Submissions from 1983

A solid-phase enzyme-linked immunospot (elispot) assay for enu- meration of specific antibody-secreting cells., C C. Czerkinsky, L Nilsson, H Nygren, O. Ouch, R, and A Tarkowski

Stimulator cell requirements for allospecific t cell subsets: specialized accessory cells are required to activate helper but not cytolytic t lymphocyte precursors., A A. Czitrom, G H. Sunshine, T Reme, R Ceredig, N L. Glasebrook, A Kelso, and H R. Macdonald

The genes coding for the cardiac muscle action, the skeletal muscle actin and the cytoplasmic beta-actin are located on three different mouse chromosomes., H Czosnek, U Nudel, Y Mayer, P E. Parker, D D. Pravtcheva, F H. Ruddle, and D Yaffe

Distribution of terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase activity between peaks i and ii in host and donor thymic cells of bone-marrow-restored mice after x-irradiaton., R Daculis, T Astier, E Legrand, and J F. Duplan

Pancreas transplantation fails to cure genetic diabetes caused by extrapancreatic factors., D C. Dafoe, C L. Moore, A Naji, and C F. Barker

Natural cytotoxicity in the mouse embryo: characterization of yolk sac-associated natural cytotoxic cells and their activity., C A. Dahl

Insulin secretion in the obese (ob/ob) mouse. The effect of oxytetracycline on insulin release., scott M. Dalpe, H M. Heick, and heick N. Begin

Distribution and mobility of murine histocompatibility h-2kk antigen in the cytoplasmic membrane., S Damjanovich, L Tron, J Szollosi, R Zidovetzki, W L. Vaz, F Regateiro, jovin D. Arndt, and T M. Jovin

Alloantigen-specific cytotoxic and suppressor t lymphocytes are derived from phenotypically distinct precursors., N K. Damle, N Mohagheghpour, J A. Hansen, and E G. Engelman

Elimination of polyneuronal innervation in a fast muscle of normal and dystrophic mice., J Dangain and G Vrbova

Transplanted mammary epithelium grows in association with host stroma: aging of serially transplanted mammary gland is intrinsic to epithelial cells., C W. Daniel, J M. Shannon, and G R. Cunha

Neural transplants of septal nuclei from fetal mice to the hippocampal formation of adult rats. Abstr., J K. Daniloff, W C. Low, R P. Bodony, and J Wells

Alterations in oxidative and drug metabolism with aging: a study in an inbred strain of mice. Abstr., M Danis, D E. Harrison, and R G. Thurman

Thymic dysfunction in the mutant diabetic (db/db) mouse., M Dardenne, W Savino, L Gastinel, B Nabarra, and J Bach

Monoclonal antibodies to human lung elastin peptides. Abstr., T V. Darnule, A T. Darnule, G M. Turino, and I Mandl

Fractionnement d'un homogenat de nerf sciatique de souris normale, trembler et quaking sur gradient continu de saccharose., D Darriet, B D. Nechaud, M Rabaud, C Jeantet, L Cassagne, and J Bourre

Kinetics of cu(ii) transport and accumulation by hepatocytes from copper-deficient mice and the brindled mouse model of menkes disease., H M. Darwish, J E. Hoke, and M J. Ettinger

Prolactin-binding capacity, prostaglandin synthesis and fluidity of murine hepatic membranes are modified during pregnancy and lactation., J R. Dave, L L. Richardson, and R A. Knazek

Changes in the prolactin-binding capacity of mouse hepatic membranes with development and aging., R J. Dave and R A. Knazek

The effect of lipofuscin on cellular function., I Davies, A Fotheringham, and C Roberts

Structural changes in class i mhc molecules influencing recog- nition by allo- or self + tnp-reactive cytotoxic t-cell clones and by monoclonal antibodies., J Davignon, F Albert, C Boyer, C Hua, M Buferne, I, and verhulst A. Schmitt

Experimetal influenza b virus toxicity in mice. A possible model for reye's syndrome., L E. Davis, L L. Cole, S J. Lockwood, and M Kornfeld

Transcriptional activation of immunoglobulin alpha heavy-chain genes by translocation of the c-myc oncogene., M Dean, R B. Kent, and G E. Sonenshein

Detection of antigens on nitrocellulose paper immunoblots with monoclonal antibodies., A L. De blas and H M. Cherwinski

Chromosomes involved in homozygous and heterozygous translocations and tertiary trisomy., P Deboer, P Stam, penris L. Wauben, I Frequency, and P I. Of

A rauscher-virus-induced t-lymphocyte cell line. Induction of differentiation under influence of dimethylsulfoxide and phorbolesters., N J. De both, E H. Rhijnsburger, and W V. Ewijk

Diabetic c57bl/ksj db/db mouse., sachs M. Debray, M Dardenne, P Sai, W Savino, A Quiniou, D Boillot, W Gepts, D R. Assan, and S I. Mutant

Anti-pancreatic immunity in genetically diabetic mice., sachs M. Debray, P Sai, C Boitard, R Assan, and J Hamburger

Monoclonal antibodies specific for glial fibrillary acidic (gfa) protein and for each of the neurofilament triplet polypeptides., E Debus, K Weber, and M Osborn

Overproduction of two antigenically distinct forms of dihydrofolate reductase in a highly methotrexate-resistant mouse leukemia cell line., S Dedhar and J H. Goldie

Inverse relationship between anti-sv40 tasa and anti-h-2 cytotoxic responses., C De giovanni, S Grilli, P Lollini, G Nicoletti, O, and P Nanni

Comparative antitumor activity and lethality studies with zorbonamycin b, zorbamycin, and bleomycin in the mouse. Abstr., T F. Dekoning, R K. Johnson, and J P. Mcgovren

Use of an h-2 cdna probe to map h-2tw32 genes. Abstr., G Delarbre, G Gachelin, H Condamine, and P Kourilsky

Hepatic carcinogenicity and nucleic acid-bound derivatives of 4-aminoazobenzene (ab) in male b6c3f1 mice. Abstr., K B. Delclos, W G. Tarpley, J A. Miller, and E C. Miller

Carcinogenicity study in mice on pildralazine, a hydralazinelike antihypertensive compound., G Della porta and T A. Dragani

In vitro analysis of allogeneic lymphocyte interaction. Viii. Characterization of helper components of allogeneic effect factor (aef) that activate lyb5+ and lyb5- b cells to respond to thymus-dependent and thymus-independent antigens., T L. Delovitch, K Kaufman, R D. Gorozynski, and G D. Sinclair

Delayed-type hypersensitivity to elastase-soluble lung peptides in the tight-skin (tsk) mouse., F A. Delustro, A M. Mackel, and E C. Leroy

Lymphocyte function in experimental african trypanosomiasis. V. Role of antibody and the mononuclear phagocyte system in variant-specific immunity., W L. Dempsey and J M. Mansfield

Characterization of tubulin in mouse brain myelin., B De nechaud, A Wolff, C Jeantet, and J Bourre

Formation of membrane lesions (poly perforins) by cloned tk cells on tumor target membranes. Abstr., G Dennert and E R. Podack

Genetic deafness of central origin., M S. Deol, M P. Frank, K P. Steel, and G R. Bock

Relationship between mouse lymphocyte receptors for peanut agglutinin (pna) and helix pomatia agglutinin (hpa)., S De petris and B Takaos

Monoclonal antibodies against t cell differentiation antigens initiate stimulation of monocyte/macrophage oxidative metabolism., latscha B. Descamps, R M. Golub, A T. Nguyen, and fieux M. Feuillet

Effects of macrolide antibiotics on barbiturate sleeping time in mice., J Descotes and J C. Evreux

Physical mapping of the fv-1 tropism host range determinant of balb/c murine leukemia viruses., L Desgroseillers and P Jolicoeur

Rabbit leukocyte surface antigens defined by monoclonal antibodies., W De smet, M Vaeck, E Smet, L Brys, and R Hamers

Anti-lymphocyte antibodies in lethal mouse malaria. II. Induction of an autoantibody specific suppressor t cell by non-lethal p. Yoelii., J B. De souza and J H. Playfair

Maturation in vivo of schistosoma mansoni schistosomula after culture in vitro with granulocytes and antibody., A Dessein, A E. Butterworth, M A. Vadas, and J R. David

Nonresponsiveness to the male antigen h-y in h-2 i-a-mutant b6.c-h-2bm12 Is not caused by defective antigen presentation., L P. De waal, J D. Hoop, M J. Stukart, H Gleichmann, O W. Melvold, and C J. Melief

Regulation of the cytotoxic t lymphocyte response against sendai virus analyzed with h-2 mutants., L P. De waal, W M. Kast, R W. Melvold, and C J. Melief

Cytotoxic t lymphocyte nonresponsiveness to the male antigen h-y in the h-2db mutants bm13 and bm14. Complementation of the response in f1 crosses with the i-ab mutant bm12 nonresponder and failure of b6 or db mutant mice tolerant of each other to respond to allogeneic male cells., L P. De waal, R W. Melvold, and C J. Melief

Direct demonstration that cytotoxic t lymphocytes recognize conformational determinants and not primary amino acid sequences., L P. De waal, S G. Nathenson, and C J. Melief

Radiation on cycle and mitosis lengths in emt6 mouse tumour cells., M C. D'hooghe, D H. Malaise, M I. Hyperthermia, and I )onizing

Characterization of the murine t cell surface molecule, designated l3t4, identified by monoclonal antibody gk1.5: Similarity of l3t4 to the human leu-3/t4 molecule., D P. Dialynas, Z S. Quan, K A. Wall, A Pierres, J Quintans, M R. Loken, M Pierres, and F W. Fitch

Ciglitazone: effects on insulin and glucagon content and morphology of pancreatic islets in c57bl/6j-ob/ob mice. Abstr., A R. Diani, T Peterson, G A. Sawada, B M. Wyse, B J, L, and A Y. Chang

Ciglitazone: effects on insulin content and morphology of pancreatic islets in c57bl/6j-ob/ob and c57bl/ksj-db/db mice. Abstr., A R. Diani, G A. Sawada, T Peterson, and B M. Wyse

Preclinical toxicity study of pentaazaacenaphthylene-5' phosphate ester (nsc-280594) in cd2f1 mice and beagle dogs. Abstr., B C. Dickie, G N. Rao, G W. Thompson, B, and S M. Glaza

Murine hybridomas secreting natural monoclonal antibodies reacting with self antigens., G Dighiero, P Lymberi, J Mazie, S Rouyre, browne G. Butler, R G. Whalen, and S Avrameas

Effect of protein a and its fragment b on the catabolic and fc receptor sites of igg., S Dima, C Medesan, G Mota, I Morau, O, and V Ghetie

Patterns of antigenic expression on the surface of human monocytes and macrophages defined by monoclonal antibodies., bona A. Dimitriu, G R. Burmester, S J. Waters, D R. Winchester, and M P. willi

Ovarian reticular cell sarcoma of the mouse (m5076) made resistant to cyclophosphamide., M D'incalci, L Torti, G Damia, E Erba, L Morasca, and S Garattini

Destruction of murine lymphoma cells by allogeneic peritoneal macrophages in vitro: influence of antiserum., K P. Dingemans, E Pels, G V. Dongen, and W D. Otter

Studies on the immunogenicity and tolerogenicity of t- -independent antigens., R Z. Dintzis, M H. Middleton, and H M. Dintzis

Furanosyl-5-azacytosine (nsc 281272). Abstr., R L. Dion, H N. Jayaram, D A. Cooney, G S. Ahluwalia, and D D. Johns

Hereditary analysis of the strain difference of methylmercury distribution in mice., R Dio, M Tagawa, H Tanaka, and K Nakaya

Vitamin b6 inhibits the growth of b16 melanoma cells in bd2f1 mice. Abstr., D Disorbo, R Wagner, M Waxman, and L Nathanson

Genetic correlation between neurological (excitability thresholds) and behavioral characteristics in mouse strains and their hybrids., Y S. Dmitriev

Killing of blood-stage murine malaria parasites by hydrogen peroxide., H M. Dockrell and J H. Playfair

In vitro formation of different tubulin polymers from purified tubulin of ehrlich ascites tumor cells., K H. Doenges, H Zimmermann, M Flemming, and D Schroeter

Hierarchies of t cell responsiveness are reflected in the distribution of effector t cells in viral meningitis., P C. Doherty and R Korngold

A murine monoclonal antibody against blood group h type-1 and -2 structures., C Doinel, L Edelman, P Rouger, J Leblanc, J Reviron, J F, C, and C Salmon

A study on the biochemical and biological behavior of methylmercury., R Doi and M Tagawa

Effect of antibodies to bacteria containing choriogonadotropin- -like protein on growth of a transplantable tumor. Abstr., G J. Dominque, H S. Wicker, G D. Frenz, H F. Acevedo, E. Powell, and V C. Stevens

Further evidence for the protein coding potential of the mouse mammary tumor virus long terminal repeat: nucleotide sequence of an endogeneous proviral long terminal repeat., L A. Donehower, B Fleurdelys, and G L. Hager

Inhibitors of prostaglandin synthesis block the induction of staphylococcal enterotoxin b-activated t-suppressor cells., R P. Donnelly and T J. Rogers

Cultured thyroid allografts induce a state of partial tolerance in adult recipient mice., J A. Donohoe, L Andrus, K M. Bowen, C Simeonovic, T J. Prowse, and K J. Lafferty

The action of two vinca alkaloids on melanoma b16 growth. Abstr., J A. Donoso and R H. Himes

Supplement-induced cytotoxic cells (sicc) generated from mouse thymus or spleen cells cultured in the presence of interleukin 2 and/or polyinosinic acid., N A. Dorfman, D Winkler, and J R. Wunderlich

Placental extracts enhance antigen-induced suppressor cells of primary igm antibody response. Abstr., M Doric, T Mekori, R Kinsky, H Thien, C, and G A. Voisin

Influence of the tumor promoter tpa on intercellular communication between transformed and nontransformed c3h/101/2 cells. Abstr., B H. Dorman and C J. Boreiko

Cold protection for intradermal (id) doxorubicin (dox) ulceration in the mouse. Abstr., R T. Dorr, D S. Alberts, A Stone, and S E. Salmon

Ecotropic mulv expression in radiation-induced lymphomas of the rf, balb/c and (balb/c x rf)f1 mouse strains., hasler K. Dorsch and A Mayer

Characterization of early b lymphocyte precursors present in long-term bone marrow cultures., K Dorshkind and R A. Phillips

T-cell clones from schistosoma mansoni infected c57bl/6 mice: generation, phenotypic characterization and functional analysis. Abstr., B L. Doughty and G P. Linette

The expression of early and late damage after thoracic irradiation: a comparison between cba and c57bl mice., J D. Down and G G. Steel

Changes in lymphoid organs, peripheral blood and in homing of lymphocytes after administration of local anaesthetics., L Draberova and K Nouza

Comparison of urethane-induced sister-chromatid exchanges in various murine strains, and the effect of enzyme inducers., T A. Dragani, G Sozzi, and G D. Porta

Allotype-defined mrna for rabbit immunoglobulin h and l chains isolated from rabbit-mouse hybridomas., K L. Dreher, J A. Sogn, F T. Gates, I )ii, M Kuo, and T J. Kindt

A monoclonal antibody from infected mice to a schistosoma mansoni egg proteinase., M H. Dresden, C K. Sung, and A M. Deelder

Mechanism of macrophage-mediated cytotoxicity: production of a soluble cytotoxic factor., B Drysdale, C M. Zacharchuk, and H S. Shin

Purification of tumor specific transplantation antigens from chemically-induced sarcomas. Abstr., G Dubois, E Appella, and L W. Law

Quantitative cell survival from growth curves following anti-neoplastic drug treatment., J M. Ducore and E Barth

Genetic influences on digging behaviors in mice (mus musculus) in laboratory and seminatural settings., B C. Dudek, N Adams, R Boice, and M E. Abbott

Malathion-induced chromosomal aberrations in bone-marrow cells of mice: dose-response relationships., F N. Dulout, M C. Pastori, and O A. Olivero

Differences in some erythroid regulatory parameters between two inbred mouse strains., C D. Dunn and L Gibson

Erythropoietin bioassays using fetal mouse liver cells: validations and technical improvements., C D. Dunn and L Gibson

Specificity of idiotype-specific helper t-cells. Abstr., E Dunn and K Bottomly

Lymphokine-stimulated macrophage phagocytosis of fluorescent micro- spheres: a rapid new assay., P A. Dunn, W R. Eaton, E D. Lopatin, J E. Mcentire, and B W. Papermaster

Bioelectrical properties of cerebellar purkinje cells in reeler mutant mice., J Dupont, R Gardette, and F Crepel

Stimulation of secondary anti-msv cytolytic t lymphocytes with mbl-2 reconstituted membranes., V Duprez, M F. Mescher, and S J. Burakoff