Submissions from 1983

Analysis of the murine salmonella typhimurium-specific b cell repertoire. Abstr., L W. Duran and E S. Metcalf

Membrane crystals of ca2+-atpase in sarcoplasmic reticulum of normal and dystrophic muscle., L Dux and A N. Martonosi

Passive transfer of diabetes immunoglobulin to mice diminish insulin release in the isolated perfused pancreas. Abstr., T Dyrberg, A Svenningsen, and A Lernmark

The use of conventional antisera in the production of specific monoclonal antibodies., K B. Eager and R H. Kennett

Role of ly-1:qa1- and ly-1:qa1+ inducer t cells in activation of ly-23 effectors of suppression of antibody production in mice., D D. Eardley, S Hu, and R K. Gershon

Genetic analysis of the inheritance of b cell hyperactivity in relation to the development of autoantibodies and glomerulo- nephritis in nzb x swr crosses., J W. Eastcott, R S. Schwartz, and S K. Datta

Biochemical study of heterosis for brain myelin content in mice., H Ebato, T M. Seyfried, and R K. Yu

No male-female difference in in vitro lifespan of skin fibroblasts from humans and mice., P Ebbesen

Decreasing leukemia risk in old akr mice., P Ebbesen, O Borgan, and K Liestol

Successful systemic adoptive immunotherapy of a disseminated solid syngeneic murine tumor with long-term cultured t cells., T J. Eberlein, M Rosenstein, and S A. Rosenberg

Conjugate internalization of apposed plasma membranes in mouse olfactory bulb during postnatal development., M F. Eckenhoff and J J. Pysh

Isolation and characterization of a family of alpha-d-galactosyl- -containing glycopeptides from ehrlich ascites tumor cells., A E. Eckhardt and I J. Goldstein

Occurrence of alpha-d-galactosyl-containing glycoproteins on ehrlich tumor cell membranes., A E. Eckhardt and I J. Goldstein

Defective t cell immunity to influenza in aged mice. Abstr., R B. Effros and R L. Walford

The immune response of aged mice to influenza: diminished t-cell proliferation, interleukin 2 production and cytotoxicity., R B. Effros and R L. Walford

Protection of mice from experimental infection with type iii group b streptococcus using monoclonal antibodies., M L. Egan, D G. Pritchard, H C. Dillon Jr., and B M. Gray

Histochemical localization of mao activity in whole-body frozen sections of the mouse. Abstr., T Egashira and W J. Waddell

Wound healing in tight-skin mice: delayed closure of excised wounds., H P. Ehrlich and A L. Needle

Fibroblast contraction of collagen lattices in vitro: inhibition by chronic inflammatory cell mediators., H P. Ehrlich and D J. Wyler

Inherited sex reversal in mice: identification of a new primary sex-determining gene., E M. Eicher and L L. Washburn

The olivocerebellar projection to the uvula in the mouse., L M. Eisenman, D D. Sieger, and G J. Blatt

Isolation and characterization of a monoclonal antibody directed against type 1 fimbriae organelles from escherichia coli., B I. Eisenstein, J R. Clements, and D C. Dodd

Effects of chronic alcohol consumption and iron deficiency on maternal folate status and reproductive outcome in mice., N El banna, M F. Picciano, and J Simon

Potentiating effect of cesium chloride on cytotoxic agents against solid tumors in mice. Abstr., domeiri A. El and W Hsia

Evidence for a mature b cell subpopulation in peyer's patches of young adult xid mice., J H. Eldridge, H Kiyono, S M. Michalek, and J R. Mcghee

Peyer's patches of x-linked immunodeficient (xid) mice contain mature b cells. Abstr., J H. Eldridge, H Kiyono, S M. Michalek, and J R. Mcghee

Porphyrin components of hematoporphyrin derivative and photofrin ii: a comparison of the composition of pigments prior to injection with those retained by tumor, skin and intestine in mice with mammary carcinoma. Abstr., far M. El and N R. Pimstone

Failure of isoproterenol to produce cardiac lesions in diabetic mice. Abstr., hage A. El, E Herman, J Kenimer, and V Ferrans

In vivo studies on the regeneration kinetics of haemopoietic spleen colony-forming cell from long-term bone marrow cultures., J F. Eliason and M Edelstein

Genetic basis for lithium toxicity and its relationship with tissue distribution: a diallel cross analysis of six strains of mice., kassem M. El and S M. Singh

Constitutive production of a factor supporting e lymphocyte differentiation by a t cell hybridoma., K Elkins and J C. Cambier

Dissociation of autologous and allogeneic mixed lymphocyte reactivity by using a monoclonal antibody specific for human t helper cells., T M. Ellis and T Mohanakumar

Analysis of the mechanism of unresponsiveness produced by haptens painted on skin exposed to low dose ultraviolet radiation., C A. Elmets, P R. Bergstresser, R E. Tigelaar, P J. Wood, and J W. Streilein

Cholera toxin may be a unique oral protein immunogen. Abstr., C O. Elson and W Ealding

Experimental iga nephropathy induced by oral immunization., S N. Emancipator, G R. Gallo, and M E. Lamm

Experimental cholestasis promotes the deposition of glomerular iga immune complexes., S N. Emancipator, G R. Gallo, R Razaboni, and M E. Lamm

Growth of normal and neoplastic mouse mammary epithelial cells in primary culture: stimulation by conditioned medium from mouse mammary fibroblasts., J Enami, S Enami, and M Koga

Induction of histidine decarboxylase in mouse tissues by mitogens in vivo., Y Endo

To "t cell independent" antigens., R O. Endres, E Kushnir, J W. Kappler, P Marrack, N S. Kinsky a, and I F. Responses

An il 2-secreting t cell hybridoma that responds to a self class i histocompatibility antigen in the h-2d region., R O. Endres, P Marrack, and J W. Kappler

Functional analysis of the murine t lymphocyte immune response to a protozoan parasite, leisshmania tropica., H D. Engers, S G. Coutinho, G M. Lima, and J A. Louis

Fatty acid composition of triglycerides from adipose tissue transplanted between obese and lean mice., M Enser and M Ashwell

Inhibition of oocyte maturation in the mouse: participation of camp, steroid hormones, and a putative maturation-inhibitory factor., J J. Eppig, R R. Freter, bailey P. Ward, and R M. Schultz

Application of the ovarian teratoma mapping method in the mouse., J T. Eppig and E M. Eicher

The role of cytophilic antibody in macrophage-mediated cytolysis of melanoma targets. Abstr., K L. Erickson and C J. Mcneill

Hypersensitivity reactions as contributing factors to chronic in- fection with the intestinal protozoan parasite, giardia muris, in mice., J H. Erlich, R F. Anders, thomson I. Roberts, J W. Scrader, D G. Mitchell, and M O. And

The effects of n-phosphonacetyl-l-asparatic acid (pala) in combination with nitrobenzylthioinsine (nbmpr). Abstr., C Erlichman and D Vidgen

B16 murine melanoma and aging: age related growth patterns and survival after different routes of implantation. Abstr., W B. Ershler, M P. Hacker, B H. Tindle, J A. Stewart, W. Yates, and A L. Moore

Inhibition of macrophage tumoricidal activity by immune complexes and altered erythrocytes., I Esparza, R Green, and R D. Schreiber

Donor marrow-derived cells as immunogens and targets for the immune response to bone and skin allografts., S I. Esses and P F. Halloran

Enhancement of hemopoietic stem cell proliferation by prostaglandin inhibitory drugs., Z Estrov and P Resnitzky

Comparative studies on antibody and lectin-dependent macrophage-mediated tumor lysis., kurisu M. Esumi, T Okutomi, D Mizuno, and M Yamazaki

Factors influencing expression of mammary ductal dysplasia in balb/c mice. Abstr., S P. Ethier and R L. Ullrich

Integration of new endogenous mouse mammary tumor virus proviral dna at common sites in the dna of mammary of c3hf mice and hypomethylation of the endogenous mouse mammary tumor virus proviral dna in c3hf mammary tumors and spleens., P R. Etkind and N H. Sarkar

Lack of a requirement for idiotype matching: t cells from mice which cannot produce idiotype support idiotype-positive antibody response., H M. Etlinger and C H. Heusser

In vivo 31p nmr study of the metabolism of murine mammary 16/c adenocarcinoma and its response to chemotherapy, x-radiation, and hyperthermia., W T. Evanochko, T C. Ng, M B. Lilly, A J. Lawson, T H. Corbett, J R. Durant, and J D. Glickson

Sxr, a cytological re-visit. Abstr., E P. Evans, M D. Burtenshaw, and B M. Cattanach

A species difference in platelet aggregation induced by tumour cells., P M. Evans and F P. Cowie

Predisposition of [125i]5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine-labeled normal and neoplastic mouse fibroblasts to lysis by normal macrophages., R Evans and D M. Eidlen

Monoclonal antibody against a cross-reactive idiotypic determinant found on human autoantibodies with anti-i and -i specificities., S W. Evans, T Feizi, R Childs, and N R. Ling

Establishment of an alpha-fetoprotein-producing human gastric carcinoma in nude mice., T Ezaki, K Nakatani, N Miyagi, K Sakamoto, E Takahashi, Y Emi, T Shiratori, and Y Konishi

Spontaneous cytotoxic t cells in murine spleen-cell cultures. II. Distinguishing between spontaneous cytotoxic t cells and nk cells according to kinetics and target selectivity., T Ezaki, M A. Skinner, and J Marbrook

Spontaneous cytotoxic t cells in murine spleen-cell cultures. I. Some characteristics of effector and precursor cells., T Ezaki, M A. Skinner, and J Marbrook

The mammalian progestin receptor: development of cell line nk 382/ec1, a mouse hybridoma producing an igg1 directed against the 8.5s Rabbit uterine progestin receptor. Abstr., L E. Faber, K Nakao, and J E. Myers

Ovarian follicle dynamics in mice: a comparative study of three inbred strains and an f1 hybrid., M J. Faddy, R G. Gosden, and R G. Edwards

Characterization of the murine immune response to type 6 pneumococcal polysaccharide., R L. Fairchild and mullen H. Braley

Memory response to type 6 pneumococcal poly- saccharide in balb/c mice. Abstr., R L. Fairchild and mullen H. Braley

Polyantigenic expansion of basement membrane constitutents in diabetic neophropathy., R J. Falk, J I. Scheinman, S M. Mauer, and A F. Michael

Soft-agar tumor stem cell assays: effect of oxygen. Abstr., D Fan and A Krishan

The effect of the immunoglobulin heavy chain locus on the anti-h-y cytotoxic t-cell response in mice., G A. Farmer, W Fierz, and E Simpson

Biochemical and physicochemical characterization of mouse b cell growth factor: a lymphokine distinct from interleukin 2., J J. Farrar, M Howard, farrar J. Fuller, and W E. Paul

Failure of spleen cell migration assays to detect cell-mediated immunity to spermatozoa after natural mating in female mice., S Faruki and R J. Hancock

A family of repeated dna sequences, one of which resides in the second intervening sequence of the mouse dihydrofolate reductase gene., J E. Feagin, D R. Setzer, and R T. Schimke

Comparative investigations on the effect of the phase-specific drug vincristine (vcr) on the proliferation kinetics of a solid experimental tumor., W Feaux de lacroix and M Klein

Mice with the xid defect can provide t help for a t15 dominant igm anti-phosphocholine response. Abstr., A J. Feeney and D E. Mosier

Separation of newborn balb/c thymocytes by a density gradient method., C A. Feledi, J L. Bena, and J Mordoh

Restoration of ovulatory cycles by young ovarian grafts in aging mice: potentiation by long-term ovariectomy decreases with age., L Felicio, J F. Nelon, R G. Gosden, and C E. Finch

Maternal immunostimulation of a teratocarcinoma-derived cell line, tercs., B A. Fenderson, P F. Barlett, and M Edidin

Immunohistochemical localization of two monoclonal antibody- -defined carbohydrate antigens during early murine enbry0- genesis., B A. Fenderson, A C. Hahnel, and E M. Eddy

Clonal analysis of t cell unresponsiveness to alloantigens induced by neonatal injection of f1 spleen cells into parental mice., H M. Feng, A L. Glasebrook, H D. Engers, and J A. Louis

The effect of a zinc deficient diet on the subcellular distribution of zinc in mouse liver. Abstr., M R. Fenton and J P. Burke

Differential activity of vinca alkaloids against cultured cells. Abstr., P Ferguson, R Phillips, M Selner, and C Cass

Enhancement of antigen-specific suppression by muramyl dipeptide., T A. Ferguson, N J. Krieger, A Pesce, and J G. Michael

Influence of diet on vascular lesions in autoimmune-prone b/w mice., G Fernandes, D R. Alonso, T Tanaka, H T. Thaler, D J. Yunis, and R A. Good

Mitochondrial dna evolution in mice., S D. Ferris, R D. Sage, E M. Prager, U Ritte, and A C. Wilson

The effect of cyclosporin a (csa) on murine and human t and b cell tumor lines., R K. Fidelus, C Orosz, and R M. Ferguson

Strain differences in mice in the development of tolerance to the anti-pentylenetetrazole effects of diazepam., S E. File

In vitro and in vivo histamine-producing cell-stimulating factor (or il 3) production during nippostrongylus brasiliensis infection: coincidence with self-cure phenomenon., M A. Filho, M Dy, B Lebel, G Luffau, and J Hamburger

Characterization of a concanavalin a-induced amplifier t cell which augments in vitro antibody responses to dnp-ficoll., A G. Finesilver and mullen H. Braley

Generation of alloreactive cytotoxic t lymphocytes: evidence for a differentiation factor distinct from il 2., J H. Finke, J Scott, S Gillis, and M L. Hilfiker

Haplotype-specific suppression of cytotoxic t cell induction by antigen inappropriately presented on t cells., P J. Fink, I L. Weissman, and M J. Bevan

Polymorphism and expression of qed., K Fischer lindahl

Maternal inheritance of a cell surface antigen in the mouse. Abstr., L Fischer, K, and K Burki

A new h-2-linked class i gene whose expression depends on a maternally inherited factor., L K. Fischer, B Hausmann, and V M. Chapman

Interrelation between tumor cell proliferation and 17- -fluoresceinated estrone binding following primary tumor removal, radiation, cyclophosphamide, or tamoxifen., B Fisher, N Gunduz, and E A. Saffer

Evidence for a membrane sulfhydryl associated with resistance to melphalan in a murine l1210 leukemia line., J M. Fisher, A S. Naujokaitis, Y Uehara, and M Rabinovitz

Hybrid recombinant human leukocyte interferon inhibits differentiation in murine b-16 melanoma cells. Abstr., P B. Fisher, G M. Graham, H Hermo, J I, R Weinstein, and S Pestka

Monoclonal antibody analysis of ocular basement membranes during development., J M. Fitch and T F. Linsenmayer

Myosin isoenzymes in fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscles of normal and dystrophic mice., R B. Fitzsimons and J F. Hoh

Monoclonal antibodies to neurospora adenylate cyclase. Abstr., M M. Flawia, M Y. Vedia, M Torruella, E Podesta, and H N. Torres