Submissions from 1983

Deletion of mapping of the t/t complex: evidence for a second region of critical embryonic genes., B S. Babiarz

Ir gene control of t and b cell responses to determinants in poly(glu,ala,phe)., U M. Babu, C Lai, and P H. Maurer

Soluble peptidoglycan from staphylococcus aureus is a murine b-lymphocyte mitogen., U M. Babu and A R. Zeiger

Natural cell-mediated cytotoxicity against candida albicans induced by cyclophosphamide: nature of the in vitro cytotoxic effector., M Baccarini, F Bistoni, P Puccetti, and E Garaci

The effect of cimetidine on antibody synthesis in vitro and in vivo., A M. Badger, A E. Brown, and G Poste

Monoclonal antibody therapy of spontaneous leukemia. Abstr., C Badger and I Bernstein

Divergent activity of derivatives of amsacrine (m-amsa) towards lewis lung carcinoma and p388 leukaemia in mice., B C. Baguley, A R. Kernohan, and W R. Wilson

Quantitative evaluation of a mouse lung tumor associated antigen. Abstr., D W. Bahler, E M. Lord, and P K. Horan

Analysis and separation of murine bone marrow stem cells by h33342 fluorescence-activated cell sorting., P Baines

Enhancement of the recognition by cytotoxic t lymphocytes (ctl) of target membrane antigens after fusion with whole cells., B Baird and P Henkart

Macroglobulinemic neuropathy. Experimental macroglobulinemic neuropathy in mice., S M. Baird and H C. Powell

The effect of ultrasound-induced hyperthermia and x irradiation on skin., D Baker, W Constable, H Sager, and D Elkon

The response of previously irradiated skin to combinations of x radiation and ultrasound-induced hyperthermia., D G. Baker, H Sager, W Constable, and N Goodchild

Oncogenic transformation of c3h/10t1/2 cells by x-rays, fast- -fission neutrons and cyclotron-produced neutrons., kubiczek E. Balcer and G H. Harrison

Altered transcription of genes coding for class i histocompati- bility antigens in murine tumor cells., P Baldacci, F Pozo, S Gisselbrecht, and P Kourilsky

Enhanced chemotherapy induced myelotoxicity in tumor bearing animals. Abstr., L Balducci and C Hardy

High proliferation of granulocyte-macrophage progenitors in tumor-bearing mice., L Balducci and C Hardy

Discrete visual defects in pearl mutant mice., G W. Balkema, N J. Mangini, and L H. Pinto

Specificity of an anti-dna monoclonal autoantibody. Abstr., D W. Ballard, S P. Lynn, J F. Gardner, and E W. Jr

The complete amino acid sequence of the light chain variable region of two monoclonal anti-p-azobenzene-arsonate antibodies bearing the cross-reactive idiotype., R K. Ball, J Chang, S S. Alkan, and D G. Braun

Differential macrophage requirements for t helper cell and t helper cell-induced b lymphocyte proliferation., A Bandeira, G Pobor, S Pettersson, and A Coutinho

Functional evaluation of murine allogeneic t lymphoblasts separated by vicia villosa lectin positivity., J P. Banga, P Hutchings, P E. Tatham, I Lang, H Gunn, Cooke, and I M. Roitt

A monoclonal antibody which reacts with a differentiated human macrophage cell line. Abstr., A D. Bankhurst and J Spellman

Chromosomal control of early embryonic development in mice. I. Experiments on embryos with autosomal monosomy., V S. Baranov

Role of different parts of chromosome 17 in the early embryogenesis of laboratory mice., V S. Baranov

A method to enrich mouse hematopoietic stem cells., J E. Barker and E C. Mcfarland

Effect of supplemental vitamin e on skin allograft survival in mice. Abstr., S Bark, G Rettura, E Seifter, S M. Levenson, and A A. Demetriou

Tumor-enhancing effects of cimetidine., B P. Barna, R Haines, M Edinger, and T Chiang

Immunomodulating effects of 13-cis retinoic acid on the igg and igm response of balb/c mice., J B. Barnett

Monoclonal antibodies against human beta-glucocerebrosidase., R A. Barneveld, F P. Tegelaers, E I. Ginns, P Visser, L A. Laanen, R O. Brady, H Galjaard, J A. Barranger, R J. Reuser, and J M. Tager

Influence of culturing on the functioning of major-histocompati- bility-complex-compatible and incompatible islet grafts in diabetic mice., S T. Bartlett, A Naji, W K. Silvers, and C F. Barker

The role of histocompatibility in cultured islet allograft survival. Abstr., S T. Bartlett, A Naji, W K. Silvers, and C F. Barker

Immunosuppressive activity of human chorionic gonadotrophin prepara- tions in vivo: evidence for gonadal dependence., A Bartocci, R D. Welker, E Schlick, M A. Chirigos, and B C. Nisula

A temporal studiy of somatostatin secretion and its inhibitory effect in genetically diabetic mice (c57bl/ksj-db/db)., J C. Basabe, O H. Pivetta, L F. Bruno, J C, E, and N J. Aparicio

Identification of a new marker (ly rl 1) for cells of the t lineage by an aut0-antithymocyte serum., R S. Basch, J N. Baxbaum, and paxner S. Zolla

Treatment of receptor-positive and -negative human breast cancer with tamoxifen, ethinylestradiol and medroxyprogesteronacetate after xenotransplantation to nude mice. Abstr., G Bastert, R Michel, A Zoubek, R Doubek, A Schmalzl, H P. Fortmeyer, and matthiesen H. Schmidt

Elimination of leukemic cells from human bone marrow using monoclonal antibody and complement., R C. Bast Jr., J Ritz, J M. Lipton, M Feeney, T E. Sallon, D G. Nathan, and S F. Schlossman

A monoclonal antibody useful for the differential diagnosis between malignant lymphoma and nonhematopoietic neoplasms., H Battifora and I S. Trowbridge

Macromolecular insoluble cold globulin (micg): a marker for pluripotential hemopoietic stem cells., O A. Batuman, J Caro, R R. Schmidt, and S P. Hauptman

Studies on the transformation of balb/c3t3 cells using combinations of the carcinogens benzo(a)pyrene or b-propiolactone with the mouse skin cocarcinogen and tumor promoter anthralin. Abstr., N Z. Baturay, S A. Mirando, and A Segal

The loss of motorneurons corresponding to specific muscles in the wobbler mutant mouse., M Baulac, F Rieger, and V Mieninger

Regulation of mouse haptoglobin synthesis., H Baumann and G P. Jahreis

Synthesis and regulation of acute phase plasma proteins in primary cultures of mouse hepatocytes., H Baumann, G P. Jahreis, and K C. Gaines

Induction of t-cell maturation by a cloned line of thymic epithelium (tepi)., T R. Beardsley, M Pierschbacher, G D. Wetzel, and E F. Hays

Influence of retinoids on metastasis of human melanoma in athymic mice. Abstr., C W. Beattie, R L. Schleicher, M Patel, and R C. Moon

Analysis of the mulv gp70s associated with lymphomagenesis induced in athymic mice by chronic antigenic stimulation. Abstr., G M. Beattie, J A. Majda, S M. Baird, and N O. Kaplan

Transforming growth factor production by a human hepatoma xenograft in athymic mice. Abstr., G M. Beattie, M C. Troxell, and N O. Kaplan

Definition of a common leukocyte cell-surface antigen (lp95-150) associated with diverse cell-mediated immune functions., P G. Beatty, J A. Ledbetter, P J. Martin, P, and J A. Hansen

Murine macrophage formyl peptide receptors: comparison of binding of two radiolabelled peptides by resident and inflammatory macrophages. Abstr., K M. Becker, W A. Marasco, P A. Ward, and R Nairn

Contrasted, a steel allele in the mouse with intermediate effects., C V. Beechey and A G. Searle

Autoradiographic demonstration of specific binding and nuclear localization of 3h-dexamethasone during normal and neoplastic lung development. Abstr., D G. Beer

Autoradiographic demonstration of the specific binding and nuclear localization of 3h-dexamethasone in adult mouse lung., D G. Beer, G R. Cunha, and A M. Malkinson

Loss of timorigenicity with simultaneous changes in radio- sensitivity and photosensitivity during in vitro growth of l5178y murine lymphoma cells., J Z. Beer, E Budzicka, E Niepokojczycka, O Rosiek, R Szumiel, and M Walicka

Other etiologies. Abstr., J H. Beeson, R A. Weinert, R C. Placental, and E A. Or

Cytocidal action of the quinone group and its relationship to antitumor activity., A Begleiter

The role of quinone induced dna damage in the cytotoxic activity of quinone antitumor agents. Abstr., A Begleiter

Uptake and decomposition of chlorambucil by l5178y lymphoblasts in vitro., A Begleiter and G J. Goldenberg

"nonspecific" Immunoenhancing t cells in tumor-bearing mice include anti-idiotypic subsets., N Behforouz, D D. Eardley, and J Cerny

Stage-specific idiotype (id) markers in relation to secretory functionality. Abstr., C Bell and E Andrews

T-b interaction in regulation of alpha(1-3)-specificity b-cell function. Abstr., C G. Bell

In vitro antibody synthesis in 20 nu1 hanging drops: initiation of secondary responses and a simple method of cloning hybridomas., E B. Bell, M Brown, and M B. Rittenberg

Animals models of diabetes mellitus: physiology and pathology., R H. Bell Jr. and R J. Hye

Anti-fetal allo-antibody in the pregnant female., S C. Bell

Humoral immune responses in murine pregnancy. Iii. Relationship between anti-paternal alloantibody levels in maternal serum, placenta and fetus., S C. Bell and W D. Billington

Nitrobenzylthioinosine-insensitive uridine transport in human lymphoblastoid and murine leukemia cells., J A. Belt

Influence of hydrocortisone on the penetrance and inheritance of the fused gene in mice., D K. Belyaev, A O. Ruvinskii, A I. Agul'nik, and S N. Agul'nik

Idiotypes on monoclonal antibodies to bovine insulin. I. Two public idiotypes on anti-bovine insulin hybridomas define idio- typically distinct families of hybridomas., T P. Bender, J Schroer, and J L. Claflin

Influence of syngeneic t lymphocytes on leucopoiesis in an in vivo culture system for mouse bone marrow cells. Abstr., H B. Benestad and gundersen I. Strom

Effect of radiosensitizer misonidazole on human squamous cell carcinoma of cervix transplanted into nude mice. Abstr., I Benjamin, M W. Rana, and J Freel

Differentiation in mouse melanoma cells: initial reversibility and an on-off stochastic model., D C. Bennett

Phosphorylation of "tricyclic nucleoside" by adenosine kinases from l1210 cells and hep-2 cells., L L. Bennett Jr., P W. Allan, and C Chang

Detection of autoimmune cells proliferating to myelin basic protein and selection of t cell lines that mediate experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (eae) in mice., nun A. Ben and Z Lando

The murine ia alpha chains, ealpha and aalpha, show a surprising degree of sequence homology., C O. Benoist, D J. Mathis, M R. Kanter, V E. Ii, and H O. Mcdevitt

Heat shock proteins, first major products of zygotic gene activity in mouse embryo., O Bensaude, C Babinet, M Morange, and F Jacob

Immunoscanning electron microscopy of antigenic determinants of t/t-complex (tw18) mouse embryos., shaul Y. Ben, K Artzt, and D Bennett

Age-related loss of lyt-1,2 cells in c58 mice results in susceptibility to lactic dehydrogenase virus-induced polioencephalomyelitis., D M. Bentley, S R. Watson, and R E. Morris

Antibodies specific for different t15 idiotopes induce neonatal suppression of the t15 idiotype., C Berek

Immunoreactive neurotensin in the pancreas of genetically obese and diabetic mice. A longitudinal study., M Berelowitz and L A. Frohman

Interferon effect of cytolytic t lymphocytes in a single cycle assay., M Bergeret, M Fouchard, A Gregoire, C Chany, and D Zagury

Studies on genetic variation in major urinary protein synthesis in mouse liver., F G. Berger

Stromal dna synthesis is stimulated by young, but not serially aged, mouse mammary epithelium., J J. Berger and C W. Daniel

The interaction between barium and calcium in beta-cell-rich pancreatic islets., P Berggren, T, and E A. Hellman

Mg-1: a specificity identifying members of the macrophage and granulocyte lineages of mice., J W. Berman and R S. Basch

Anticarcinoma activity in vivo of rhodamine 123, a mitochondrial- -specific dye., S D. Bernal, T J. Lampidis, R M. Mcisaac, and L B. Chen

In vitro and in vivo growth characteristics of two different cell populations in an established line of human neuroblastoma., S Bernal, R Thompson, F Gilbert, and S B. Baylin

Cryopreservation of in vitro fertilized 2 cell mouse embryos using a low glycerol concentration and normothermic cryo- protectant equilibration: a comparison with in vivo fertilized ova., A Bernard and B J. Fuller

Surface antigens of murine hemopoietic stem cells. Viii. Antisera define lineage antigens held in common between granulocyte-macro- phage cells and between lymphoid cells., M V. Berridge

Strong hvg and gvh reactions after specific immunization in a genetic system involving only mls incompatibility, correlation with in vitro studies. Abstr., L Berumen, H Festenstein, and pannenko O. Halle

Histocompatibility effects of mls locus., L Berumen, pannenko O. Halle, and H Festenstein

Migration of b and t lymphocytes to m cells in peyer's patch follicle epithelium: an autoradiographic and immunocytochemical study in mice., D K. Bhalla and R L. Owen

Strain differences in mice in carbon tetrachloride-induced liver injury., P S. Bhathal, N R. Rose, I R. Mackay, and S Whittingham

Purification and characterization of mouse alpha-lactalbumin from lactating mammary glands., M Bhattacharjee and B K. Vonderhaar

The effect of beta-napthoflavone (bnf) treatement on the (3-methyl 14c) caffeine (3-caf) c02 breath test (cbt) in c57/b6, c3/he (c3), and dba/2 (d2) mice. Abstr., K Biagas and A N. Kotake

Alloantigen-specific suppressor t cells can also suppress the in vivo immune response to unrelated alloantigens., A T. Bianchi, H Bril, and R Benner

Antigen-specific suppressor t cells suppress in vivo the cellular immune response to unrelated "bystander" antigens., A T. Bianchi, odijk L. Hussaarts, and R Benner

Suppression of delayed-type hypersensitivity to third party "bystander" alloantigens by antigen-specific suppressor t cells., A T. Bianchi, odijk L. Hussaarts, and R Benner

Cytotoxic response to moloney murine sarcoma virus-induced tumors., G Biasi, L Saggin, F Dazzi, A D. Rossi, D D. Collavo, and F A. Secondary

Idiotype-like molecules on cells of a human t cell leukemia., R D. Bigler, D E. Fisher, C Y. Wang, E A. Kan, and H G. Kunkel

Cytotoxicity, mutation and neoplastic transformation induced by single and split doses of n-methyl-n'- -nitro-n-nitrosguanidine (mnng) in the balb/3t3-c1a31-1-1 cell line. Abstr., M Bignami, E Dogliotti, R Benigni, M E. Kaighn, and U Saffiotti

Toxicity of dietary components to colonic mucosa in vivo. Abstr., R P. Bird and W R. Bruce