Submissions from 1975

Enzymatic modification of lymphocyte receptors for antigen. Iii. Resistance of receptors to trypsin at the peak of the immune response., R F. Ashman

Augmentation of delayed-type hypersensitivity by doses of cyclo- phosphamide which do not affect antibody responses., P W. Askenase, B J. Hayden, and R K. Gershon

In vitro effect of insulin upon hepatic lipogenesis of normal (c57bl/6j) mice. Abstr., jeannet F. Assimacopoulos and B Jeanrenaud

Comparison of adriamycin with dna-adriamycin complex in chemotherapy of experimental tumors and metastases., G Atassi, karim M. Duarte, and H J. Tagnon

R17934--nsc238159, a new antitumor drug--ii. Effect on mitotic cycle of l1210 leukemia cells in vivo and synergism with cytosine arabinoside (nsc 63878)., G Atassi, C Schaus, and H J. Tagnon

R17934--nsc 238159, a new antitumor drug--i. Effect on experimental tumors and factors influencing effectiveness., G Atassi and H J. Tagnon

Cytotoxic effects of splenic ultrafiltrates upon leukaemic lymphocytes., A M. Attallah and J C. Houck

Tumor-induced angiogenesis. Lack of inhibition by irradiation., R Auerbach, R Arensman, L Kubai, and J Folkman

Immunological tolerance. Transmission from mother to offspring., R Auerbach and S Clark

The influence of testosterone on the synthesis and degradation rate of various rna species in the mouse kidney., N Avdalovic and M Bates

Beeinflussung des wachstums von ehrlich-ascites-tumoren durch dehydroepiandrosteron., I Avenarius and E Schwartz

Acceleration of amyloidosis by syngeneic spleen cells from normal donors., M Axelrad, R Kisilevsky, and S Beswetherick

Influence of 6-diazo-5-oxo-l-noreucine (don), a glutamine analogue, on cartilaginous differentiation in mouse limb buds in vitro., M B. Aydelotte and D M. Kochhar

Development of onion bulb neuropathy in the trembler mouse. Comparison with normal nerve maturation., M M. Ayers and R M. Anderson

Quantitation of the immune response in c57bl/6 mice by immune elimi- nation (ie), serum antibody and plaque forming cells (pfc). Abstr., M Azar, C Clark, O Rey, and M Yasgur

Adjuvant effect on maintenance and escape from tolerence., M M. Azar and G Lucena

Ultrastructural evidence of contractile systems in mouse palates prior to rotation., B S. Babiarz, A L. Allenspach, and E F. Zimmerman

Targets for cytotoxic lymphocytes., F H. Bach, D J. Schendel, and B J. Alter

Isolation, biochemical characteristics, and biological activity of a circulating thymic hormone in the mouse and in the human., J Bach, M Dardenne, J Pleau, and M Bach

The effects of steroids on t cells., J Bach, D Duval, M Dardenne, J Salomon, T Tursz, and C Fournier

Regulation of theta-antigen expression by agents altering cyclic amp level and by thymic factor., M Bach, C Fournier, and J Bach

Ige antibody-specific abrogation of an established immune response in mice by modified antigens., M K. Bach and J R. Brashler

Cyclic amp-mediated induction of ornithine decarboxylase of glioma and neuroblastoma cells., U Bachrach

Mechanisms of antibody formation. I. Early in vivo proliferation of mouse spleen t cells as an initial step in antibody formation., R Bachvaroff and F T. Rapaport

Prostaglandin levels in tissues of the male reproductive system in six strains of mice., F M. Badr

Induction of dominant lethal mutation in male mice by ethyl alcohol., F M. Badr and R S. Badr

Diurnal variations of food consumption, plasma glucose and plasma insulin concentrations in lean and obese hyperglycaemic mice., C J. Bailey, T W. Atkins, M J. Conner, C G. Manley, and A J. Matty

Genetics of histocompatibility in mice. I. New loci and congenic lines., D W. Bailey

Maternal immunization to paternal antigens in multiparous mice., M G. Baines, J Ansell, A M. Laren, and H S. Micklem

A method for the quantitation of the localized graft-versus- -host response in the mouse by uptake of 125iudr., M G. Baines and H S. Micklem

Immunoadjuvant activity of pyran copolymer. I. Evidence for direct stimulation of t-lymphocytes and macrophages., L G. Baird and A M. Kaplan

Comparison of the cellular dna-bound products of benzo(a)pyrene with the products formed by the reaction of benzo(a)pyrene-4,5-oxide with dna., W M. Baird, R G. Harvey, and P Brookes

Increased thymidine uptake by methylcholanthrene-treated c3h/10t1/2 cells., F Bairstow and C Heidelberger

The basis for conflicting results obtained in studies on the plaque- -forming cell response to type iii pneumococcal polysaccharide., P J. Baker and B Prescott

Growth enhancement of myogenic tumor cells by conditioned medium from embryo fibroblasts., R S. Baker and E J. Aw

The ability of cell fractions of mouse spleen to repopulate the hemopoietic tissue and to mount graft-versus-host reaction., poljak M. Balzi and M Boranic

Competition for antigen by cell populations having receptors with the same specificity but of different idiotype., S A. Bangasser, A A. Kapsalis, P J. Fraker, and A Nisonoff

Competition for antigen among cells with receptors of the same speci- ficity but different idiotype. Abstr., S A. Bangasser and A Nisonoff

Studies on the thymic dependence of the immunoglobulin classes of the mouse., A D. Bankhurst, P H. Lambert, and P A. Miescher

Properties of acidic saccharides produced by b16 melanoma cells treated with 1-methyl-3-isobutylxanthine., J Banks, J W. Kreider, C Satoh, and E A. Davidson

Opiate receptors in mice, genetic differences., A Baran, L Shuster, B E. Eleftheriou, and D W. Bailey

Genetic regulation of the androgen receptor - a study of testicular feminization in the mouse., C W. Bardin, L P. Bullock, O Janne, and S T. Jacob

The effect of macrophage hydrolytic enzyme levels on the uptake and degradation of antigen and immune complexes., eli M. Bar and R Gallily

In vivo and in vitro effects of thymosin treatment in spontaneous and first-transplant akr leukemias. Abstr., A D. Barker and V S. Moore

In vivo studies of differentiation of thymus-derived leukemic cells., A D. Barker and S D. Waksal

The activity of regional nodes in the evolution of immune responses to allogeneic and isogeneic tumors., B Barna and S D. Deodhar

Histocompatible cells for the resolution of osteopetrosis in micro- phthalmic mice., D W. Barnes, J F. Loutit, and J M. Sansom

The lack of association of theta-status and murine leukaemia virus content in the akr., R D. Barnes and K Brown

Failure to detect anti-group-specific murine leukemia virus activity in tetraparental akr-cba chimeras., R D. Barnes, M A. Tuffrey, and R C. Bourne

Failure to detect antibody against gross virus in tetraparental akr- -cba mouse chimaeras., R D. Barnes, M Tuffrey, and J Holliday

Investigation of nzb mice born to balb/c immunized against nzb allo- type., R D. Barnes, M Tuffrey, P Lund, L Dawson, J Holliday, D. King, and D Catty

The disease of the nzb mouse. II. Further studies on tetraparental nzb-cfw chimaeras derived by aggregation of early embryos., R D. Barnes, E J. Wills, and M Tuffrey

Production of ige in congenitally athymic mice. Abstr., J B. Barnett and C J. Wust

Influence of allogeneic effect on 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]- anthracene carcinogenesis in mice., C D. Baroni, S Uccini, L Ruco, and G Soravito

Variations in serum calcium between strains of inbred mice., C P. Barrett, E J. Donati, J E. Volz, and E B. Smith

Electron microscopic study of different stages in the life cycle of c3h/fg osteocytes. Abstr., C P. Barrett, J E. Volz, and E J. Donati

A possible non-oncogenic effect of c type bone cell virus on serum calcium levels of potentially leukemic mice., C P. Barrett, J E. Volz, and E B. Smith

Selective immunodepression in mice by trichinella spiralis extracts and infections., O O. Barriga

Amino acid diversity in the mouse heavy chain family and its correla- tion with hapten binding specificities. Abstr., P Barstad, M Weigert, M Cohn, and L Hood

Benzo(a)pyrene effects on mouse epithelial cells in culture., J C. Bartholomew, A G. Salmon, H B. Gamper, and M Calvin

Distribution of technetium-99m labeled lymphoid cells in allograft recipients., R F. Barth and O Singla

Migratory patterns of technetium-99m-labeled lymphoid cells. I. Effects of antilymphocyte serum on the organ distribution of murine thymocytes., R F. Barth and O Singla

Evidence for episodic secretion of testosterone in laboratory mice., A Bartke and S Dalterio

Identity, release and binding of mitochondrial-bound hexokinases in mammary glands and adenocarcinomas of lactating mice., J C. Bartley, S Barber, and S Abraham

Respiratory activity of ehrlich ascites tumour cell nuclei., G M. Bartoli, A Dani, T Galeotti, M Russo, and T Terranova

Low molecular weight dna polymerase. Decreased activity in spleens of old balb/c mice., R W. Barton and W Yang

The influence of m-locus imcompatibility on tooth germ allografts., J Bartova and D Ivanyi

Peripheral lymphocytes bearing tl antigens., R S. Basch

Antigenic and functional evidence for the in vitro inductive activity of thymopoietin (thymin) on thymocyte precursors., R S. Basch and G Goldstein

Thymopoietin-induced acquisition of responsiveness to t cell mitogens., R S. Basch and G Goldstein

The stimulation of immunoglobulin production in murine spleen cells by the pokeweed mitogens., T Y. Basham and M J. Waxdal

In vitro destruction of tumor cells by corynebacterium granulosum (cg) activated macrophages. Abstr., I Basic, L Milas, D J. Grdina, and H R. Withers

In vitro destruction of tumor cells by macrophages from mice treated with corynebacterium granulosum., I Basic, L Milas, D J. Grdina, and H R. Withers

Immunogenetic analysis of y-factor localization in the mouse genome. I. A study of f1 hybrids., M I. Baskevich and Y S. Demin

A comparison of thymidylate synthetase activities from 5-fluoro- deoxyuridine sensitive and resistant variants of mouse neuroblastoma., F Baskin and R N. Rosenberg

Decreased 6-mercaptopurine retention by two resistant variants of mouse neuroblastoma with normal hypoxanthine-guanine-phosphoribosyl- transferase activities., F Baskin and R N. Rosenberg

Or b tropism from leukaemia virus during rescue., R H. Bassin, troise G. Duran, B I. Gerwin, S Gisselbrecht, N A. Murine, and O V. Specifying n

Relationship between fc receptors, antigen-binding sites on t and b b cells, and h-2 complex-associated determinants., A Basten, J F. Miller, and R Abraham

T cell-dependent suppression of an anti-hapten antibody response., A Basten, J F. Miller, and P Johnson

A subpopulation of t ells bearing c receptos., A Basten, J F. Miller, N L. Warner, R Abraham, E Chia, and J Gamble

Antitumor activity of bacterial infection. I. Effect of listeria monocytogenes on growth of a murine fibrosarcoma., R C. Bast, B Zbar, G B. Mackaness, and H J. Rapp

Comparative in vitro sensitivity of two methylcholanthrene-induced murine sarcoma lines to humoral and cellular immune cytotoxicity., G Bataillon, H Pross, and G Klein

Effects of streptozotocin on glucose metabolism, insulin response, and adiposity in ob/ob mice., B R. Batchelor, J S. Stern, P R. Johnson, and R J. Mahler

Oxygen affinity and allosteric effects of embryonic mouse hemoglobins., C Bauer, R Tamm, D Petschow, R Bartels, and H Bartels

Lymphocyte transformation in casein-induced murine amyloidosis., R Baumal and A Ackermann

Immunoglobulin biosynthesis in myeloma-associated and casein- and endotoxin-induced murine amyloidosis., R Baumal, A Ackermann, and B Wilson

Development of complement receptors on b lymphocytes derived from normal and memory marrow stem cells. Abstr., L L. Baum and H C. Miller

Reappraisal of lymphocyte classification by means of surface morphology., P S. Baur, G B. Thurman, and A L. Goldstein

The control of insulin receptors in the new zealand obese mouse., D Baxter and N R. Lazarus

Mechanism of glucocorticoid action. General features, with reference to steroid-mediated immunosuppression., J D. Baxter and A W. Harris

Influence d'une irradiation subletale sur la reponse immunitaire de la souris aux hematies de mouton., M L. Beaumariage, K Hiesche, E Moller, L Revesz, and J Haot

Physiological disposition of pentobarbital in tumor-bearing mice., W T. Beck, H G. Mandel, and S Fabro

Cell killing by gamma rays and beta particles from tritiated water and incorporated tritiated thymidine., J S. Bedford, J B. Mitchell, H G. Griggs, and M A. Bender

Cytogenetic effects of plutonium-239 in male mice., C V. Beechey, D Green, E R. Humphreys, and A G. Searle

Histoincompatibility and maternal immunological status as determinants of fetoplacental weight and litter size in rodents., A E. Beer, J R. Scott, and R E. Billingham

Mechanisms of protective immunity in experimental cutaneous leishman- iasis of the guinea-pig. II. Selective destruction of different leishmania species in activated guinea-pig and mouse macrophages., R Behin, J Mauel, and D S. Rowe

Treatment of spontaneous leukemia in akr mice with chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or interferon., J G. Bekesi, J P. Roboz, E Zimmerman, and J F. Holland

Hormonal regulation of alpha1 foetoprotein., L Belanger, D Hamel, L Lachance, D Dufour, M Tremblay, and P M. Gagnon

Sarcoid granulomas in cba/j mice. Histologic response after inocula- tion with sarcoid and nonsarcoid tissue homogenates., R W. Belcher and J D. Reid

Reduction in surface ig of cells secreting specific antibody. Abstr., C Bell