Submissions from 1983

Clonal abortion of bone marrow t cell precursors: t cells acquire specific antigen reactivity prethymically., R Chervenak, J J. Cohen, and S D. Miller

Altered metabolic incorporation of fucose and leucine into pns myelin of 25-week-old diabetic (c57bl/ke-db/db) mice: effects of untreated diabetes on nerve metabolism., M G. Chez and R G. Peterson

Pig lymphoid differentiation antigens., J Chiba, T M. Chused, W M. Leiserson, S E. Zweig, D E. Shevach, and T A. Guinea

Murine mammary tumor virus expression during mammary tumor- igenesis in icrc mice., S V. Chiplunkar and K A. Karande

Effects of prenatal methylmercury poisoning on development of cerebellum in mice: a golgi and radioautographic study. Abstr., B H. Choi, R C. Kim, and M Jenvsold

Tumor formation by sv40-transformed human cells in nude mice: the role of sv40 t antigens., K Choi, S S. Tevethia, and S Shin

Identification and distribution of megakaryocyte colonies in murine spleen., C Choudhury, P Allman, and E Arnold

Mitogenic effect of tobacco glycoprotein (tgp) on mouse lymphocytes. Abstr., J W. Choy, C G. Becker, G W. Siskind, and T Francus

Epidermal differentiation in the pupoid-fetus (pf/pf) mutant mouse. Abstr., F Chris and E J. Kollar

Cellular immune response to acetylcholine receptors in murine experimental autoimmune myasthenia gravis: inhibition with monoclonal anti-i-a antibodies., P Christadoss, J Lindstrom, and N Talal

The analysis of an anti-fluorescein cytotoxic response., N Christensen, M Skinner, and J Marbrook

Meiotic chromosomal changes and sterility produced by nitrogen mustard and procarbazine in mice., C P. Chryssanthou, R C. Wallach, and M Atchison

Genetic differences in opiate receptor function. Abstr., C Chung, B Tabakoff, and P L. Hoffman

Divalent transition-metal ions (cu2+ and zn2+) in the brains of epileptogenic and normal mice., S Chung and M S. Johnson

Experimentally induced susceptibility to audiogenic seizure., S Chung and M S. Johnson

Immunoprecipitation of insulin receptors by antibodies against class 1 antigens of the murine h-2 major histocompatibility complex., Y Chvatchko, E V. Obberghen, N Kiger, and M Fehlmann

Experimental antitumor activity of 2'-o-nitro-1-beta-d-ara- -binofuranosylcytosine (nitara-c), a deaminase-resistant analog of 1-beta-d-arabinofuranosylcytosine (ara-c). Abstr., T L. Chwang and T L. Avery

Murine malignant cells synthesize a 19,000-dalton protein that is physicochemically and antigenically related to the immunosupprressive retroviral protein, p15e., G J. Cianciolo, M E. Lostrom, M Tam, and R Snyderman

The effect of polyamine antimetabolites on granulopoiesis in normal mouse marrow. Abstr., J K. Cini and M C. Wu

Intracellular mg2+ homeostasis of ehrlich ascites tumor cells., A Cittadini and A Scarpa

Xenografts in nude mice: clinical correlation. Abstr., A P. Cjahinian, L Norton, L Szrajer, D J. Holland, and C C. Mesothelioma

Colony formation by subpopulations of t lymphocytes. IV. Inhibitory effect of hydrocortisone on human and murine t cell subsets., M H. Claesson and C Ropke

Desensitization of contact allergy to dnfb in mice. I. Description of a model system., H N. Claman and B D. Jaffee

Polymorphisms in anti-phosphocholine antibodies reflecting evolution of immunoglobulin families., S J. Clarke, J L. Claflin, M Potter, and S Rudikoff

Allogeneic and associative recognition determinants of h-2 molecules., S S. Clark and J Forman

Analysis of h-2kb allogeneic and associative recognition determinants. Abstr., S S. Clark and J Forman

T lymphoma variants with specifically altered growth in semi-solid media., J Claverie and M Cohn

Characterization of an anthracycline binding protein from mouse liver. Abstr., R E. Clawson, R L. Felsted, and M Weiner

H-2-linked gene(s) influence the granulomatous reaction to viable mycobacterium lepraemurium in the mouse., O Closs, M Lovik, H Wigzell, and B A. Taylor

Interrelationship of primed b cells with the potential for ige and/or iga expression., E R. Clough and J J. Cebra

Characterization of target cells for mcf viruses in ark mice., M W. Cloyd

Failure of high doses of gamma interferon to affect the growth of human carcinoma, melanoma, and myeloid leukaemia xenografts., R D. Clutterbuck, J L. Millar, and P Alexander

Molecular cloning of "early" cell cycle genes which are regulated by platelet-derived growth factor. Abstr., B H. Cochran, A C. Reffel, and C D. Stiles

Differences in lectin binding between normal and dystrophic c57bl mouse schwann cells. Abstr., M Cochran

Some cytological and initial biochemical observations on photoreceptors in retinas of rds mice., A I. Cohen

Induction of resistance to ectromelia virus infection by corynebacterium parvum in murine peritoneal macrophages., D A. Cohen and H C. Bubel

Adherent ia+ murine cell lines with characteristics of dendritic cells. II. Characteristics of i region- -restricted antigen presentation., D A. Cohen and A M. Kaplan

Allelic immunoglobulin vh genes in two mouse strains: possible germline gene recombination., J B. Cohen and D Givol

Receptor-mediated increases in phosphatidylinositol turnover in neuron-like cell lines., N M. Cohen, D M. Schmidt, R C. Mcglennen, and W L. Klein

Characterization of resistance to tpa mitogenesis in the athymic (nude) mouse. Abstr., R L. Cohen, J J. Sando, K Rybeck, C Chen, G G. Krueger, and D A. Chambers

Relationship of germinal centers in lymphoid tissue to immunologic memory. VI. Transfer of b cell memory with lymph node cells fractionated according to their receptors for peanut agglutinin., R F. Coico, B S. Bhogal, and G J. Thorbecke

Radiolocalization of human mammary tumors in athymic mice by a monoclonal antibody., D Colcher, M Zalutsky, W Kaplan, D Kufe, F Austin, and J Schlom

Toxicity but not arthritogenicity of mycoplasma arthritidis for mice associates with the haplotype expressed at the major histo- compatibility complex., B C. Cole, R N. Thorpe, L A. Hassell, L R. Washburn, and J R. Ward

A comparison of the agar cloning and microtitration techniques for assaying cell survival and mutation frequency in l5178y mouse lymphoma cells., J Cole, C F. Arlett, M H. Green, J Lowe, and W Muriel

Lessons from studies with genetic forms of diabetes in the mouse., D L. Coleman

Igh-v or closely linked gene(s) control immunological memory to a thymus-independent antigen., J Colle, I Motta, B Shidani, and bachi P. Truffa

Studies with a murine monoclonal antibody that abolishes ristocetin-induced binding of von willebrand factor to platelets: additional evidence in support of gpib as a platelet receptor for von willebrand factor., B S. Coller, E I. Peerschke, L E. Scudder, and C A. Sullivan

Expression of friend leukemia virus and spleen focus-forming virus-specific sequences in erythroid burst and granulocyte- -macrophage colonies from spleen and marrow of mice infected with friend leukemia virus., G Colletta, P P. Fiore, A Fucso, F Lettieri, A Covelli, and C Peschle

Reinfection in inbred mice. II. C57bl/ksj, swr/j, sjl/j, balb/cann, dba/2n, a/j, b10.a(3r), And b10.a(5r) Mice., D G. Colley, F I. Burden, and E F. To

Reduction of the immunogenicity of fetal mouse pancreas allografts by organ culture in 90 percent oxygen., S A. Collier and T E. Mandel

Fludarabine phosphate: preclinical toxicity study in cd2f1 mice and bealge dogs. Abstr., W Collins, R Hiles, B Neal, and M Kastello

Age-related differences in t lymphocyte subpopulations in various lymphatic tissues. Abstr., F M. Coloma, A W. Wade, and M R. Szewczuk

Comparison of pharmacokinetics of vp16 in mice, rats and humans. Abstr., T Colombo, M D'incalci, P Farina, C Rossi, A Guaitani, I Bartosek, E Benfenati, R Fanelli, and S Garattini

Monoclonal antibodies to major regions of salmonella lipopolysaccharide. Abstr., D E. Colwell, E Jirillo, S M. Michalek, and J R. Mcghee

Preliminary crystallographic study of the fc fragment of a monoclonal igg2b murine immunoglobulin., M Comarmond and P Tougard

Growth of mammalian multicellular tumor spheroids., A D. Conger and A C. Ziskin

The role of the blood glucose level in determining voluntary ethanol consumption in the lacg and diabetogenic c57bl strains of mice., D M. Connelly, J W. Unwin, and P V. Taberner

Persistence of ethyl carbamate-induced dna damage in vivo as indicated by sister chromatid exchange analysis., M K. Conner and M Cheng

Induction and rapid repair of sister-chromatid exchanges in multiple murine tissues in vivo by diepoxybutane., M K. Conner, J E. Juo, and O G. Gortera

Classical genetic analysis of circadian body temperature rhythms in mice., M S. Connolly and C B. Lynch

Induction of ornithine decarboxylase activity and dna synthesis in hairless mouse epidermis by retinoids., M J. Connor and N J. Lowe

The effects of 4-deoxypyridoxine on epidermal ornithine decarboxylase, dna synthesis, and pyridoxal-5-phosphate. Abstr., M J. Connor and N J. Lowe

Inhibition of ultraviolet-b skin carcinogenesis by all-trans- -retinoic acid regimens that inhibit ornithine decarboxylase induction., M J. Connor, N J. Lowe, J H. Breeding, and M Chalet

Misonidazole inhibits glycolysis and changes the redox balance of neuronal tissue in vivo. Abstr., P J. Conroy

The qa-1 alloantigens. II. Evidence for the expression of two qa-1 molecules by the qa-1d genotype and for cross-reactivity between qa-1 and h-2kf., R G. Cook, R N. Jenkins, L Flaherty, and R R. Rich

Expression of the thymus leukemia antigen by activated peripheral t lymphocytes., R G. Cook and N F. Landolfi

The formation and metabolism of n-hydroxymethyl compounds. IV. Cyto- toxicity and antitumour activity of n-hydroxymethylformamide, a puta- tive metabolite of n-methylformamide (nsc 3051)., P G. Cooksey, E N. Gate, A Gescher, J A. Hickman, S P. Langdon, and M F. Stevens

S49 cyc-cells contain the inhibitory gip regulatory protein of adenylate cyclase (nnu). Abstr., D M. Cooper, L H. Fossom, B Wetzel, and K P. Seamon

Protein a treatment of cancer: activation of a serum component with trans-species anti-b16 melanoma acitivity., P D. Cooper and G R. Masinello

Association of the lethal yellow (ay) coat color mutation with and ectropic murine leukemia virus genome., N G. Copeland, N A. Jenkins, and B K. Lee

Association of the lethal yellow (ay) coat color mutation with an ecotropic mulv provirus. Abstr., N G. Copeland, N A. Jenkins, and B K. Lee

Complementation for the growth response to insulin and msa occurs at a step distal to hormone-receptor interaction in mouse embryo fibroblast x melanoma cell hybrids., D L. Coppock and D S. Straus

Correction of a genetically caused enzyme defect by somatic cell hybridization., C F. Cori, waelsch S. Gluecksohn, P A. Shaw, and C Robinson

Factors affecting schwann cell basal lamina formation in cultures of dorsal root ganglia from mice with muscular dystrophy., C J. Cornbrooks, F Mithen, J M. Cochran, and R P. Bunge

The influence of the primary tumor on the development of pulmonary metastases. Asbtr., S P. Corwin, R Kirsh, P Bugelski, and G Poste

Rheumatoid factors and secondary immune responses in the mouse. II. Incidence, kinetics and induction mechanisms., P Coulie and J V. Snick

Time and concentration dependence of 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine (dac) cytotoxicity against l1210 leukemia in vitro. Abstr., J M. Covey

T cells discriminate between ia antigens expressed on allogeneic accessory cells and b cells: a potential function for carbohydrate side chains on ia molecules., C Cowing and J M. Chapdelaine

Experimental erythrocyte autoimmunity prevented by suppressor t cells in mice treated with cyclosporin-a., K O. Cox, A C. Allison, and B Samcewicz

Experimental erythrocyte autoantibodies. V. Induction and suppression of red blood cell autoantibodies in mice injected with rat bromelain-treated red blood cells., K O. Cox and A Mcauliffe

Mechanism of glucocorticoid action on murine natural killer cell activity., W I. Cox, N J. Holbrook, and H Friedman

Ethanol dependence and the pituitary-adrenal axis in mice. I. Genotypic differences in hormone levels., J C. Crabbe, L D. Keith, A Kosobud, and J Stack

Studies on steroid sulphatase in mice. Abstr., I Craig and A J. Crocker

A study of intestinal copper-binding proteins in mottled mice., I J. Crane and D M. Hunt

Modification of chemotherapeutic effects on l1210 cells using hematoporphyrin and light., S P. Creekmore and D S. Zaharko

Experimental autoimmune thyroditis. In vitro cytotoxic effects of t lymphocytes on thyroid monolayers., P Creemers, N R. Rose, and Y M. Kong

Positive inotropic and chronotropic effect of alloimmune sera on isolated mouse atria., G A. Cremaschi, A M. Genaro, M E. Sales, and borda L. Sterin

Covalent dna-protein crosslinking occurs after hyperthermia and radiation., A E. Cress and G T. Bowden

Computer-assisted analysis of in vivo cytotoxic t cell responses., I N. Crispe and N R. Gascoigne

Tissue distribution of an epithelial and tumor-associated antigen recognized by monoclonal antibody f36/22., G A. Croghan, L D. Papsidero, L A. Valenzuela, T Nemoto, E Penetrante, and T M. Chu

Genetic control of expression of distinct idiotopes (id) within t15 is mediated by specific t cells. Abstr., R Cronkhite, K Tabbara, and J Cerny

Intestinal eosinophilia in n. Brasiliensis infected mast cell deficient w/wv mice. Abstr., P K. Crowle, A M. Savage, D G. Colley, and J A. Clanton

Enhanced synthesis and stabilization of a 68k protein in benzo(a)-pyrene transformed balb/c3t3 cells: a candidate for restriction point control of cell growth. Abstr., R G. Croy, J Campisi, and A B. Pardee

Genetics of the murine hemopoietic-histocompatibility system: an overview., G Cudkowicz and I Nakamura

And finite binding capacity of [3h]estradiol in mouse vaginal cells., G R. Cunha, J M. Shannon, K D. Vanderslice, K Mccormick, N R. Aut, and O D. Binding

Abnormal 24-hyroxylation of 25-hydroxyvitamin d in the x-linked hypophosphatemic mouse., J Cunningham, H Gomes, Y Seino, and L R. Chase

Study of heart-reactive antibody in antisera and hybridoma culture fluids against group a streptococci., M W. Cunningham and S M. Russell

Mechanism of lipopolysaccharide enhancement of in vitro primary antibody response to dagg-ficoll. Abstr., J L. Curtis, M A. Buchholz, and A A. Nordin

The nucleotide sequence and derived amino acid sequence of cdna coding for mouse carbonic anhydrase ii., P J. Curtis, E Withers, D Demuth, R Watt, P J. Venta, and R E. Tashian

A novel method for generating region-specific monoclonal antibodies to modified proteins. Application to the identification of human glucosylated low density lipoproteins., L K. Curtiss and J L. Witztum