Submissions from 1975

Sympathetic ganglion x neuroblastoma somatic cell hybrids with opiate receptor activity. Abstr., J C. Blosser, J R. Abbott, and W Shain

Mouse neuroblastoma adenylate cyclase. Adenosine and adenosine analogues as potent effectors of adenylate cyclase activity., A J. Blume and C J. Foster

The possible role of laf as a physiological mediator in the immune response. Abstr., G T. Blyden and R E. Handschumacher

Endotoxin effects on plasma cell tumor. Abstr., L A. Bober, M J. Kranepool, G Steiner, and V P. Hollander

Mouse mononuclear cell chemotaxis. Description of system., D A. Boetcher and M S. Meltzer

Antitumour glycopeptides from lactobacillus bulgaricus cell wall., I G. Bogdanov, P G. Dalev, A I. Gurevich, M N. Kolosov, V P. Malkova, A. Plemyannikova, and I B. Sorokina

Earlier onset of hematopoietic differentiation after expansion of the endogenous stem cell pool., S S. Boggs and D R. Boggs

Effect of bleeding on hematopoiesis following irradiation and marrow transplantation., S S. Boggs and D R. Boggs

Genetic control of endogenous c-type virus production in pancreatic acinar cells of c57bl/he and c57bl/6j mice., M Boiocchi, G D. Torre, and G D. Porta

Animal model. Aganglionic megacolon in piebald and spotted mutant mouse strains., R P. Bolande

Properties of the major glycoprotein (gp71) of friend murine leukemia virus., D P. Bolognesi, J J. Collins, J P. Leis, V Moennig, W Schafer, D P. Atkinson, and F C. Immunochemical

Polypeptides of mammalian oncornaviruses. IV. Structural components of murine leukemia virus released as soluble antigens in cell culture., D P. Bolognesi, A J. Langlois, and W Schafer

Active specific immunotherapy of mouse methylcholanthrene induced tumours with corynebacterium parvum and irradiated tumour cells., R Bomford

Therapy of methyl cholanthrene induced cba mouse tumours with corynebacterium parvum and irradiated tumour cells. Abstr., R Bomford

Mechanisms of macrophage activation by corynebacterium parvum. II. In vivo experiments., R Bomford and G H. Christie

Observations on the mechanism of antitumour resistance induced by the graft-versus-host reaction., R Bomford, F L. Shand, and G H. Christie

Studies on the induction and expression of t cell- -mediated immunity. V. Lectin-induced nonspecific cell- -mediated cytotoxicity by alloimmune lymphocytes., B Bonavida and T P. Bradley

Oxygen toxicity in the newborn. The effect of prolonged 100 per cent o2 exposure on the lungs of newborn mice., D S. Bonikos, K G. Bensch, S K. Ludwin, and W H. Jr

Allograft reactivity of mice against a radiation-induced lymphoma incompatible for the h-2k-ir regions of h-2., A Bonmassar, M C. Fioretti, E Bonmassar, and A Goldin

Impaired growth of a radiation-induced lymphoma in intact or lethally irradiated allogeneic athymic (nude) mice., E Bonmassar, F Campanile, D Houchens, L Crino, and A Goldin

Uptake of 5-iododeoxyuridine as a measure of tumor growth and tumor inhibition., E Bonmassar, D P. Houchens, M C. Fioretti, and A Goldin

Changes of the immunogenic properties of a radiation-induced mouse lymphoma following treatment with antitumor drugs., E Bonmassar, C Testorelli, P Franco, A Goldin, and G Cudkowicz

Suppression of the generation of cytotoxic lymphoblasts by murine lymphoma cells. Abstr., G D. Bonnard and R B. Herberman

Cleft palate susceptibility linked to histocompatibility-2 (h-2) in the mouse., J J. Bonner and H C. Slavkin

Glucocorticoids and aging in inbred mie. Abstr., J J. Bonner and H C. Slavkin

A survey of drug effects on cell cycle progression. Abstr., V H. Bono and R L. Dion

Malignant hemangioendotheliomas produced by subcutaneous inoculation of balb/3t3 cells attached to glass beads., C W. Boone

Correlation of survival from murine cytomegalovirus infection with spleen cell responsiveness to concanavalin a., J Booss and E F. Wheelock

Long-term effects of restricted insulin secretion in young ob/ob mice. Abstr., C N. Boozer and J Mayer

Further characterization of the insulin secretory defect in genetically diabetic mice. Abstr., L Boquist, B Hellman, J Sehlin, and I Taljedal

T and b cell in hapten-specific carrier-determined tolerance., Y Borel, C L. Reinisch, and S F. Schlossman

Effect of dimethyl sulfoxide and dimethylformamide on the growth and morphology of tumor cells., E Borenfreund, M Steinglass, G Korngold, and A Bendich

Graft versus leukemia. VI. Adoptive immunotherapy in combination with chemoradiotherapy for spontaneous leukemia- -lymphoma in akr mice., M M. Bortin, W C. Rose, R L. Truitt, A A. Rimm, D C. Saltzstein, and G E. Rodey

Differential effects of cyclic amp on the in vitro induction of antibody synthesis., schneider R. Bosing

Alteration of ig expression in congenic mouse strains. Abstr., M Bosma and G Bosma

Quantitation of mouse immunoglobulin allotypes by a modified solid-phase radioimmune assay., M J. Bosma, R Marks, and C L. Witt

Phagocytosis of nerve growth factor-coated erythrocytes in neuro- blastoma rosette-forming cells., C Bosman, R Revoltella, and L Bertolini

A model for genetic control of programmed expression of h-2 genes., M Boubelik, A Lengerova, and D W. Bailey

Analysis of programmed gene action by means of radiation chimaeras., M Boubelik, A Lengerova, and V Zeleny

Virus-induced diabetes mellitus. Iii. Influence of the sex and strain of the host., D W. Boucher, K Hayashi, J Rosenthal, and A L. Notkins

Mouse mononuclear cell chemotaxis. I. Differential response of monocytes and macrophages., L Boumsell and M S. Meltzer

Fatty acid biosynthesis in mice brain and kidney microsomes. Compar- ison between quaking mutant and control., J M. Bourre, O L. Daudu, and N A. Baumann

Cytochemical studies on golgi apparatus, gerl, and lysosomes in neurons of dorsal root ganglia in mice., J Boutry and A B. Novikoff

T cell-independent response to bsa after abolishment of tolerance by allogeneic or delayed hypersensitivity reactions., J P. Bouvet, H Amstutz, and P Liacopoulos

The relationship among transport, intracellular binding, and inhibition of rna synthesis by actinomycin d in ehrlich ascites tumor cells in vitro., D Bowen and I D. Goldman

Implications of humoral antibody in mice and humans to breast tumor and mouse mammary tumor virus-associated antigens., J M. Bowen, L Dmochowski, M F. Miller, E S. Priori, G Seman, M L. Dodson, and K Maruyama

Transformation of mouse cells after infection with ultraviolet irradiation-inactivated herpes simplex virus type 2., A L. Boyd and T W. Orme

Altered in vitro proliferative responses to syngeneic plasma cell tumors following in vivo pre-immunization. Abstr., P J. Boyer

The destruction of allogeneic tumour cells by peritoneal macrophages from immune mice. Purification of lytic effector cells., M D. Boyle and M G. Ormerod

The destruction of tumor cells by alloimmune peritoneal cells. Mechanism of action of activated macrophages in vitro., M D. Boyle and M G. Ormerod

Surface reorganization as an initial inductive event in the differen- tiation of prothymocytes to thymocytes., E A. Boyse and J Abbott

Endotoxic activities of lipid a-protein complexes and myristic acid- -protein complexes. Abstr., S G. Bradley

Neural abnormalities in the dystrophic mouse., W G. Bradley and M Jenkison

Failure to confirm a vascular cause of muscular dystrophy., W G. Bradley, M D. O'brien, D N. Walder, D Murchison, A Johnson, and D J. Newell

Secondary igg responses to type iii pneumococcal polysaccharide. I. Kinetics and antigen requirements., mullen H. Braley

Foreign-body tumorigenesis by vinyl chloride vinyl acetate copolymer. No evidence for chemical cocarcinogenesis., K G. Brand, L C. Buoen, and I Brand

Foreign-body tumorigenesis induced by glass and smooth and rough plastic, comparative study of preneoplastic events., K G. Brand, L C. Buoen, and I Brand

Etiological factors, stages, and the role of the foreign body in foreign body tumorigenesis. A review., K G. Brand, L C. Buoen, K H. Johnson, and I Brand

Defective lysosomal enzyme secretion in kidneys of chediak-higashi (beige) mice., E J. Brandt, R W. Elliott, and R T. Swank

Abnormal lysosomal enzyme excretion in mice with chediak-higashi syndrome. Abstr., E J. Brandt and R T. Swank

Motility of the large intestine of mice with hereditary megacolon. Abstr., L Brann and J D. Wood

Metabolism of the polyadenylate sequence of nuclear rna and messenger rna in mammalian cells., G Brawerman and J Diez

Early onset of serum blocking in a murine melanoma model., A E. Bray, P G. Holt, L M. Roberts, and D Keast

Changes in host immunity following excision of a murine melanoma., A E. Bray and D Keast

Quantitative ultrastructural studies of the axon-schwann cell abnormality in spinal nerve roots from dystrophic mice., G M. Bray and A J. Aguayo

Reserpine sensitivity of catecholamine metabolism in murine neuroblastoma clone n1e-115., X O. Breakefield

Localized catecholamine storage associated with granules in murine neuroblastoma cells., X O. Breakefield, E A. Neale, J H. Neale, and D M. Jacobowitz

Improved methods for reducing calcium and magnesium concentrations in tissue culture medium. Application to studies of lymphoblast proliferation in vitro., J K. Brennan, J Mansky, G Roberts, and M A. Lichtman

Age-associated decline in theta antigen on spleen thymus-derived lymphocytes of b6cf1 mice., P C. Brennan and B N. Jaroslow

Cholesteryl ester accumulation in ehrlich cells induced by saturated fats., D E. Brenneman, R M. Gee, V A. Liepkalns, and A A. Spector

Characterization of the hyperlipidemia in mice bearing the ehrlich ascites tumor., D E. Brenneman, S N. Mathur, and A A. Spector

Inhibition and recovery of dna synthesis in host tissues and sensi- tive and resistant b16 melanoma after 1-(2-chloroethyl)-3-(trans- -4-methylcyclohexyl)-1-nitrosourea, a predictor of therapeutic efficacy., H D. Brereton, T L. Bryant, and R C. Young

The structure of an immunoglobulin light chain fragment in mouse myeloma cells., S H. Bridges and J B. Fleischman

Effects of bleomycin on mouse bone-marrow stem cells., G Brigante, L Galloni, G Levi, V Spalletta, and F Mauro

Clonal dominance. I. Restricted nature of the igm antibody response to group a streptococcal carbohydrate in mice., D E. Briles and J M. Davie

Alterations in liver enzyme regulation during aging may reflect neuroendocrine deficiencies. Abstr., G W. Britton, T L. Klug, V J. Britton, and R C. Adelman

Experimental amyloidosis. The inducer is a polyclonal b-cell activator to which susceptibility is under genetic control., S Britton

Inhibition of growth and of dna synthesis in adenocarcinoma 755 cells in culture by 3,6-bis(5-chloro-2-piperidyl)-2, 5-piperazinedione (nsc 135758) and evidence for its alkylating activity. Abstr., R W. Brockman, S C. Shaddix, D J. Adamson, and R F. Struck

Mechanism of the suppressive effect of interferon on antibody syn- thesis in vivo., B R. Brodeur and T C. Merigan

Enrichment of effector t lymphocytes specific to h-2 antigens by elution from allogeneic target cells and characteriza- tion of the eluted lymphocyte population., B D. Brondz, S G. Egorova, and I F. Kotomina

Private specificites of h-2k and h-2d loci as possible selective targets for effector lymphocytes in cell-mediated immunity., B D. Brondz, I K. Egorov, and G I. Drizlikh

The nature of the deoxyribonucleosides involved in the binding of carcinogenic hydrocarbons to the dna of mouse embryo cells., P Brookes, P Jones, and J Amos

Neonatlly induced transplantation tolerance. In vitro evidence supporting a clonal inactivation mechanism., C G. Brooks

Specific unresponsiveness to skin allografts in mice. IV. Immuno- logical reactivity of mice treated with liver extracts, bordetella pertussis, and antilymphocyte serum., C G. Brooks, L Brent, P J. Kilshaw, R R. New, and M Pinto

Irradiation of mouse tail tumors at low dose rate and reduced temper- atures. Abstr., D Q. Brown, S Puribhat, and H G. Seydel

Immunological competence following experimental thermal injury. Abstr., L Browne, S Ball, R Bachvaroff, and F Rapaport

Activation of production of mouse liver enzymes in rat hepatoma-mouse lymphoid cell hybrids., J E. Brown and M C. Weiss

Effect of the hypoxic cell sensitizers, metronidazole and ro7-0582, on the radiation response of normal and malignant cells in the mouse. Abstr., J M. Brown

Selective radiosensitization of the hypoxic cells of mouse tumors with the nitroimidazoles metronidazole and ro 7-0582., J M. Brown

Specific suppression of the antibody response in vitro by serum from paralyzed mice., P B. Brown, H Kohler, and D A. Rowley

Analysis of tumor-associated alkyldiacylglycerols and other lipids during radiation-induced thymic leukemogenesis., R C. Brown, M L. Blank, J A. Kostyu, P Osburn, A Kilgore, and F Snyder

Evaluation of irradiation-plus-urethan-induced murine leukemia virus 'release' using a new method for quantitation of oncornaviruses in tissues., R C. Brown, J A. Kostyu, and A Kilgore

Thymocyte electrophoretic mobility during irradiation-induced thymic leukemogenesis. Abstr., R C. Brown, J A. Kostyu, and A Kilgore

Granulopoiesis in 'preleukemic' mice with anemia induced by rauscher leukemia virus, variant a., H E. Broxmeyer, L Koltun, J L. Bue, and A S. Gordon

Kinetics of cell proliferation and cell loss in the peripheral and central parts of walker tumours growing in rats and nude mice., T Broyn

The influence of androgen receptors on the concentration of androgens in nuclei of hormone-responsive cells., N Bruchovsky, P S. Rennie, B Lesser, and D J. Sutherland

Androgen receptors. Relationship to growth response and to intra- cellular androgen transport in nine variant lines of the shionogi mouse mammary carcinoma., N Bruchovsky, D J. Sutherland, J W. Meakin, and T Minesita

Hereditary hair cell degeneration. An ultrastructural study of the organ of corti in spinner mutant mice. Abstr., kan R. Bruck

Interaction of chemotherapeutic agents with methotrexate and 5- -fluorouracil and its effect on de novo dna synthesis., H W. Bruckner, C Schreiber, and S Waxman

Influence of l-dopa on spontaneous tumor development in male marsh mice. Abstr., G Bryson and F Bischoff