains of murine anti-pc antibodies and pc-binding myeloma proteins., J L. Claflin and J M. Davie

Species-specific binding-site determinants of mouse antiphosphoryl- choline antibodies. Abstr., J L. Claflin and J M. Davie

Specific isolation and characterization of antibody directed to bind- ing site antigenic determinants., J L. Claflin and J M. Davie

Structural heterogeneity among mouse antibodies that have function- ally identical combining sites. Abstr., J L. Claflin and J M. Davie

Structural and idiotypic characteristics of an iga phosphorylcholine- -binding myeloma protein of cb-20 origin. Abstr., J L. Claflin, S Rudikoff, M Potter, and J M. Davie

Structural, functional, and idiotypic characteristics of a phosphoryl- choline-binding iga myeloma protein of c57bl/ka allotype., J L. Claflin, S Rudikoff, M Potter, and J M. Davie

Modification of deithylnitrosamine lung tumorigenesis by concomitant treatment with butylated hydroxytoluene. Abstr., N K. Clapp, L C. Satterfield, and W C. Klima

Quantitative estimates of killer and inhibitor cells of cell-mediated immunity by cr51 release. Abstr., D A. Clark, R A. Phillips, and R G. Miller

A new method for quantitation of cell mediated immunity (cmi) in the mouse. Abstr., J M. Clark, H Menduke, and E F. Wheelock

Neutrophil-mediated tumor cell cytotoxicity. Role of the peroxidase system., R A. Clark and S J. Klebanoff

An antigen-specific component of lectin-mediated cytotoxicity., W R. Clark

Biological modifiers of tumor vascularity. Abstr., J J. Clement, C W. Song, and S H. Levitt

Solubilization and characterization of mouse p-815 mastocytoma membrane antigens. Abstr., K J. Clemetson, M Bertschmann, and E F. Luscher

Mutagenicity of selected carcinogens and non-carcinogenic analogs in cultured mammalian cells. Abstr., D Clive

Laboratory procedure for assessing specific locus mutations at the tk locus in cultured l5178y mouse lymphoma cells., D Clive and J F. Spector

Experimental murine leprosy. Induction of immunity and immune paralysis to mycobacterium lepraemurium in c57bl mice., O Closs

Exprimental murine leprosy. Growth of mycobacterium lepraemurium in c3h and c57bl mice after footpad inoculation., O Closs

Experimental murine leprosy. 3. Early local reaction to mycobacter- ium lepraemurium in c3h and c57bl mice., O Closs and O A. Haugen

Experimental murine leprosy. 4. The gross appearance and microscopic features of the local infiltrate after subcutaneous inoculation of c3h and c57bl mice with mycobacterium lepraemurium., O Closs and O A. Haugen

Experimental murine leprosy. IX. Antibodies against mycobacterium lepraemurium in c3h and c57bl mice with murine leprosy and in patients with lepromatous leprosy., O Closs and G Kronvall

Genetic determinants of morphological differentiation in a lymphoma- -sarcoma hybrid., A J. Cochran, F Wiener, G Klein, and H Harris

Quantitative measurements on the haemopoietic systems of three strains of mice., J E. Coggle and M Y. Gordon

Effect of treatment with the mer tubercle bacilli fraction on the survival of mice carrying mammary tumour iso- grafts. Injection of mer at the tumour site or at a distal location., D Cohen, I Yron, M Haber, E Robinson, and D W. Weiss

Thymosin-induced differentiation of murine thymocytes in allogeneic mixed lymphocyte cultures., G H. Cohen, J A. Hooper, and A L. Goldstein

Cellular interactions controlling the immune reactivity of t-lympho- cytes., I R. Cohen and M Feldman

Induction of theta-positive lymphocytes and lymphoblasts in mouse bone marrow by mitogens., J J. Cohen and C K. Patterson

Listeria cell wall fraction. A b cell mitogen., J J. Cohen, G E. Rodriguez, P D. Kind, and P A. Campbell

Antibodies and sperm survival in the female tract of the mouse and rabbit., J Cohen and D J. Werrett

Mastocytoma cell migration in vitro. Inhibition by mif-containing supernatants., M C. Cohen, R Zeschke, P E. Bigazzi, and S Cohen

Enhancement of the antitumor effect of 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)- -1-nitrosourea by various psychotropic drugs in combination with caffeine., M H. Cohen

The influence of histocompatibility and antithymocyte serum on the ability of alloantigenic pretreatment to prolong the survival of mouse skin grafts., N Cohen and J A. Latorre

Immunological effects of neonatal infection with mouse thymic virus, a herpesvirus of mice. Abstr., P Cohen, S S. Cross, and D E. Mosier

The role of cortisone-sensitive thymocytes in dna synthetic responses to antigen., P Cohen and R K. Gershon

Immunologic effects of neonatal infection with mouse thymic virus., P L. Cohen, S S. Cross, and D E. Mosier

Mouse effector functions involved in the antibody- -dependent cellular cytotoxicity to xenogeneic erythrocytes., S A. Cohen, M J. Ehrke, and E Mihich

Effects of cyclophosphamide and adriamycin on the healing of surgical wounds in mice., S C. Cohen, H L. Gabelnick, R K. Johnson, and A Goldin

Mouse effectors in antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity to sheep erythrocytes (srbc) in vitro. Abstr., S Cohen, J Ehrke, and E Mihich

Immunological responses in strains of mice with high and low sensitivity to androgen. Abstr., D A. Cohn

Skin grafting across the h-y barrier and the effect of biological adjuvants., N D. Colapinto

Decrease of epidermal histidase activity by tumor- -promoting phorbol esters., N H. Colburn, S Lau, and R Head

Arthritis of mice induced by mycoplasma pulmonis. Humoral antibody and lymphocyte responses of cba mice., B C. Cole, rowland L. Golightly, and J R. Ward

Influence of genetic background on the expression of mutations at the diabetes locus in the mouse. II. Studies on background modifiers., D L. Coleman and K P. Hummel

Altered ganglioside biosynthesis in mouse cell cultures following transformation with chemical carcinogens and x-irradiation., P L. Coleman, P H. Fishman, R O. Brady, and G J. Todaro

Activities of haem synthetic enzymes in blood cells of pre-natal flexed-tailed (f/f) anaemic mice., R J. Cole, J Garlick, and E M. Cheek

The relationship between erythropoietin-dependent cellular differentiation and colony-forming ability in prenatal haemop- oietic tissues., R J. Cole, T Regan, S L. White, and E M. Cheek

The effects of drug combinations on the metabolism and excretion of 5- -azacytidine (5-azacr, nsc 102816) in bdf1 mice. Abstr., E Coles, I Wodinsky, and L Gaudio

Effect of endogenous and exogenous murine leukemia virus infection on immunologic response., D Collavo, G Biasi, A Colombatti, and L C. bianchi

In vitro and in vivo evaluation of t and b lymphocyte functions in akr mice., D Collavo, G Biasi, A Colombatti, and bianchi L. Chieco

Evidenza di un difetto intrinseco della reattivita linfocitaria in topi akr., D Collavo, G Biasi, A Colombatti, and R Fabbris