Submissions from 1975

Studies on the mechanism of lymphocyte-mediated cytolysis. V. The use of cytochalasins a and b to dissociate glucose transport from the lytic event., J E. Bubbers and C S. Henney

Studies on the synthetic capacity and antigenic expression of glutaraldehyde-fixed target cells., J E. Bubbers and C S. Henney

The mechanism of inhibition of t-cell mediated lysis by cytochalasins a and b. Abstr., J E. Bubbers and C S. Henney

Chromatographic separation and antigenic analysis of proteins of the oncornaviruses. IV. Biochemical typing of murine viral proteins., D L. Buchhagen, O Stutman, and E Fleissner

Function of microdissected pancreatic islets cultured in a chemically defined medium. I. Insulin content and release., A Buitrago, E Gylfe, B Hellman, L Idahl, and M Johansson

Histamine and histidine levels in the brain of the histidinaemic mutant mouse., G Bulfield and H Kacser

Genetic variation of carbohydrate metabolism in inbred and outbred strains of mice. Abstr., G Bulfield, S Walker, E Moore, and H Kacser

In vivo androgen retention in mouse kidney., L P. Bullock and C W. Bardin

The presence of estrogen receptor in kidneys from normal and androgen-insensitive tfm/y mice., L P. Bullock and C W. Bardin

The physiochemical properties of the cytoplasmic androgen receptor in the kidneys of normal, carrier female (tfm/+) and androgen-insensitive (tfm/y) mice., L P. Bullock, W I. Mainwaring, and C W. Bardin

Foreign-body tumorigenesis. In vitro isolation and expansion of preneoplastic clonal cell populations., L C. Buoen, I Brand, and K G. Brand

Studies on mechanism of action of 2,2'-anhydro-arabinsyl-5-fluoro- cytosine (aafc) and derivatives. Abstr., J Burchenal, K Ciovacco, K Kalaher, and J Fox

Sperm phenotype and its relationship to somatic and germ line geno- type. A study using mouse aggregation chimeras., P S. Burgoyne

Effects of age on renal function and enzyme activity in male c57bl/6 mice., R L. Burich

Inhibitory effect of shark serum on growth and metastasis of lewis lung carcinoma. Abstr., J D. Burke and M J. Snodgrass

Identification of lymphoid cells in cultures of murine leukocytes and thymus., T R. Burke, G E. Moore, and J D. Stobo

Differential accessibility of dna in extended and condensed chromatin to pancreatic dnase i., G D. Burkholder and M G. Weaver

Early morphologic alterations in mouse skin after topical application of 3-methylcholanthrene and its metabolites., K Burki and E Bresnick

Simple vs. Complex inheritance of inducible aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase in mouse tissues., K Burki, A G. Liebelt, and E Bresnick

Lymphocyte stimulation as a means of detection and monitoring the purification of tumor associated antigens. Abstr., M W. Burk, S S. Ristow, S Yu, and C F. Khann

Refractoriness of lymph-node cells from tumour-bearing animals., M W. Burk, S Yu, S S. Ristow, and C F. Khann

Functional heterogeneity among the t-derived lymphocytes of the mouse. IV. Nature of spontaneously induced suppressor cells., F D. Burns, P C. Marrack, J W. Kappler, and C A. Jr

Thymus dependence of viral antigens., W H. Burns, L C. Billups, and A L. Notkins

Elimination of induced chromosome aberrations in embryogenesis of mice. Abstr., B Buselmaier and I Hansmann

Synergic effects of noise and stress on general behavior., R Busnel, M Busnel, and A Lehmann

The pineal and neoplasia., R S. Buswell

Weakening of genetic resistance. I. The effect of injection of endotoxin, freund's complete adjuvant and allo- antiserum., W A. Buurman and I V. Bruggen

The influence of genetic resistance on cfu growth kinetics in spleen and femur., W A. Buurman, I V. Bruggen, and O Vos

Effect of differentiation on the repair of dna single strand breaks in neuroblastoma cells., J E. Byfield, Y C. Lee, I Klisak, and J Z. Finklestein

'sombrero' Hemolytic plaques due to antibody of a single specificity against pneumococcal polysaccharide., P Byfield

The role of serum factors in the acceleration by freund's complete adjuvant of the growth of transplanted murine leukemic cells., P E. Byfield, J Z. Finklestein, K L. Tittle, and D T. Imagawa

Manipulation of the cell cycle of the hemopoietic stem cell., J W. Byron

Selective blocking by the tfm mutation of the hematopoietic actions of testosterone. Abstr., J W. Byron

Specificity and immunogenicity of antigens associated with murine melanoma. Abstr., J Bystryn and I Schenkein

Binding of antigen by immunocytes. II. Effect of specific ig on antigen binding by mopc 315 cells., J Bystryn, G W. Siskind, and J W. Uhr

L-asparagine synthetase. An enzymic marker for murine tumors. Abstr., R G. Cable, H A. Milman, V King, and B Taylor

Evidence that linkage group iv as well as linkage group x of the mouse are in chromosome 10., N L. Cacheiro and L B. Russell

Preliminary observations on the cerebellum in the mutant mouse lurcher., K W. Caddy and T J. Bisco

K-cell cytotoxic activity in the spleen and lymph nodes of tumour- -bearing mice., E A. Calder, W J. Irvine, and A Ghaffer

Inhibitory and stimulatory molecules secreted in cultures of periton- eal macrophages. Abstr., J Calderon, J Kiely, and E Unanue

Suppression of in vitro antibody responses of primed cells by normal spleen cells. Abstr., C E. Calkins, arbouys S. Orbach, O Stutman, and R K. Gershon

Detection of h-2 antigens in serum., G N. Callahan, S Ferrone, J P. Allison, and R A. Reisfeld

Nucleic acid homology of murine xenotropic type c viruses., R Callahan, M M. Lieber, and G J. Todaro

Metabolic abnormalities in tumour bearing animals. Abstr., K C. Calman and R A. Allister

Increased immunogenicity of two lymphomas following treatment with dimethyl-trizenoimidazole-carboxamide (dic) in athymic (nude) mice. Abstr., F Campanile, M Gaston, E Bonmassar, and A Goldin

Of athymic (nude) mice., F Campanile, D P. Houchens, M Gaston, A Goldin, D E. Bonmassar, and S I. Treatment

Ultrastructure of the sinus wall of murine bone marrow in myelogenous leukemia., F Campbell

The use of flow microfluorimetry in the analysis of the phenotype expression of mouse histocompatibility antigens., G L. Campbell, L T. Goldstein, and B B. Knowles

Irradiation-resistant primed t cell function., P A. Campbell and H R. Cooper

Listeria cell wall fraction. Adjuvant activity in vivo and in vitro., P A. Campbell, G E. Rodriguez, and C Schuffler

Demonstration of organ differences in peripheral b cell populations through the use of deficient fetal bovine serum., S M. Campbell, M F. Kagnoff, and J Watson

Development and function of subclasses of t cells., H Cantor and E A. Boyse

Functional subclasses of t lymphocytes bearing different ly antigens. II. Cooperation between subclasses of ly+ cells in the generation of killer activity., H Cantor and E A. Boyse

Functional subclasses of t lymphocytes bearing different ly antigens. I. The generation of functionally distinct t-cell subclasses is a differentiative process independent of antigen., H Cantor and E A. Boyse

Regulation of the immune response by subclasses of t lymphocytes. I. Interactions between pre-killer t cells and regulatory t cells obtained from peripheral lymphoid tissues of mice., H Cantor and E Simpson

And functional studies of peripheral t-cells binding different amounts of fluorescent anti-thy 1.2 (theta) Antibody using a fluorescence- -activated cell sorter (facs)., H Cantor, E Simpson, V L. Sato, C G. Fathman, D L. Herzenberg, and T O. willseparation

Metabolism of diphenyloxazole (ppo) by mouse liver microsomes., E T. Cantrell, J Guyden, and D L. Busbee

Characteristics of histocompatibility barriers in congenic strains of mice. Iii. Passive enhancement of skin allografts in x-irradiated hosts., J L. Cantrell, N Kaliss, and W H. Hildemann

Structural studies on induced antibodies with defined idiotypic specificities. II. The light chains of anti-p-azophenylarsonate antibodies from a/j mice bearing a cross-reactive idiotype., J D. Capra, A S. Tung, and A Nisonoff

Structural studies on induced antibodies with defined idiotypic speci- ficities. I. The heavy chains of anti-p-azophenylarsonate antibodies from a/j mice bearing a cross-reactive idiotype., J D. Capra, A S. Tung, and A Nisonoff

Studies on the murine ss protein. I. Purification, molecular weight and subunit structure., J D. Capra, E S. Vitetta, and J Klein

Macrophage arming factor release by allografted mouse lymphocytes stimulated by phytohemagglutinin., J Caraux, A Dimitriu, M Dy, J Mellor, and J Hamburger

Nonimmunogeneic sarcomas induced by 3-methylcholanthrene treatment of murine fibroblasts in diffusion chambers., G Carbone and G Parmiani

Correlation between erythromycin and acid phosphatase in mouse liver., O Carevic, V Prpic, and V Sverko

The role of thymus on autosensitization against syngeneic normal and malignant cells., C Carnaud, D Ilfeld, G Petranyi, and E Klein

Functional properties of mitochondria isolated from murine l5178 lymphoblasts grown in cell culture., U Carpentieri and L A. Sordahl

Ultrastructural demonstration of peculiar lymphoid cells in the thymus during the perinatal period in mice. Correlation with radioleuke- mogenesis., J L. Carpentier, J Boniver, E H. Betz, and L J. Simar

Biometrics of reversal learning in mice. Iii. Complete reciprocated mendelian analysis., A B. Carran

The fine structure of the reticulum cells in lymph-nodes from cyclophosphamide-treated thyectomised mice., I Carr, J L. Turk, and L Poulter

An enhanced glandular differentiation of mammary tumors in mice fed a polyunsaturated fat diet subsequent to tumor transplantation. Abstr., J W. Carson, G A. Rao, and S Abraham

An endotoxin-induced serum factor that causes necrosis of tumors., E A. Carswell, L J. Old, R L. Kassel, S Green, N Fiore, and B Williamson

Composition of liver histones in aging rat and mouse., D B. Carter and C Chae

Peyer's patch responsiveness to salmonella in mice., P B. Carter and F M. Collins

Involvement of the upper respiratory tract in orally induced salmon- ellosis in mice., P B. Carter, J B. Woolcock, and F M. Collins

Pharmacology of a new triazine antifolate in mice, rats, dogs, and monkeys., A R. Cashmore, R T. Skeel, D R. Makulu, E J, A, and J R. Bertino

Combination therapy of mouse leukemia l1210 by 1-beta-d-arabinofur- anosylcytosine and 6-(4-nitrobenzyl)thio)-9-beta-d-ribofuranosyl- purine., C E. Cass, H Muzik, and A R. Paterson

Inhibition by nitrobenzylthioinosine of uptake of adenosine, 2'-deoxyadenosine and 9-beta-e-arabinofuranosyladenine by human and mouse erythrocytes., C E. Cass and A R. Paterson

Transformation-induced alterations in fibroblast adhesion. Masking by trypsin treatment., J Cassiman and M R. Bernfield

Effects of morphine and heroin on discrimination learning and con- solidation in mice., C Castellano

A genetic analysis of morphine-induced running and analgesia in the mouse., C Castellano and A Oliverio

Gland tumor and two cell lines derived from it., L Castelli, G Neri, A Frigola, F M. Fava, D M. Giuliano, and E O. Salivary

Activation of the action potential na+ ionophore of cultured neuro- blastoma cells by veratridine and batrachotoxin., W A. Catterall

Cooperative activation of action potential na+ ionophore by neuro- toxins., W A. Catterall

Influence of thymus extracts on the maturation of the immune response in neonatal mice., W S. Ceglowski and G U. Badie

Immunosuppression by leukemia viruses. XI. Effect of friend leukemia virus on humoral immune competence of leukemia-resistant c57bl/6 mice., W S. Ceglowski, B P. Campbell, and H Friedman

Failure of peritoneal exudate macrophages to reverse immunologic impairment by friend leukemia virus., W S. Ceglowski and H Friedman

Induction of pha response in mouse bone marrow cells by thymic extracts as studied by changes in the structuredness of cytoplasmic matrix., L Cercek, P Milenkovic, B Cercek, and L G. Lajtha

During spontaneous regression of the friend viral murine leukemia., J Cerny, M Essex, M A. Hardy, P O. Antigens, and I C. Functions

Immunosuppression by spleen cells from moloney leukemia. Comparison of the suppressive effect on antibody response and on mitogen-induced response., J Cerny and R A. Stiller

Specific susceptibility of sensitized (memory) b cells to suppression and antigenic alteration by murine leukemia virus., J Cerny and E B. Waner

T cell products activating stem cells. Further studies on the origin and action of the factor(s)., J Cerny, E B. Waner, and A S. Rubin

Ultrastructure and virus particles of l1210/mes. A hamster-adapted murine leukemia., J Cesarini and D M. Goldenberg

Organisation differente des mouvements oculaires rapides du sommeil paradoxal chez deux souches consanguines de souris., R Cespuglio, R Musolino, G Debilly, and J Valatx

Myocardium of dystrophic mouse--ultrastructural study. Abstr., K Chacko

Genes associated with leukocyte production in mice., C K. Chai

Glutamine aminotransferase and glutamine aminohydrolase ratio as a possible test for antitumour compounds., P Chakraborty and G C. Shrivastava

Ontogeny of thymus cell function., A Chakravarty, L Kubai, Y Sidky, and R Auerbach

Excitability and chemosensitivity properties of a somatic cell hybrid between mouse neuroblastoma and sympathetic ganglion cells., A Chalazonitis, L A. Greene, and W Shain

Cell-mediated immune responses to transplanted tumors in mice chronically exposed to cigarette smoke., J Chalmer, P G. Holt, and D Keast

Hemmung der viralen reverse-transcriptase und leukamogenese mit modifizierten nucleinsauren., P Chandra, B Kornhuber, D Gericke, A Gotz, and U Ebener