Submissions from 1975

Influence of dietary protein restriction on immune competence. I. Effect on the capacity of cells from various lymphoid organs to induce graft-vs.-host Reactions., R G. Bell and L A. Hazell

Influence of the pituitary gland on insulin secretion in the geneti- cally obese (ob/ob) mouse., chain A. Beloff, J A. Edwardson, and J Hawthorn

Blood glucose and serum insulin levels in lean and genetically obese mice., chain A. Beloff, N Freund, and K A. Rookledge

Influence of the pituitary gland from the homozygote (+/+) and heterozygote (ob/+) lean mouse on insulin secretion in vitro., chain A. Beloff, J Hawthorn, and D Green

Enhancement in a syngeneic solid tumor system. Abstr., W R. Beltz

Non-responder mice by linear random copolymers of l-amino acids., B Benacerraf, J A. Kapp, P Debre, C W. Pierce, D F. Croix, and I O. Genetic

The histocompatibility-linked immune response genes., B Benacerraf and D H. Katz

Reversal of leukemia virus-induced immunosuppression in vitro by peritoneal macrophages., M Bendinelli, G S. Kaplan, and H Friedman

Malignant transformation with ara-c, fudr, mtx, and bleomycin in 10t1/2cl8 cells. Abstr., W F. Benedict, M S. Baker, and A Gardner

Malignant transformation of mouse cells by cigarette smoke condensate., W F. Benedict, N Rucker, J Faust, and R E. Kouri

Haematopoietic defects of w/wv mice studied with the spleen colony, agar colony, and diffusion chamber techniques., H B. Benestad, A Boyum, and K Warhuus

Diffusion chamber culturing of haematopoietic cells. Methodological investigations and improvement of the technique., H B. Benestad and A Reikvam

Evidence for specific suppression in the maintenance of immunologic tolerance., D C. Benjamin

Induction of cell-mediated cytotoxicity, adult tolerance, and enhan- cing antiserum by 3-m kc1 extract of tumor and transplantation antigens., E Benjamini and A Kharazmi

The bcg-induced resistance to listeriosis., J Bennedsen and S O. Larsen

Antibody formation in mouse bone marrow. IV. The influence of splenectomy on the bone marrow plaque-forming cell response to sheep red blood cells., R Benner and A V. Oudenaren

The t-locus of the mouse., D Bennett

Expression of h-y (male) antigen in phenotypically female tfm/y mice., D Bennett, E A. Boyse, M F. Lyon, B J. Mathieson, M Scheid, and K Yanagisawa

Observations on a set of radiation-induced dominant t-like mutations in the mouse., D Bennett, L C. Dunn, M Spiegelman, K Artzt, J Cookingham, and E Schermerhorn

Suppression of in vitro antibody response by a serum factor (saa) in experimentally induced amyloidosis., M D. Benson, benson M. Aldo, T Shirahama, Y Borel, and A S. Cohen

Evolution of type c viral genes. Preservation of ancestral murine tye c viral sequences in pig cellular dna., R E. Benveniste and G J. Todaro

T & b lymphocytes in thymus of sjl/j mice., yaakov M. Ben and ghera N. Haran

Enhancement and retardation of spontaneous reticulum cell neoplasm development in sjl/j mice., yaakov M. Ben, A Meshorer, and ghera N. Haran

The influence of mouse sera on colony formation and on the production of colony stimulating factor in vitro., M Beran

Immunologic enhancement of leukemia l1210 by corynebacterium parvum. Abstr., D Berd, M S. Mitchell, and J C. Marsh

Syngeneic adoptive immunotherapy and chemoimmunotherapy of a friend leukemia. Requirement for t cells., J R. Berenson, A B. Einstein, and A Fefer

T cell-mediated syngeneic adoptive immunotherapy of a friend leukemia. Abstr., J R. Berenson, A B. Einstein, and A Fefer

Growth of adipose and lean tissue mass in hindlimbs of genetically obese mice during preobese and obese phases of development., W G. Bergen, M L. Kaplan, R A. Merkel, and G A. Leveille

Ortho-phenanthroline inhibition of dna synthesis in mammalian cells., N A. Berger, E S. Johnson, and S A. Skinner

Mouse myeloma. A model for studies of cell kinetics., D E. Bergsagel, M Ogawa, and S L. Librach

Localization of aggregated cell surface antigens of target cells bound to cytotoxic t lymphocytes., G Berke and Z Fishelson

Energy requirements of the binding and lytic steps of t lymphocyte-mediated cytolysis of leukemic cells in vitro., G Berke and D Gabison

The frequency of effector cells in populations containing cytotoxic t lymphocytes., G Berke, D Gabison, and M Feldman

Ribopolymer transcribing dna polymerases from mopc-21 myeloma tumor. Abstr., D B. Berkoben, D E. Nicholson, and A A. Gottlieb

Complement inhibitor(s) released by leukocytes. Iii. Evidence for a 'new' c1 inhibitor in the supernatants of short-term cultures of mouse spleen and thymus cells., A Bernard, L Boumsell, and T Borsos

Complement inhibitor(s) released by leukocytes. I. Pretreatment of sheep erythrocytes with supernatants of mouse spleen and thymus cells inhibit whole complement activity and c2 utilization., A Bernard, L Boumsell, T Borsos, R A. Good, and N K. Day

Alterations in mouse aggressive behavior and brain monoamine dynamics as a function of age., B K. Bernard, E R. Finkelstein, and G M. Everett

Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in mice. Immunologic re- sponse to mouse spinal cord and myelin basic proteins., C C. Bernard and P R. Carnegie

Anti-insulin serum coupled to sepharose 4b as a tool for the investigation of insulin biosynthesis in the b-cells of obese hyperglycemic mice., C Berne

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate-converting enzymes and adenosine triphosphate citrate lyase in some tissues and organs of new zealand obese mice with special reference to the enzyme pattern of the pancreatic islets., C Berne

The effect of d-glucose on phospholipid biosynthesis in the pancreatic b-cells. Abstr., C Berne

The effect of fatty acids and ketone bodies on the biosynthesis of insulin in isolated pancreatic islets of obese hyperglycemic mice., C Berne

The metabolism of lipids in mouse pancreatic islets. The biosynthesis of triacylglycerols and phospholipids., C Berne

The metabolism of lipids in mouse pancreatic islets. The oxidation of fatty acids and ketone bodies., C Berne

Exposure of neonatal mice to steroids. Longterm effects on the mammary gland and other reproductive structures., H A. Bern, L A. Jones, T Mori, and P N. Young

Chemical oncogenesis in cultured mouse embryo cells in relation to the cell cycle., J S. Bertram, A R. Peterson, and C Heidelberger

Failure of malignantly transformed c3h/10t1/2cl8 cells to accumulate nuclear actin in response to high cell density. Abstr., J S. Bertram and W M. Stourgeon

Alloimmune cytotoxic t cells. Evidence that they recognize serologic- ally defined antigens and bear clonally restricted receptors., M J. Bevan

Interaction antigens detected by cytotoxic t cells with the major histocompatibility complex as modifier., M J. Bevan

The major histocompatibility complex determines suscept- ibility to cytotoxic t cells directed against minor histocompat- ibility antigens., M J. Bevan

Cytotoxic effects of antigen- and mitogen-induced t cells on various targets., M J. Bevan and M Cohn

The factors controlling stem cell recirculation. II. Acth-induced inhibition of migration of hemopoietic stem cells., G I. Bezin, R M. Khaitov, B B. Moroz, R V. Petrov, and O O. Romashko

T-cell migration into allografts., A K. Bhan, C L. Reinisch, R H. Levey, and S F. Schlossman

Cellular immune responses to methylcholanthrene-induced fibrosarcoma in balb/c mice., R M. Bhatnagar, J B. Zabriskie, and A R. Rausen

Developmental changes of esterases in the retina of the mouse. Histochemical study., J Bhattacharjee and S Sanyal

Developmental origin and early differentiation of retinal muller cells in mice., J Bhattacharjee and S Sanyal

Mucopolysaccharides associated with nuclei of cultured mammalian cells., V P. Bhavanandan and E A. Davidson

Specific enhancement of immune response to dextran-s by plasmacytoma mopc 104e rna. Abstr., N Bhoopalam, V Yakulis, and P Heller

Synergistic cytotoxicity of 5-fluorouracil and s-phase specific drugs. Abstr., B K. Bhuyan, K J. Day, and V Bono

G- and c-banding patterns in the t2 murine leukemia., M S. Bianchi, S Merani, and N O. Bianchi

Indagini sulla cancerogenesi da sodio nitrito e/o etambutolo in topi balb/ccb/se., C Biancifiori, R Montesano, and G B. Bolis

Studies of the macrophage complement receptor. Alteration of receptor function upon macrophage activation., C Bianco, F M. Griffin, and S C. Silverstein

Increase in type a virus particles induced in balb/c mouse epidermis during chemical carcinogenesis., M C. Bibby and G M. Smith

Resting stages of the jb-1 ascites tumour in the irradiated mouse., P Bichel and P Dombernowsky

Nonspecific enhancing factors in culture supernatant fluids of normal thymocytes activated by complexes of synthetic homopolyribonucleo- tides. Abstr., P H. Bick and A G. Johnson

Teratogenesis of acetazolamide in the cba/j and swv strains of mice. II. Genetic control of the teratogenic response., F G. Biddle

Teratogenesis of acetazolamide in the cba/j and swv strains of mice. I. Teratology., F G. Biddle

Genetic control of the teratogen-induced cleft palate trait in the mouse. Abstr., F G. Biddle and F C. Fraser

Specific cytogenetic abnormality (trisomy of chromsome 15) in akr mouse leukemia. Abstr., J L. Biedler, R Dofuku, B A. Spengler, and L J. Old

Inhibition of primary antibody response in vitro by cancerous ascites. Abstr., G Bigi, P Mocarelli, and E Clerici

Sugar transport in the small intestine of obese-hyper- glycemic, fed and fasted mice., I Bihler and N Freund

Influence of interferon on the synthesis of virus particles in oncorn- avirus carrier cell lines. Iii. Survey of effects on a-, b- and c- -type oncornaviruses., A Billiau, V G. Edy, E D. Clercq, H Heremans, and P D. Somer

Inhibition of mixed leukocyte culture by anti-idiotypic antibodies., H Binz and B A. Askonas

Idiotype positive t cells visualized by autoradiography and electron microscopy., H Binz, T Bachi, H Wigzell, H Ramseier, and J Lindenmann

Cell surface antigen expression on chemically induced murine leukaem- ias., J M. Birch, M Moore, and A W. Craig

Hypoxia-induced thrombocytopenia in mice., J W. Birks, L W. Klassen, and C W. Gurney

Demonstration of an antibody-mediated tolerance state and its effect on antibody affinity., G Birnbaum, M E. Weksler, and G W. Siskind

Mutations in immunoglobulin producing cells. Abstr., B K. Birshtein, J L. Preud'homme, and M D. Scharff

Chrysotile at the intrathoracic and subcutaneous rodent sites. Abstr., F Bischoff and G Bryson

Antigen-induced changes in lymphocyte circulatory patterns., S J. Black

Effect of dexamethasone on expression of the fv-1 gene in vitro. Abstr., M E. Blackstein

Transplantation behavior of regressor and nonregressor variants of a hodgkins's-like neoplasm in sjl/j mice. Abstr., C Blackwood, J A. Fierer, I Mandl, R D. Bellis, J Lin, and J Moret

Dna-dependent rna polymerases of ehrlich carcinoma, other murine ascites tumors, and murine normal tissues., D G. Blair

Non-t cell killing of mammary tumor cells by spleen cells. Secretion of antibody and recruitment of cells., P B. Blair and M Lane

In vitro detection of immune responses to mtv-induced mammary tumors. Qualitative differences in response detected by time studies., P B. Blair and M A. Lane

Blocking of spleen cell activity against target mammary tumor cells by viral antigens., P B. Blair, M Lane, and M J. Yagi

On antiviral function of immune thymus-derived (t) cells., R V. Blanden, N A. Bowern, T E. Pang, I D. Gardner, D C. Parish, and S O. Complex

Genes required for cytotoxicity against virus-infected target cells in k and d regions of h-2 complex., R V. Blanden, P C. Doherty, M B. Dunlop, I D. Gardner, O M. Zinkernagel, and C S. David

Study of h-2 mutations in mice vi. M523, a new k end mutant., Z Blandova, Y A. Mantsakanyan, and I K. Egorov

Immunogenetics of a thymus antigen in lymphoma-prone and lymphoma- -resistant colonies of wild mice., E P. Blankenhorn, M B. Gardner, and J D. Estes

Fv-2-mediated resistance to friend mouse leukemia virus. Abstr., K J. Blank, R A. Steeves, and F Lilly

Age-related decline in the antibody response to e. Coli lipopoly- saccharide in new zealand black mice., M Blankwater, L A. Levert, and W Hijmans

In vitro studies on the cellular immune response of tumor-bearing mice to sv40-transformed cells., J W. Blasecki and S S. Tevethia

Restoration of specific immune reactivity against papovavirus (sv40) specific transplantation antigen to lymphoid cells from tumor-bearing mice. Abstr., J W. Blasecki and S S. Tevethia

Restoration of specific immunity against sv40 tumor-specific transplantation antigen to lymphoid cells from tumor-bearing mice., J W. Blasecki and S S. Tevethia

Sex hormones and the regulation of erythroid spleen colonies develop- ment of fetal liver origin., I Bleiberg and G Perah

Uptake and binding of vincristine by murine leukemia cells., W A. Bleyer, S A. Frisby, and V T. Oliverio

Transfer of proteins across membranes. II. Reconstitution of functional rough microsomes from heterologous compon- ents., G Blobel and B Dobberstein

Transfer of proteins across membranes. I. Presence of proteolytically processed and unprocessed nascent immuno- globulin light chains on membrane-bound ribosomes of murine myeloma., G Blobel and B Dobberstein

Antineoplastic effect of iodine-125-labelled iododeoxyuridine., W D. Bloomer and S J. Adelstein